Sunday, March 03, 2013

Check out the NRA's new minority outreach program.

Courtesy of TPM Livewire:  

The National Rifle Association is trying to get more minorities on its side in the fight against new gun laws after the massacre in Newtown, Conn., The Blaze reported. The NRA on Friday put of the first of what the site reported will be a "series of diverse commentators that will be making their voices heard on"

This is how you know that the NRA is becoming desperate. 

The only thing that frightens the bunch of middle age white men that make up the vast majority of NRA members more than encouraging the arming of minorities, is the possibility that somebody will take THEIR guns away and thereby rendering them bereft of any manhood at all.


  1. You’re certainly right.

    Plus, they don’t think the minorities will go out in the woods like the folks in your earlier post. Nor do they see the minorities going into the high desert we have around here. They should know better, since minorities train in the military (Dorner anyone?), but they think, given the choice, that the minorities will fight the UN from the cities, and they (white) can stand off the UN/government in their rural hidey holes.

    It’s their social life, it’s their religion, and it’s what they do all weekend. I’ve tried to tell one or two that the UN isn’t really out to get them, the UN doesn’t care about them, but it’s their religion and they want to be significant.

  2. Also, in your earlier post, Big Daddy has got the girls crawling all over him. That’s part of the charm for those guys.

  3. Virginia Voter5:45 AM

    Well, at least the NRA is consistent with its more guns message? More guns in schools, more guns in the mall, more guns in the suburbs, more guns in the cities, more guns in the hood, more guns for the rich, more guns for the poor, more guns for whites, more guns for everyone, YAY! What the fuck?

    Welcome to Thunderdome, bitches. Survival of the most armed.

  4. Anonymous5:58 AM

    NRA ad campaign targeted by Demographics:

    For Conservatives: Be afraid of The Blahs-Buy Guns
    For Black Demo:Be afraid of the Crackers-Buy Guns
    For Fundie Religionists: Be afraid of Athiests and Muslim Terrorists-Buy Guns
    For Religious Minorities: Be afraid of Fundie Conservayive KKKristyuns-Buy Guns
    For Rural Country Folk: Be afraid of Urban City People-Buy More Guns
    For City/Suburban peeps: Be afraid of Country Rednecks-Buy Guns
    For Republicans: Be afraid of Dems-Buy more guns.
    For Dems, vice versa. Buy more guns.
    For LGBT, gay-haters
    Ethnic minorities, Nationalists/bigots
    For anyone different: Be afraid of all "Others", and buy guns and plenty of ammo

    For anyone with plenty of guns and ammo, be afraid that Obama will take your guns and not allow you to buy ammo. Solution:buy more guns and ammo.

    If you have a problem or lack of understanding of a certain ethnic or social group, you should be afraid. Then you should buy guns.

    Since everybody has guns and ammo, be afraid of everybody. Solution: More and Bigger Guns and more lethal ammo.

    Stop spending money on food & entertainment. Life is not to be enjoyed or to be healthy. You gotta be scared of everything, including the government, neighbors, 'friends(are they REALLY friends) or enemy informants?), family members who watch different TV channels and like different movies, HBO subscribers, etc. In fact, I'm so scared right now that I can't even remember all the things I'm afraid of at this moment.

    1. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Yep be afraid of guns, so get more.

  5. What's with the continually changing hats? Is he supposed to be a Yankee fan and piss off the BoSox fans? You don't like that hat? What about this red one. Or this green one? I've got a lot of hats but I don't change them throughout the day much less while giving a talk.

  6. angela6:41 AM

    A small tale on how some gun folks don't get it.

    A few years ago my cousin and I were in a department store looking for birthday presents for my eleven year old nephew. His parents were divorcing and his mother had already moved him and his sister to the inner city because rents were cheaper there. Our family wasn't happy about it, but she wouldn't be deterred. He went from a country school setting to metal detectors by the exits. The neighborhood sucked with break ins and serious drug activity. Cops kicked doors in on a regular basis and there were actual shoot outs.

    Anyway, we wandered the store discussing what we might buy him to get his creativity flowing and shore up his confidence. A man came up and said he had been listening to us. He said he had an idea we might like. He ran a gun club for boys. He did it in conjuction with his Boy Scout duties.
    (Living in the midwest you are never surprised by strangers oversharing). He seemed nice so we commenced to tell him that my nephew was not a candidate at this time of his life to learn about guns. He was an angry, sad black kid whose parents were divorcing, he had to leave all his friends and now lived in a dangerous neighborhood where EVERYBODY hated the cops. I'm thinking d.i.s.a.s.t.e.r if he ever got a gun in hand.

    But the friendly guy with the NRA and Boy Scouts badge on his jacket did not get it when we informed him of these particulars. He still thought the best thing in the world would be for this at risk kid to learn to shoot a weapon---while my big hope was that he never put his hands on one. His chances of death went up if he was armed. He'd be shot by someone in the neighborhood or shot by a cop.

    We walked away shaking our heads. The guy gave us his card if we changed our minds. In the end we got him art classes.

  7. It's an interesting development considering original gun control laws were an attempt to prevent minorities from getting guns legally.

    Bobby Seales and the Black Panthers were arming themselves, legally, in 1968 in response to police brutality in minority communities and it scared whitey enough to pass gun control laws.

  8. Anonymous8:08 AM

    I guess that they haven't heard the warning from the movie, "Christmas Story." You'll shoot your eye out with that gun.

  9. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Hey Gryphen, here's a roundup of Mitt the Twit and Mrs. 'Stop it, this is hard' interview on Fox. He just doesn't get it, still thinks the media screwed them and she is, well, just sickening. Just makes me so glad that they did NOT win and that President Obama remained the president. These two are disasterous jokes.

    "It kills me not to be there in the White House doing what needs to be done," he said. "The hardest thing about losing is watching this critical moment, this golden moment slip away with politics."

    Ann Romney: ‘I Am Happy To Blame The Media’ For Mitt’s 2012 Loss

    Ann Romney went on to charge that the press was against her husband from the get-go saying that the media was partially to blame for her husband’s negative public image.

    “He was not given a fair shake. People weren’t allowed to see him for who he really was,” she said.

    After being asked by Wallace if she blames the media she said, “I am happy to blame the media.”

    “I think that any time you are running for office you always think that you are being portrayed unfairly, and, you know, we — of course, on our side believe there is more bias in favor of the other side. I think that, you know, that is a pretty universal,” she said.

    Romney To Fox: ‘It Kills Me’ To Not Be President; Obama Is Still ‘Campaigning’

    Romney proceeded to sound like a presidential candidate knocking President Obama for his handling of the sequester crisis and “campaigning.”

    Romney: ‘Obamacare’ Was Attractive To Minority, Low-Income Voters

    "I think the 'Obamacare' attractiveness and feature was something we underestimated, particularly among lower incomes," Romney said.

    Mitt Romney Blames Minorities For Costing Him The Election

    On Fox News Sunday today, Mitt Romney blamed minorities for costing him the election, and poor people who like free things for his defeat:

    ROMNEY: We did very well with the majority population, but not with minority populations, and that was a failing, that was a real mistake.

    CHRIS WALLACE: Why do you think that was?

    ROMNEY: Well, I think the Obamacare attractiveness and feature was something we underestimated, particularly among lower incomes. And, uh, just didn’t do as good a job in connecting with that audience as we should have.

    The comment sections are pretty funny and poignant, as everyone is calling him out on his bullshit excuses.

    1. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Ann Romney says that she blames the media for her husband’s loss in the 2012 presidential election because the “universally felt opinion” is that reporters wanted President Barack Obama to be re-elected.

      “I’m happy to blame the media,” Ann Romney told Fox News host Chris Wallace in an interview that aired on Sunday.

      “Do you think the media was in the tank for Barack Obama?” the Fox News host wondered.

    2. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Please stay away from the party, Mr. Romney. Your candidacy was more than a failure. It was an embarrassment. If I walked into a Rolls dealership and was offered a used Corolla, I would be no more surprised and offended than I was by what the GOP offered me for 2012.

      You did not "connect" with minority voters because, even if the average voter isn't politically well informed, they're not completely stupid. With record unemployment, a terrible housing market, a medical insurance crisis and record numbers of people forced on the government dole, it was incredibly stupid, short sighted and ignorant to characterize these people as moochers. You tried to sell the benefits of economic freedom not on the basis that they give everyone equal opportunity to step into the market, but that it allows the rich the freedom they need to rescue all of us peasant from dire poverty and safely deposit us into tolerable poverty.

      You and your party lost, Mr. Romney, because you thought that the poor economy and anger toward the president would be an easy ticket into the presidency. How surprised were you all to find that the republican public did not feel as though you were entitled to our votes, as you seemed to have thought you were? I would like to pretend that we could have won with one of the other candidates aiming for the GOP nomination, but the truth is that stupidity and incompetence were so pervasive throughout the republican party, that, it probably would have ended the same.

      You may go now, Mr. Romney.

  10. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I'm just aghast at this ad. Instead of trying to make their case using facts and reason, the NRA goes with the most emotional, fear-inducing piece of video they can get away with. The editing and music are all designed to heighten the fear response. This is disgusting.

    I guess it is just proof that the NRA can't even fight an honest fight. When it comes to reason and facts, the NRA doesn't have a leg to stand on. All it has left are emotional appeals.

  11. Anonymous9:34 AM

    ‘Conservative Hero’ Ben Carson To Beck: You Have No Right To Semi-Automatic Weapons In Large Cities

  12. Oh, yeah. That's sure gonna work. It will just heighten the resolve on both sides.

    And Colition Noir? Really? That classes it up?


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