Sunday, March 03, 2013

Preparing children to take up arms against their own government. What's more "patriotic" than that?

9 year old Briana getting her gun.
Preparing for field exercises.
Courtesy of the North Florida Survival Group website:

Learn how to survive any catastrophe, keep your family safe and be prepared to defend the Constitution. We will teach you what you need to know to survive, how to live off the land, how to purify water and how to handle firearms. All this training is free of charge. We ask our members to supply their own gear (and we'll let you know the most important things you will need) Without patriots who can survive, the Republic could not be restored if it vanished! God Bless the patriots who NEVER forget what it means to be in a Free America! 

We all know that anything can happen. After 9/11 lots of Americans woke up to the fact that anything is possible here. After Katrina, we learned that you can't depend on the Government to take care of your needs,. Also, we are STRONG believers in the 2nd amendment. There is no negotiating the Constitution of the United States. We believe our founders created the greatest nation on earth and only the Progressive movement has slowly whittled that down. NO MORE! NOT HERE!

Young boy is upset because his sister has the gun he wants to carry. Fortunately Thomas the Train is still his friend.
Shirt says "I'm willing to die to defend my 2nd Amendment rights. Are you willing to die trying to take them from me?"
Here is the part of the group's Mission Statement that I find more than a little troubling: 

Our goal is to teach as many patriots as possible to be ready to protect against, defend against, and survive any natural or man-made disaster. It is also our goal to teach these same patriots to survive in order to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemy threats, either foreign or domestic.

Look it is one thing to play in the woods and pretend that you would not crap all over yourself at the first sign of the actual military moving in to take you out for treason or sedition, but it is quite another to teach these impressionable young children that law enforcement is their enemy and that they should feel ready to kill a Federal agent if they don't like the laws that are passed or the rules that don't allow them to do any damn thing they please.

Those who say that parents know best when it comes to their children are ignorant of the kind of abhorrent parenting that often takes place in this country.

 (Pictures courtesy of Buzzfeed.)


  1. I've made it a point to never-ever follow a man that has man boobs and one that is unable to see his penis while standing.

    Just bettin' these kids have awesome stocking stuffers...grenades, smoke bombs etc- Bleh, what happened to America!

  2. Anonymous3:00 AM

    This is a link to a very conservative community website/forum in my area. Enter at your own risk as most of it is quite vile. (in the political discussion area) One particular long time member has had a lot to say over the years, and he is a person who I feel could go over the edge at any time. His screen name is Pensacolakid. He lives in TX yet posts here. Another member lives 2 blocks away from me and I even attended a party at his home when they 1st moved here BEFORE I knew what he was about. Right in my own neighborhood are people that are arming themselves and "prepping" to fight. It's quite disturbing. I suspect it was this guy who shot bullet holes in my Obama signs in my yard, another neighbor of mine caught him spray-painting racist comments on their Obama signs. I do not like living in fear in my own 'hood because of freaks like these.

  3. BabyRaptor3:24 AM

    How is handing a 9 year old a gun not illegal?

    I'm no gun expert, but that looks like an AK. How is this man not getting his kids ripped from him for broken laws and child endangerment? The Second Amendment says nothing about having the right to hand your pre-pubescent kids murder weapons. It says you can own a Fucking musket, for the purpose of maintaining a militia.

    And even assuming, as should be done, that the Constitution is a living document, and updating it (within reason, which is something most gun nuts have maybe half an ounce of total) for modern times, I still can't see handing a child an automatic killing machine being legal.

    If it is, it shouldn't be. It should be illegal for anyone but the owners of the weapons to handle them unless said person is in a life threatening situation. Note: Teaching your kid paranoid fantasies about the government coming to take your penis extenders is NOT a life threatening situation.

    1. Anonymous7:01 AM

      You can't drive a car until you're 15 or 16. And then only with a permit.

    2. Anonymous1:08 PM

      What could go wrong??????

      Or that should be WTF?
      Oh in Alaska it legal to take a 10 yrs wolf hunting.
      :( :( :(

    3. brandon4:09 PM

      Just a few things.

      First off, The Second Amendment acknowledges the right of privet citizens to bar arms. The word “arms” refers to everything from a pocketknife to a tactical nuke. The founding fathers intended for the people to have access all the same weaponry as the military, witch you would know if you knew anything about what the founding fathers believed. Now, given the state of current military technology, I'm willing to admit that some weapons control is necessary, however if the Feds want to enforce any such regulations, the must pas a constitutional amendment to grant themselves that power. Until then gun control is exclusively a state issue.
      Second, if it's illegal for anyone but the owners of the weapons to handle them unless said person is in a life threatening situation, how is said person supposed to know how to use said weapon if they find themselves in a life threatening situation. What you ant-gun nuts don't get is operating a gun is much more complicated then just pulling the trigger. You have to learn how to aim, how to breath, and how to absorb the recoil, among other things.
      Third, about allowing kids to own and operate guns, the right to bare arms is a basic human right. Contrary to popular left-wing belief, children are human-beings and therefor entitled to the same rights as the rest of us. In addition, when The Second Amendment was written 9 year olds served in the military.
      Last thing, just FYI, not all AK series weapons are full auto.

  4. Anonymous3:32 AM

    You are so right. But the creepiest thing about these photos? Look at the old horny man with TWO young girls on his lap. I don't cvare if he is their grandfather or their pastor, I'm betting he has a hardon and this is just gross.

    1. You beat me to it. There should probably be a family rule that "if your AK7 doesn't touch the ground when you hold it 'at ease', you're too old to sit on horny old fat relative's laps". Maybe he's just trying to prove something else to the 10 year old boy who has to wait to hold his gun. I mean carry it.

    2. Anonymous8:57 AM

      Exactly! That picture is creepy in a child molester sort of way. Ewww

  5. Anonymous3:39 AM

    I need someone to explan to this Canadian the obsession with training to fight against the government. I could understand if it was a country that has had a civil war going on or has had a military coup or a dictator imposed on them by another country but in this country i just don't get it. I think it's great to be prepared for emergencies but why does it allows involve learning to shoot to kill. I have watched doomsday preppers and i can think is OMG these people walk the streets with me. If someone had a seizure in front of them they'd be running to their bunkers.

    1. Anonymous7:51 AM

      Google black helicopters

  6. I see quite a few references to god on their site. And they tell people to read the Constitution. I think they need to read more than the second amendment. This is not a christian nation. Non-christians have just as many rights as they do.

    And if I ever get a gun, it won't be to protect myself against the government. It will be to protect myself against these nuts.

  7. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Nothing says "real Rambo patriot" like the guy in photos #3 & 4 than carrying a revolver in a brown holster. Seriously? the guy couldn't acquire a semi-auto combat pistol (prop) to complete his costume? The same dude that has a sniper scope on a AK-knockoff? Ha, lots of mileage that piece of gear will get him in the tight woods of Florida.

    1. Anonymous6:59 AM

      Sometimes I think the whole costume-y thing is as important to these ignorant rambos as their motive for it.

    2. Speaking of the woods of Florida, maybe if the rest of us are lucky, another Florida sinkhole will open up under their survivalist campsite...

  8. Seriously SCARY!!!

  9. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Right, what it means to live in a free America is to have your kids live like Somalian kids do. What fucktards - Florida again.

  10. Anonymous6:27 AM

    I like the picture of the boy in the fat man's chair. Now his next, most important lesson will be how to shoot drunk on beer!

  11. Anonymous6:42 AM

    And this is why we call North Florida (especially Escambia County and those to the immediate east) L. A., aka Lower Alabama. Yes, let's inspire yet another generation toward the worthy name of "Cracker."

  12. As frequently as 'old' people get blamed for the political dissension and right-wing addled voting coming out of the TeaPartiers, finally some recognition of the fact that there's many a 'young' hatriot out there raising baby hatriots.

    I saw this when I lived in So Oregon as well. When the TPs had a few outdoor gatherings, the moms with strollers far outnumbered those with walkers. Those folks waiting for all us old fogies to 'die off' to regain sanity in this Nation are in for a big surprise when they finally realize there is a whole new generation of hate being taught by these extreme radical families -- all over this country.

  13. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Interesting how most of the adults had their faces blocked off for the most part. They're just as much a danger to themselves as they are to us peaceful people.
    M from MD

  14. Ol' Porkrind McBeerbelly (pic 1) wouldn't last five minutes in an actual firefight with law enforcement, or the military... who aren't coming for him anyway.

    Love the irony in the statement about how the Progressive movement has "whittled down" America's Greatness™, while using 9/11 (*cough* George Bush) and Hurricane Katrina (*belch* George Bush) as examples.

  15. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Well looky there, that guy in the top picture is a dwarf from Lord Of The Rings, isn't he?

    Hell that whole tribe could survive for a month out there in the Florida Outback on just his blubber. But hey, let me guess, it's all muscle, right?

  16. What is the NFSG? North Florida Survival Group?

    Or National Federation of Seditionist Group?

    I thought freedom was not having to have a gun to defend myself. It was having my government defend me from foreign oppression and aggression. That's what I pay taxes for.

    Oh, that's right. These people don't believe in paying taxes either.

  17. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Millions of America’s Gun Nuts Aren’t Hiding Their Yearning for Civil War

    So there you have it, the latest movement designed not only to arm the citizenry like so many rogue pirates, but disarm law enforcement. About 50 manufacturers have signed on with momentum supposedly growing.

    Of the 310 million guns in America, I’d guess right wing racist, paranoid radicals own at least three-quarters of them. What does that tell you? It appears that a fair percentage of the population wants a Civil War redux. Whether we’ve reached the point of no return is open to debate. An across-the-board Democratic victory in 2014 would end that debate.


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