Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Gabby Giffords returns to the scene of the Tucson shooting to plead for support of background checks.

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I swear every time I see this woman I feel like such a wuss for skipping a workout or putting things off until later. Her recovery is nothing short of amazing, and the fact that she is now returning to the public arena to fight for gun control laws is an inspiration to all of us.

And you know what? I think that her husband Mark Kelly is destined for politics as well. He is a very strong, and reasonable voice, that I think would find ample support should he decide to throw his hat in the ring.

Perhaps he could run against John McCain, and finally put that old fossil out to pasture where he belongs.


  1. That is a great idea, Jesse. Must be time for a draft Mark Kelly movement.

  2. Anonymous4:27 PM

    O don't know about others, but I believe McCain has changed since losing the 2008 Presidential election. He seems more conservative and angrier from what I remember of him before the election. It almost seems as if he's trying to get back at something because of his loss. I will way this about McCain, despite his loss which I consider has a lot to do with Palin being so out of control, he doesn't, at least publicly, want to show any anger towards Palin or for choosing her for his VP candidate.

    1. Anonymous5:40 PM

      I totally agree, he is one angry old man, but karma is a b*tch. Look how he got to where he is and his legacy will always be the doofus that ran Palin alongside him. He should be glad to be ALIVE, the Palin Mafia would have taken him OUT within the first year.

    2. Anonymous6:42 PM

      No. You're giving him too much credit. McCain watches which way the wind is blowing and that's the way he goes. In pre-9/11 2001, Bush was unpopular and McCain positioned himself for a possible run against him in the primaries by voting against the tax cuts. Then, after 9/11. when Bush was super popular, he decided they were besties. And before you say -- oh, he was just being a maverick!! He voted for Clinton's impeachment, because NOT voting for it would have gotten him into hot water. Yeah, he's famous for supporting campaign reform...but that was only AFTER he got caught taking illegal campaign contributions. He sUCKS as a human being. He's not a maverick, and he's not some sensible moderate. He's just a dude who wants to keep his job more than anything.

    3. He hates that the black guy beat him - but he always was an angry old fool - he only seems to have changed because the administration is now run by a black democrat - brings out all his hate.

  3. It's about time for the Quitter to squeal like a stuck pig to distract the folks that might remember how much Sarah and her C4P fans hate Gabby.

    Of course, that was pretty rude of Gabby, you know, calling Sarah out on the Target she put on Gabby's district, even though her office had already had someone shoot through a window, and on another occasion, someone vandalized the sign to her Congressional office in her district. Pretty nerve-y of Gabby just to think of her own personal safety with TeaPartiers bringing AR-15 rifles to protests, and threats emailed to Democratic Party Reps.

    So what did Sarah do?

    Did she take the map with the gunscope targets off her website and say, "Sorry 'bout that, Gabby. You know, you're right. It would be bad if something happened over politics, and I just couldn't live with myself if you got shot. Or people that work for you got shot. Or even innocent bystanders... If some of them got shot, I'd feel real bad. So I agree with you it would be better to be safe than sorry."

    Did Sarah take down her rifle scope target?

    HELL, NO!!!

    She told everybody not to retreat, but to re-load instead. All she and her momma grizzly girls club could talk about was 2nd degree remedies and gun talk and palling around with terrorists and the Dems love them some evil Muslims and blah people and commie fascist Marxists (which are bad people).

    Now, Sarah might've thought about Gabby's request while she was counting her money from the millions of dollars she siphoned through her PAC. But no, Sarah can't even say that she was distracted by all her new FREE money. Her PAC treasurer, repeat FEC regulation violator that he was/is, handled all of SARAH'S money-- the PAC money that Sarah could spend however she wanted, because not only had she quit her low-paying job as governor of AK with over a year and a half remaining in her term to make the BIG bucks, but also Sarah was not even a candidate registered to run for ANY public office.

    So Tim Crawford, her treasurer of Sarah PAC, being mindful of FEC laws after violating so many that the RNC fired his corrupt, sorry ass, advised Sarah that this is FREE money---- to do with as you please, Queen Quitter Sarah. You're rich, and all we have to do is remember to write a couple of checks at the end of the quarter to some of our new or soon-to-be new friends' campaigns. And tweet "Vote for Tea Baggers. They're not all stupid, I think." and the rest of the millions, we keep, I mean, you and Todd keep. Just pay me $100k per year plus a cut of the untraceable cash that some of these bagger idiots send in, and you sleep in every day until Rupert of Roger calls us with further instructions on how to add millions to your income, also, too, just for wiggling out on the teeVee.

    So, ya think if Sarah told Gabby to

    "Fuck Off and quit messin' with my cash flow from stupid bagger people, you Democratic Congressional Represenrative from Tucson bitch!!",

    do you reckon that Queen Quitter Sarah will ask her "postage expense independent contractor non-employee, Brancy Ghostwriter is gonna give Gabby a nice write-up on Brisket's blog and The Quitter's Facebook, too. If she does, I wonder if she throws in a coupla free tweets, or is everything a la carte COD?

    It sure is expensive being a fake smart person and a fake politician, too. Lots of overhead we never learned about in business skool. I guess Sarah learned all that in her skoolin' at them 5, 6 colleges she pretended to get a bunch of hours from to graduate to be a journalist, I mean, a communicator and part-time political scientist. Or was it to learn to speak English do she could be the smartest real Mericun out there?

    These are the longest sentences ever written by a human being not named Sarah Palin. And if I had a higher limit of greater than 4,000 characters or words, whatnot, I woulda typed a lot more.

  4. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I think Mark Kelly would be great in the political sphere, too, but according to their book he was retiring anyway in 2011 so they could at last live together.

    Gabby is going to need care for the rest of her life, and the fact that she's giving this mission everything she has says so much about her. And him.

  5. EVERY democrat in congress needs to accept that this could have been them. The GOP RWNJs use anything and everything to win power - and it only took one of them to convince a gun loving idiot that using guns was the best way to defeat political opponents.

    That ANYONE in congress votes against laws to restrict access to guns is a future suicide plan - the gun they didn't restrict could well be the one they face - just like Gabby Giffords.

    One person only has paid the political price for what happened to Gabby - Palin will never again run for a political position - but no-one has really paid for what happened - for the lifetime misery of the parents and neighbor who lost a beloved child.

    When the media learns to tell the truth about GOP hatred and manic activities - then there may be more who are impacted by their most horrific words and actions.

    I hope Mrs Palin and every member of congress has to look and listen to Gabby Giffords in the media from now until eternity.

  6. Anonymous8:51 PM

    Your words to the Universe's ears, Gryphen!


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