Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I don't know WHAT I enjoy more, watching Jim Carrey skewer the gun nuts, or watching Fox News lose their freaking minds over it.

Courtesy of Mediaite:  

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham tore into actor Jim Carrey on Tuesday after he released a parody video mocking gun rights advocates and the late actor and National Rifle Association spokesman Charlton Heston in particular. Ingraham said the parody video was “embarrassing” and indicative of Carrey’s spiraling career. 

“It’s just not funny,” observed Steve Doocy. 

“I have one thing to ask you guys: what do you know about The Incredible Burt Wonderstone?” asked Ingraham. 

“That it bombed out?” Brian Kilmeade replied. 

“Here’s a theory I have,” Ingraham continued. “I think it’s more of a deflection deal. You know, Jim Carrey’s famous for The Mask. This is kind of a mask. It’s a mask to, perhaps, direct our attention away from the cold, dead career.”

Wow! These people are REALLY pissed off about this video! (By the way if you have not seen it you really must. Just click here.)

Earlier in the day yesterday, the nasty little ferret-like douche on that show which I only see when somebody shares a clip while making fun of it, The Five, went out of his mind on Twitter about this video as well.

 On THAT show they went after him for having a "dead cold" career and for the fact that he was born in Canada, so how DARE he have an opinion on guns in "Murica!" (Carrey is actually a dual citizen as of 2004.)

Perhaps my favorite part of watching them come unglued about the video is that they each show a portion of it on their show before attacking it, and the more I see it the more brilliant I realize that it was. And WHO knew Carrey could sing like that?

They also attack Carrey's career, and look I will be the first to admit that he has made some clunkers, ("Me, Myself, and Irene?" I mean seriously?) but they are also talking about his new move "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," which is actually a Steve Carrell movie that he co-stars in, and personally I loved it. Carrey plays a David Blaine like street magician and he literally steals the movie.

In fact I laughed so hard at his performance that, much to my embarrassment, I found myself chuckling about it in the car on the way home from the movies, which probably made the people in the other cars think I was insane.

So these conservative stormtroopers can attack Carrey all they want, but if they think that his career is "cold and dead," that is just wishful thinking on their part.


  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    There's still free speech in this country. Screw you FAUX!

  2. I think the second tweet in your post was intended for Palin but Greg Gutless just got a little confused....

  3. While the first minute or two was painful to watch, it was worth it in the end.

  4. The first minute or two was painful to watch, but so worth in by the end.

  5. Anonymous10:48 AM


    Rebecca Mansour has been crying @ breitbart, making a case for Lego Hair.


    1. Anonymous11:12 AM

      What?! LMAO!!!
      That hideous behemoth is still licking Sayrah's buttcrack?

    2. Anonymous2:59 PM



      In addition, Rebecca Mansour, a Palin staffer, told Breitbart News that Palin had to catch a flight immediately after her speech. "She is a very busy working mom with many family and work obligations, including raising a son with Down syndrome who has scheduled therapies," Mansour said.

  6. Anonymous11:06 AM

    What, are they all three years old? That's the problem with these conservative pundits and anchors, they simply are unable to report the news without insinuating their bias or hurt feelings into their reporting. The conservative media core group seems to consist of journalism majors that never mastered the fine art of simply presenting the story rather than becoming part of the story.

    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Well, they did give the movie some publicity, for the dwindling viewers.

    2. Anonymous12:56 PM

      They can dish it out but they can't take it. republican party in a nutshell.

  7. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Their little buddy Wayne LaPierre has armed security, too.

    Career in the tank? How about losing viewers hand over fist?

    Hypocrisy? Projection? Thy name is FOX!

  8. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Conservatives sorely lack imagination, they also said Tina Fey's "dead" career is the reason she mocked palin. She merely went along with Lipton and quite brilliantly too.
    Who cares what they say about Jim Carrey, they are NOT the majority thank goodness.
    Fascism will never take root here in the good ol'USA.

    1. Anonymous11:26 AM

      I don't believe "fascism" means what you think it does...

    2. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Oh, fascism is here, under the guise of ALEC. Where do you think all the anti-woman trash is coming from? The GOP governors didn't think up al these cruel laws by themselves. Oh, no, ALEC writes 'em, the KOCHs buy a state, and then the sheep pass them...look at Idaho...no abortions, no how, never.

    3. Anonymous12:19 PM


      1. An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

      2. (in general use) Extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.

      Its what I meant.

  9. Watching one side argue a position based on freedom of speech, while castigating the other side for exercising the same, is like being a spectator at a circular firing squad.

  10. Cracklin Charlie11:22 AM

    Someone on "The Five" said Jim Carrey had a cold, dead career?

    The Five?


    1. Anonymous12:19 PM

      Uh, Umm, (dead space) What's the Five? (In case you haven't guessed this is snark.)

  11. Keep talking about it, Faux Freaks! It just means that more and more folks will view the whole thing. I thought it was hysterically funny, especially because I could never, never stand ol' Chuck Heston, emoter extraordinaire.
    Canada's got talent, you betcha!

  12. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I agree with you on Carrey in "Burt Wonderstone". He was amazing. I saw it last week, after I went into the wrong theater and watched "The Call", which was really great. I actually went to a second movie,
    "Burt", since I really wanted to see it. I haven't done that since I was a kid.

    I love how these losers are saying Carrey's career is dead. Look where the eff these morons are. On Fox news which is dying a slow and painful death. I'd take Jim Carrey's career any day, as well as his money.

  13. Anonymous12:06 PM

    I was never that big of a Jim Carrey fan, however, this gun piece is hysterical! bt

  14. From the article: Carrey … literally steals the movie.

    Uh, not unless you're claiming he loaded the film cans, tapes, whatever, into the back of his station wagon and drove off with them. If you feel that "he figuratively steals the movie" isn't emphatic enough, you could use a word like "totally" or any of a number of other words that have already lost most of their original meaning and are now thrown in just for emphasis.

  15. Boscoe12:36 PM

    Hey Steve Doocey, anyone remember "the half hour news hour"? No, no they do not. But if they did, what they'd remember is how hate-filled toward anyone not hard-right and generally unfunny it was. SO I guess your career went from cold and dead to Walking Dead? Maybe not 'cause ZOMBIE Steve Doocey would *almost* be interesting to watch. Though if zombies really subsist on brains, you'd starve on the company you currently keep.

    Oh! Then there was that racist and very not funny pretend Obama "diary" that Ann Coulter wrote.

    And I seem to recall some song about a "magical Negro" that didn't generate much outrage amongst the Faux news crowd...

    Deflection? Probably. Projection? You betcha!

    But the REAL comedy is how easy it was for Carrey to drive the conservosphere into an apoplectic viral marketing frenzy for his work. It must be fueled by jealousy, since this is what you shamelessly attempt to do (and largely fail) to liberals 24/7 on your "news" network. As we've seen again and again, nothing offends a conservative faster than using their own tactics against them.


    Love, Boscoe

  16. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I haven't ever been a huge Jim Carrey fan, but this was funny. And the reaction from the right is priceless.

  17. Ailsa1:27 PM

    I like the song. I like the sentiments. I like that it is driving the right wing nuts. Well done!

    Now, I would like to see someone skewer Carrey in the same way for being implicated in the 1,121 children's deaths from preventable diseases; children who were not vaccinated because of the ignorant, anti-science garbage coming from Carrey and his ilk.

  18. OH. My god. I've never been a great Jim Carrey fan, but I'm a major fan now. He na-a-ailed it! The music is great, the Gandhi/Lennon thing is great, the Sam Elliott thing at the end is great, an altogether hilarious and wonderful piece of work.

  19. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Greg Gutfeld Takes To Megyn Kelly’s Show To Rail Against ‘Self-Righteous Jerk’ Jim Carrey’s Anti-Gun Video

    Making a rare appearance on Fox’s daytime programming, Greg Gutfeld continued his campaign against actor Jim Carrey, appearing on Megyn Kelly‘s show to explain why he believes the celebrity is “the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth.”

    “I don’t remember ever seeing you this fired up,” Kelly said to Gutfeld this morning before reading snippets of her colleague’s anti-Carrey monologue from Monday.

    “It was an attack on southerners, midwesterners, people with a drawl,” Gutfeld explained. “He really is a moron.”

    “Who cares what Jim Carrey has to say?” Kelly asked, pressing Gutfeld on why he bothered to get so upset over what an actor did on a comedy website.

    Gutfeld responded that some of his colleagues have told him to ignore the video, “so it doesn’t get any play,” but the Red Eye host explained that “Charlton Heston doesn’t have that choice … Why can’t I say it sucks? And why can’t I say he’s a coward?”

    “But why is he a coward?” Kelly asked.

    “He is poking fun at them for owning guns, which is a luxury he doesn’t have to worry about because he has a bodyguard that is already armed,” Gutfeld said before claiming that the actor is a “pseudo-intellectual” who “has never really been validated as a smart person.”

    Later in the segment, Gutfeld called Carrey a “self-righteous jerk” who make people choose a side in the gun debate because of their “sanctimonious” arguments. He also repeated the anti-Carrey theme that the actor is “irrelevant” and promoting gun control while making millions off films with gun violence featured prominently.

    Watch below, via Fox:


  20. Anita Winecooler5:59 PM

    You know it's a hit when Fox Newsreaders collective blood pressure peaks. Jim Carry is a "hollywood elite", and where did Chareton Heston rise to stardom and lived in a mansion? Yep, you guessed it, Hollywood.

    LOVE how they call Heston a "Patriot" and Jim a "Foreigner". But what do you expect? Fox Newsreaders are from states that marry first cousins.

    Here's another link with the poutrage



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