Monday, March 25, 2013

Jim Carrey brilliantly provides his take on the gun control debate, and skewers Charlton Heston in the process.

Damn, that was funny!

As you can imagine Carrey has already started to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous gun nuts, yet still refused to take up arms against a sea of morons.

However he has responded appropriately:

Part of the fun of being a progressive is that almost ALL of the truly talented people in this world are on our side of most issues. 


  1. Isabella12:43 PM

    "Part of the fun of being progressive is that almost ALL of the truly talented people in this world are on our side of most issues".
    So true, but precious few have the courage to voice their beliefs without fear of retaliation from the demented extremists.
    Kudos to Jim Carrey!

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    OMG! Sam Elliot was great. One of the best voices on the planet and he's funny too. And oh so pleasant to look at. He just gets better all the time.

    Good for Jim Carrey. Loved the song and the characters.

    1. Anonymous6:59 AM

      That Sam Eliot in the vid was Carey too I think.

    2. Anonymous12:21 PM

      Yes it is. I was so busy laughing I didn't even catch it until the second time through. The "I'm Clearly Sam Elliot" should have rung a little bell in the vast lost room that is my head.

      Reading the blah- blah about this. You know, this is one of problems in this country, among many. What the hell happened to the humor? Damn! Too many people really need to remove the stick from their ass and remember how to laugh.

  3. Jim Carrey didn't get where he is today by being a shy retiring violet. That was fun!

  4. Anonymous1:33 PM

    The 2nd amendment is God's way of proving Darwinian evolution to be true. Gun owners are more likely to use their guns against family or have their guns used against them. Either way, they're more likely to die. The 2nd amendment is the selection pressure, and the ones smart enough to be resistant to its temptation are the fittest to survive.

  5. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Was that Sean Penn as John Lennon?

  6. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Ot but worth it;
    Crazy Days and Nights has a blind item about an actor who drinks and beats his wife and is having an affair with a "divisive" celebrity and the popular guess is Stephen Baldwin and Our Sarah!

  7. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Bizzaro bulls eye. Love.

  8. Maddies_Mom2:05 PM

    Wow, you should read the comments for this video at the "Funny or Die" site. Every gun nut in the country just dropped a load over there, scary....

    1. Anonymous6:55 PM

      I made sure to leave my thanks to Mr. Carrey. He earned it for hitting that nail on the head so very well.
      M from MD

  9. Randall2:59 PM


  10. Anonymous3:59 PM

    I love the "sorry if you're offended."

  11. Anita Winecooler5:53 PM

    Jim's got over ten million followers, and only follows his daughter on twitter. Amazing!

    What a brilliant spoof!

    Thanks, Jim, for using your voice!

    1. Anonymous7:16 PM

      Hopefully, his fans will start out-numbering all the right wingers there at the moment: the sarcasm is quite toxic there just now.
      M from MD

  12. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Jesse, this is a very interesting article you might enjoy reading. I did.

    The Day That TV News Died

    I am not sure exactly when the death of television news took place. The descent was gradual—a slide into the tawdry, the trivial and the inane, into the charade on cable news channels such as Fox and MSNBC in which hosts hold up corporate political puppets to laud or ridicule, and treat celebrity foibles as legitimate news. But if I had to pick a date when commercial television decided amassing corporate money and providing entertainment were its central mission, when it consciously chose to become a carnival act, it would probably be Feb. 25, 2003, when MSNBC took Phil Donahue off the air because of his opposition to the calls for war in Iraq.

    Donahue and Bill Moyers, the last honest men on national television, were the only two major TV news personalities who presented the viewpoints of those of us who challenged the rush to war in Iraq. General Electric and Microsoft—MSNBC’s founders and defense contractors that went on to make tremendous profits from the war—were not about to tolerate a dissenting voice. Donahue was fired, and at PBS Moyers was subjected to tremendous pressure. An internal MSNBC memo leaked to the press stated that Donahue was hurting the image of the network. He would be a “difficult public face for NBC in a time of war,” the memo read. Donahue never returned to the airwaves.

    The celebrity trolls who currently reign on commercial television, who bill themselves as liberal or conservative, read from the same corporate script. They spin the same court gossip. They ignore what the corporate state wants ignored. They champion what the corporate state wants championed. They do not challenge or acknowledge the structures of corporate power. Their role is to funnel viewer energy back into our dead political system—to make us believe that Democrats or Republicans are not corporate pawns. The cable shows, whose hyperbolic hosts work to make us afraid of self-identified liberals or self-identified conservatives, are part of a rigged political system, one in which it is impossible to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, General Electric or ExxonMobil. These corporations, in return for the fear-based propaganda, pay the lavish salaries of celebrity news people, usually in the millions of dollars. They make their shows profitable. And when there is war these news personalities assume their “patriotic” roles as cheerleaders, as Chris Matthews—who makes an estimated $5 million a year—did, along with the other MSNBC and Fox hosts.

    It does not matter that these celebrities and their guests, usually retired generals or government officials, got the war terribly wrong. Just as it does not matter that Francis Fukuyama and Thomas Friedman were wrong on the wonders of unfettered corporate capitalism and globalization. What mattered then and what matters now is likability—known in television and advertising as the Q score—not honesty and truth. Television news celebrities are in the business of sales, not journalism. They peddle the ideology of the corporate state. And too many of us are buying.

  13. emrysa8:22 PM

    OMG that was fucking excellent! a keeper to be shared.

  14. emrysa8:25 PM

    did I already reply to this? damn that was good!

  15. Anonymous8:36 PM

    R.I.P.: Is Conservatism Dead?

    Is March 2013 the date mainstream conservatism met its demise?

    How things have changed in less than three years! Back in the not-too-distant past of November 2010, conservatives like myself were reveling in our smashing midterm elections’ victory. Sure, Obama was in office but our rousing Tea Party voice, the one-after-another wave of businessmen and celebrities coming out of the woodwork to blast Obama, and the crop of fresh Republican senators we’d just elected had us walking with a strut in our step. We laughed haughtily, counted down the days to Obama’s all-but-certain eviction from 1600 Penn, and gleefully read the latest news on Drudge Report as we danced around our bedrooms with Risky Business exuberance (ok, maybe that was just me).

    Then November 2012 handed us a crushing defeat. Not to worry, though. Days later, we calmly, optimistically recharged. ‘Conservatism had withstood back-to-back terms of Democratic presidents before,’ we figured. ‘We can hold the line on any further encroachment. Even another Obama term will not kill us.’

    But as it turns out, it would not be November 2008 or November 2012 that killed ‘conservatism’ – it would be March 2013.

    What happened this month to make it so historic? Three key developments (or three death-knells):

    Conservatives Boycott Starbucks Over Coffee Chain’s Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

    Late Sunday evening,, arguably the largest ‘Tea Party’ organization, appeared to urge a boycott of Starbucks over same-sex marriage. The non-profit organization’s Facebook page, which boasts over 1.6 million ‘Likes’, posted the following link to ‘Dump Starbucks’:

  16. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Greg Gutfeld made his feelings about Jim Carrey’s new Funny Or Die video known earlier in the day with a torrent of outrage on Twitter. And the co-host of The Five shared his displeasure again this afternoon on Fox, calling the actor “the most pathetic tool on the face of the earth” and saying “I hope his career is dead and he ends up sleeping in a car the way his life began. This video made me want to go out and buy a gun.”

    Coulter Slams ‘Rich Elite’ Jim Carrey Over Hypocrisy Of Anti-Gun Funny Or Die Video On Hannity

    Following Greg Gutfeld‘s explosion on The Five earlier this afternoon, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter took on Jim Carrey‘s anti-gun Funny or Die video tonight.

    Asked by Hannity if she thought Carrey would make fun of African-Americans or Muslim Americans the way he mocked rural white gun owners, Coulter responded, “no, you’re allowed to make fun of white southerners and Christians in America.” She chalked Carrey’s video up as the latest example in the “epidemic” of “wealthy people” trying to tell the rest of country not to carry and own firearms, a clear allusion to Mayor Bloomberg‘s gun control campaign. Linking Carrey’s video to Hannity’s assertion that the government is buying up a billion rounds of ammunition, Coulter claimed, “that’s the only question with gun control: should the government and rich elites like Bloomberg, Feinstein and Jim Carrey have a monopoly on force?”

    Eventually, the conversation shifted to Coulter’s CPAC speech and her advice for Republicans heading into the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. She summarily dismissed Senators Marco Rubio and Rand Paul for not only being too inexperienced, but also too short to be viable presidential candidates. Arguing that the GOP should run a governor for president, she even appeared to open herself back up to the prospect of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who she had previously crossed “off her list” due to his embrace of “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants.

    Watch video below, via Fox News:

    1. Anonymous5:26 AM

      Who gives a shit what he thinks.

  17. Anonymous9:47 PM

    I noticed on Facebook that the usual suspects are dreaming up bigoted things to say about Carrey, already.

    One is that Carrey is from CANADA, so that of course disqualifies him from being able to have an opinion, on ANYTHING.

    Rightwingnuts don't seem to notice that people from almost every other nation on earth, love President Obama, and laugh at the obscenely ridiculous crap they hear about deluded "conservatives" saying and doing.

    But I guess in their minds, four or five billion people CAN be wrong, and THEY are correct in their feebleminded adherence to the nonsense preached to them on the Fox network.

    1. Anonymous12:21 AM

      Jim Carey earned his American citizenship in 2004 according to Wiki.

  18. Anonymous4:48 AM

    Laura Ingraham Tears Into ‘Embarrassing’ Jim Carrey: Anti-Gun Song An Effort To Revive ‘Cold, Dead Career’

  19. Anonymous4:53 AM

    Comic actor Jim Carrey riled conservatives up pretty good just by tweeting about his new anti-gun musical satire “Cold Dead Hand,” dedicating the then-forthcoming Funny or Die song to the “heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.”

    The video itself, released early Monday morning, is as unlikely to dial back the conservative outrage as it is to change any minds, but the real point of the clip seems to be summed up by the freeze-frame above: a deliberately terse gesture of defiance.

    “Cold Dead Hand” is full of blunt provocations, from the use of conservative NRA icon Charlton Heston to the trope that gun nuts are compensating for tiny penises. Backed by a three-piece band consisting of gun victims John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, and Mahatma Ghandi, Carrey’s cowboy crooner taunts Heston on the set of Hee-Haw by explaining that “the angels couldn’t take him up to Heaven as he planned,” because “they couldn’t pry that gun from his cold, dead hand.”

    Along the way, Carrey does a decent Charlton Heston, but his Sam Elliott is truly inspired, the sort of semi-obscure impression that gets you major props at the comedian’s cantina. If the bit lacks subtlety, that’s a little like criticizing the sun for shining. This is Jim Carrey we’re talking about.

    Carrey does make some worthy points in the song, indicting gun manufacturers for cashing in on “pain and fear,” but the overall effect is pure provocation, and Carrey doesn’t really try to draw a line between the gun nuts who hollered at Newtown parent Neil Heslin, and the more reachable gun owners who overwhelmingly favor universal background checks, and could, maybe, be persuaded to give up Big Gulp ammo drums to save a few lives.

    1. Some critic actually did a review of a Funny or Die video?

  20. Anonymous5:22 AM

    That was absolutely brilliant. Loved the Tweet too.

  21. Balzafiar12:11 PM

    I too had no idea Carrey had such a great voice. At first I thought maybe he was lip-synching, but I don't think so now. He ought to sing a little more often.

    He also did the Sam Elliot impression in the video.

  22. Anonymous12:01 PM

    'COLD DEAD HAND' A HUGE HIT on Funny Or Die! 1.8 million views in 3days! Forcing intolerant goons everywhere to show their hideous face. ;^]


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