Monday, March 25, 2013

Palin-bot FINALLY allows the scales to fall from her eyes. I swear these are the slowest people on the planet!

From TownHall:  

You are beginning to worry me. I am afraid you are losing touch with the people of whom your fame is based. (You cannot "lose touch" with people you never gave a shit about in the first place.) I, after all, was one of your biggest supporters once. I am thrilled that you get invitations to go to NBA games, that you display your Chick-fil-A shirt, and that you go and support your daughter and her celebrity friends on Dancing with the Stars. 

But at CPAC last week you made a rush for the exits. After you gave an inspiring speech where you said to a thrilled audience, “At a time when our country is desperate for leadership, we get instead a permanent campaign“. Instead of coming out and shaking the hands of those who you inspire, you quickly left the building without even a second glance. (What? She wants Palin to mingle with the little people? Boy does she not know this woman very well!)

You called out the liberal media as being unashamed, so at least you took notice of them. Not so for those of us on the right who had hoped that the woman from Wasilla, Alaska might understand our plight and give us a chance to engage one of the top names in the movement. (Yeah, couldn't you insult us a little too? At least give us something!)

We were, to put it bluntly, disappointed. And while I wish this was a solo occurrence, unfortunately this seems to be your pattern. (Gee, ya think?)

I know we in the Tea Party movement don’t throw the best parties or live the most glamorous lives, but we are the ones who faithfully donated to the McCain campaign once you joined the ticket. We are the ones who defended you publicly when the liberal media made fun of you and when your own campaign advisors turned on you. We are the ones who add you and your family to our prayers every night at bedtime. (And don't you feel stupid now?)

Yet it seems those in Hollywood who have made their money making you the butt of their jokes get more of your attention than the movement you helped inspire. 

As a working mother in political journalism, I always looked to your journey as a source of inspiration. (Boy are there a couple of book THIS woman needs to read!) It was a testament to the fact that a woman can use her professional talents and not let her family suffer. The other side wants to make female conservatives feel like we are put in binders and that our party doesn’t encourage women to grow in our careers. (I'm just going to let this part go. Too easy.)

Whether it is Dr. Rice, Rep Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and legions of others, time and time again conservative women prove this statement to be false. But what makes us different is that women on our side are not afraid to come off the stage and get involved with the people they claim to represent and champion. 

Our party does not need another “celebrity.” One of the best attributes of today’s Republicans is that we do not hide behind the curtain and only come out to chat when there is a teleprompter present. The American conservative wants an honest and humble spokesman unafraid to mill about with real people, to listen.

" The American conservative wants an honest and humble spokesman unafraid to mill about with real people, to listen?" Boy were they barking up the wrong tree!

Okay clearly this poor woman is still a moron. But at least she is a moron that has finally recognized that the "Liberal Left" has been right about Sarah Palin all along.

Boy THAT must burn her ass!


  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Sarah is so shrill and loud when she speaks that she probably has damaged her hearing. At one time she seemed interested in doing the rope line meet and greet....but now there is nothing much in it for her. When her book comes out, you might be able to buy a little of her time if you buy one at a signing event. Really, does she care what you have to say...after she has done her red meat to the masses rant and had a big gulp of something? The show is over, cheers!

  2. Isabella3:24 PM

    C4p has already put up a post refudiating sad sack whatver her name is.

    1. To quote one C4P diehard: JRD1 • 6 hours ago −
      Bravissima, Michelle! She certainly got a taste of your nightstick.

      That's RAM's legacy. She used to write that at least once a day when she ran C4P.

      I can imagine that monstrous sadsack having fantasies about fitting into a cop uniform and swinging her nightstick, clubbing all the people who ever laughed at her or told her she was a lousy screenwriter...

    2. Anonymous5:30 PM

      KaJo, that was hilarious!! LMAO!!!
      Its funny cause is true.

    3. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Yes, it sounds like a horrible line from a horrible screenplay.

    4. Anonymous6:46 PM

      "a taste of your nightstick?Is that a pornographic reference to something?

    5. Anonymous7:01 PM

      I always thought that "taste my nightstick" the old geezers there said at least twice a day was so funny; funny as in do they KNOW what that sounds like??

      heh heh

    6. The Asylum posted this link to pictures of Baldy after the CPAC speech to prove that she "mingled with the little people"....

      The wig looks even more fucked up than we ever imagined and the pants and platform shoes are beyond's a link to that photo...

    7. Anonymous10:53 PM

      As always, thanks GinaM for the links.

    8. Anonymous4:47 AM

      OMG, those elephant-bell pants! Does she think this is 1968?

    9. Anonymous6:43 AM

      Looks like only those who paid up got to talk with Sarah

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    She has never been the person who she has pretended to be. Not even way back in the day of little of Wasilly politics.

    Fortunately, she is transparently shallow and it doesn't take long for thinking people to figure this out.

    1. Anonymous8:07 PM

      She's the Sally Rand of American politics. Showing just enough to keep the crowd interested, but never coming out from behind her cover.
      But Sally Rand was the real deal -- there was something worth looking at behind her fans.
      Sarah knows that she can only keep her fan dance going as long as no one realizes there's nothing there to see.

  4. I almost feel pity for this Teabagger. She wrote: I know we in the Tea Party movement don’t throw the best parties or live the most glamorous lives, but we are the ones who faithfully donated to the McCain campaign once you joined the ticket.
    Well, when you lock out the Gays you have set yourself up for mediocrity at the BEST. Like it or not, the gays are the style setters and are capable of making fabulous out of nothing....
    The only advice I can give this "working mother in political journalism" is: keep sending all your money to: Mortgage your house, cash in your 401's, your life insurance policy, your kids college funds. Sara needs more money to represent the Tea Party. Sara is your savior. You can meet her in person at Terri Schiavo Day for a small fee:

  5. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Sarah is about Sarah Palin since the beginning. What else do you want to know?

    "Palienated" Quittin on the job!

    Arizona's Sarah Palin has "Palienated" Alaska, Wasilla and her followers.

  6. Beldar LLC Conehead3:33 PM

    Slightly OT: Gryphen, I'm SO sorry this is late! I know I promised this would be ready a long time ago. But, as we say in the Lower 48, better late than never, right? Right?

    Anyway, without further ado, here's my review of the latest series from reality TV production powerhouse Satan's Workshop, LLC.

    Anchorage Meth Whore, The Reality Channel's newest entry in the popular Meth Whore series, debuted recently to mixed critical and audience reaction. Like Boston Meth Whore, Seattle Meth Whore, Denver Meth Whore: All Stars, Pittsburgh Meth Whore: Rehab-a-palooza, San Antonio Meth Whore, Santa Fe Meth Whore: Smackdown II, Providence Meth Whore, Malibu Meth Whore: Celebrity Meth Whore Edition, North Miami Beach Meth Whore, South Miami Beach Meth Whore and all the 81 other shows in the Meth Whore series, Anchorage Meth Whore follows a familiar pattern.

    We are introduced to a half dozen or so women and women-like characters who live deep in the local meth whore scene and follow their day-to-day experiences. Light-hearted bickering, humorous rivalries and violent death intertwine in a manner intended to entertain and educate the audience. (But really, with a lot less emphasis on the 'educate'. Ok, actually, they don't educate at all, so let's be honest about that.)

    Each local series, profitably produced at zero cost using unpaid college and high school interns equipped with stolen video gear, has its breakout characters. AMW is no exception.

    Tina, the meth whore with a heart of meth, most closely resembles her "Before Meth" portrait that plays during the opening credits. Teenaged twins known as Scabby and Pus, are the irrepressible cut-ups with wicked senses of humor. (Parents, take the term 'cut-ups' literally. Kids should avoid the graphic self-mutilation scenes. Frankly, everyone should avoid them.)

    There's Ellie Mae, the formerly beautiful preacher's southern belle daughter who turns tricks with her mother, Sasquatch, the preacher's formerly beautiful wife, behind the Piggly Wiggly on Old Seward Highway. (Gryphen, before posting this, can you check to see if it's true that in Alaska they call the chain "Piggly and Wiggly, Also, Too"?)

    Arguably the breakout star is philosophical Bella Maria, the 385 pound mustachioed transsexual meth whore wearing impossibly short skirts with surprisingly cute tops, providing the trademark comic relied and expected catch phrase of the series. Every time she's stiffed by a john (giggle) or runs out of meth she roars "FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT!" and pounds holes in the nearest wall with her heavily tattooed bald head. Predictably, the laugh track goes crazy. It's probably not as funny as the producers would have you believe, but there you are.

    While most critics, myself included, believe that Akron Meth Whore is the best of the series, truthfully none of them rises above a solid D rating. Anchorage Meth Whore is no better and probably just slightly worse than average.

    Perhaps it's time to give this aging franchise a rest and focus on another new, potentially more uplifting show set to debut this fall called "Hang Ten!" featuring a gnarly skateboarding competition among legless street beggers. I'll have a preview of that show and an interview with one of the stars, Stumpy Joe, in a future posting.

    And, finally, for our friends who actually live in the Anchorage area, we have received a faxed statement (a fax?? really?) from Satan's Workshop denying the rumors that the meth whores' frequent references to their pimp "First Dude" is in any way related to venerated members of Alaska's august political class.

    1. Beldar....ROFLMAO!
      Best line ever....

      "Bella Maria saying FUCK THIS FUCKING SHIT!"

    2. Anita Winecooler6:52 PM

      Too funny! The twins had me rolling. Can't wait for the next installment.

    3. Beldar, I'm dying here. Seriously. "Pittsburgh Meth Whore: Rehab-a-palooza"!

      And I'm with GinaM -- the comic catchphrase steals the show. "Fuck this fucking shit!"

      Tears of laughter. Thank you!

  7. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Pretty sad when you've gone too far astray to even satisfy the TeaBaggers! Their bar is set pretty low.

  8. Did you read the comments from the still delusional bots?

  9. Anonymous3:42 PM

    .."unafraid to mill about with real people,.."

    uh, in that last photo, she definitely looks unafraid, possibly even bored to tears.

  10. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Sounds like people are tired of having to kiss Sarah Palin's stanky ass, giving her money and not getting anything in return.

  11. Anonymous3:45 PM

    They think the Scottsdale Skank really cares about them - the little people??
    My God, they are stupid.

  12. Anonymous3:53 PM

    It's my understanding she doesn't get paid at CPAC, please correct me if I'm wrong...she choose to speak there because it meant she would get media coverage. She will not do any meet and greet unless she's paid for it. She doesn't give a crap about others only herself and getting the attention she desperately craves...that's why she had her big gulp moment and her Chick-fil-a t-shirt on. With all her recent antics I highly doubt she's a serious contender for any office.

  13. Anonymous3:57 PM

    How long did it take this disappointed fan to realize that Sarah was a celebrity and not a politician? Chris Matthews noticed that when Palin was running for VP, she greeted the crowds with what he called the "windshield wiper wave." She signed autographs. She loved being a star. We knew from the moment that Katie Couric talked to Sarah that she was not qualified to be running for anything. It is amazing that Sarah kept the act up for four years. Even Fox saw through her-- she was hot and not she's not. What a surprise.

    I don't think that we think of our politicians as "hot." Charismatic, yes. Well spoken, able to generate enthusiasm, yes. But Palin's act wore thin. All she did was spout hate. She kept teasing people that she would run so that they would donate to her PAC. She donated little to other candidates and much to herself. And in the end, she didn't even take the time to shake the hands of her adoring public, the donors who defended her while others laughed at her.

    What a surprise that Palin is a fake! She trotted little Trig around as her Right to Life credentials. Now, all that the poor kid does is watch video games with a baby sitter. He is five years old and he can say three or four words. He is not potty trained. What kind of Right to Life Mother, a Grizzly Bear of a Mother, treats a kid like that-- especially when she has millions from Fox and book deals that would provide wonderful therapy for the little boy. He was a prop, and now he appears to suffer the same fate as Sarah's devoted fans. He served his purpose, and they served theirs. Time to move on. Gotta find some marketing opportunities. Gotta find some $100,000 speeches that need givin'. That Christmas book isn't gonna write itself. Gotta get that Burnett guy to find me a new reality show or something. Jeez, being a celebrity politician is hard work.

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Well said, 3:57. A good assessment of the vacuous Caribou Barbie

    2. Anonymous5:39 PM

      The only thing I can think to add is "amen". Well done.

    3. Cracklin Charlie7:52 PM

      Do you know for sure that Trig is not potty trained? I think he's almost six years old.

    4. Anonymous8:04 PM

      EXACTLY! 3:57, I couldn't have said it better myself! She drew out that presidential tease to the very latest date she could with any credibility at all. And when she ended it she did so with a radio host who slobbers over her, both to give herself an easy off-screen out, and to snub her employer Fox news to get back at them for interrupting her too many times in her word-salad hate-spouts. Mean girl to the bone.

      Also, she never endorsed any of the republicans in the 2012 campaign. Her number of public appearances in support of down-ticket candidates can be counted on one hand. She finally donated a measely $5000 out of her pac to Romney, at the last minute when it couldn't have done much good. More to make it look like she was actually using her pac funds for what they were intended, instead of for herself, than for any support of Romney. She was hoping all along for a brokered convention and for herself to be voted in with a cosmic sweep of 'God's plan'. No hard campaign trail, no debates, no probing press interviews for Sarah the North Star, just God's plan.

      As for Trig, I suspect you have inside information because what you say sounds exactly like what I imagine about that child. Todd let it slip not long ago that Trig had said his first words. Sarah in her cpac speech caught herself nearly telling people how much a case of diapers costs - why would she be including that along with the cost of gasoline when her youngest child is 5 years old? Sarah never appears in public any more with Trig because he is embarrasing. When he was a baby on the campaign trail, she could carry him around like a sack of rice and get sympathy votes off people. Not any more.

      I think that $arah will try to do another presidential tease for 2016. In her cpac speech, she said something along the lines of 'if you know anyone who is willing to serve, encourage her (translate 'me'). Within less than an hour after her speech, her Pac sent out an email asking for more money. Funny how so much of that moeny gets spent on postage. I guess dear old Sarah does support the government afterall, with all that mail she pays a government agency to send out. Too bad her mail can't be delivered any more on Saturdays, because of the sequester. (By the way, what the hell does she post? There was a calender a while back...a calender promoting herself to her fans by the way...but what else? Most communications nowadays are done electronically, and Sarah knows all about that. Facebook, twitter. Her platform now that Fox news has dumped her. Who needs postage, especially the amount her pac claims.

    5. Anonymous9:16 PM

      "Who needs postage, especially the amount her pac claims. " I suspect that all that "postage" is actually postal money orders. You don't have to give the USPS a payee name when you buy them. They're almost as good as cash.

    6. Anonymous10:28 PM

      Some of the information came from Grandpa Chuckles who talks too much on the radio. He needs to feel very important-- see how much I know about the family. Yeah, they are that close.

      Gryphen saw Trig at a basketball game where he did not react to the bright lights or the loud cheers of the crowd. Trig also did not have hearing aids or glasses. We only see a staged photo of him, and he doesn't wear glasses, even though his eyes turn in badly.

  14. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Thrilled that Sarah wore that disgusting, bigoted chick-fil-a shirt?

    Screw you, Scottie.

    You're only upset because Palin snubbed you.

    1. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Sometimes Palin is functional enough to speak to people after one of her rare speaking engagements, but usually she is not. She kind of "depletes" herself getting through a 20 minute speech and has to take a few days or week to "recover" before she can re-engage and have another speaking engagement. Take a look at her schedule sometime. Speech....days or weeks break.....speech....days or week break....same old routine.

      I especially remember when her fan club showed up in Pella, Iowa for the steak house meet and greet and she stayed for about 15 minutes and then left through the restaurant kitchen. It was one of those "off days" where Palin couldn't function amongst the crowds. That's precisely why she will never run for office again; she's "cyclical" and not 100% on all the time. Just like when she was Governor here and she disappeared to Wasilla for days and weeks and the "Where's Sarah" buttons came out in the legislature. Those were her "down days and weeks" where she just could not function as Gov. nor as a person. Levi talking about her lying in bed watching wedding shows and eating Taco Bell was right on the money. Sometimes that's all she can do.

    2. Anonymous5:34 PM

      ? bipolar

    3. Anonymous7:05 PM


    4. Anonymous7:12 PM

      4:23 PM - I've noticed that, too. You just have to wonder WTH when she finally does appear and looks like she hasn't bathed in DAYS, is inappropriately dressed, glassy-eyed, etc.

      She is an ILL woman.

    5. Well said. It seems the insufferable bitch doesn't like anyone to catch on that she' s a fucking idiot. From her short term showing at the oil and gas commission to her cheating the state out of funds because she does not like physically showing up to her elected position to mccain putting her on lock down. she barely ducks out in time before the other shoe is dropped.

      It's acomin soon. Karma's a bitch, bitch.

  15. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Boy, that teleprompter "joke" is as old and stale as the 2008 GOP ticket.
    Very few public speakers can project their voices to their audiences while looking down at a piece of paper. The cameras are always on them -- and that would show the tops of their heads most of the time.Teleprompters just make it easier to speak; both Republicans and Democrats use them without shame.
    Do the teabaggers who keep repeating this jab think the President's unable to speak his own thoughts, and that the words on the teleprompter are foreign ideas, coming from a prompter's box?
    It's like complaining that Sarah Palin only appears in public with makeup all over her face -- what's she covering up? Why does she ride in a car when she could walk? Why does she fly first class, when coach will get her there at the same time? Why does she order Taco Bell when she could make a home-cooked meal?

  16. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Since the beginning Sarah Palin has been afraid to do one on one interviews or take random questions. She always had to have prescreened and preselected questions so she could have the answers prepared and not be surprised. Everybody knows that.

    Even during the 2008 presidential election it became apparent to John McCain that he had to isolate his imbecilic running mate until they could teach her about America, the world, politics, recent events, history and basically how to tie her shoes.

    The Palins were so pitiful that the GOP had to take Sarah, her husband, her kids and parents clothes shopping where they went hog wild and ransacked the department stores as if it was the end of the world and everything was free.

    Great job there John McCain, you deserved to lose.

    1. Irishgirl4:37 PM

      But she is back to jeans and tight tops, You couldn't learn her. :)

    2. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Let her ilk "refudiate" Game Change all they want. It's all on You Tube for the world to see. every last BIT of how clueless she is.

    3. Anonymous5:24 PM

      She didn't wear tight tops and jeans before the VP thingy..she dressed frumpy...look back at the before pictures..nothing even trying to look sexy then..I think having teen daughters really got to her and she didn't want to look older than 20 something and she needed to keep those old men interested..

    4. Anonymous9:18 PM

      5:24.... ouch

      usually the simplest explanation is the right one. and that is a wing dinger.

    5. Co-opting a bit of Justin Timberlake, the bi-otch is trying her best to bring skanky back. Apparently only working for her and a few misguided streetwalkers.

  17. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Did this poor unfortunate never notice that every speech made was exactly the same repeated drivel over and over. Talk about low IQ, any of 'Em all of 'Em.

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      I blame it on all that big hair spray.

    2. her audience are definitely trained seals waiting for the same dried, never funny, stale punchlines. the old ninny is like some washed up lounge singer. she will be saying the same damn thing 20 years from now, and those idiots will still laugh on Q.

      she and her ilk's "jokes" will only work with racist, ignorant, klan members. she should work on her looks and her book. Both are being seriously neglected.

  18. Anonymous4:47 PM

    What do you think Gryphen - Could this be true?:

    186. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 03/25 **#7**
    This actor is probably C+. Definitely has A list name recognition although some may get him confused with others. He does have his own unique spin though. He is also a big drinker. Not uncommon with this group. It is the things he does when he drinks that sets him apart. Plus, he thinks he can get away with anything because of something important in his life. So, when he ends up in his daughter's room and passes out in bed with his daughter's friend, he blames it on the booze and knows everything will be ok. When parents don't let their daughters come over anymore because of this regular habit, he blames it on the booze and knows everything will be ok. Hitting his wife? Blame it on the booze. She does not press charges because she thinks it is his right because of their situation. Long time affair with an annoying A list celebrity who is way more starstruck than you would expect and would get some serious opposition from her countless detractors if they found out. Might have a tough time getting more bookings if her supporters found out too. She definitely is a divider that one. He likes to tell everyone he is sober but he is not even close. He counts in the months before he is at it again.
    Actor: Stephen Baldwin
    Unique spin: Born Again Christian
    Something important in his life: tax evasion
    "The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin"
    Annoying A list celebrity: Sarah Palin

    1. Hey now, don't we all want to know a bit more about this? I do, for sure.

    2. Anonymous8:05 PM

      Well I surely would NOT call Sarah Palin an 'A' list celebrity, more like a D list reality show star, and a C List political has been, but that's just me.

  19. Anonymous4:47 PM

    "Even during the 2008 presidential election it became apparent to John McCain that he had to isolate his imbecilic running mate until they could teach her about America, the world, politics, recent events, history and basically how to tie her shoes."

    I think that when they started keeping her from the press that was an unintended side effect that made the media obsessed with this new "mysterious" unknown governor. I remember that's all they reported on, and the whole campaign began to look like Sarah Palin- wall to wall coverage. If she had not been hidden away, we would have been laughing a lot sooner and the election gap would have been huge.

    1. Anonymous5:27 PM

      Not huge


  20. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Too bad Mrs. Todd Palin has sided with the anti-gay bigots. She could sure use a gay stylist. And hairdresser.

    1. I was just looking at Shealah Craighead's pictures of the Palins at CPAC, and there was one picture of Sarah Palin in profile that shows her obviously wiggy hair.

      This one with Todd the Pimp in the background shows Sarah Palin's wig's other side.

      Even the hairpieces I saw on DWTS tonight looked more realistic than Palin's hair.

    2. Anonymous6:39 AM

      KaJo - I esp. like this picture:

      Shows off her wig and her wack-a-doodle expression. She looks high as a kite.

    3. Anonymous3:06 PM

      Why pose with your Husband if you are not wearing your wedding ring? Sarah Palin's marriage to Todd Palin is a Sham. She has flushed her Family Values down the toilet.

  21. Anonymous4:53 PM

    You are absolutely correct Gryphen, they are very slow over there.

  22. I don't normally read the Palinbot comments, but it certainly appears that they've found a new target for their attacks. Actually, for a Bot to open her eyes and speak out like this woman is doing is a pretty risky step on those conservative sites.

    1. Isabella5:33 PM

      Ah but Lynne, she's already Twitter attempting to appease the foaming at the mouth fans..wouldn't surprise me if she takes it back.

    2. Anonymous6:12 PM

      i read the c4p comments, and they truly are going to be the nail in Palin's coffin politically. if a co-hort/sympathizer can't make a point in all honesty without being dumped on, then what is the cause worth?
      and it was funny to see all the photos of past events where the palin cut-out figure got in, too.

    3. Anonymous8:12 PM

      They're running out of people to put on their hit-list at c4p. ALL the mainstream media, including FOX are on it. Most conservative bloggers are on it. The only bloggers left that they consider "Palin-friendly" are their own home-grown variety, like that pathetic Mr. L and his hokey "tavern".

      To these people, Sarah Palin has NEVER made a mistake in her life. EVERYTHING the woman says is not only TRUE, but it's prophetic as well. Her followers would claw Jesus off the cross in order to redecorate it with fluffy silk cushions for Dear Sarah. Joan of Arc looks like a prostitute when compared to Sarah.

      When you can't find one single fault with the person you so admire... that's worship. I can find plenty of flaws with Obama, but would vote for him again if I had the chance. I think he's done a wonderful job, especially considering his opposition in the House & Senate. But not everything he does appeals to me. I don't get my knickers in a wad when someone says Obama isn't being transparent or if they disagree with some decision Obama made. I do get them in a wad over bigoted, racist remarks, but that's not exclusively limited to Obama.

      Sarah Palin's most ardent followers -- specifically those at c4p, are WORSHIPPERS. Plain and simple.

      I think the author of that article said it best on her Twitter account: "Today I broke the golden rule of Conservatism.. "Thou Shalt Never Say Anything Remotely Negative about The Sarah Palin!"-Consider me flogged"

      They didn't even give her a pass for that. The lambasting continued.

    4. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Excellent comment!

  23. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Not that it matters, because it's like pointing out that some guy with a gaping head wound has a paper cut on their finger...but Ann Coulter and "Dr" Rice don't have kids or husbands. In fact, there was a rumor, early in W's tenure, that Condi was a lesbian and the joke around the rest of the world is that Ann is a Mann.

  24. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:18 PM

    Praying every night for the "prey-ers." Classic!

  25. Anonymous5:21 PM

    The bots are having faith Sarah will run in 2016 but some are catching on. If a chick filet shirt and big gulp are signals she'll run for them, they are to be pitied.

    I read enough that the faithful fictionalize Sarah as if she is a character in their collective political drama.

    1. Anonymous7:37 PM

      Collective political drama...mass psychosis...
      A vanishingly fine line sometimes.

  26. Anonymous5:28 PM

    So then I take it it is safe to "dump a load"here?
    Just wondering.

  27. Anonymous5:29 PM

    $arah can't get by without teleprompters anymore, she can't do interviews, and since WHEN has her family not suffered for her selfish desires, Scottie?

    JUST like a COWARD. Spews, runs, and hides. She's done and she knows it.

    1. Anonymous6:51 PM

      She NEVER could do interviews - remember, McCain and staff kept her away from doing them. She's an idiot!

  28. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Maybe she had to bum rush the exit because the glue
    holding on her Groucho Marx
    eyebrows was wilting.
    Or else she drew them on with black shoe polish and
    didn't want her cult members to get too close and notice.
    Within the space of a week, Palin adorned herself in logos from fast food emporiums
    7-11 and Chick -fil-A .
    Which is quite fitting , actually.
    It's only a matter of time before she appears wearing a creepy ,
    big plastic head ,
    a gold crown and
    fur cape screeching about Whoppers.

    1. Cracklin Charlie12:14 PM

      She won't need the fur cape, seein' that she's a hairy, cross-eyed tarantula in tiny little wedgie high heels, all eight of which are too big!

  29. Anonymous5:52 PM

    In her autobiography, Sarah Palin boasted of boarding a transcontinental flight after an amniotic fluid leak without a medical check for a premature Down Syndrome baby when she was high-risk (over 40, 7th pregnancy, history of miscarriages). She boasted of bypassing a neonatal intensive care equipped hospital to drive an hour to a small hospital not even rated to handle twins.

    If reading those boasts didn't convince someone that Sarah Palin is mentally unstable, then nothing will.

    1. Anonymous6:50 PM

      An idiot too! She never had that last kid - wasn't pregnant - did it for a stunt for John McCain campaign. She wore pregnant gear - photos show it taken back then in Alaska!

    2. Anonymous8:24 PM

      She also boasted that she could not participate in the friendly carpool to school for the kids because her tubal was hurting her. So her SPONGEBOB SQUARE PILLOW PREGNANCY HOAX was all a BIG LIE.

    3. Anonymous9:08 PM

      Are we even sure that Trig has down syndrome or was that just another Sarah lie? Just because he has eye problems and is a "mouth breather" doesn't mean he has down syndrome. Hard to tell from just the pictures she posts. And no I am not a troll.

    4. Anonymous11:28 AM

      Have you SEEN Mr.Heath?
      The slow gene reigns supreme.

    5. Anonymous1:05 PM

      9:08 It also depends on which "Trig" version the photo/person is. The current "Trig" seems to be more FAS than Tri-g.

      But who can say. They are all cuties and all deserve to be treated better than they have been by Sarah and Company.

  30. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:54 PM

    Went over to TownHall and some of the usual (paid) suspects are there, still cheerleading--but most of the other pro- comments sound more defensive, frustrated and belligerent than usual. Maybe the truth is finally squidging through some of their thick pinhead skulls, and they're in the angry, denial phase. When it finally dawns on them that Dear, Personable Sarah wouldn't do as much as spit in the direction of the deluded dimwits who embezzled the grandkids' lunch money and $UPPORTED her brief stab at the A-list, it ain't gonna be pretty. Popcorn, anyone?

  31. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Sarah (or her ghost writer) has wished her Jewish friends a happy and kosher holiday (Passover) on Facebook. My guess is that Sarah wouldn't know what's kosher and what's not kosher. For example, moose meat is kosher, but not if the moose is wild. It also has to be butchered by a kosher butcher. My guess is that Chuck Heath is not a kosher butcher. OMG, when Sarah wears her Jewish star, I hope that she is eating the right food.

    1. If she manages to get her latest downed moose butchered according to kosher standards, shall we tell her that those moosemeat sandwiches have to be on matzo all week? Nah, let's let her have one more reason to go to hell in her gilded handbasket -- eating leavened bread during Pesach.

  32. Anita Winecooler6:34 PM

    I loved your editorial comments that peppered this letter. Perfect!
    I made the mistake of reading the whole letter, she goes on to say that her follower's wounds are too deep for band aids, calls Baldy out for dissing talk shows and bloggers and then pleads with her to get more involved with the tea party movement, like within the next two weeks.
    Oh Dear, I kind of pity this poor Palin-bot. Maybe she can find a sympathetic enabler at a certain energy conference Baldy "exited stage left, and in a hurry even" in Texas.

  33. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Some Americans are idiots! Sarah Palin is nothing more than a liar and fraud - proven time and time again.

  34. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Blinded By Arrogance and Tea, Ted Cruz Is The New Sarah Palin

    Wow. In an interview with the Dallas News, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was asked repeatedly what he’s learned. He danced around the question like his feet were on fire, but reporter Todd J. Gillman stuck to it. Finally, Cruz admitted that he was teaching those veteran Republicans a thing or two.

    Sure, he’s only been there for ten weeks, and while he may have picked the wrong battles and there may be very few left who will support legislation he wants to advance (should he ever actually do what he’s actually being paid to do, that is), chances are slim that he’ll get the backers. He’s already left scorched earth behind him and based on this interview, he hasn’t learned a thing yet.

    After Cruz repeatedly ignored the reporter’s question about how he was going to get anything done after burning so many bridges, the Dallas News reporter asked him if he’d learned anything yet, to which Cruz responded that he has learned how defeatist Republicans are (handy that he has learned nothing about his own behavior, but plenty about others):

  35. Anita Winecooler7:00 PM


    Meet Matthew Lannon, sixth grader testifying for marriage equality.

    What an inspiration!

  36. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Hag from Wasilla looks tow up from the floor up!

  37. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Has Palin sent out the obligatory scathing tweet yet? You know she won't let this one go without at least a tweet or Facebook post.

    Palin's tweets: It's got all the dramatic thrill of high school, but without all that pesky book-learnin'.

    1. Cracklin Charlie12:07 PM

      Sarah "Quixote" Palin can't stop tilting at windmills.

  38. Anonymous9:01 PM

    @ 4:23 p.m. Is that you "Me Again"?

  39. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Over at the pond, someone posted a link to over 75 posed pictures of SP with her toadies. The photographer is employed by SarahPac and naturally, the pictures are for sale. But...I digress. She is ridiculously thin in these pictures....truly suffering from an eating disorder. I'm sure she thinks she looks good...if she could only lose another five pounds. Also...she must be standing on a soap box because she towers over most of her fans.

    1. Anonymous11:51 PM

      She's up on blocks, just like a trailer! Fancy that. And, yes, she does look ridiculous, as usual, but even more so because those must be 10 inches high.

    2. Seriously, is this a convention of midgets? How tall are her shoes? And she is the only one at the event (besides Todd) wearing jeans. Wow.

    3. Anonymous10:34 AM

      Haha! Truth is brutal to the little pretenders.

    4. Cracklin Charlie12:02 PM


      Please, please provide the picture of the trailer trash "up on blocks"!!!

      I can't go to that place.

    5. Cracklin Charlie12:02 PM

      Here's a direct link to the photo of Baldy on Blocks!

      The photo gallery of the folks she took pictures with at CRAPAC are I'm sure every one of those folks had to PAY for the photo if they wanted their own copy!

      Baldy don't do shit for FREE! LOL!!!

    6. Anonymous1:02 PM

      12:23 and others. If you hit the "Add to Cart" you can see the prices for the photos. A 5x7 will set you back something like $15.99 (already closed that tab so not sure, but close to that).

  40. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Sarah Palin thinks she's a rock star. She has sone groupies but has no band.

    SP thinks she's a leader but has no country or office, position or association to any political parties that want her.

    SP thinks she's a contributor to America's politics but she quit the one job she had and took on a career of pan handling.

    Sarah Palin will never run for any public office especially if it requires making her taxes and health records public.

    Sarah Palin would never run for any public office if it meant vetting of her personal life and family history. Too many skeletons.


    1. Anonymous11:53 PM

      Absolutely nothing, just like war.

    2. Anonymous4:27 AM

      Seeing how Tawd went after prostitutes for sex and love, my guess is Sarah Palin is good for nothing.

    3. Anonymous5:31 AM


  41. Anonymous3:46 AM

    The followers of Palin at C4P and other sites have all the characteristics of a cult. She may not Jim Jones them, but this will not end gracefully.

    Tom in CT

  42. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Oh, you know, the author is jealous of Sarah, the "libs" are afraid of her, and the reason she didn't run for president is because she was sabotaged by the Bushes, the Romneys, etc. The whole thing is so very ho hum "et cetera".

  43. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Isn't it time for one of the fans to post that she had to pay $20k for each "frivolous" ethics "lawsuit" and that is why she quit, not that she was worried about being a lame duck while floating down stream.

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      No she quit because she wanted to be Ivana Trump, not a governor.

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      She "resigned" to "progress" Alasky.

  44. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Does she wear a headband now, around her head just over her forehead? What is that line, anyway?

  45. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Same Palin Crap - Different Toilet Bowl

    Remember how Bristol tried to use the Palin name to try to get votes for her new trial husband for some contest? I believe his name is Joey Junker. Well Facebook Sarah is doing the same thing for her BFF Kristen Cole's daughter for some other contest. Yes the same Kristen Cole who was the sole trustee for the infamous Alaska Fund Trust. According to comments on the internet, Sarah's BFF Kristen Cole's mother has a questionable pass as well. Sarah sure can pick friends.

    Kristi Mock, the daughter of one of my best friends, Kristan Cole, is one of 50 finalists for the 30 Under 30 program by the National Association of Realtors. The program recognizes the great work ethic of 30 young realtors under the age of 30. You can vote for Kristi by following the link below. We're so proud of her!

    Read more about Sarah Palin's BFF below

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      What is the value and point of these programs?

      "The program recognizes the great work ethic of 30 young realtors under the age of 30."

      How does that even make sense? Anon people voting for people they don't even know because sarah asks them to? More bogus accolades.

    2. Anonymous7:17 AM

      Tell Sarah and Kristen that I'm still waiting for my quarterly report from the Alaska Fund Trust that I was promised. Was that a scam too?

      Damn... Can't trust any friends of Sarah Palin or Sarah.

    3. Anonymous7:37 AM

      What's next? Facebook Sarah asking her followers to vote for Piper's BFF to be the MVP of her elementary school basketball team?

      Mighty Christian of Sarah.

    4. Anonymous9:21 AM

      Oh, I hope that she wins on DWTS, too.

    5. Cracklin Charlie11:56 AM


      Here's your report:

      Your damn money is in my pocketbook!

      Love, Kristin

    6. Anonymous12:08 PM

      The Sea of Pee coached each other on how to cheat to vote numerous times. They still couldn't get a win for Joey Junker.

  46. Anonymous7:37 AM

    This is only the beginning of the fall of a Sociopath and Ignorant woman. This unvetted sociopath opportunist will not survive the facts, truth, freedom of informaation, or BBQ about to happen. She wanted attention and so she will get it. She made that decision the moment she stepped onto the stage in 08. Otherwise her criminal behavior would have been contained in Alaska and the Alaskan peoples would have had to deal with it solely by themselves. But Fucking NO. This fucking idiot woman and her heathen family must throw themselves to the lower 48. Well this little bunch of morons will find out what its like playing in the real world. Howz it going DOWN now sarah......get ready chic full of shit ....

    1. Anonymous7:51 AM

      Amen Brita

  47. Anonymous9:01 AM

    C4p the cult's blog has FOUR posts bellyaching about the open letter to the queen of crossed eyed mouthbreathers.
    I guess the fact that Scootie is the news director of the tea party or some such is really eating at them.

  48. Anonymous9:20 AM

    In the photo where Sarah is wearing the red t-shirt-- she really does look like Hell.

    1. Cracklin Charlie11:25 AM

      She looks like a stick figure.

  49. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Prince of a man Tony Lee of Breitbart fame has written yet another outraged response to sad beleaguered Ms.Hughes the pic they put up is odd, is Ms.Palin wearing stilts under her rogue trousers?
    Also too, all 4 posts focus on one of the "lies"of the letter, that Ms.Palin fled the scene without giving Hughes a chance to grovel at Palin's feet, the rest of the letter's questions go unanswered.
    It is all quite entertaining.

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Sarah still ain't gonna fuck Tony, but I'd be the first to admit the she does owe him at lest a reach-around-and-tug job. WTG TL!!!

    2. Anonymous11:19 AM


    3. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Anonymous10:28 AM have you seen Sarah's vulture claws? I wouldn't want her touching me with those things.


    4. Anonymous2:00 PM

      A starvin' vulture, ever hungerin' for the last loose change in the mouthbreather's pockets.

      Risible and appalling, that's her too.

  50. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Good heavens, now look totally like a MAN! And ugly to the core. Karma truly IS a bitch, eh, Scarah? You deserve this for all the crap you have dished out to hundreds of innocent victims. Waiting for Shailey's movie!

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      Her face is so fucked up now. 4 1/2 years was a lifetime ago for her.

    2. Anonymous11:18 AM

      A commenter at Mediate said she ages in dog years.

  51. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Former half term Govvernor Sarah Palin's body language when around folks of the male persuasion is interesting.
    Per the copyrighted CPAC photos.

  52. Blind item website says that Sarah has been having a long time affair with Stephen Baldwin.

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Poor guy. The Alcohol has pickled his brain and Palin's liver. He has to be delusional to be attracted to that pitiful bag of bones.

  53. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Palin to Matt Lauer:

    “You know why this is even an issue, Matt, is because that Hollywood image is full of itty bitty people, unrealistically tiny.”

    Proof again Sarah REALLY whats Hollywood to like her.

    Read more:

  54. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Scottie Hughes is getting a little taste of the rabid Cult's malice.
    Any criticism from a woman is invariable chalked to "typical female jealousy".

  55. Anonymous4:48 PM

    Meanwhile, the President and his exquisite First Lady, and beautiful family, just keeps on keeping on. They just step over the roadkill known as the Palins, and focus on keeping America beautiful. ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT STUPIDITY, DON'T BREED WITH A HEATH OR A PALIN.


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