Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sarah Palin made it into yesterday's Hardball Sideshow along with Larry "Wide Stance" Craig. Seems like a fitting place for her.

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Here is Palin's actual tweet:

"Liberty loving soda drinkers?" Seriously?

I guess it would be a waste of time to inform Palin that Mayor Bloomberg is really battling the drink manufacturers who create these bladder bursting, sugar infused, contributors to childhood obesity,  and not the people are so easily duped into purchasing them.

You would think a woman planning to write a fitness book would be supportive of such a measure.

Oh that's right, now she is writing about the "War on Christmas" instead.

Personally I doubt she knows any more about that topic, than she did about fitness.

Oh, and by the way, the government was never not going to "stay out" of Palin's refrigerator. This law was for New York only, a place that even Sarah Palin cannot see from Alaska, and it had to do with the sale of large servings of sugary drinks in restaurants, stadiums, and other eating establishments, not what was stored in a private refrigerator.

So the tweet is, as usual, ridiculous.


  1. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Well if she wants government to stay out of our refrigerators, then she surely wants them out of women's bodies?

    1. Anonymous11:52 AM

      Wonder if she would be okay with the government looking for soda in her refrigerator if they use transvaginal ultrasounds to search.

  2. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Everyone knows how really dangerous it would be to be in Sarah's refrigerator (all the flying cans you know).

    The woman is really a blooming idiot!

  3. Oh, fuck off, Palin, you stupid, ignorant, perverted piece of trailer trash, until you tell the government to stay out of our bodies and bedrooms.

    And as Gryphen pointed out, once again, you have tweeted some piece of stupidity that shows how ignorant you are of the facts of any situation that you open your moronic piehole about.

    You really should hire a ghostbrainer if you are going to continue proudly playing with your tweeter machine without adult supervision.

    1. Anonymous6:42 AM

      Shallow Sarah tweets about things which are so much less important than those issues about which she totally ignores--- access to healthcare for the poor, government intrusion in women's right to privacy regarding healthcare choices made with their doctor, etc.

      Instead, Shallow Sarah focuses only on those issues which favor her Corporate/Political Bosses in their Corrupt Crony Capitalism practices which are bullying communities in which Koch Industries has business interests; Koch Brothers are also buying Congressional and Senate seats for corrupt politicians who will vote against the interests of their states or districts; at the same time, Koch is sponsoring Astro-turf groups to put political pressure on current members of Congress who don't walk in lock-step with the interests of the Kochs.

      The bottom line: Sarah Heath Palin is a Koch Industries Hand Puppet and a domestic terrorist who has betrayed the United States, just as she betrayed the people of the state of Alaska who entrusted her. Instead of serving the interests of the people, she served her cronies by providing jobs and business opportunities which were never viable, and her support of fraud by replacing honest, competent state employees in order to replace them with her people--- former highschool classmates who were inexperienced, resulted in extremely weak or no oversight of these cronies. Sarah's cronies in turn raped the government of millions of dollars through fraud, bad policies, and then turned a blind eye as the process was repeated, multiplying losses each time.

      Whether something is ethical or not, Sarah has shown that she will do it every time if there is a financial incentive for her, her family, or her friends. But Sarah has also palled around and directly participated in activities which are illegal and are considered criminal acts against the State of Alaska and the United States. I look forward to the day when Sarah is indicted and then convicted for her crimes. She has none of the honest , ethical qualities that the talks about.

      Sarah always talks a good game, but fails to live up to her own standards and promises. She is a fraud, a hypocrite and a criminal. There will be no justice until we witness Sarah and Todd Palin doing their perp walks.

    2. "Ghostbrainer"
      Awesome term!

  4. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Here we go again. What does trying to curb obesity to do with "liberty"? Why can't the far right leave the political slogans out of the least worthy of their rants? And who's Sarah Palin to complain about anything to do with health anyway? She's virtually wasting away before us - maybe in a year or two she'll completely disappear, leaving only a tiny puddle of red jacket and a pair of fake eyeglasses behind.

    1. Anonymous5:37 AM

      From the kind of""iet $carah Palin is on, Schiavo lost half her brain. Teri slipped into a coma. Unfortunately, Half-brained $carah has the "walking, talking" version brain atrophy.

    2. Anonymous7:27 AM

      How does buying two large sodas instead of one giant soda do anything "to curb obesity"?

    3. Anonymous9:38 AM

      Just something for Sarah to bitch about, so she does. It has never affected her and never will. Kind of like the birth control debate. It never affected her or her family. To them, birth control is the withdrawal method, since it makesbrit better pictures they can show their friends. Wallow says, "Yeah, that's me there---again. It's kinda hard to tell, cuz I was in the middle of a ... protein treatment, I think that's what, um , whassisname called it."

    4. Jeanabella10:04 AM

      Bloomberg wanted to put subject in front of public.
      just learned recently that a regular size soda has 16 teaspoons of sugar (cornsyrup) & that's pretty bad when you realize how much kids drink!!! Sarah's an asshole & proves she has never cared what her family eats.
      just look at her, she's a mess.

  5. Sally in MI4:38 AM

    Oh, but she's so very smart, according to her 'bots, because we ar once again talking about her. Maybe next time she comes out with on eof these ridiculous 'tweets' we can just ignore her. It will make it easier the next time and the time after that, and pretty soon, her hundred followers will be all that's left. And wanna bet the Christmas book is not more real than the 'family fitness' one? After all, this is America, the melting pot, and we keep Christ out of those school pagrants for the same reason we keep Allah and Buddah out...seperation of Church and state. If she wants her kids indoctrinated, I am sure there are plenty of Christian schools in Wasilly or Arizona or wherever it is she has them stashed now so they don't bother her beauty naps. As if this woman is actually religious in the first place. It's a means to an end, just like everything else she does.

    1. Anonymous7:36 AM

      And then, of course, there's the photo of Trig dressed up as a baby Santa Claus perched amid a huge pile of toys. That was Sarah Palin's "family" Christmas card for 2009. Nothing religious about that card! Poor Trig - Sarah Palin's path to riches.

  6. It matters little whether or how ridiculous anything that ex-Gov Palin tweets, speaks, or scribbles for her audience is comprised of induhviduals who can be counted on to respond by punching the air and shouting "Yew betcha!".

    1. Anonymous5:38 AM

      from their gubmint mediscooters, Elmo.

  7. Anonymous4:59 AM

    This Brianus guy is so over-the-top he has to be a spoofer. Yet all the inmates at C4P seem to take him seriously.

    BrianusBerkleianus • 5 hours ago −
    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy Wednesday to you all!!

    It is 16 for '16 and a 16.0!!!!

    Yes, it is just three days now until Earthquake Sarah rattles the entire Establishment, Left and GOPe, at CPAC!! Along with the bracing northern winds of Alaskana Liberty, along with the peerless puissance and beauty of America's Last Frontier, she will bring down with her from her lofty seat in Wasilla that powerful phenomenon of Nature that is more prevalent and pervasive in the Great
    Land than in any other State!! We look forward to some eyewitness accounts, from friends who will be personally present, of the shaking up that she will deal out to them!!!

    It is 16 MINUTES that she will have to speak ...

    It is SARAH in '16 (we hope and pray) …

    It will be a 16.0 on the Sarah Scale of Earthquakes!!!!

    1. 4:59, to appreciate the real pathology of Brianus, one must read the rest of his post, where he continues his page by page exegesis of Going Rogue:


      On p. 119 of GR, Sarah continues her discussion of the 2006 campaign for the Governorship of Alaska. She writes, "During the campaign, Lena [Todd's
      eighty-seven-year-old Yupik elder grandmother] went around Dillingham talking
      with the Yupik elders.

      " 'Do you know my grandson Todd?' she would ask.

      "Everyone in Dillingham knew Todd.

      " 'His wife is running for Boss Alaska.'

      "Like Lena, we were tireless, because every vote and every voter mattered."

      This is profound in its simplicity, a simplicity that sits on a single letter!



      Yes, what a difference one letter can make!

      We all remember the difference that just one or two WORDS
      can make.

      Who can ever forget the deathless night of 3 September, 2008 at the RNC, when the Governor, while fighting a failed (sabotaged?) teleprompter, uttered that single word that has, for many of us, become the crowning memory of a speech that was, in its entirety, unforgettable:


      Who can ever forget those two words with which she so aptly dubbed and damned the entirety filthy business known as "obamacare":


      But here, here, what a world of difference is contained in the one LETTER upon which pivots and turns the distinction between "vote" and "voter."

      We have an expression: "It doesn't make an iota of difference." This aphorism may be traced to an ancient theological dispute that turned upon the difference of one letter, iota, between two Greek words.

      Well, in this case, we may say that the contrast vote/voter does make an "R" (GRRRRRR!!!) of difference.

      Sarah's political and personal philosophy stands at the opposite pole (and poll!) of the intellectual and spiritual universe from that of so many professional politicos.

      For these opportunistic oligarchs of BOTH political Parties, the People do not matter one little bit; all that the hacks want is to HERD them like SLAVES to the ballot box and get them to pull a lever.

      They crave VOTES; the VOTERS themselves, the voters' needs, the voters' wishes, the voters' families, the voters' aspirations, the voters' interests be damned!!!

      A vote is an evanescent and ephemeral phenomenon. It is cast and then it is over and done with.

      Voters breathe; voters live on; voters remember.

      Sarah Palin of Alaska cares, to the depths of her great-hearted soul, she cares about the people of the United States of America.

      Yes, if she runs for POTUS 2016, if she runs, to adapt Lena's expression, for BOSS AMERICA, she will ask for our votes.

      But this will be because she wants to SERVE the voters, not to BE SERVED by them, as our President--a Servant's Heart!!

      Remember what she said to Bristol in the CPAC episode of her daughter's show "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp"?!?

      She was speaking about the crowds of ordinary men, women, and children who always flock to her wherever she goes, seeking a smile, a word, an autograph.


      This is so beautiful; it rings and rings and rings with authenticity and depth and truth!!

      AMICIS SUIS--No one hath greater love than this, that a man lay down his life
      for his friends.

      For most other people involved in politics today, it is fair, I think, to say that "every vote" matters to them.

      For our Sarah, it is "every vote and every voter" that matters.

      There it is: VOTE and VOTER.

      One letter that places a great spiritual chasm, IMHO, between the nobility and magnanimity of Sarah Palin of Alaska and the base power-mongering of the herd of DC hacks who run today's Washington.

    2. Anonymous6:28 AM

      It has to be a spoof. I think he's been having a ball with this for several years. Yet, no matter how bizarre his posts, they just love him -- and believe he's real.

    3. Anonymous6:32 AM

      Brianass has to be a spoofer or a mental case. If I was Sarah I'd be watching him carefully..he's a weirdo. Could he be that crazy guy that lives in Wasilla?/ I forgot his name but he use to post at C4P all time and was totally in love with her.

    4. Anonymous6:49 AM

      He lives in Berkeley and has donated to SarahPac.


  8. Charles Pierce is a great read - every day

    "O, Come All Ye Suckers"

    1. jcinco5:52 AM

      comments are well worth reading...

  9. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:17 AM

    I'm beginning to call shenanigans on all the bogus Palin media since she was booted out of Faux News. IMO, her handlers hired a PR firm to put out insipid bits and tweets every week to keep her schnozzola in the "news" and continually prod the rubes into picking through their car cup holders to find spare change for the Cause. 'Cause you never know when Esther will get that speshul Skype from Gawd and announce her plans for a third party, or form her own Chri$tian church, or just spend the cash at her local Fashion Disaster store.

  10. Liar Liar5:27 AM

    Granny has her panties in a twist again and is trying to do damage control with Breitfart. Apparently a Nascar announcer used the word strategery and attributed the word to Palin. They're claiming she never used the word before but I new I had seen the quote before. Here it is per Wikipedia:

    Sarah Palin used the term in an interview with Bill O'Reilly on his television show. Speaking of Charles Krauthammer and his political contacts, Palin commented "they're meeting people and they're doing their strategery"

    Surprise, surprise she lies again. Breifart lies for her and even Joe Miller has picked it up. I found out it was a lie in 2 minutes by Googling. I guess Track and Bristol were too busy to Google for her. Brancy & Chuck Jr. outrage posts in 5..4..3..2..1

    Psycho tweet in 5..4..3..2..1

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      Here's the video (she says it at 50 second mark):

      After being shown the evidence the peebots are now saying she used it as a joke. Always some excuse for their Queen.

    2. Anonymous6:15 AM

      Here's her brilliant tweet:

      @SarahPalinUSA Hey Waltrip, final lap & you still don't have your facts right. Get some "strategery" and check your facts before you shoot off your mouth.

      If only she'd take her own advice.

      That woman is an idiot!

    3. jcinco7:31 AM

      dumfuk, challenging nascar now..she needs to pick a fight with the nra next. my cat has better judgement regarding picking her battles.

    4. Anonymous8:30 AM

      The entire peepond is going nuts over this Waltrip thing. He has now tweeted back

      @SarahPalinUSA you are one if my fav people on earth.

      Of course that isn't good enough. A few are thinking she should just drop it, others are attacking those that say that.

      This is really fun to watch!

  11. Anonymous5:29 AM

    Surprise, surprise she lies again. Breifart lies for her and even Joe Miller has picked it up. I found out it was a lie in 2 minutes by Googling. I guess Track and Bristol were too busy to Google for her. Brancy & Chuck Jr. outrage posts in 5..4..3..2..1

    Psycho tweet in 5..4..3..2..1

  12. angela5:32 AM

    Stupid woman.

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      Stupid twat, actually.

  13. Anonymous5:33 AM

    "sugary" drinks is a misomer. HFCS based drinks is correct. so what Putrid Palin is arguing for is the right for people to poison themselves.

    But wait a minute, isn't this the same Stoopid $carah who whined about "death panels" - doc just talking to patients about end of life plans from a medical perspective?

    New name: $ally Lou Heath Hypocrite

  14. jcinco5:39 AM

    she remains a national joke. if If I didn't know her evil ways so well I would pity her.....

  15. Anonymous5:41 AM

    She's one of those people who, because they have no life of their OWN, have to be in everyone else's business.

    Good LORD, I wish she'd grow up.

    1. Anonymous12:10 PM

      I'd prefer if she would just go away.

  16. Anonymous6:04 AM

    I was listening to a local radio morning show on the way to work this AM and the 2 DJs were discussing Palin's new book. DJ #1: yea, just another War On Christmas book, telling ppl. how the holiday is too commercial these days. DJ #2: And she's releasing it just in time for Christmas Stocking stuffers! DJ #1: Palin has to figure out a way to keep scamming money out of her devoted fans ya know...keeping the Christ in Christmas! DJ #2: And the ASS in dumbass! DJ #1: Sarah who? Oh yea, dumbass.

  17. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Paul Ryan and the problem with losing

    Like the failed VP candidates before him, Paul Ryan is learning how worthless his stint on the national stage was...........

    Sarah Palin (Ran with John McCain, 2008)

    Here’s the thing: There’s probably nothing better that’s ever happened to Palin than being plucked from obscurity to join the ’08 GOP ticket. She became a national celebrity, amassed a devoted following, and emerge from the campaign with an endless stream of lucrative commercial opportunities. The money she’s made and the lifestyle she’s been able to afford for the last four years is a far cry from where she’d be if she’d stuck around the Alaska State House. That said, her erratic performance as a candidate unnerved many in her party and probably cost the ticket some votes. While there was certainly plenty of talk in the wake of the ’08 race about a Palin presidential campaign in 2012, there was never any movement toward her by the party’s donor and opinion-shaping classes. They had seen her action during the race (and continued to see her in action after it) and concluded that she lacked some very basic traits required in a national political leader. Palin’s political relevance has steadily faded over the last few years. She doesn’t seem to have a future in politics, unless she decides to return to Alaska and try her hand there again. Because of how radically being the No. 2 candidate changed her life, her case is a tricky one. But in terms of her political prospects, it really didn’t help.

    1. Anonymous6:31 AM

      She doesn't care. She has $$ now, which IS her God.

  18. Anonymous6:26 AM

    She looked at her supporters and knew a diet and fitness book wouldn't sell...but they would eat up a book about Christians and Christmas the Palin way.

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      I think she would have lost donations from the entire state of MISSISSIPPI

  19. Anonymous6:31 AM

    This is what happens when retards has no jobs and too much time on their hands.

  20. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I love this comment from another blog..Sarah is writing another book, "Grifting In Right Wing Wonderland".

  21. Anonymous6:47 AM

    The Palins are not worried about Shailey Tripp's book Boys Will Be Boys or anybody fighting against pimping out single struggling Alaskan mothers with handicap children as long as the Palins have the Anchorage Police Dept and Alaska governor Parnell in their pockets

    Victory in Wasilla for prostitute-loving pimps. To Alaskan citizens with too much time on their hands we say: Stay out of our prostitution ring!

  22. Anonymous6:52 AM

    Kids.... Say no to meth!

  23. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Palins can pimp anybody they want to until the courts says they can't.

    It must be nice to have blackmail material against the Anchorage Police Dept, Alaska state government and judges.

  24. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Can we even imagine what she would have twitted if it had been the president of the US initiating the move.

  25. Anonymous7:52 AM

    What's wrong wth that idiot?

    Sarah Palin's children breed like rats, her kids are uneducated with no college, husband is a pimp who loves prostitutes, kids having bastard babies and adopting them out, son who picks his guns over his daughter, daughter who is a break in artist, Sarah gives her daughter the initials that spells PIG Palin, always quitting jobs and things she started, men publicly claiming to had sex with her in her sister' s college dorm room, husband cheats on her, family runs off with campaign clothes they didn't pay for, videotaped looking drunk or stoned in public, prostitute claims Sarah's husband wraps his used condoms in face cloths and takes them with him, accused of doing drugs on oil drums, high school daughter sent away to live with aunt for several months to take care of something, son cuts school bus brake lines, relatives sells her used shoes on EBay to make a buck, daughter jumps from one trial husband to the next, daughter can't complete her junior or senior year in high school and gets a GED, Sarah had to go to 5 colleges to get one degree, husband can't pronounce helicopter, mother and daughter needs ghost writers, underage high school daughter gets pregnant in a canvas tent, SarahPac - Alaska Fund Trust - Alaska Film Tax Credit scams, wears false breasts, daughter made herself look like Jay Leno, Sarah gets cosmetic surgeries, scams per diem from taxpayers to live at home, nobody knows who built her house, doesn't pay her property taxes, Sarah is a millionaire and her daughter gets a GED so she can cut and wash hair, can't remember or quote history, has to have her husband be co-mayor and co-governor, Sarah is 2nd generation pregnancy before marriage and her kids are 3rd generation pregnancy before marriage. Do I need to continue?

    So tell us why is Sarah Palin concerned with commercialization of Christmas and sugary drinks?

  26. Anonymous8:03 AM

    How Big Gulps Are Exactly Like Cigarettes

    Two industries, the same tactic: money to minority groups and politicians. Local politics at its grimmiest.

    1. Alabama is a leader of the nation in obesity and diabetes. I did clean up of a mobile home site which suffered tornado damage in the spring of 2011. The owners of this site was a multi-generational family consisting of: a set of grandparents, a mother and father, and a daughter in her early 20's. They tried to help out but were pretty handicapped. The grandparents and parents were all morbidly obese and diabetic. The daughter was "heavy" and and pre diabetic. The two older women had to rely on motorized scooters to get around. They all smoked. They were all dependent upon public assistance. If if makes any difference, they were all white.
      These are the people who are the proud gulpers of sugar and cigarette smokers destroying their health and living their lives free from government restraint. Just don't take away the government checks and support.
      The Alabama State motto is: We dare defend our rights. John Cary gave a speech in Germany where he explained: having rights in America includes the "right to be stupid".
      If only "stupid" did not cost the government so much money.....

  27. Anonymous8:36 AM

    How would she had liked it if an ex-governor from the State of New York or a Mayor from the State of NY had tweeted rebukes about any of her policies? Haha. She'd be faxing out nasties left and right to anyone who would see her as a victim.

    She, the "Government of Sarah" does not want any government in her life or refridgerator. Yet she, "Government of Sarah" would turn every nook and cranny of her nation into a Palin-family look-alike.

    Sodas/Smores/Taco Bell/Quiznos/McDonald's/Red Bull/Mountain Dew/latte-eating-drinking families that don't work on their feet all day, but demand incessant attention from the public, cry victim and pout with full expectations that reality show scouts and agents are fighting amongst each other to be the first lined up at their door begging them to show their wonderful selves on screen.

    Yep, those government types with too much time on their hands; that they should be as busy as the Palin family in helping their fellow human beings.

  28. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Hey... WHERE IS KRUSTY/BROOKE?? I haven't seen her for a while...

    Is it that she has to lie low for now, because she went a step too far by threatening to shoot Sunny and Levi Johnston's baby, Breeze Beretta, and now the FBI is checking into the threats? Or has her family finally pulled the plug on her?

    If anyone has info on Krusty's identity, please get yourself over to Sunny's Facebook page, and tell her about it, please.

    1. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Her name is Kristy Patullo, she lives in Rhode Island and it really isn't hard to find her actual street address, I did it in about 2 minutes but will not post it here. She tweets as "bellagrazi" and shows up on various blogs and web commenting sites under a variety of names.

      According to blog legend she's absolutely broke and destitute so if I was Sunny and Levi I certainly wouldn't worry about her showing up in AK as it's doubtful she could afford an airline ticket, much less a gun.

    2. Anonymous10:35 AM


      You're kidding, right? I hope Kristy hasn't really done something THAT stupid as to threaten to kill someone or their minor child or infant. People go to jail every day for serious threats that are substantiated. Kristy is definitely imbalanced and obsessive-compulsive in her behavior, and without a doubt, has some difficulties separating reality from her delusions. A judge might consider the compulsive nature of the individual to be relevant to the seriousness of the threat.

      Her name is Kristy J Patullo of Rhode Island. All of her contact info and 2 sisters' names and info is easily accessible on several Internet social Networking sites. My computer with all of the info on the hard drive is down right now waiting on a replacement part, but you can just google her name and go from there. Kristy is on just about every site that collects social networking data. It's public information. You might have to dig a little because there is at least one and maybe a couple more, but you can restrict the geography to RI and immediate area and piece together info which is applicable. Just 20-30 minutes, and you'll have all of the info you need and then some. Good luck.


  29. Anonymous9:54 AM

    All of her children have had obesity issues except for Track; Bristol was overweight, Willow is still chubby, Piper is getting kind of fat, and that recent photo of little Trig shows him with a large tummy. How can she not see the good in limiting high-calorie soda intake?

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Are you saying that Track takes after Curt Menard Jr?

  30. Anonymous12:07 PM

    The only politicians that we all know with too much time on their hands, are the ones that QUIT.

  31. Anonymous12:21 PM

    The Bitch should have given this advice to Bristol. I hear that she is known around Wasilla, as the Big Gulp.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      She's known for other things too.
      Have you seen the statue in front of Wasilla HS?

  32. Anita Winecooler5:59 PM

    Well, in Palin's house, the safest place FOR "Liberty loving Soda drinker!
    The dingbat keeps sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Did Bloomberg build a sports arena on land not owned by the city?

    When will she testify on the benefits of healthy drinks, you know, "Got Milk?"

    Tweet that when it happens ,Wendingbat!


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