Friday, April 19, 2013

High school student takes stand against "slut shaming" school assembly.

Student body Vice President Katelyn Campbell
Courtesy of Think Progress:

A West Virginia high school student is filing an injunction against her principal, who she claims is threatening to punish her for speaking out against a factually inaccurate abstinence assembly at her school. Katelyn Campbell, who is the student body vice president at George Washington High School, alleges her principal threatened to call the college where she’s been accepted to report that she has “bad character.” 

George Washington High School recently hosted a conservative speaker, Pam Stenzel, who travels around the country to advocate an abstinence-only approach to teen sexuality. Stenzel has a long history of using inflammatory rhetoric to convince young people that they will face dire consequences for becoming sexually active. At GW’s assembly, Stenzel allegedly told students that “if you take birth control, your mother probably hates you” and “I could look at any one of you in the eyes right now and tell if you’re going to be promiscuous.” She also asserted that condoms aren’t safe, and every instance of sexual contact will lead to a sexually transmitted infection. 

Campbell refused to attend the assembly, which was funded by a conservative religious organization called “Believe in West Virginia” and advertised with fliers that proclaimed “God’s plan for sexual purity.” Instead, she filed a complaint with the ACLU and began to speak out about her objections to this type of school-sponsored event. Campbell called Stenzel’s presentation “slut shaming” and said that it made many students uncomfortable.

Did that lady actually say "if you take birth control your mother hates you?" What a fucking bitch!

And here is some more information on that fucking bitch.

Pam Stenzel, abstinence only instructor and slut shamer.
 Here is a list of some of her "accomplishments:"

  • Degree in Psychology from Liberty University  (I can ONLY imagine what kind of BS psychological degree you get from Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.)
  • Served as member, National Abstinence Clearinghouse Advisory Board 
  • Served as Director of the Alpha Women’s Center, a crisis pregnancy center in Prior lake, MN 
  • Developed numerous abstinence education products. "Sex Has a Price Tag- the Original" video is distributed worldwide and has been translated in 11 different languages. 
  • Received the Charleston International Film Festival Gold Award in 1997 for her video "Sex Has a Price Tag- the Original" 
  • Pam participated in President Bush’s Faith-Based and Community Initiatives meeting held at The White House, May 2001 (Worked with George W. Bush on his faight based initiatives? Well that is just about all we need to know about this lunatic don't you agree?)

Look if abstinence only education worked I would not be sitting here typing this post. My mother was a teenager in the fifties, HER mother told her to "just say no," and fifty three years later here I sit.

Abstinence only education should have gone the way of treating mental illness by driving out demons, in the real world it simply does NOT work.

It did not work when my mother was a teenager and it does not work today.

I think this young woman is very brave, and once again I am given hope about the future of our country knowing that we are handing it off to such capable, and intelligent, young people.


  1. Anonymous2:41 AM

    What a brave teenager! I am sure lots of her peers agree with her views. So this woman "graduated" from Liberty U? Big deal, all she had to do was pray - A LOT! One man who worked at W's WH said they entire staff there would make fun of the "Faith Based Initiative" people. It was just to fool the religious people. I will add that the preacher who was hiring gay prostitutes and doing drugs with them, Ted (I forgot his last name) was also someone that W supposedly spoke to every day!! So, the group was full of phonies. Look at this woman, the kids are probably afraid she would beat them to a pulp if they disagree with anything she says.

  2. angela3:32 AM

    What kind of asshole would try to destroy one of his student's future acedemic career over idiocy like this? Forget the future---I weep because these stupid adults are currently going around feeding crap to our young people. Abstinence education? Bullshit, fantasy and dangerous insanity.

    1. Leland5:02 AM

      The kind of asshole who knows they have screwed up and wants to try to plug the leak before the dam burst and they lose their job. Aka: IDIOT!

  3. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Geez, there's plenty of time for abstinence after ya get married.

    1. Anonymous5:41 AM


    2. Anonymous9:33 AM

      I don't see why sex ed really even needs to be in depth. "Sex is great, y'all, but there is a potential for consequences. if you insist on having sex, then dear god be safe about it." Although, given the crappy abstinence brainwash training as a teen, i still can't help but be shocked at the amount of people some can sleep with while raw-doggin' it and still not get pregnant or an STD. I actually know a man who slept with a woman who was HIV+ without a condom. And he's still clean.

  4. Anonymous4:35 AM

    So nice to see young people standing up for what is right. Restores my faith in the future of this country.

  5. Anonymous5:04 AM

    People like Pam Stenzel, Stacey Campfield, Christine O'Donnell, Bristol Palin and Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli are terribly repressed, hard-up or born-again to excuse their hang-ups. It's indefensible that they believe they can be morally superior to human sexuality unless it is against human trafficking.

    In other words, fuck them.

  6. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Why don't the Palin children go to Liberty U? They are guaranteed a place AND free tuition (or SarahPAC subsidized.)

    They can get the unaccredited degree that is as useful as their Mama Grizzly's.

    Oh that's right, they don't like being 'shackled,' by societies 'mandations,' to become elite European backpackers and whatnot. All they need is God on their side and to live life vibrantly with Caribou comfort foods and Big Gulps.

  7. Leland5:20 AM

    People like these (the principal and that fat one!) have no memory.

    They have no memory of what it was like when THEY were growing through the massive hormonal changes and the fears they had while trying to get through it with absolutely NO help or understanding from authority figures, with the possible exception of their parents, most of whom were probably too nervous and/or embarrassed to have a serious discussion with their kid(s). (I am NOT advocating taking this question out of the hands of parents, but parents could use help!)

    These "people" probably had the added burden of getting this same kind of crap from their religious leaders and those of the same ilk.

    These ignorant fools REFUSE to accept that Man is an ANIMAL and therefore have urges that CANNOT be simply stopped. We can TRY to control them, but only if we have accurate information. And it is obvious to me that lots of kids are NOT getting that information.

    The girl doing the complaining? Probably. She seems to have enough intelligence and knowledge to recognize what was being done was a.) WRONG and, b.) ignorant. Not to mention BALLS to take on the principal!

    But this only proves that PROPER and ACCURATE education WORKS! I believe Gryphen - many months ago - pointed out that the highest unwanted pregnancy levels are in states that teach abstinence only programs. That fact alone should tell these fools they are wrong!

    I really hope this principal loses a job - PERMANENTLY! And we need to keep ignorant asses like the FAT ONE as far away from our public school systems as possible!!!!!

    Mars would be nice except they would try to screw THAT place up, too.

    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      The fact that the facts show highest unwanted pregnancy levels in states that teach abstinence won't sink in. These people don't adhere to FACTS they adhere to faith like the knuckle draggers they are. And they go around and create universities and advisory boards to make themselves feel like they are superior and holier than thou.

      What really burns my ass is that these people get RICH doing this shit!! I barely scrape by, maybe I should find Jesus so I can at least have a permanent roof over my head and food for my kid. And start going around spouting complet bullshit for millions of dollars. Ugh nooo thanks. Why can't I make millions off being a progressive liberal and go to schools and talk about evolution and birth control????

  8. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Read this woman's philosophy on sex and it is unreal. She is seriously mentally ill. One of her pronouncements is sex kills the fallopian tubes and you die, seriously.The principal who invited this fruitcake to speak should be fired.Did you see the tweet from Wellesly after this, welcoming Ms Campbell in the Fall. Good for them!!

    1. Anonymous8:38 AM

      She's going to Wellesley?? Good for her!!

    2. Anonymous9:29 AM

      ... OMG, seriously? LOL! You'd think that'd make them happy: a slow but sure way for the promiscuous to never procreate.

  9. Unbelievable! They invited this woman to speak at a public school? Preach morality from the pulpit, not the classroom.

    1. Leland11:41 AM

      If she WERE preaching morality, it SHOULD come from a pulpit. But she isn't preaching anything - from what I can tell from Gryphen's article - except lies and distortions and threats. And that doesn't belong anywhere!

  10. Anonymous9:28 AM

    Ugh. I think that's the same lady my parents made me and my sister watch back in high school (we saw her speak to a school, but it was on a video). Even though I was completely oblivious to sex, the video was confusing and gross. Luckily I don't remember anything she said, but i DO remember the look plastered on my face the whole time.

  11. Anita Winecooler11:29 AM

    Isn't a degree in Psychology from Liberty University an oxymoron?

  12. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Ohio's budget bill included an addition to prohibit the teaching of 'gateway sexual activity,' by any individual or organization. In reading the wording, it sounds like this would even include friends' parents and orgs like the Girl Scouts. If a parent finds out their child has been taught what is basically anything other than abstinence-only, the parent can sue the individual

  13. Anonymous2:59 PM

    It's probably been said in the comments I haven't yet read, but the fat chick that preaches abstinence? Well, she's in no danger of having anyone want to engage in sexual activity with her! Ughh, really, even her husband probably doesn't want to hit that.

    She should just tell girls to get fat, wear unflattering clothing and let your hair go to shit. That way you never have to worry about being laid, thus you will never become pregnant, thus you will die fat, with bad clothing and hair AND alone....



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