Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I thought I would commemorate this day with an example from my all time favorite comic strip of all time.

I ma kind of a comic strip nerd and have lots of collections on my bookshelf. But my all time favorite is Calvin and Hobbes.

If any other strip came as close to explaining how I saw the world as a child I have yet to find it. And Calvin's relationship with his mother is a great example of how it seems to mirror my experiences growing up.


  1. WakeUpAmerica6:05 AM

    I totally see you as Calvin. In fact, I just assumed the strip was modeled after you. No? My favorite ones are the snowmen/women series. Awesome!

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      My fave is still "Swift Kick In The Butt $1" stand. Righteous!

  2. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms at IM! Even if you aren't a Mom yourself, your Mom is special and you will forever be her child. So think of her today, and if you're fortunate to still have the opportunity, give her a call or go see her and tell her that you love her. And thank her for all she's done for you all these years.

  3. I have that same absurd sense of humor.

    Not Mother's Day, but a good representation.

  4. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Happy Mother's Day Gryphen!

    Check out what Fox News is up to. Interviewing a motherf*cker on Mother's day. Stop back in a few weeks when Fox interviews rapists and pimps for Father's Day.

    “You are now engaged to the women with whom you had the affair, Maria Belen Chapur,” Wallace noted. “What did your four boys think of that and have they accepted her?”

    The Fox News host then fell out of his chair when Sanford replied " My oldest son told me Dad, I know what you were thinking. I'd totally HIT THAT CH*T!" Sanford continued: "And then he asked me if I remembered when I had to run out for that zen session and Maria was just hanging out in that short dress, the one that showed she wasn't wearing any pa... And that's when I reminded him that Boys will be Boys, and I remembered what I was like at his age."

    1. What’ll Sanford think if she starts “educating” his boys?

      Where are we and why are we in this hand basket?

    2. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Hi Darlene. I am honored to have you comment on my comment.

  5. Anonymous9:18 AM

    As a young teen, when I'd see Little Lulu comics from an earlier time, I remember thinking that the author (John Stanley) had a true feel for what it was like being an eight year old kid.

    It was pleasing to find out, once the internet came along, that I was hardly alone in this thought--millions of others felt the same way.

    For those too young to have even heard of Little Lulu, you can Google and find a website that reproduces full comics from the late 50's...its a real trip.

  6. Janice10:11 AM

    Happy Mother's Day to all today. Looking at Sarah's FB page today, she forgot to mention her mom at all. Bristol and Willow forgot to mention their mom too. I guess Sarah is too obsessed with Obama, mom's do not matter today.....

  7. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Give it time. It is Sunday and all. Most certainly she is still thumping her bible this morning. Or could it be.....A late Saturday night hitting the Vodka bottle and xanax? Either way she'll rear that ugly head soon enough.

  8. Anita Winecooler6:58 PM

    Happy Mother's Day, IM'ers!

    I've always loved "Calvin and Hobbs", and you picked a winner for this post!


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