Monday, May 20, 2013

Well it looks like at least ONE Teabagger Queen has attracted FBI scrutiny.

"I'm sorry, I'm being investigated by who?"
Courtesy of MinnPost:  

The FBI is investigating complaints of alleged campaign finance violations in Rep. Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign. 

The FBI joins the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Federal Elections Commission and an Iowa state Senate ethics committee in probing whether Bachmann's presidential campaign paid an Iowa state senator from her MichelePAC, a fund that should not have been used for campaign expenses, and whether the state senator stole the email list of an Iowa home-school group from another Bachmann staffer, Barbara Hekki, prior to the Iowa caucuses in January, 2012. 

Andy Parrish, former Bachmann chief of staff and one of the directors of Bachmann's Iowa GOP presidential campaign, will be interviewed by the FBI, according to his attorney, John Gilmore. 

"I can confirm that Andy Parrish has been contacted by the FBI for a scheduled interview next week," Gilmore said. "He will cooperate fully." 

Okay perhaps this is NOT the Teabagger Queen that MOST of us would like to see the FBI going after, but it is still a good thing that they have started to take some of these finance violations seriously and are looking at how money is spent from these PAC's.

Now you watch, if they continue forward the Right Wing will start bitching that now "Obama's FBI' has joined "Obama's IRS" in targeting the Tea Party.

Personally I think it is pretty damn clear that ALL of our criminal and regulatory agencies should be taking a long hard look at these PAC's, Right Wing politicians, and Teabagger groups.

I bet they would find tons of criminal activities if they did.

And I know JUST where they should start.


  1. If they want to redeem themselves for targeting Teabaggers and Patriots, this is the way to do it. She’s high-profile, almost certainly dirty, and she can’t scream “You’re picking on Trig!”

  2. Anonymous4:54 AM

    What about SarahPac? Way past the time to haul their butts in to question them.

  3. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Does anyone have time to compare the percent of SarahPAC money used for "postage" against other PAC's and what percentage they claim?

    I believe "postage" for SarahPAC is just a slush fund to pay family members. Maybe even used to buy silence from Levi and others.

    1. Anonymous6:29 AM

      If Palin was really spending that much on postage the USPS would be generating a surplus of revenue.

  4. Anonymous5:05 AM

    Postage and consultants' fees charged to SarahPAC are already being looked into...not to mention all those columns of numbers that didn't quite add up the way they are supposed to.

    1. Anonymous6:43 AM

      Yes, Palin's postage and consulting fees look like blatant money laundering.

      THAT is a felony and might, we can only hope, send her directly to jail.

      I hope the Feds have not been scared off from prosecuting real fraud, which we, and any disinterested onlooker, see as out and out theft.
      Sarah's breaking the law every single day.
      We can talk about her clothes, her hair, her shoes, he narcissism -- but what really will send her to the slammer or paying huge fines to the FEC -- will be her disregard for the law.

      Oh, and then, there will be IRS scrutiny of her tax returns.

      This isn't targeting by the IRS. I truly believe (from personal experience reporting on them for years) that they are as apolitical as possible. But Sarah's flouting of the law is so egregious, they'll get to her one of these days.

    2. Anonymous12:38 PM

      Compared to others her PAC is so small that it hardly bears looking into. There are bigger fish to fry and with her dwindling PAC income I'm sure that the FEC would be investigating the big boys way before her.

  5. Anonymous5:07 AM

    The huge diversionary stink they've made about the IRS ( and the media hasn't investigated thoroughly about these 501(c) 4 outfits and how they can be abused) -- the whole mess now is to try to make the tea party
    and conservatives look like victims, so that when they're being legitimately investigated, they can cry "witch hunt" and try to shut down all scrutiny on their doings.
    I think that was one sentence.
    They wouldn't make so much of a stink (their love of the Constitution aside) if they didn't know there was much worse they need to hide.

    1. Leland7:53 AM

      Let her scream witch hunt all she wants - and Sarah, too, for that matter. When you have that many groups going after your ass, SOMEBODY'S let the cat out of the bag!

      Couldn't happen to a "nicer" bitch - except maybe Sarah.

    2. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Bummer for them then. It has already been noted that more of the organizations under scrutiny were of liberal or progressive persuasion and not tea bagger or conservative. It is also known that the only organization not allowed the tax breaks was a progressive one.
      This is fizzling away just like Bengazi.

  6. Anonymous5:37 AM

    It's a good thing she's a psycho dummy because I don't know a how middle-aged female politician can wear fake eyelashes and still expect to be taken seriously.

    And before they start: I don't give a crap about how many IMers wear fake lashes and fake boobs and have facelifts. If you're going to be a political Barbie doll you'd better have brains enough to make up for it.

  7. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Sarah's next. Get ready for it.

  8. Anonymous6:50 AM


    Big deal

    Sarah Palin is speaking at at high school in a town that has 27 graduating seniors and a stoplight.

  9. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Sorry ma. I posted the Morehouse comment on the wrong site. I should of completed high school instead of you buying me A GED.

    Ya get what you paid for.

  10. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Poll Shows Bachmann Trailing In Re-Election Bid

    Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) could be in for an extremely tight re-election contest next year if a poll released Monday is any indication.

    The latest survey from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling showed Democratic hotel magnate Jim Graves edging Bachmann among voters in Minnesota' Sixth Congressional District 47 percent to 45 percent. Graves announced recently that he will challenge Bachmann once again next year after falling to the tea party champion in a close race last year.

    Facing a campaign finance investigation, Bachmann has been pegged as one of the leading Democratic targets in 2014. The poll, which was reported on by Politico, was conducted May 15 using automated phone interviews with 500 voters. It has a margin of error of 4.4 percentage points.

  11. Well I hope someone thinks to have a peek into the closet, because I haven't seen Marcus Buchanan in some time now.

    1. Anonymous12:39 PM

      Hey, he's finally free to marry the man of his dreams! I doubt he'll be stickin' around.

  12. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Really they should be looking at ALL the PACs and 504s and everyone involved in politics. People forget how transparent Obama's admin is (comparatively) to other admins of the past. I hope they get them ALL on the stand.

  13. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Shell is the best
    You have made Obama's enemy list

    1. You are stupid and ignorant and un-American to say such a thing.

    2. Anonymous11:18 AM

      806 is an inbred weirdo.
      Shell? wtf?
      Obabma's enemy list? double wtf?
      MicheLe Batshit Bachmann isn't even a gnat in Obama's tent. I doubt He even knows she exists.

    3. Anonymous12:07 PM

      8:06 AM Michelle is the best at scamming Government Farm Subsidies, and Medicare Payments for her Husband's 'PRAY AWAY THE GAY' Clinics. Obviously he did not Pray Away His Gayness.

    4. Anonymous12:10 PM

      All of the Palin/Heath Tax records should be Audited. That Sarapac Postage is nothing but a Scam. Todd's Prostitution Ring Income should be classified as Tax Evasion.

  14. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Isn't the Moral Majority investigating some strange acts with corn dogs in public at some fair? Michelle Batchit and her beard?

  15. Big deal. She'll get a fine and a slap on the wrist. Her dumbass constituents will still re-elect her.

    Just look at Darrell Issa.

  16. Anonymous9:31 AM

    This woman and Sarah Palin should both be investigated - put on trial and go to jail! They are both pretty evil women!

  17. I disagree Gryphen, this IS the Tea Bagger Queen I enjoy seeing the FBI go after. Unlike our Grifter Quitter, Bachmann is a US Senator, and as such wields considerable power and influence. She poses a MUCH more immediate and serious threat than does Palin.

    1. Anonymous12:02 PM

      When did Bachmann become a Senator?

  18. Anonymous11:30 AM

    We the Corporations: 51 legislative candidates failed to report $145,875 in contributions from PACs and corporations

  19. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Fifty-one legislative candidates last year failed to report a total of $145,875 in contributions from political action committees and corporations, according to a state watchdog agency's check of campaign finance filings.

    Among them were two top House leaders. One, Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, sponsored a bill this year that critics charged would weaken current law by exempting corporations from having to report contributions.

    Another was one of the fiercest opponents of Casada's bill, Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner. The bill failed on the House floor by two votes.

    The Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance cross-indexes contribution reports from corporations and PACs with those of candidates to check for mistakes. Last year, they found 181 reported contributions not listed on candidates' reports.

    Bureau records show Casada, of Thompson Station, didn't include two PAC contributions of $1,000 each.

    Turner, of Nashville, didn't report 18 contributions totaling $19,875. Turner's was the highest figure found by the bureau.

    Both lawmakers were taken aback when informed of the omissions last week and said they didn't recall being notified of problems by state officials. Neither is backing off his stance on the bill.

    Casada said he intends to bring his bill back next year. While it exempts corporations from having to report, PACs still would have to file.

    Turner, who said he was "shocked" by the 18 omissions on his disclosures, said he will again oppose exempting corporations.

    Of the 181 contributions not reported by candidates, 15, totaling about $9,100, were from corporations.

    Among others with omissions was Gov. Bill Haslam, whose campaign omitted a $1,000 PAC contribution on a disclosure. An amended filing on the Registry of Election Finance's website shows that was later corrected.

    Thirty-seven sitting lawmakers omitted contributions, according to the state. Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Bill Ketron, of Murfreesboro, left off seven contributions totaling $6,100.

    House Government Operations Committee Chairman Judd Matheny, R-Tullahoma, a former House speaker pro tempore, omitted seven contributions totaling $2,850. Rep. Joe Carr, R-Lascassas, a congressional candidate, omitted five contributions totaling $2,650.

    Rep. JoAnne Favors, D-Chattanooga, left off two PAC contributions of $250 each. Former Rep. Tommie Brown, D-Chattanooga, omitted two PAC and one corporate contribution totaling $1,750.

    Drew Rawlins, executive director of the Bureau of Ethics and Campaign Finance, said the 181 omitted contributions amount to 2.5 percent of all contributions PACs or corporations reported.

    "When you consider that 97.5 percent were reported accurately, that's an excellent figure," Rawlins said. He said problems stem from things like losing deposit slips, forgetting to include a contributor's name and checks never sent or deposited.

    "I don't know if we've ever seen a case of intentional nonreporting," Rawlins said.

    Candidates who have one or two unlisted contributions totaling $2,000 or less may simply correct their reports.

    For larger totals, members of the Registry of Election Finance decide whether the omissions merit further action. That can include civil fines of as much as $10,000. Rawlins said nearly everyone corrects problems.

    The agency is still sorting through 2012 reports, he said, with notices still going out.

    ..."Treating corporations like individuals is a problem," he said. "I think the cross-checking helps you find mistakes ... and that makes it harder to do something illegal."

  20. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Can we say DESPERATE?

    Video: Michele Bachmann already airing TV ads 17 months before the election to defend her seat

    Even though the election is 17 months away, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is airing about $85,000 in TV ads in the Twin Cities area in order to defend her seat. In the ad, Bachmann touts as an achievement her attempts to repeal Obamacare.

    Politicians typically do not begin running commercials until the year of the election...

  21. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Hey, Sarah, you'd better call your Attorney Van Flea
    to get ready for your AUDITS. BWAHAHAHAHA, Grifting and Pimping only last for so long. You will be getting your Justice soon.

  22. Anonymous12:58 PM

    "Tawwwd, they are coming for us".

  23. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Careful Palin. The FBI is working their way down the ladder lol!

  24. Anonymous1:37 PM

    This one is dedicated to Michele, one L...
    Enjoy this short trip down memory lane, all,
    with apologies to Sir Paul...

    It's a start, eh?

  25. Anita Winecooler6:41 PM

    American History according to Sarah and Michele

    The FBI?!?!?! Cool, I wonder who's next?

    O.T. The world lost a fantastic songwriter.
    Zach Sobiech, 18, passed away today.

    Rest In Peace, Zach

    1. Anonymous2:12 PM

      RIP Zach


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