Saturday, May 11, 2013

With virtually no advertisers left Rush Limbaugh is now surviving on "Wingnut Welfare."

'Hey I'll insult liberals and women for cash. Do you have any cash? How about change? Do you have any change?"
Courtesy of Media Matters:  

As numerous members of the conservative movement flee from the Heritage Foundation's flawed immigration study, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh has maintained a stalwart defense of the organization. 

Not a surprise considering Rush Limbaugh's syndicator, Premiere Radio Networks, is the single largest independent contractor to the Heritage Foundation according to their latest 990 filing with the IRS, receiving $2,236,555 from the think tank. 

With advertisers fleeing his show, and as a result radio companies suffering major losses, the fiscal sponsorship of the conservative movement is now fiscally critical. A "very high ranking" official at Cumulus, the owner of Rush and Sean Hannity's flagship station WABC, told Radio Ink, "Forty-eight of the top 50 network advertisers have 'excluded Rush and Hannity' orders. Every major national ad agency has the same dictate." 

Without wingnut welfare, which has also included sponsorships from FreedomWorks, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity's shows would not be financially viable.

I'm sorry, perhaps this is a little evil of me, but the idea that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, two individuals who attack people who need help from the government every chance they get, are now reduced to nothing more than the Right Wing windbag version of welfare queens, is VERY gratifying to me.

I believe the term for this is Schadenfreude.

And it has rarely tasted so sweet.


  1. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I feel the power of that roll of toilet paper I sent to the Missouri Statehouse to stop them from dedicating his bust.
    I feel the power of the positive words I used when I rebutted his listeners, who spouted his negativity, and needed a hug from a real person. without Rush and Sean....its good...

  2. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Some day Rush is going to feel the sharp pain of Karma biting him where it hurts most.

    The thousands of lies he's told, and the vicious insults he's propagated will come back to haunt his dreams.

    His wealth and myopic bubble of ultra right lunacy protects him now, but poverty, ill health or other catastrophes can overtake any of us in just a few hours.

  3. Anonymous6:10 AM

    I look forward to the day when Rush Limbaugh's audience will be small enough to drown it in a bathtub.

  4. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Any truth to rumor that Todd and Rush are gay lovers?

    1. Anonymous7:16 AM


    2. Anonymous9:05 AM

      2-tone and tone deaf. A match made in hell

  5. Bad News For Limbaugh: He May Be Breaking Federal Law By Accepting Money From Right-Wing Groups

    Read more:
    Couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow.

  6. Anonymous6:57 AM

    Maybe they think that NPR should pick them up.

  7. Randall7:32 AM

    When I look at that photograph of Rush, the word balloon I imagine says:

    "Where my puddin' at?
    I was promised PUDDIN'!!!"

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      right on!
      i was wondering who would be seen talking to him, he's!

  8. Anonymous7:50 AM

    RushOxyButt isn't looking too good these days, is he? If that slit-eyed, porky, pedophile drug-addict keeled over tomorrow I would buy some expensive champagne to celebrate. Then I'll look forward to his wive's (beards)tell-all books that expose the phony rat-bastard for what he truly is!

  9. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Hey Limbaugh! You look like shit. That Oxy Viagra speed-ball diet has fucked you up big time. You may have to take a R&R back to the D. R. for some re-hab.
    (filthy pedo-scum that you are)

  10. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Talker's Magazine is the ultimate guide to talk radio.
    They updated their audience numbers for talk radio a few weeks ago,
    using Arbitron and other inside data
    They estimate Limbaugh has an audience
    of 14 million ,
    which is a 30% drop from Limbaugh's widely touted and
    never documented claim that he had an audience of 20 million.
    Limbaugh is old , his listeners skew to the
    least desirable demographic for advertisers ( over 65 )
    and his schtick is the same today
    as it was 25 years ago.
    His best days are over and his vitriol, homophobia, racism , misogyny and perverted delight in animal abuse have hopefully,
    caught up with him.
    Limbaugh has tainted talk radio, his sponsors ,
    the Republican Party , the conservative movement and anyone associated with him , like the Heritage Foundation-one of his primary patrons .
    He has tainted political discussion and history will show the genesis of the mean spirit and hatred -on both sides now-
    originated with him and was metastasized by him.
    Limbaugh is toxic in so many ways ,
    I cannot believe that any syndicator is foolish enough to subsidize him,
    because it's only a matter of time before he has another
    disastrous Fluke type explosion on air.
    Once upon a time, I was a faithful listener and then I became sickened by his hatred and his juvenile approach to all issues.
    I am now repulsed by the guy.
    And his sponsors.

  11. Anonymous9:04 AM

    A lot of chins in that room yet I don't see any Asians.

  12. Anonymous10:53 AM

    This is one guy who has a large fan club waiting for him at the PMITAFP.

    Brothers of all colors, black, brown and red.

    Hope his ticket to PMITAFP gets punched soon.

    Dd his fistula heal yet?

  13. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Rush's fortunes are down so much recently he may have to start thinking about getting rid of his pride and joy, his Gulfstream V jet. Has anyone recently seen the model of his jet that sites right behind him on his desk? And what will he has left if his 4th wife decides to leave him, if she hasn't already. I guess he can always go back and start abusing Oxy again and start recalling the good ol days when he had tons of listeners and people who actually believed what he said.


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