Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little food for thought this early Sunday morning.

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Here is a video of Harris saying what is quoted above, and more.


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    sam harris has a way of showing how absurd religion can be in the face of rational thinking.

    1. fromthediagonal1:29 PM

      ... and he does it well...

  2. Another good one....I truly appreciate you as my source of sanity against the overboard wackos who send me too many posts about Jebus, and even relatives who "hope they will see me on the other side"...after they level every curse word they can remember at me for telling them that a 6 week fetus could no more live independently than a severed finger....

    1. fromthediagonal1:30 PM

      ... Martha, you have my empathy... not much else one can say about those who have abandoned Reason!

  3. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I don't have any problem with what Sam Harris said, but I think the counterargument is just as clear and simple: any system that has a basis of free-will and faith would necessarily be identical in all empirical ways to an atheistic universe. Given that, the only way there would be any revelation would be through personal epiphany. In this world view, someone else's epiphany shouldn't be measured against your own life experience.

  4. Anonymous8:08 PM

    Missing the point entirely.

    The entire issue is not what religion does for someone. It's whether God exists or doesn't. Period.

    Fact of the matter remains that it can't be proven either way. However, there is a truth: either S/He/It does, or S/He/It doesn't.

    My talking until I'm blue in the face about how He does exist doesn't make it true.

    Conversely, your talking until you're blue in the face about He doesn't doesn't make that true.

    In other words, if He does exist, He exists despite anything you say. It's an independent truth. Just because - to you - it's unverifiable doesn't automatically make it not true. It just means you don't have sufficient proof. But it could still very well be true. There might be a God.

    The opposing conclusion: just because I firmly believe He does exist and that there's enough evidence for that doesn't mean He actually does. I could be completely wrong. There might be no God.

    Any other argument about this is just window dressing.

  5. "Don't believe everything you think." ~ Thomas Kida


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