Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Glenn Beck offers you the opportunity to see a person have a psychotic break on camera.

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch:  

Every once in a while, Glenn Beck goes so far off the deep end that any attempt to coherently explain what he is talking about is rendered futile, so all we can do is post a clip and let it speak for itself. 

It happened again last night, as Beck's current theory is all about how the plan to have the IRS target Tea Party groups emanated directly from the White House and was entirely rooted in the work of Cass Sunstein, of course. 

This culminated in this segment from last night's program during which Beck imagined just what the conversation laying out this plan must have looked like ... by talking to himself while wearing a wig and a mustache and sounding eerily like Tim the Bear.

You know when I was younger I used to wonder if crazy people realized they were crazy.

The answer to that question is "No," and the proof of it is in this segment.

I have worked with a number of truly disturbed individuals and I have to say that even the MOST deranged knew better than to act out the voices in their heads for other people to see. Apparently Beck did not get that memo.


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM


  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Might be a sad thing if it wasn't so scary. Scary being that there are people that actually listen to him and believe what he vomits.

    I am disgusted with the conservatives in this country. And I think if they stepped back from the foaming, vitriolic pother that they have worked themselves into, they'd agree.

  3. fromthediagonal5:47 PM

    I have never been much of a TV watcher, but for some reason "Benny Hill" comes to mind. Whaddaya think?

    1. Anonymous7:59 PM

      Benny Hill minus the humor and girls.

  4. BabyRaptor6:27 PM

    No, no...You guys are missing Beck's motivation.

    He saw how talking to an empty chair sky rocketed Ted Neugent's popularity and status with the party, and he decided to try and steal the routine. You know, what with advertisers dropping him like flies, Fox backing off from him and some of the Goopers suddenly deciding that maybe he's not exactly the thing the party needs while they're trying to fake fixing their image.

    1. Anonymous11:31 PM

      I watched it with the sound turned off. I think you are right. Beck is also stealing the mannerisms & arrogance of Limbaugh - and shows the desperation of being dropped !

  5. Anonymous6:30 PM

    No words.

  6. Anonymous6:35 PM


  7. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Beck just let out he's a Cleveland fan!! You are spot on.. sounds just like Tim the Bear!! That clip is so funny it is scary that he is dead serious.

  8. angela7:05 PM

    Uuuummm. Doesn't his family love him enough to do something about this?

  9. Anonymous8:34 PM

    This is not Beck's first flirtation with a wig, nor the first time someone questioned whether he was truly only a 'former' alcoholic.

    I am willing to bet that Beck is both far too lazy to rehearse or prepare for any show or give it any serious advance thought; and that he is also too egotistical to listen to any input from his studio crew or producers (who probably clapped their hands over their ears and eyes as this was airing). I do not know whether or not he is currently a substance abuser, but he speaks and acts like a person who is seriously chemically compromised.

  10. Anita Winecooler8:45 PM

    Who forgot to flush?

  11. Not only has he gotten fat, but it's clinical BBQ poisoning that's cleared out his brain housing group and it's spilled all over the floor.

  12. Anonymous9:49 PM

    Glenn Beck showing a person having a psychotic break down? You've got to be kidding me. That's what HE has made his living off for years. Too funny.

  13. WakeUpAmerica12:32 AM

    I love that the mustached Beck-rhoid has a pink collar from the front and black from the back. What a doof. Boy, is he a candidate for a 51/50.

  14. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Tried to watch....but....even the sound of his voice evokes such loathing I had to take a break to fight off the nausea....

  15. Chenagrrl5:21 AM

    Word to the Beckster and his friend with the bad wig: Without Obama care there are death panels. They are the phone banks of UnitedHealthCare, Cigna, Humana, who hire people to read scripts that ask: "Is this medically necessary?"

    Try reasoning with one of these knuckleheads when you need the next step in chemo that hadn't been expected? As you fight with them, your situation goes backward. (True story. My neighbor is now dead)

    Try losing your breast in a mastectomy and having to argue for a prosthesis and bra with a ninny in Utah who chastises you for trying to put your lingerie on your heath insurance. (True story. This woman is saving Big Insurance all the aggravation by getting a breast reconstruction.)

    Oh yes, Glenn and Sister Sarry, there are death panels for those of us without profile names and no juice!

  16. You know those crazy relatives with their whacked-out right wing theories that you try to avoid at family get-togethers? Well, they know all have gigs as conservative pundits.


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