Sunday, June 02, 2013

Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele's Epic Church-State Breakup! Brilliant!

Okay that was very imaginative, and did a great job of demonstrating why church and state should be separate.

Of course I pretty much love everything that Jane Lynch does these days.


  1. Hiking to an old gold mine with a resident geologist last weekend, we ran into white crosses. Some local man buries his pets out there, and the mining geologists leave the crosses alone.

    That led me to ask my daughter and her husband if their cat is Christian or something else. They didn’t know. He gives no indication. 

  2. Sharon7:09 AM

    Simply fabulous.....I agree, Jane Lynch is awesome. This idea is the root of so much evil in government..I wish it was more main stream.

  3. Anita Winecooler7:03 PM

    Very Well Done! Love the play on "Citizens United", and the subtle dig at Sarah's Cross and Flag Belt blings.


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