Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mercede Johnston unfiltered.

Borrowed with permission from Sadie's Facebook page.
Okay so the other day I wrote this post where I retrieved some of Sadie's comments from an earlier post and put them up for everybody to see.

Well last night Sadie got the chance to see the responses to that post and has a little more to add. Including a smackdown for a certain troll.

Here is how she starts out:

I did not get to read all the comments on the last post and I am just beginning to read comments on this post. I will answer as many questions as I can. 

Why hasn't Levi taken Bristol to court yet? There has been many times court has been mentioned/pursued and then Bristol changes her tune, plays nice, and allows Levi to see his son. While promising that they don't 'need' to go to court. 

The other reason, like Anonymous10:49 AM said, MONEY. My brother is a young man trying to support his family and he doesn't have millions of dollars like the Palins do. If we did have unlimited resource's like they do, we would have had this settled four years ago. 

I have read comments from this blog and other blogs/outlets coming from wonderful people who have offered to help Levi with his legal fees/fight for Tripp. However, when I proposed the idea of setting up an account for my Brother to receive help from all you generous people, and even offered to set it up for them, Sunny declined. 

Sunny said "no..." and that she was "going to do it"..

It has been a very long time since that conversation and she has yet to do anything other than post pictures on his "facebook page". 

I have done everything I can do to help and get my Nephew back to his other home, but there is only so much I can do...unfortunately. I wish my Brother would have allowed me to set that up for the benefit of him as a father, and most importantly, for the benefit of Tripp. 

Tripp needs his father in his life and he needs us in his life as well.. but unfortunately his wife got in the way of that opportunity. 

I still want to thank each and every one of you who has supported us and graciously offered to help my Brother, Tripp, and ultimately my whole family. 

 I don't understand why she doesn't want me to set an account up to help her husband, herself, her daughter, and Tripp...And if I ever get the chance/Sunny's permission to set an account up, I will in a heart beat. 

Sadie's next response was directly to a troll. As you know I tend to ignore the trolls and encourage others to do likewise, but this is Sadie's idea so here you go. 

I will post the trollish comment first.

Whatever. I want her to "weigh in" on rudfles, Truggybear, cutest baby brother ever. Sarah as mon in law. You know, all the things i believe the Johnstons have not "weighed in" on truthfully. 

What was so dambing on their comouters that needed to go down the memory hole so quickly? Forgive typos- on small phone. 

When others tried to explain things, this was the response:

Exactly. Her brother lied. 

Must have been for good reason. 

Is she going to go against Levis wishes? 

She would lose half her family. 

No. Way. 

Sorry, sadie. So much more to say. 

Finally Sadie had had enough.

Oh, how cute, you're going to be "anonymous" on here but you can message me and my friends randomly from a fake Facebook profile under the name of "Kia M Bridgman". 

Funny, I got the same message as above from you on Facebook. You're a coward and block me and my friends immediately after you constantly message us...You can stop creating multiple fake profiles just to message my family and myself. We get enough messages from loving and supporting people to waste our time to even view your inadequate messages. I can only assume you block us immediately because you know damn well I will correct everything you say. :) You're a crazy, yet inaccurate stalker, and you seriously need to get a life. I don't read your pathetic messages, you aren't worth my time. (I only know what it said because of a friend) 

And just because Tripp may have taken photos of himself before doesn't mean he likes getting his photos taken. You know nothing. Not only can we tell by his body language that he hates being photographed and recorded but he is very articulate and says it himself. He is not shy and makes it clear he does not like being on Camera. 

It's very rare that he will pose for a picture..maybe he'll do it if he is in a very good mood, if it's Christmas, If he just got something exciting,..ect. But he generally just hates it. And who can blame him? His whole life he has basically been on camera. He's a normal child and doesn't want to be on camera, he want's to be a normal kid and go play. 

Tripp even knows when you're trying to sneak a picture or video and he will call you out on it and ask for you to stop. And now that he is old enough and can express that, as much as I love photography and want to take pictures of him, I try my best to respect his desire of not being photographed. I want Tripp to know that his other home is a safe home (not saying Bristol's isn't, I know it is safe) and kid friendly. And he does know that, he's very comfortable here and I think that's what he loves best about being at his other house. 

I know my Nephew and when he is with us he doesn't ever want to leave. He has so much fun and enjoys being with us. 

I seriously wish people could grow up and this whole thing could be settled..for Tripp's best interest. It's a shame that it has to be this way..But I guess that's what you have to do if you want to continue to play the sympathy card by claiming you're a single mom with no help from anyone but your family. 

I've seen real single Mothers who have gone through struggles, who work two/three jobs just to keep food on the table, pay rent, and support their child(children). They're the ones who have NO HELP, no recourse, no fathers who wants to be in their child's life. No extended family who want to be there to help in anyway they can...They're the ones who deserve a helping hand, sympathy, and our praise. 

They don't have brand new custom built houses and brand new decked out vehicle's, get to travel whenever they want, and make thousands of dollar's off of reality TV by exploiting their child. Oh, and then claim they have no other help and that the father isn't around and doesn't want to be around. It's all Bullshit. (excuse my language). 

I agree with this from "Anonymous11:54 AM" "You can see the anger come out of him on numerous occasions. The two idiots that are to be caring for him just laugh and think it is cute. Yeah, real cute to violate someone's core being like that and laugh at him as he tries to express the torture he feels"... (I don't agree with calling them "idiots" but I completely agree with the rest of the comment) As his Aunt, that breaks my heart.

And just to chime in, I also have received numerous e-mails, Facebook comments, and  IM comments from the same person under different identities. And Sunny has as well.

Nobody is fooled by this because the writing is so clearly the same and the level of insanity is essentially impossible to miss. (Yes I am aware we know her name, but I did not want to give her the satisfaction of putting it in this post.)

Last comment:  

This is so ridiculous and pathetic to me. Assuming you guys are adults, and educated ones at that. That makes me assume that you're smart enough to put two and two together. 

You really think Sarah Palin is going to give ME of all people, one of the only people who have ever spoken up against her, Trigg's Birth Certificate? Huh? 

That makes a lot of sense. 

I have nothing to hide, I apologize if you think otherwise. 

And "go against Levi's wishes"? I am my own person and I say whatever I want. I have never held back and I never will. If Levi doesn't like what I have to say, that's his problem. I've always told the truth and I have always stuck up for the truth. I'm not going to bow down to anyone and lie because it's what you want to hear. (I can vouch for this.)

I have already explained all of those things, do your homework. I don't mean to come off as rude or bitchy, but after explaining the same thing over and over, you'd think you guys would finally get it. I would never allow any one to "pay me off" nor would anyone in my family, that is an insult to us. 

And Gryphen does believe me, you know why? Because he knows me, he's looked me dead in the eyes and asked me in every which way a person could, and I told the truth and I have never changed my story. 

And Anonymous10:43 AM, you want us to "forgive typos"? Yet, if I make one, god forbid, and I have, that must mean I have been lying about something if it pertained to any of those subjects? Right? It couldn't possibly mean that I was just a teenager in highschool..right? 

A teenager who happened to call Trigg my "little brother" and gave him a nick name "TiggyBears" on MY MYSPACE account, where my friends, who know me, know I nickname people, and would understand the captions because they simply know me. 

How was I too know that the whole Nation was going to raid my Myspace and judge every single word on it? I'm sure each and every one of you have some things you do differently, I would love for your profiles to go nation wide and have every word criticized while being asked for explanations of everything you type while you're only a teenager. 

Can you think back to what you may have written at that age? 

I think there are a lot of hypocrites here, no offense. 

Absolutely, I was a little naive and thought we were going to be one big happy family. Which is why I adored Trigg so much and tried to bond with Sarah and call her "MommyInLaw" (Levi and Bristol were suppose to get married at that time and if they had, I would have called her my Mother in law too). This is similar to how I call my best friend's son my "Second Nephew". He isn't really my Nephew, by blood, but I love him like my own Nephew. And I call him my Nephew and he calls me "Aunt Sadie". 

Like I said I am not a fan of responding to trolls or so-called "haters,' but since Sadie is a grown up now she can decide for herself if she wants to deign something mean or ignorant with a response.

And so she has.

Be ware that if you are a complete jerk and dimply respond with insults toward Sadie or derogatory remarks, the only person who will read them is you, because I will delete them as fast as they come in.

I should also let you know that Sadie has offered to answer a few new questions, so if you can think of something that you have been wondering about, and which was NOT already addressed here or on Sadie's own blog, feel free to leave them here.

I cannot guarantee a response but we will do our best to get you a reasonable answer to a reasonable question.


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I feel so special, I've been harassed by three of you-know-who's fake identities on Facebook (even if they are her most common ones and every man and his dog who knows Levi or Sunny has been harassed by them...).

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been wondering about Sherry: what her status is, how her health is, what she's doing with her life. I'd like to hear something good about Sherry.

    1. Anonymous3:27 PM

      That was my thought as well: How's Sherry?

  2. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Well maybe your brother Levi can scrape up enough money to get his sone Tripp child sized framed glasses.

    1. Otto Katz4:26 PM

      I think that was just for fun, like when we were little girls putting on our mom's high heels. He is just so adorable in that picture!

    2. Anonymous9:25 PM

      Otto, you do realize that "just for show" lens worn ALL the time can affect a childs vision don't you? Even the plain ones are a prism refracting light, why would Brisket damage her sons eyes like that?

  3. *GinaM grabbing some Orville Redbacher....chilling a bottle of Pepsi in the freezer...opening up the Reese Peanut Cup™ (King size of course) and getting com-fort-able because Krusty...Nancy...Wallow...Beefy and Baldy(after she wakes up from her nap from being up so damn early for that god awful interview with Uma "where'smyneck" Pummfosomething this morning) and of course the Big P(penguin)...opps almost forgot about the child bride snatcher CreepyJr...rolls up in the comments and try to post all kinds of bullshit about Sadie*

    Oh more thing....the Asylum has let Krusty back to posting so I figure this will be one of her comments that she'll be able to get through the Gryphen filter...I'm just gonna post it for her first and maybe she pass this thread on by(Yeah right!)

    "KatieDyd • 5 minutes ago −
    Here's a thought. All the time and energy a hate troll spends bullying over here is time wasted when they could be out volunteering to help people, something that costs NOTHING.

    It's just shameful."

    Okay need to hang around now...move along Krazy! LOL!!!

  4. Sadie if you don't mind I'd like to ask a few questions-why don't you set up your own personal Paypal account and give the money to Levi? And do you and Sunny get along? Good luck to you, Levi, Sunny, Tripp, Breeze, and your mom.

  5. Anonymous2:54 PM

    UGH!!! Been there, done that with Krusty on FB. Don't actually know how she can PM me on there, since my page is set to friends only.
    If anyone knows how to block 'strangers' from pm'ing you on there, PLEASE POST IT HERE!!!

    As someone calling other people part of their family... I have several 'sisters' that are not my blood sisters, and many 'aunts' and 'uncles' who are not my real blood family either. I am close to 60 by now (YIKES!!!), and I still do that. So, what Sadie says can very well be true (I take it for truth).
    A shame that Sunny does not want the account set up. I guess she thinks that if they do that, it would be similar to the Grifters that they want to distance themselves from. Totally understandable, but misguided pride.

    Sunny, if you read here: Please set up an account, or let Sadie set up an account for Levi, so you guys can go to court and get Tripp out of the Grifters' hands. You KNOW how badly he behaves when he first comes over, and you have by now seen how badly he behaves when he is around his mom. Time to put an end to this charade and get him settled into a loving, consistent home like you guys have.

    1. Anonymous4:20 PM

      If it wasn't for four 'courtesy' aunts and uncles I wouldn't have any; both my parents are only children. Without my courtesy aunts and uncles I wouldn't have my love for baseball, roses, country music, Chinese food.... and I'd know nothing about drinking, smoking and gambling LOL

    2. BabyRaptor6:43 PM

      Anon, check your settings. Click on the little lock thingy, and then go down to "Who can contact me?"

      There's an option called "Strict Filtering"...That *should* limit your messages to just the people you have added as friends. This is FB, so we both know it's not perfect.

    3. Anonymous10:01 PM

      I just checked, and my setting is on the 'strict' setting, and still Krusty gets to my inbox...

    4. BabyRaptor3:00 AM

      Ugh. Sorry, then. As far as I know, that's all FB offers in the way of keeping people from messaging you.

    5. Anonymous7:11 AM

      I think then she is paying to get to your inbox. Block her.
      And Krusty is Willow, BTW.

  6. I couldn't quite tell, but is Mercede fighting with Sunny?

    1. Anonymous3:52 PM

      Well, to say the doesn't sound like she is very close to her.

      "Tripp needs his father in his life and he needs us in his life as well..but unfortunately his wife got in the way of that opportunity."

      Not only does she blame Sunny, but distances herself by referring to her as "his wife".

    2. Anonymous4:22 PM

      Is it possible that Bristol still tries to keep Tripp away from Sherry and Mercede when she's in one of her nasty moods?

    3. Anonymous5:04 PM

      does the pope poop in the woods!

  7. Anonymous3:00 PM

    If I'd been hit by the craziness of the 2008 Palin madness at Sadie's age then, I would not have have come through it as well as she has. She is a marvel. And no matter what, I think Tripp can count on Sadie to do everything possible to make his life "normal".

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      A marvel indeed. What a gracious young woman!

  8. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Now that is a natural good looking woman. Bristol, take note of how happy Tripp appears in this photo with her, as opposed to photos seen with you. Kids can filter out the bullshit and stupidity very easily. Did I mention that Mercede is fine (hot damn)? Eat your heart out Bristol, no matter how much you knife yourself up, you will never look that GOOD.

  9. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Sadie is such a natural beauty! Cute pic of Tripp too!

  10. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I see Sunny's point in that they would look like grifters. And how many people are there that are that interested to donate enough money to get this case going? Like to the tune of $50-100K minimum. I don't think that is going to happen. This is getting a little soap operaish.

    1. Bristols Real Chin7:16 PM

      That's what I think, too. Sadie said: "I don't understand why she doesn't want me to set an account up to help her husband, herself, her daughter, and Tripp..."

      If people gave, it would be pretty specifically for Levi's legal expenses in getting more time with Tripp-- not "to help her husband, herself, her daughter..." in any way other than the benefit they'd get from more time with Tripp.

      Maybe it's just a communication problem between the two of them as to what the money would be used for.

    2. Anonymous8:43 PM

      No way would this case cost $50,000 to $100,000. Levi would only be looking at changing the orders for visitation and/or child support. He can do most of the filing with guidance from a paralegal if necessary. In fact, a lawyer is going to turn it over to his paralegal to do the work. There is not much to do to have a judge look at the papers to change the orders. I went through 3 years of legal litigation in my full custody case, and even with inflation it didn't cost me that much. What Levi has to do can be done by a lawyer for $500. if he does much of the work himself he wouldn't even need a lawyer if a paralegal is handy that he can hire for just advice on how to go about it..

    3. Anonymous7:15 AM

      Yes its called "modifying the order" and you can do it yourself. Some courts hold classes on how to modify Child support.

      Its not that hard. Just get the paperwork and fill it out. All it cost is copying fees and certification/serving by mail... to bitchol.

      I've done it before for my ex. Not brain surgery.

  11. jcinco3:49 PM

    I'll tell you what those Johnston kids are some good lookers! :)

  12. Anonymous3:55 PM

    It might take lawyers to make a big change in the court orders. But Levi can file on his own to show the court that his income has changed and get a new support order.

    Many attorneys have offered their services FREE. Levi could ask ther advice about filing hte paperwork for lowering support.

  13. Anonymous4:18 PM

    Do the Palins buy adult-size eyeglasses for Tripp and Trig, thinking that, eventually, they'll grow into them? Neither little boy can see correctly with glasses that slip down his nose, with lenses that aren't centered to his eyes, and stems that go too far beyond his ears. No optician or optometrist would have sold these glasses for a child's use.

  14. Anonymous4:23 PM


    Sorry, I wrote about Levi lying because he lied about being at Trigs birth.

    Tripp is also huge, regardless of the size of his maternal grandfather and great grandfather.

    My daughter is turning four in August. She is 38lbs.

    How tall is Tripp? What does he weigh?

    The only concern is the time of Trigs birth. This soap opera is absurd.

    So Brisdull is BELIEVED every time she SAYS she wants to play nice-and then their kids ends up on national tv?

    How many times?

    And, levi DID shut his sister and mother out of his life before, so SORRY if one thinks you would not want to jeapordize your relationships with:
    Levi, sunny, breezy AND Tripp

    To tell the truth about the Palins and Trigs birth.

    Maybe sadie doesn't know the truth, but Levi does.

    Also surprising she hasn't mentioned any update on her mom.

    She even talked about it in:Sarah Palin. You Betcha,

    So it's not private to her...

    Fuck you, McCain

    1. Anonymous5:28 PM

      That last line sounds horrible.

      I simply meant that so many people here have expressed concern over Sheries situation, and even Mercedes has spoken about it,

      So it just seems like something sadie would mention, in terms of good news.

      Fuck you McCain

    2. Bristols Real Chin7:19 PM

      Levi has no credibility with me, after saying things, retracting things, saying them again.

      I understand that the Palins have a lot of money, but even people without money can have personal integrity.

      I believe that he loves Tripp, but not that he's willing to work very hard to spend more time with him.

    3. Anonymous7:58 PM

      @ Bristol's Real Chin

      You're obviously here just to bash the Johnstons.

      Harassing all their friends on Facebook with your fake personalities doesn't give you the evil satisfaction you're looking for?


    4. Bristols Real Chin1:14 PM

      I've never written to the Johnstons (or anyone on Facebook) in my life.

      I like Sadie and think she's been honest throughout. It's Levi who goes back and forth on what the truth is. My comment, which was edited by Gryphon, said that I think that Sadie and Sunny are probably just having communication problems-- I'm sure that Sadie would just use the money to help with legal expenses to get Levi more access to Tripp, but her quote about helping the whole family might have worried Sunny.

      But even that was apparently too much of a criticism of Sadie to get by unedited.

      If you think I care about what you call me, you're mistaken.

  15. Anonymous4:29 PM

    I'm sorry if I offend anybody for my harsh language, but I have been reading about this for about 5 years now, and have seen absolutely no progress made. I've become very frustrated every time I read something about this. Coming to you as a father who fraught for child custody back in 1985 and won, I have seen absolutely no commitment or moves on Levi part to really do anything about this. If he doesn't have the spin to do anything about this, why should anybody care. Levi needs to grow a spine if he really wants to help himself and his son. There is nothing complicated about it, it just takes being persistent.

    It doesn't always have to be expensive if someone sticks to their guns and do some work ahead of time. By that I mean to document everything that is said and done by Bristol and the Palin's to demonstrate their interference in his visitation that I'm sure is very clearly written in the custody papers. If it is not than that needs to be done immediately, and it doesn't cost much to make sure it's done.

    1. Anytime his child does not make it to his door as expected without prior agreement is a violation of his visitation.

    2. Anytime the kids is paid for doing something with Bristol, the child should be paid and it should go into a trust fund for him that no one can have access to.

    3. Every time he takes a trip that will extend into his visitation time needs to get his approval first, and then some other arrangement should be made to make up for the time Levi missed in his visitation.

    4. Holidays should be alternate so each parent gets the child on holidays. For instance, if the child stays at Bristols house Christmas Day, Levi should have him on Christmas Eve and the it is reversed the following Christmas. The same thing can be done on other holidays as well.

    5. One of the parent should be responsible for his medical insurance and all left over cost should be split (save all receipts in a file).

    Once he has kept records of the times he's been denied visitation for 6 months at least, he has something to take to court and present to the judge. Without the documentation, Bristol will continue to take advantage of Levi. It doesn't take much money to have a lawyer to arrange a court date and be there with you. In fact, Levi may have to give the lawyer a retainer at the beginning and then just pay him afterwards in installments he can afford. This shouldn't cost anymore than $500 total.

    1. Anonymous6:21 PM


    2. Anonymous7:59 PM

      As I said on the other thread, ever parents who have amiable splits get legal and formal visitation arrangements. I'm not sure if its because Levi feels sorry for Bristol, but it is not in the best interest of Tripp to allow Bristol to dictate how often he gets to see his dad.

    3. Anonymous8:16 PM

      Levi is getting cooperation from Bristol now because Bristol needs it that way. Notwithstanding, Bristol knows what she can expect if she screws up again - she understands that many of us would put our hands deep into our pockets to help Levi bring the hammer down on her once and for all.

      Why don't you post your list of shoulds at Bristol's blog instead? See how long they last with her.

    4. Chella4:52 AM

      My parents split in a very nasty divorce when I was 21, and my brother was 14.

      There was cheating on my fathers part, and in the state we lived in, it's a 50/50 split in terms of alimony and my father is worth a lot. She was mad about the other women, he was mad about the money. But not ONCE did my mother EVER deny my father the right to see his son, nor did she EVER deny my brother his need to see his father.

      They understood that THEY were getting a divorce, and parents don't divorce their children.

    5. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Levi is getting cooperation from Bristol now

      That sounds nice and is better for Levi. What about Tripp? No one that has any say is doing what is best for Tripp (his parents are Levi and Bristol only). Yes, Levi would need to be an adult to take care of the legal situation with Tripp. Whether good parents are amicable or not, they do right legally for children. Like go to court and get reasonable agreements documented. Decent parents, not in criminal mentality, don't have things to hide and are fine with birth certificates, also. It looks bad for Levi when he follows the Palin behavior patterns. From what they show the world both are scoundrels when it comes to poor Tripp, neither want to grow up and truly move on. It sounds like Levi may have a wife that will talk a talk but actually is holding him back and that hurts Tripp.

      I don't see that Bristol will ever want to change, she loves her new boats, she is doomed. I do hope whatever it is with Levi and wife they can grow up and see the light. It is not only for Tripp's sake, they will also be happier and stronger over the long haul. Benefits for the new half sister and future Johnstons as well.

    6. Anonymous10:05 AM

      I disagree about costs potentially involved in monetary amounts and patterns of public campaigns to destroy people involving child cruelty we saw on Bristol's reality show to promote her victimhood for profit scam.

      If any parents fought for custody with a spouse who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars directing their legal team to file libelous subpoenas, make scandulous allegations (raped in a tent), and be highly compensated to character assassinate the parent and anyone who they knew
      (Sunny is a "psycho" episode, Lanesia (sp?) liar having Levi's baby) ...and was victorious getting visitation for $500 buried in litigation from a disordered spouse...speak up.

      If I had not experienced divorce from a spouse who got sick kicks sparing no expense to "win" including blatant lies about his children to be the victim, I probably wouldn't believe what sick people will do. That includes conning their children it is the other parent that doesn't love or care about them and the other parent committing their inhumane behaviors.

      IMO Levi retracting past statements at a time of reconciliation and getting engaged is not a total credibility buster as Bristol's obvious deceptions beginning with the Vanity Fair birthday spread and boo hooing Levi sought to exploit them on tv. That is Bristol's behavior and her parents including lied about plastic surgery.

  16. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Hi Mercede. You don't know me, but I am not a stalker or a kook, just a stranger who has been impressed over the years by a picture of grace under fire. My question: how is life treating you? Good, I hope!

  17. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Not only that, but aren't there quite a few dad's custody rights groups?

  18. Anonymous4:56 PM

    The whole business of custody should be what is in the best interest for the child. We have seen Bristol appear in two different reality shows-- "Life is a Tripp" and the recent "Celebrity Wife Swap." She has shown us that she cannot discipline Tripp. She couldn't discipline Tripp in the first show, and she asked her blog readers for parenting suggestions. She hasn't learned anything since then.

    Bristol has plenty of money from her other TV appearances, book and Sarah's generosity (including PAC payments). Bristol can well afford to take some parenting classes, and she should do that. Tripp needs to play with kids his own age-- and maybe Bristol could learn something from the playmates' mothers. Bristol is little more than a child herself, and she is doing a poor job of raising Tripp. Bristol is the best advertisement for sexually active kids using birth control.

    Before the trolls jump all over the place, it was Bristol who wrote that Tripp won't mind her unless there is a popsicle bribe in there for him. Bristol wrote that he rules the house. That is not how parents raise children-- regardless of what kind of crazy home Bristol grew up in. It's time for Bristol to grow up and be the adult. There is already one out-of-control child in that house. (And spare me the chores chart business. Do you think that really worked after Melissa and the TV cameras left?)

    Levi has plenty of documentation if he can afford to go to court to exercise his parental rights. The bottom line should be what is best for Tripp, and running around like the spoiled wild child is not in his best interest.

    1. Anonymous8:18 PM

      Parenting classes are very cheap and should be very easy to find. There are also many good books written on the subject that I'm sure could be found in the local library. Check with any local city or county child welfare agency and they should be able to recommend a courses or even give parenting courses for free.

    2. Anonymous10:28 AM

      What I clearly heard Bristol say in her first show was that she does not want to be "the bad" guy i.e. Discipline Tripp. In her brain the good parent does what she does which is irresponsibility, no limits, no consequences, laughing inappropriaely at unacceptable behavior. Worse, Bristol communicated she was looking for a "daddy" to play bad guy.

      I doubt she wants parenting classes to be a balanced healthy parent or provide stability, emotional safety and teach there are consequences to unacceptable behavior, have consistent rules and mutual respect of limits and routines between households.

      Portraying the child as a terror (bad guy) to play mommy victim is dysfynctional. I noticed Todd did not get manipulated to play bad guy either.

  19. Anonymous6:22 PM

    How many troll comments have you had to delete so far, Gryphen? LOL

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      No telling how many troll comments Gryphen kicked back! I noticed on the Feedjit an icon of a pregnant witch on a broomstick from Wasilla, Alaska had arrived...but it looks like Wallow wasn't able to write a coherent comment that didn't include the words...F and back it went......SPLAT!


  20. Grrrr !6:27 PM


    Loved your comments !

    They reminded me to be grateful -- I can post pretty much anything I want here WITHOUT having to worry that a rich, vindictive sociopath like Sarah Palin might get pissed and suddenly decide to use her power to destroy my life and reputation.

    Got a question for ya: at this point and for very understandable reasons Levi seems to NOT want publicity, public attention, donations to a legal fund ...

    Other than "prayer/positive thoughts" and "minding their own godamned business," what's the best way for people to show their support for him ?

    Thanks again and add me to the long list of people who really admire your strength, resilience AND restraint.

  21. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Mercede seems to love children but good for her that she is enjoying HER life and spending whatever time she gets with her nephews instead of having children herself at such a young age. Not sure if she is in college or just working but kudos to her for following in her brother and Bristol's footsteps and having children before they were ready.

  22. Anonymous6:49 PM

    dog help me for sharing this, but bristol bought a boat for herself. $56k or thereabouts.

    1. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Was that a replacement for the Kolvig boat that they burned?

    2. Anonymous6:49 PM

      Let me guess what she named it.... close am I?


    3. Anonymous8:03 PM

      Of course she did; every good redneck needs a boat. I'm sure she has a bunch of 4 wheelers too. Just a trashy redneck woman.

    4. Anonymous8:27 PM

      I'm sure she will find out soon a boat is only something you pour money into a hole in the water. Besides, a boat owners happiest day is the day they buy the boat, and their second happiest is when they sell it. I'm sure most of you have probable heard this.

      I wonder how well Brisdull is saving or investing her money she earns for the future. Her days of easy income will be short and no doubt she has not made enough to never have work a day in her life. I also bet Sarah is not being all that wise with their money either. They are nothing by hillbilly's that don't know much about those things.

    5. Anonymous9:43 PM

      Did she name it Triple T or T3?

      Wait! Wait! I know! Pimps and Hos, right?

    6. Anonymous9:45 PM


      Hugs to you and your mom. I hope life is good for both of you.

    7. Chella5:06 AM

      Anon 827: as a life long longislander, I can attest to the truth that a boat is just a hole you throw money into! I grew up on my grandfathers fishing boat, and it takes a real love of the water to dedicate your time and money on the upkeep.

      I've owned several boats myself, but I'm a huge upcycle practitioner. I find FREE boats on Craigslist, fix em up myself, and enjoy them for a bit until I'm ready to move on to my next project and sell the boat for just enough money to work on the next one (my boats are a bargain!)

      I can do this because I don't have to pay docking fees (I live on a canal) and because I do the work myself.

      After sandy, those who were able to save their boats from being washed out to sea but were unable to save them from flood damage tried getting rid of their boats CHEAP to help rebuild their homes. A group of us got together and donated our time and know how to rebuilding what we could by using salvage yard parts so they could sell their boats for more money. We even got a donation fund going to pay for the parts so those hit hardest had nothing to pay out of pocket.

    8. Anonymous7:41 AM

      Why would Bristol care about upkeep? She has other people do everything for her lazy asp. Including accountants and lawyers. All she has to do is another Child Abuse Reality TV production for money. When that well runs dry, there are a million other scams. If SarahPac consultants aren't doing her finances someone else will do everything for her as long as she dances to their tune.

    9. Anonymous12:55 PM

      As long as she continues to be a crappy mom and continues to publicize that fact and continues to use Tripp as an ATM, she'll have enough to buy boats and whatnot.

  23. Olivia7:09 PM

    Mercede, you are a beautiful young woman with a good head on your shoulders. I only wish the best for you and I hope your life is going well. I am really concerned for your mom and how she is doing. I hope all is well and I realize that it may not be in her best interests to discuss her current situation. Just let her know that there are many of us who think of you and her and wish you both well.

  24. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I hope your mom is doing well.

  25. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Sadie is a beautiful young woman. She has handled the situation that she was put in because of the Palins with class. I wish her the best and hope that Sherry is doing well.

    I feel for Levi because of the situation that he was put into because of the Palins. I hope that he and his new family do well.

    Levi and Sadie may not have the millions that the Palins have, but they are most definitely 100% better off than the Palins will ever be.

    I hope that one day soon that Tripp will be with his father permanently.

    1. Anonymous4:12 AM

      Tripp won't be with his father permanently unless Levi gets off his butt and does something about it. I can understand Sunny's reluctance to have an account funded by strangers who may feel the Johnstons "owe" them for contributions, but there's nothing to stop Levi from going to court pro se or trying to find a pro bono lawyer. Unless Levi takes action, Tripp will be on TV every time Bristol cons a producer into hiring her.

    2. Anonymous7:57 AM

      Levi may not want Tripp "permanent" he may want to share. Why Levi gave up all his power I don't fully comprehend, it is tragic to see that happen. Now he is older I hope he will be a man. He is not acting like a father or a man when he has no power and he won't stand up for himself. He is unable to stand up for his son if he can't do it for himself and his new family.

      The Tripp's grandfather, forgot name, was a sexist and a Palin supporter/friend. Since he is rarely mentioned he probably has more to do with things then anyone other than Levi. Levi may be under his spell and that would be as close to being controlled by the Palins as it can be. If Levi is listening to his father and thinking he and Bristol have an appropriate workable situation, that maybe the problem why Tripp is mistreated, his needs aren't addressed and vital things are neglected.

      Sadie seems to be the only one willing to address Tripp's very critical anger issues. Cute smiling kids have anger, too. They learn to mask it and it gets very twisted and confusing for them. Levi may not want to see how bad his son is used on the TV but he really needs to watch those shows more than once. He must pay attention to the anger and get the best help for Tripp. Tripp can't stay with the bad parenting. And he should not be the money maker ploy for Bristol's houses, boats and all that.

      Wake up Levi.

  26. Anonymous6:13 AM

    I have a question for Sadie...once and for all, does Bristol currently work for the dermatologist and has she for the past few years, as she claims? I don't know if you will know, but someone out there should be able to verify this.

    1. Anonymous8:13 AM

      It matters a lot to clear that up. It would be beyond the pale for ABC and others to keep using a false claim for her to make money. ABC and anyone else involved is a fraud as well and must be exposed. Remember what the Palin Brand image of Bristol Palin is about and what they are selling when they dupe the public.

      Part of the Palin package is Bristol as a role model. She is making it look so good to "struggle" as a teen single mom. One day I hope more parents will stand up to false heroes and role models that corporations and advertisers are selling to their kids.

    2. Anonymous10:03 AM

      How hard would it be to call all the dermatoligists in anchorage at Matsu area and ask if she works there!

    3. Anonymous12:47 PM

      I don't recall the name but long ago the name of the dermatologist office Bristol Palin was said to work was named.

      Whether they would say she worked there or not is not definitive. It may be to their advantage to say she is employed. They may keep her on "pay roll". The people who would observe her come and go over the years to work and lunch would be more reliable. It would be interesting to record what the office would say, however. You never know where this will end up. How far would a business go to lie for the Palins?

      Not that it would be public but Levi would have access to employment and income Bristol submits to the court. Would she commit more fraud?

      He doesn't seem to mind that Tripp is a central figure in some major hanky panky and fraud. He is cool that Tripp is mostly with and being raised by some serious criminals.

      Sadie seems to be the only one that feels and cares for Tripp, his best interests. I think she is between a rock and a hard place with it all. It is her brothers situation as he is the parent. She could go full out on what she does know but that might permanently isolate her from Levi. She would not see Tripp until he was 18, by then he may think she is a monster (if Palins felt free to denigrate her). I can see why she would continue to hold back at this time. Also she does not have all the information.

      I do think she commented on these 2 documented items

      I don't recall what she said. She may believe Sarah was pregnant with Trig on the dates and she dramatically changed in 18 days. It would be interesting to know how anyone rationalizes that.

      Where do the Sarah was pregnant believers claim Trig was in the March 26, 2008 picture? How did he grow so much in 18 days? IMO, I don't see how anyone could believe she was pregnant but I would like to hear from those that have an explanation. They don't have to have ever known Sarah or they could know her.

  27. Samantha6:59 AM

    Haven't kept up with this stuff at all, but I see the drama is still going on. Mercede looks beautiful, and who is that in the photo, Tripp? Not sure what's getting folks riled up, but let these people live their lives.

    As far as Mercede, the only advice I can give her is to just live her life the best she can and be the best person she can, and focus on her own life, and not on stuff she can't control, (i.e. what her brother does, what she can do with her nephew and cannot do, what bristol does, what sunny does).

    She needs to make her own family, which means kids, biological or adopted, and a partner. It's hard to get by in life by yourself, this life is pretty harsh and unforgiving. Choose your friends and loved ones wisely, and hold onto the good ones as long as you can. Let the petty stuff go, and take a deep breath. If you can keep one good friend from your younger years into middle age, and have a stable partner most of the time (even if it's serial monogamy), and a child or two, then you'll have more than enough in life to be happy. The rest of the garbage that goes on with birth family members, or inlaws, or other friends, will not matter, in the end.

    It's always nice to have tight relationships with a brother or sister, or parent, but it's not critical. It's nice to have lots of friends, but it's not critical. What is is core, is what I mentioned in the other paragraph. I hope Mercede reads this. I know she'll shake her head and say I don't know what I'm talking about, and she's very close to her bro, and her nephew, yada yada. But push comes to shove, that's his kid, not hers. And push comes to shove, Levi has his own family, and has moved on from his birth family, to a degree. And btw, if time with Tripp is what she wants, then having a child would only help things, because parents tend to want to have cousins play together. It's different than an aunt.

    Good luck to her and her family.

    1. Anonymous9:12 AM

      She's a little too young to be thinking about having kids, doncha think? Common wisdom these days is to wait until 30, after college and/or grad school, after having a job for a few years and saving some money and purchasing a home in which the children will live. Life is so much easier if family is put on the back burner until a time in which a person is financially secure, with a career that ideally provides health insurance. Kids are really expensive, and are a financial drain on even the best prepared parent.

      Geez, why try to rush a young girl into motherhood and marriage. That's just cruel! There's a big wide world to explore and it's a lot harder to do if tied down with children.

    2. Samantha2:39 AM

      Anon, life will be hard, regardless. Since this Palin thing happened before Obama's first term, and we were introduced to Sadie that long ago, I don't consider her too young. And young adults these days aren't following CW anymore, anyway. Many young couples are buying houses before wedding rings, that's the hot new trend. I do recommend coupling up before pregnancy, but even single motherhood is ok, if that's what someone wants. You even get tax breaks with that. The worst tax category is single without children.

      Don't think I disagree with you entirely, though. Your recommendations would be what I'd recommend to my own daughter, if I had one. College first, then pregnancy. But Sadie is not in college, as far as I know, and she doesn't seem the "let's go to india and explore the world" type. Her world is her brother and nephew, and mom, and friends, and whatever boyfriend she has right now. She's obviously pained by a lot of the drama involved in that, and the best way to diffuse that is by reducing the power it has over your life. Building your own house, figuratively speaking, creates protective walls against the cruelties and betrayals of the world. When that happens, a lot of the stuff that looms so large over her life will seem smaller.

  28. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Well my comment didn't clear and I suppose it was because I questioned gryph's handling of Sadie with kid gloves. I gave her props for the way she had handled being thrust in the spotlight. I did also point out she did the playboy spread and had (had?) her own blog so has put herself out there for public interest. I said she is an adult not a child and as far as I know she still hasn't given her thoughts and observations about what went on in 2007/2008 and bristol's "mono" and the fake pregnancy and why Levi was with trig in hospital in the photo where he has bleached hair. We assume it is trig because he was away when Tripp was born right?

    I don't understand why my comment was squashed???

    1. Anonymous8:24 AM

      Well thanks for letting this one through. I understand Sadie has the skank to worry about and consequences that could be bad but doesn't the truth set you free? Mercedes said Levi and Bristol were going to marry, she was at the palin house holding a new born trig so I assume she had close contact with them personally and/or got info from Levi. Sadie and Levi always claimed to be very close.

      I am sure she at least has formed opinions about the mono and the fake pregnancy and a lot more.
      Why doesn't she sell the truth and pay for her brother's lcustody suit and have money for her Jim's meds and health care? There are enough peeps out there now-including Joan Walsh and salon who don't seem to fear sarah or her minions anymore.

      Sell the story Sadie and be protected by having the public on your side.
      As long as you live under the shadow of fear of the skank she has the power.

      You don't need a birth certificate to back you up. Just tell what you saw and know and smile all the way to the bank.

      If your family comes across less than perfect in the telling who cares? Everyone would understand the lack of power and choice you all had when pitted against palin and the McCain ticket.

      Stop picking and choosing what to address. Get yourself an agent who will get the book published. Hire a ghost writer to help you tell the story.
      Let the public decide who is telling the truth. My bet is on you.

    2. I didn't block any comments but one, and it was a ridiculous one line insult.

      I don't know why your comment did not make ti through but it wasn't anything done on my end.

    3. Anonymous8:57 AM

      Hmmm maybe because typed on iPhone it didn't go through? Regardless thanks tons for answering:)

      Mercedes needs to be the grown woman that she is and get the truth out there-even if the truth is her opinion and her observations. These posts with her only addressing what she wants to address tend to cause more speculation about what isn't being said.

      Again I give her credit for how she has handled herself and I certainly don't mind her cashing in on the fame that was thrust on her by doing the playboy spread. That said-I would hope that she could actually get out from under skank and also have her mom get out from under her too and the way to do that is by publicly telling the whole sordid story!! The reception she gets here shows she would be received well-everyone seems to be waiting for someone to go first in telling secrets. If Sadie was brave enough to bare all in playboy-and that def takes courage-then be brave and be the first.

      Many of us started out in smaller towns and had to go against the stream to get out there in the world to be heard. Sure it's painful and difficult but it is also so freeing!

      Skank does not have any power. If you are correct gryph-she doesn't even have anyone in was ills who supports her. Sadie would be doing her whole family and herself a favor by selling her story.
      And if there is no story to sell then why promote what she has to say?

      Just things I am thinking:)

    4. Anonymous10:09 AM

      The Johnstons do pick and chose what they address. Why hasnt mercede refuted sarah's claim that Levi had only been in her home "once or twice" . Didnt Sarah say that on Oprah and write it in a book? That is surely a lie as he was living there- they may even have been married for all we know.

    5. Anonymous12:54 PM

      I may not be totally up on the 'Levi raped Bristol' story but I believe she wrote a date rape situation in her book of lies she calls her life. It seems she walked back a little but not enough that Levi's reputation for the most part is ruined. Is Levi actually satisfied with how she resolved that to suit her? He will be fine with Tripp reading her book, the non-apology apology and leaving it open that it is okay to get a young girl drunk and have your way if you are a young boy?

      Everyone involved is happy with that now?

    6. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Also, it seems Levi did such a great job for the Palins when he did a much better (to their satisfaction) apology. I'm not saying it was quid pro quo or money he got out of the deal. But he did seem to be their perfect wonderful little tool. I do think one day it will all come out but he may not want to deal with that or why he didn't get a better apology.

  29. Lucera7:57 AM

    I think that Tripp is four and a half years old cuz he still has his baby teeth in that picture. Pretty blue eyes magnified by the glasses. Didn't look like he minded getting his picture taken in that pose.

    1. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Yeah, my daughter is 7.5 and still has most of her baby teeth (she only has two adult teeth). All her friends the same age have lost their two bottom two teeth and they have only just begun losing their top two (maybe half her grade have more than two or three permanent teeth).

      My nephew turned 5 last spring and has not lost any baby teeth. None are even loose.

      In other words, that picture doesn't mean he's 4.5, even if you could see more than a couple teeth around his hand

    2. On a second viewing of that picture, I realised that the adult sized glasses have the effect of making Tripp look smaller - in proportion to the big specs. Without them, that would appear to be a large head and face.

  30. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Lol. Pk well , i was the "troll" who asked about Sadie "weighing in" on Ruffles and Triggy bear. I am not a troll . That actually is very fiunny and so highly inaccurate. Im surprised at you Gryphen. I have legitimate questions about Mercede past comments about Triggy bear. With the ruffled ear. I guess cause i posted from my phone you cpuldnt tell who i was . I believe all the Johnstons know a bunch of truths they wont reveal. Whatever, again.

  31. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Lol the dunniest yhing is that I am the same " troll" who has offered money to Levi for legal fees. You need to calm down about people asking legit questions. Sorry if they are uncomfortable for her. Being hoaxed and lied to is uncomfortable for me

  32. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I think it truly sucks Gryphen . You just alienated me as a commenter by your support of Mercede because I asked a legit question over Triggy bear and mommy in law . Palin says levi has only been in her home once or twice . Yet neither levi or mercede refute that publically, but Mercede feels Sarah would be her mother in law too??? Sorry doesnt add up , even if you are an older teenager. I am a long time reader devoted to expising Palin and am disillusioned by being called a troll.

  33. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Sunny seems smart to not allow a fund for Levi; taking public funds can possibly screw up his taxes and financial situation. If he works as an electrician, he is probably doing quite well financially. And who says he wants Tripp full time? It seems that he spends a good amount of time with Tripp, so maybe the arrangement is working for all. Both Mercede and Sunny seem like very intelligent women and both seem very creative, a trait that seems to have eluded Bristol. it would be too bad if they are not on good terms over this. Despite being reinstated on Fox News, Sarah Palin is a major has-been. No one should be scared of speaking out against her any more. Seriously, she is a major joke to the entire country except the wacky fan base that she has, which unfortunately is strong and vocal and watches Fox News!

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      12:27 PM

      He said he sees Tripp twice a month. Not enough considering the situation and Bristol can change that as she wants.

      What is more important is that he has no say in anything about where he goes to school, if Bristol decides to put Tripp to work in a traveling circus, if Tripp is in a car accident and needs a blood transfusion and her religion is against them, too bad, Tripp will die. Levi keeps himself in a position of weakness and in a way abandoning Tripp. Why? He isn't dumb enough to trust her is he?

      If Tripp is lucky it is only a maybe baby he will see his father twice a month. Christmas? Other family holidays? Screw Levi and Tripp. Bristol has all the power and can control Tripp's money to her advantage.

  34. Anonymous8:00 PM

    My question to Sadie is "Who are Trig's biological parents?"

  35. Anonymous5:00 AM

    It is Levi that needs to be in on writing a book, if he is ready for Tripp and to live a fully honest life. Sadie's experience and opinions were not as close to the Palin inner circle. She was told things she would believe (understandable) that were not true. She has no way to fight for Tripp in the court so she could continue to see him. I hope the day comes when she will be free and able to write.

    Bristol seems to have everyone in a suitable position for her needs at this time. Depending on how bitter she is she may be devious enough to be looking for the day that Sunny has enough of Levi and gives him the boot. There is a reason why Levi is holding on to living Bristol's way as he is. I know peeps think he has moved on, sorry, no he hasn't entirely. He must be his own person and an adult when it comes to his son before he moves on. That means take care of business. Levi needs to have a say in Tripp's medical procedures when needed, Tripp's schooling, Tripp's career and travels, his bank (a protected trust) and more quality and a fairer amount of time they spend together.

    If Levi for whatever reason isn't able to do what an adult father would do, LEVI WILL NOT MOVE ON. It will only look like he has moved on with a new front or 'family'.

    Mercede, his father, his mother ... none of them can do it for Levi. They can help and support him. Bristol owns him and she will not give that up, or downsize her houses, return her boat or any bling. She is fine with the comforts of a Tripp funded lifestyle. She has the child labor deal worked out to her liking.


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