Thursday, July 04, 2013

Giffords trip to Alaska looking for support on gun control measures likely a misfire.

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch:

Giffords and Kelly came to Anchorage as part of their seven-state tour to persuade reluctant senators to support strengthening background checks on firearms purchases. The Senate leadership tried and failed to corral enough support for a background check amendment in April. Alaska Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich both opposed the background checks as proposed in that legislation; two months later, they are targets of a renewed effort to revive the issue before next year's elections complicate the politics. Begich, Alaska's first Democrat in Congress for decades, faces a multimillion-dollar contest to keep his Senate seat. 

Giffords and Kelly came to Alaska based on a poll commissioned by Americans for Responsible Solutions, which inexplicably found overwhelming support among Alaska voters for the expanded background checks. 

"We want Sen. Begich to look at our poll, because it shows Alaskans believe in expanded background checks," Kelly said. 

The couple's time on the ground in Alaska was tightly controlled: Local press was kept separate from Giffords and Kelly during a closed conversation with nine hand-picked Alaskan gun owners at Hotel Captain Cook. 

Giffords did not take direct questions Tuesday but did pose for pictures and video with others in the group, before another photo op with the couple's dog, Nelson. Giffords and Kelly are seeking 60 Senate votes, the threshold for passing the background check legislation and avoiding a filibuster. Both Murkowski and Begich are in Alaska for the Fourth of July holiday, but were unable to welcome Giffords and Kelly personally, staff to the senators said. 

Yet even if Giffords and Kelly are able to sway Alaska's senators -- "not likely" in the legislation's current form, according to staff -- two additional votes are still needed to get the measure out of the Senate and on to the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Republicans. 

And that's a hill that supporters of background checks can’t yet summit, Kelly acknowledged Tuesday. 

"Would that bill pass this House? Absolutely not," he said, adding the strategy for now is to get background checks passed by the Senate and then look forward to leveling "the playing field" in the House.

As much as I appreciate Mark and Gabby coming up here they really are most likely wasting their time.

If they want to know how Alaskans feel about their guns let me help with that. They LOVE them! Sometimes they even love them more than their own families. (You think Track is the only Alaskan male to leave a marriage with an armful of rifles and not much else? Hardly!)

Right now Mark Begich is running ads attacking President Obama over the NSA program, bragging about his vote on the background check bill, and sounding more like a Republican everyday.

But do you know what? NOBODY is going to run against him in a primary.

I am probably one of the most liberal people up here, and completely agree with Giffords and Kelly on this issue, but when election time rolls around of course I am going to vote for Begich. In Alaska what other choice do I have?

Like I said I am glad they came, though I wish they would have been open to a few questions from bloggers.  I also heard they came looking for some financial support, and I hope they got at least some, though I would be surprised if they had very much help in that area either.

They don't call this place the Last Frontier for nothing. And that is never more true than when it comes to guns.


  1. physicsmom1:09 PM

    Say what? Track's marriage broke up? When did that happen? I guess I haven't been paying attention.
    Also, I agree about Mark and Gabby; Alaska trip was futile.

    1. Anonymous2:13 PM

      about a year ago....divorced

    2. Anonymous2:21 PM

      In the divorce of Track and his sweet wife - he got all the guns! Cracked me up! Shows his priorities!

    3. Anonymous5:29 PM

      G...ummm get someone to run against Begich!
      What about Bob Poe? Or Monagan?
      Do sit around? That's what gets you alaskan's into to this mess in the first place. Heck YOU RUN!!!

    4. Anonymous8:40 AM

      Track's Divorce was as staged as his Fake Marriage. That child claimed by Britta must be Bristol's DWTS SarahPac Paid for child. Britta was paid well for the Charade. Track is still using Drugs. What happened to all of the Hoopla about Willow's 'Hair School'? Another 'Staged' Farce. Willow can't pass a test without someone's help. Willow wants to live like Bristol and do nothing but Grift For Dollars.

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    It's not at all acceptable that just because Senator Begich isn't facing a Primary challenge that he can screw overwhelming support by Alaskans for increased precautions and responsibilities when it comes to gun purchases and use/abuse.

    We need to make Mark more mindful of the majority's will.

  3. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Your commentary on Alaska is pretty sad, Gryphen. However, I totally believe you.

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Darn, Red State backed off their Palin-Santa photo-shop tie-in with their point that she still sucks.

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Isn't "twitchy" the Anchor baby? Fuck WHO THE FUCK CARES if its photoshopped?
      To make her look like tits she doesn't have! Tits today gone tomorrow.
      Crap lets just retire this pos.

  5. Anonymous1:54 PM

    I will never understand why law-abiding citizens who own guns oppose stringent background checks. If you have to wait a few days to have the gun in your hands, so be it. What are you so anxious to shoot anyway?

  6. Anonymous1:55 PM

    I find it weird that she goes to a state that has minimal issues with open-carriers, yet AVOIDS Chicago, to name one city, which has huge issues with crime on many levels.

    It's bizarre.

    I know she chose states with legislators who vote a certain way, but still, it's mindboggling. More mindboggling is that people touted Obama's strengths coughcough as a community organizer in a dangerous city

    1. Anonymous1:55 PM

      STFU Krusty.

    2. You are easily boggled, probably because you are clearly not very intelligent.

      Why do republicans sneer at community organizers? Aren't they always claiming that people should help themselves and not depend on government?

      Why do republicans sneer at people who do exactly that, help their communities?

      Oh, that's right, they're republicans. They hate the American people.

      I wish we had a better quality troll. You are boring and your comments are stupid.

    3. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Okay, let's try again, although I know it's futile to try and penetrate that thick cranium.

      Chicago DOES have very strict gun laws. It also has a serious crime problem with many guns being used for those crimes.

      "The Chicago Police Department traced the origins of about 50,000 guns that it recovered between 2001 and March 2012. More than half of those guns came from outside the state."

      Other than frisking everyone who crosses city lines, there is no way to prevent illegal guns from being brought into the city when it's surrounded by places with more lax laws.

    4. Anonymous4:41 PM

      Sarah Pimp's Wife Palin's 'cough cough' qualifications as a Politician are non-existent. Didn't Sarah Palin lead an Anti-Abortion Protest in front of Dr. Lemagie's office? Isn't that being a Community Organizer?

  7. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Why would you mention and slander Track? You're showing ignorance again.

    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      Uhhhhh......because he was never the "warrior" that he's continually painted to be? The whole family is nothing but a sham.

    2. Anonymous1:56 PM

      STFU again Krusty.

    3. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Sarah lies about her kids's accomplishments. Thanks for setting the record straight on them by pointing out Sarah's lies, Gryphen. The truth is never slander, libel or any kind of defamation. Track was NEVER in combat. If his idiot mother wants to talk about how much she lusts for his body or how turned o. She gets from his tattoos, that is up to them to decide how to handle. But Sarah will not be allowed to lie and reduce the honor of REAL combat vets by claiming her son is one, also, when she is lying blatantly. Track has not seen combat, period, and his military papers and discharge code clearly show that he has not been in combat.

      Quit lying, Sarah. Also, please tell your idiot fans who enable you that your son is NOT. A combat vet. Don't demean the REAL COMBAT VETS who have been actually been in harms way. Quit lying to raise funds for your PAC, Sarah. There's nothing lower than lying to and cheating patriotic Americans, except perhaps being a pimp and dealing in human misery, as your punk husband Todd has done for several years.

      Thanks for calling out these liars and criminals, G. Folks deserve to hear the truth about the Palins.

    4. Anonymous4:35 PM

      Because Track was never in Combat and still 'CAIN'T GET RIGHT'.

    5. Anonymous5:34 PM

      STFU Wallow. Don't you have "har" to do?
      Oh ya you quit that too.

      Tra, la, la troll the blogs...

    6. Anita Winecooler7:41 PM

      Poor Warrior Palin gets slandered and libeled by the divorce papers a preacher's daughter forced him to sign. She got the kid, the house and the money, he got his gun collection, Family Bible and an official NRA bottle opener/key chain.

  8. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Track has nothing to do with Gabby. He, like most Alaskans, is a responsible gun owner who was raised on hunting. I would imagine Alaskans were perturbed an outsider wanted to come to AK to change a way of living she doesn't understand. SMH

    I take it back. I guarantee you 85% of Alaskans don't know who Gabby Giffords is.

    1. Anonymous1:58 PM

      STFU some more Krusty.

    2. You need to stop shaking your head so much. It is obviously causing brain damage.

    3. Anita Winecooler7:46 PM

      Track was raised on hunting? BWAAAAAHHHHAAAA

    4. Anonymous8:30 AM

      Track was raised on OXYCONTIN.

  9. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Gabby is so cute...has such a sweet smile. And, she is doing so well in spite of her horrific injuries! Alaskans should be ashamed of themselves in not giving them a better welcome!

    Especially when the evil woman, Sarah Palin, was the cause of the killings and injuries that occurred in Tucson!

    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      Sarah Palin is a grifting, lying coward. She does nothing unless she directly benefits financially in some manner. Fact.

  10. Anonymous2:20 PM

    The progressives will never win this fight until they do two things: stop playing nice, and start describing the righties' position in their own language for what it actually is.

    Plain and simple, the righties are insisting that they favor allowing all 12 million illegal aliens to purchase guns without background checks, and regardless of whether they have committed prior criminal deeds, or whether they are abusers of alcohol and/or drugs. I combine these two concepts because first, it's true, this is their actual position (everyone on the planet, no matter how evil they perceive them to be, should be stockpiling firearms), and second, because they see illegal aliens as mostly a group of alcoholic, drug-abusing people. (I use the term illegal aliens because that's the righties' term: we MUST argue this in terms that they will understand.)

    Obviously, if illegal 'aliens' – let alone those who have committed criminal acts or who are addicted to drugs or alcohol – should not be purchasing unlimited firearms, then neither should any non-'illegal' who has a criminal background or who is an abuser of alcohol or drugs. This should be our mantra until we become hoarse from repeating it.

    Seriously, why isn't ANYONE explaining the firearms argument in these terms??? Because the righties are setting up a nationwide network that will make Operation Fast and Furious look like child's play. Do they not understand what the Mexican drug cartels are currently doing?? Do they want all of them to possess vast caches of ammunition in addition to everything else?? Do they want their children to live in such a world? Particularly in places like Wasilla and the midwest, where drugs are heavily trafficked?? Why are we not using this kind of 'macho' – but very accurate – language to show the righties the absolute, craven stupidity of their position???

  11. Anonymous2:49 PM

    It was important for Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly to show up in Alaska -- human beings, who can demonstrate and discuss the issues of gun ownership.
    I know it's like bringing a preacher to a whorehouse, but their message needs to be heard, bit by bit, soul by soul, until it becomes an acceptable, debatable position. Even die-hard Alaskans will see how the Second Amendment is being used, how they're being used, to fill the agenda of others.

  12. Boscoe3:45 PM

    Actually, I think Gabby visiting Alaska was more than a misfire, I think it risked the destruction of all creation! Think about it; Gabby and Mark are pretty much the "matter/real world" version to $arah & Tawd's "antimatter/bizarro world" doppleganger.

    On the one hand, a heroic couple who have done important things and been and done things that mattered, and on the other, pure incompetence, empty facades and grift.

    And you know you can't get too close to your antimatter/bizarro world counterpart otherwise the universe as we know it will be torn asunder in the resulting blast.

    At least I think that's how it works. Lemme go check those old Star Treks again and I'll get back to ya.

    1. Boscoe, I think you're onto something here. I feel a disturbance in the space/time continuum. Or is the disturbance in the Force? :-)

  13. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I'm in Arizona. There are always choices. Just because the person is a Democrat, doesn't mean that I would vote for him/her if that individual isn't representing the best interest of the State and the issues that I believe in. I would not vote for Begich! I can't say that I'm happy about the lack of courtesy, given to Gabby and Kelly, while visiting your State.

  14. Anita Winecooler7:57 PM

    I still give Gabby and Mark a lot of credit for trying. Imagine if they skipped Alaska? They'd be called opportunists, cowards, and all hell would break loose.

    I only regret that they didn't take a side trip and knock on Sarah's door, just for a look on her face.

  15. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Their appearance in Alaska wasn't wasted. People everywhere want to end the violence. Even if they are now in the minority, they made their voices heard. You have to start somewhere. Forward.

  16. I don't think they wasted their time. Changing hearts and minds doesn't happen overnight.

    It might take mighty mountains millions of years to wear down to rolling hills, but they will wear down, a grain of sand or dirt at a time.

    Watch some old TV shows from as recently as the 70s. Drunk driving is often played as cute, comic relief. Now, no one thinks there is anything acceptable about driving under the influence.

    Cigarette smoking used to be regarded as the height of sophisticated elegance. Now it's something you do out back by the dumpster on your break.

    If Murkowski or Begich ever are to get the feeling that hmm, maybe voting yes on background checks is the way to get votes, they will remember the Giffords' visit, and they will know who to call for help. And every single person speaking out to reduce gun violence, especially responsible gun owners, will add to the chorus of voices that will hopefully someday be louder than the baying squalls of fear and rage from the gun fanatics.


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