Saturday, July 20, 2013

Here's a shocker, new study finds that members of the Tea party motivated by racism. I know, right?

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

“We wanted to address a question on the minds of many: Do negative racial attitudes attract whites to the tea party movement? Our data suggest that prejudice may explain why some whites become movement supporters,” Eric D. Knowles of New York University, the lead author of the study, told PsyPost via email. 

Knowles and his colleagues examined 316 white participants’ racial attitudes, ingroup identity, and identification with tea party over a period of nine months. The researchers found identification with the tea party was associated with anti-black prejudice, libertarian ideology, social conservatism, and belief the nation was in decline. 

“It’s important to note that the results concerning racial prejudice are correlational: across all three time points, prejudice was associated with support for the tea party,” Knowles explained. “However, because we controlled for a lot of other factors in testing this association (social conservatism, libertarianism, etc.), we can say with some confidence that we’re not just getting fooled by a ‘third variable’ confound (in which the association between prejudice and tea party support is an artifact of both variables’ correlation with some other factor).” 

The racial prejudice appeared to be a symbolic rather than “old-fashioned” form of racism. Old-fashioned racism simply states that black people or other ethnic minorities are innately inferior to white people. Modern symbolic racism, on the other hand, tends to direct complaints and accusations at minority culture. Symbolic racists, for instance, claim that black people are less hard working and more dependent on government assistance than whites. 

“One of the most interesting things for us was that the prejudice-tea party support association was statistically mediated by a sense of national decline — that the U.S. is drifting away from its founding values,” Knowles continued. “In other words, our data suggest that being high in prejudice leads to a sense of decline, which it turn draws whites to the tea party — that is, that the impact of prejudice on tea party identification is indirect. This pattern is consistent with theories in social psychology that talk about how people ‘legitimize’ their biases in terms of more socially-acceptable beliefs. Thus, it’s not socially okay to like the tea party because one is prejudiced. However, if the prejudice gets ‘converted’ into the vague sense that the country is going to hell in a hand-basket, that’s a more principled reason to make political choices.” 

The researchers found no evidence that a strong white racial identity lead to identification with the tea party. However, they did find the opposite was true. Those who strongly identified with the tea party movement became more concerned with their racial identity over time.

I find that last part fascinating. So in other words you don't necessarily have to be racist to join the Tea Party, but once you do your racism will grow over time.

I imagine it was much the same for young members of the Klu Klux Klan.

"You know I used to only KIND of dislike the n***ers, but after burning down a few of their churches and hanging them from trees I find that I hate them more than ever!"


  1. Anonymous3:22 AM

    There is hope. Derek Black, son of an Alabama kkk leader and founder of white supremacist, found his ideas changing in college. Recently, he wrote an open letter to the Southern Poverty Law Center about his evolving viewpoint.

    "I now consider this belief system principally flawed. Most arguments that racial equity programs disadvantage whites who would otherwise be hired or accepted to academic programs mask underlying anxieties about the growth of non-white social status. It is impossible to argue rationally that in our society, with its overwhelming disparity between white power and that of everyone else, racial equity programs intended to affect the deep-rooted situation represent oppression of whites. More importantly, white nationalism’s staunch opposition to the gains in numbers and in influence of non-whites makes it a movement
    by nature committed to suppressing these people. The advancement of minorities in the US is not insignificant, but has not ended (let alone reversed) their circumstances. Particularly bizarre to me is the
    determination of Jewish social domination. Though there are plenty of powerful Jewish activist groups pursuing their chosen agendas, it is inaccurate and outrageous to talk about people of Jewish descent as “the enemy” of anyone, as it is essentializing a large group into a fairy tale antagonist. It has become clear to me that white nationalism is not a movement of positive identity or of asserting cultural values, but of constant antagonism at the betterment of other groups.

    A white nationalist party can’t function without standing on these disparities between whites and other groups and essentially endorsing them."

    He closes with: "I am sorry for the damage done by my actions and my past endorsement of white nationalism."

    He is a young college student, still evolving. But it does give hope that the elders' irrational hatred will not always permanently taint the thinking of the children. We also have the hopeful example of the Westboro children who have left the family.

    1. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Yes, it DOES give hope... Yet, remember, the Teapartiers also are actively trying to stop our children from being well educated... Especially the Christian Taliban disciples are actively pursuing in indoctrinating their kids with their pseudo science - so much so, that they will not be able to attend ANY accredited college with sound science educations in place.

    2. Anonymous10:40 AM

      Every poll and every study supports the premise that each younger generation is more open-minded than the previous one in terms of race, gay rights and gender equality.

      Certainly there are young people who are being denied education and indoctrinated into cultures of discrimination and hate. However, with the unstoppable spread of technology and the accompanying dissemination of information, keeping young people isolated is going to be increasingly more difficult.

      Since so many of the most ardent right wingers tend to be older, they are dying out faster and their influence will decrease exponentially as time goes on.

    3. Anonymous1:30 PM

      Anonymous 3:22's comment dramatically exposes why the righties are so 'afeared' of what they call edumacation and elitism. They know instinctively that education, enlightenment, and rational thinking are the death knell of their collective movement and individual status and power within it. Let's face it: holding the position as stormfront leader is probably as the highest level of attainment that that kkk booger could ever hope to achieve.

      Let's hope that the enlightenment of his son is only the tip of an enormous iceberg.

  2. Anonymous3:26 AM

    Isn't this sad? This movement, in no small part heralded by Palin, has done more to HURT America than anything in recent history. They glommed onto 9-11 first, as a way to legitimize their fear of anyone non-white, and now we are back in full-blown early 20th century distrust of blacks, immigrants, Muslims...The laws demonizing women are tied up in this too, as the white male, crushed by two votes for President Obama, see their grip on this nation slipping away. Their fear response is to call him names, refuse to support anything he does or says, and get on every talk show they can and declare exactly what the study said: America must return to her roots, we are in decline!! We are not in decline unless we return to those racist beginnings. Hopefully, there are more thinking people than scared ones.
    I have found it so interesting since the Martin verdict (and make no mistake, this was a verdict far more about Trayvon than the man who murdered him) that it is the blacks calling for peace and calm, while the 'mature' white men are showing up with guns and threatening violence.

    1. Anonymous10:42 AM

      I think it's called Panic and Desperation.

  3. Anonymous4:22 AM

    Gee whiz. It took a scientific study to figure that out! Anyone who paid any attention to the emergence of the teabaggers knew that from the start one of the purposes was to give racists a chance to vent against President Obama. Otherwise, why would senior citizens, all of them white, have protested against Medicare? Well, their stupidity too but the core reason was the appeal to their racism.

  4. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I saw this happen in my own mother, who is unwilling to concede that this has happened to her over time. The other day she got out of the car, laughing, after listening to a relatively mild talk-radio show where the commentator had been obviously riffing on the unacceptable names given on a TV news report for the 4 pilots of the 777 which crashed in SanFran last week. She thought it was funny, too.

    Unfortunately, she and my Dad were afeared during the reign of King Dubya. She's also a proud member of Mensa, and the next time she mentions this, (which is frequently,) I'll just have to say, out loud, that she isn't smart enough to recognize her own prejudice.

    Racist bitch. Gotta love yer Mom, though, dontcha?

    1. a proud member of Mensa … she isn't smart enough to recognize her own prejudice

      Smart enough to construct logical reasoning in support of it, I suggest. One acquires attitudes through emotion, then uses reason to support them.

  5. Anonymous4:55 AM

    WHOA!!!! That is exactly how the 'Judenhass' came along in Nazi Germany... :/
    We are on more than ONE slippery slope here in this country. :(

    1. Anonymous6:11 AM

      And led all the way by the Koch Brothers and their front organizations, Americans for Prosperity, ALEC and more.

    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      I sincerely believe that two of the most dangerous men in America are Charles and David Koch.

    3. Anonymous1:32 PM

      times 1 million.

  6. Teabag conservative republicans actively harm America and Americans. They perceive a decline in 'America' and the irony is they are the ones contributing to it!

  7. Anonymous7:13 AM

    LMAO! Just this morning, I thought "I haven't visited the PeePond in weeks, I wonder what's new over there?"

    Under the article "Governor Palin Will Apparently Speak in Baltic, South Dakota on July 25th", we see this charming comment:

    "angeleno • 12 hours ago −
    The truth is that a death like Trayvon's is very unusual these days.
    The truth is that blacks lynch whites every day in this country. The truth is that violent and racist black men rape and murder whie women every day.
    Barack Obama is responsible for this with his filthy, murder-provoking lies that the media is drooling over. There's good reason for whites to be afraid of blacks, to lock their doors and cars, and to run when they see dangerous looking blacks.
    Obama knows this, yet this filthy liar that stupid Americans made their President is trying to incite a civil war. He cares nothing about the whites his people lynch, and he also cares nothing about the blacks who lynch each other. Obama ares
    only about destroying freedom on this planet by destroying our great American
    Democracy and replacing it with his black , communist Islamofascism.
    Now I really don't mind if Sarah wants to discuss bull castration with the farmers in Baltic, South Dakota. I mean that. It might even be useful in normal times. Trouble is these times are so far from normal are country is about to be drowned by Obama's filth. There are more urgent tasks at hand, But even Fox News doesn't have the balls to stand up to evil and tell Obama to stop inciting race riots and civil war to hide his disastrous and filthy record."

    You know, their obvious racism aside, one of the things I detest about the Tea Party is how it's ruined some perfectly wonderful words in the English language.

    Patriot. Prior to the Tea Party, I thought that was a wonderful word. Now when I hear it, I wonder if I'm about to hear another bigoted diatribe.

    Tea Party. A great historical American event; also a nice little play-time with your kids. Well, that was THEN. Now it just means a bunch of low-information, racist loudmouths who've been throwing a hissy-fit since 2008 because a black man was elected President.

    Commonsense. Ironic use of the word by "Patriots" in the "Tea Party". I avoid using it now, so people don't mistake me for one of those idiots.

    While it's true their impact has diminished over the past 7 years, along with their membership, the damage they've caused to our great nation will take years to repair... if it CAN be repaired. I fully expect them to regroup and move away from blatant racism and fully-embrace misogyny (not a huge leap from where they are now) once Hillary becomes Commander-in-Chief.

    1. Anonymous1:36 PM

      Their impact has NOT lessened: it has increased. They have been extremely effective both in state legislatures across the country and in Congress, which they now hold totally as their hostage. As a result, the democratic party must shift further to the right, and 'moderate' republicans fear for their lives and jobs. Even extremely conservative politicians have been successfully primaried by these ghouls – and they may well take over the Senate next year. Couldn't disagree more with you on that one.

  8. Anonymous7:40 AM

    The Tea Party is just the KKK without sheets, and with a "Virgin" Mary mother figure in Palin. They can twist and subvert all facts and history to hitch themselves to a quasi-religious belief that Gawd is directing them, and endorses their violent racism.

  9. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Speaking of racism and stirring the pot, FOX is all in! I have to say that Zimmerman's brother handled that interview with amazing restraint and class, given the way he was being lured into a kneejerk reaction. FUCK FOX.

    Fox Tried Seven Ways To Get Zimmerman's Brother To Bash Obama (He Didn't)

    Seven times, Fox News anchor Jamie Colby tried to get George Zimmerman's brother to criticize the president and his speech about Trayvon Martin. And seven times, he declined to do so.

    Robert Zimmerman has earned a reputation for his outspoken interviews. After the verdict, for example, he went on CNN and suggested that Martin was looking to get a gun and grow marijuana. During the case, he was a font of unswerving on-air support.

    So, when Fox spoke with him by phone shortly after the president's speech today, they likely expected something other than what they got. In question after question, Colby tried to elicit some combativeness, some critique of the speech. And in answer after answer, he didn't rise to the bait.

    Zimmerman's take: It was good the president spoke, and what he said was important. He agreed with the president — he didn't even object to the government's on-going investigation of possible civil rights charges. But most of all, he agreed that kids needed mentors. He kept coming back to this, turning Colby's leading questions into ways of advocating for mentorship.

    We walked through each of Colby's seven questions to Zimmerman, excerpting it and the response. No need to take our word for it; you can watch the full interaction for yourself. But we also did a quick bit of translation: What Colby asked almost always had a subtext aimed at heightening the tension between Zimmerman's family and the White House. It never worked.

    1. Anonymous5:18 AM

      There's going to be a civil case against George (not to mention a potential federal case) and his brother is being extra careful. I think he got a talking to by some lawyers.

  10. The tea party phenomenon -- a "grass roots" movement ... inspired by anarchy-promoting Libertarian extremists, and heavily fertilized with big bucks and B.S. provided by corporate lobbyists and mainstream conservative strategists.

    Their recipe: a particularly bitter brew composed of one part David Duke-inspired racist, two parts Jerry Falwell-inspired self-righteous religious fanatic, three parts greedy corporate upper management, one part survivalist-revolutionary wannabe, and three parts ignorant homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic Joe 6-pack lemming.


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