Monday, July 15, 2013

If you were not turned off to organized religion in this country before, this should pretty much send you over the edge.

I cannot believe these idiots agreed to appear on television like this.

If I were a member of any of their churches the next time they passed around the collection plate I would put in an IOU saying "Once you start spending our money on something besides making yourself feel like God's personal pimp I might start giving you some of the money I use to feed my children."


  1. Nancy5:14 AM

    Oh my god! How I detest reality shows! I refuse to watch any of them!

  2. It’s a good racket, Gryphen, and they know their audience.

    I’ve seen it close up. In every population are hopeless followers. Jesus called them sheep, a very honest term. They’re not necessarily dumb, just easily led. I can see the need for children to be that way, but many people can’t outgrow it even if you shame them. I suppose there’s an evolutionary benefit to being a meek herd animal.

  3. A. J. Billings5:19 AM

    There are tens of THOUSANDS of these rich, pampered religious Christians in leadership positions that won't be featured in this absurd show.

    People like Joel Osteen and his wife who live in absolute luxury making millions a year from their "prosperity" gospel.

    I am an atheist, but at one time I was on the inside of the evangelical movement, and know from 1st hand experience how corrupt and sinful some of these pastors are.

    It is just criminal that they are paid so much, and don't even pay federal tax on their ill gotten gains.

  4. I should add, the better-looking these racketeers are, the more success they have. So that helps explain the clothes, cars and gold.

    There have been exceptions; Jesus and John the Baptist (who was REALLY rough), but they weren’t racketeers.

  5. Anonymous6:09 AM

    So many forget that the bible says it's harder for a rich man to get into the kingdom of God, than to go through the eye of a needle. They know how to pull the wool over everyone or they know how to play act, act all Christian on the surface. They know where the money is. The churches are into all kinds of business that they don't pay taxes on . Biggest rackets on earth.

  6. Anonymous6:20 AM i wrong for kinda wishing there was better represention of whites on this show? I say that because I woulnd't want there to be assumptions made that it is largely black pastors who are so charismatic as to hold sway over the sheep (there is a reason they are called a flock). Because that is NOT true. The biggest names in religious fleecedom are white! Billy Graham, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggert, etc. They got just one white guy on there.....

    1. Anonymous7:08 AM

      All the biggest fish are white. Guess they don't need reality teevee.

  7. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Gryphen, if you think about it, Sarah Palin has done the same thing using conservative politics. She just doesn't flaunt the money except for the homes and toys.

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      bwahahah she doesn't flaunt the church either.
      Apparently no church is good enough for Sarah Palin.

    2. Anonymous8:09 AM

      She's her own church. The bucket she passes through the pews is her SarahPAC. Her staff are her family. Her pulpit is facebook and the studio in her home. Her message is "Send your best love gift".

  8. Randall8:00 AM

    I find these "money preachers" disgusting and have so since Billy Graham.

    Robert Schuller and his Crystal Cathedral...
    Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and their Heritage USA...
    The Despicable Pat Robertson and his Pass the Plate Club...
    Creflo Dollar...
    Jerry Falwell...
    Joyce Meyer...
    Joel Osteen and all the rest.

    I have nothing but loathing for these "Gospel of Prosperity" vampires and I'm certain Hell holds a special place for each and every one of them.

    1. Anonymous9:27 AM

      I agree.
      "Gospel of Prosperity" is just a fancy way of saying "Greed is Good When I Am the Benefactor'

  9. Anonymous8:02 AM

    These guys and unfortunately maybe half of today's christians in the U.S. have swallowed this unbliblical prosperity teaching whole. This folks, is why the bible said we need a Saviour. Even those who've submitted to Christ can fall back and take 5 steps backward, and it's easy to do. We see with our eyes how they've been hoodwinked by their own greedy hearts. Just because in the epistles, Paul saluted through letters to the churches, "I pray you prosper" (in the full context) didn't mean prospering in material and wealth. The "prosper" word in that context meant that their SOUL prosper.

    A christian's needs should be few and Paul also taught, Let every thing we do be done in moderation. That is a christian's responsibility to know what moderation is and we have to apply it to each timeline, or day in which we live. It angers me to hear these false preachers say Jesus was rich. They say he stayed at rich friend's houses and wore lavish apparel. The message of the gospel has been hijacked by incessant greed and manipulation of the masses. Even when one is forgiven and saved, they can mess up. They ought to stop it, but are so far into the addiction of power, greed, and celebrity, they are blinded. And it is an insult to the Saviour. These guys have sold their saving relationship for a temporal cup of gold, which won't follow them if God requires their soul today.

    As far the the congregants, they haven't figured it out yet and I still know many friends who are fine christians and haven't yet seen the light on how they're being conned by this prosperity teaching. THey eventually see. But they still love their Saviour and for some, it takes years, but for others, it takes a few weeks to realize the preacher with the pimp car isn't steering them down the right road.

    As for the this show, it's a huge insult to real pastors and real christians.

  10. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Interesting how they ignore Matthew 19:21 "Jesus answered, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”"

  11. Anonymous11:14 AM

    People are so afraid of death that they will part with their hard earned dollars in an attempt to gain entry into heaven, when all they really need to do to cover their bets, regarding if there is heaven or not, or if there is a God. These people simply need to be a good people and help others, not attempt to buy a "slot in heaven" by giving dollars to flawed grifters and shysters that collect money from the fearful.

    Stop giving money to these cretins! I guess time tested adage regarding a fool and his money is ignored by these idiots.

    Not a religious person but the old saying of "there but for the grace of God go I" seems to always stick in my mind when seeing how the faithful are fleeced.

  12. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I happened across a Creflo Dollar program one time where he was proporting this very idea of wealth and tithing to the point of "if you put $10,000 in the plate..." I thought, ten THOUSAND?

  13. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I wholely recommend everybody see the film, God Loves Uganda. I saw it at a special Director's screening and it shows how dangerous America's Evangelical Churches are to other countries. They are targeting Uganda because 50% of the population is under the age of 15. They are really poor, and are willing to submit to religious brainwashing for resources and in return the Evangelicals are making a say in their government policies - about education, health and gay issues. It is truly frightening. If you thought Jesus Camp were just nutcakes, then watch the documentary God love Uganda to see their political plan in action.

  14. Anita Winecooler7:37 PM

    They're big sinners whose lifestyle is paid for by the wages of sin of those in their pews. God helps those who help themselves.
    Good Job, if you can live with yourself.

  15. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Woooooooooow. Same as the previous poster: I wish there was more white representation. This is sickening.


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