Tuesday, July 16, 2013

OMGD, y'all! That book by Sarah Palin that did not sell in hardback is now ready to flop as a paperback too!

Courtesy of Arizona's own snooty snowbird's Facebook page:

 “America by Heart” is back! I’m very excited that HarperCollins has released “America By Heart” this month in paperback. I hope you’ll enjoy the changes and the new cover photo showing an iconic day of riding at the Reagan Ranch. It was such an honor to experience President Reagan’s beautiful ranch and then speak later that day at the Young America’s Foundation’s 100th anniversary celebration of President Reagan’s birthday.

(What? NO photo-op with Nancy Reagan? How odd! Gee I wonder if that could be for the same reason that Margaret Thatcher snubbed her loser ass?)

I love the outdoor image for “America By Heart” because the book reflects the values that President Reagan held dear. I explain in my book my decision to use a quote from Reagan as my closing statement during the 2008 vice-presidential debate because his words perfectly expressed our need to preserve and protect the values that made America great. It’s why we won’t give up the fight for what is right. (Isn't necrophilia still illegal in this country?)

The quote I used in the debate against Joe Biden was this: 

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the blood-stream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.” (Yes except when Reagan said this he was talking about fighting it out during elections, NOT threatening to start a civil war because there was a black man in the White House. Big difference.)

“America By Heart” was written from my heart (Apparently here the word "heart" refers to the numerous previously written books she had her ghostwriter steal almost ALL of this book's contents from.) about “the principles that have made our country great—keeping our government limited, our markets free, and our families strong.” And, as I note in my introduction, “these principles, like all fundamental human truths, are not self-reinforcing. They have to be remembered, cherished, and taught to new generations of Americans.” 

I do hope you’ll enjoy the encouragement and historical lessons the book provides. Keep the faith! 

- Sarah Palin

The "historical lessons?" I do not think I would take too many historical lessons from a woman who once claimed that Paul Revere "warned the British that they would not be taking our guns by ringing bells" But then being a liberal I'm just a stickler for those silly facts.

So yeah this is just the same shit, different day.

Speaking of different day, did ANYBODY else notice something missing from the book's cover?

Here take a better look.

 I will give you two hints, and the first one starts with boobs.

Yeah like wearing a down vest is adequate in hiding the fact that the Belmont girls got left behind that trip.

You see this is the kind of overconfidence you get when you fool people into thinking you were pregnant by using a square pillow.

You see nobody is willing to buy your ghostwritten books anymore, and nobody is willing to buy your phony bullshit anymore.

Especially when they can still find hard copies of the book in a bargain bin marked down to $1.99 right next to your what's left of your tattered and faded political career. (Correction: Apparently the hardcover of America by Heart is available fro 95 cents. Sorry for the exaggeration.)


  1. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Sarah where are your titties?

    1. Anonymous12:47 PM

      Sarah Palin's silicon titties were not ready yet. They were still being filled and manufactured.

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Ew, gross. That is all.

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Wow she looks bad! I forgot how quickly her physical appearance deteriorated! Get help Sarah!

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      and that's a fairly good but OLD picture of her. She looks like a meth head now and nothing like that photo.

    2. Anonymous2:39 PM

      What is "an ICONIC day of riding"?? Maybe she meant "moronic"?

    3. Nearly 2-1/2 years old, from her visit to the Reagan Ranch.

      I always got a laugh out of that picture and the other one of her on that nearly somnolent horse. She clung to the saddle horn with one hand, and held the reins like a typical greenhorn with the other (so loosely that a horse that WASN'T asleep could just take off in any direction at any speed).

    4. The picture is nearly 2-1/2 years old, from the whole fam dambly's visit to the Reagan Ranch in February 2011.

      That picture used to make me laugh whenever I saw it. She's clinging to the saddle horn with one hand sitting atop that somnolent horse, and holding the reins like a typical greenhorn with the other hand.

      Any self-respecting horse that wasn't nearly asleep on its feet would be able to go any direction at any speed with the amount of control a rider like Sarah Palin was exhibiting.

    5. Crystal Sage5:26 PM

      Yeah, she's a greenhorn all right. Look at her flat feet in the stirrups. Holding onto that saddle horn like it belonged to Glen Rice. Looking around for a cowboy to ride.

    6. Anonymous2:18 AM

      in new york we'd call her a tenderfoot. my immediate reaction was to her hand placement. that poor trail horse, must be so bored. she is grabbing that saddle horn like she's seen in those john wayne westerns, it brings a smile to my face to think of her bony ass hitting the saddle when the horse steps into a working trot.

      i used to compete in barrel racing and pole bending, and I would love to invite Sarah to take a ride on one of my horses. trail horses they are not ;)


  4. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I love the outdoor image for “America By Heart” because the book reflects the values that President Reagan held dear.

    Sarah I'm sure Tri-G loves the outdoors too. By the way, where was the little fella when you you were out there in California enjoying your photo op and riding a horse? Was Tri-G sitting at home in Wasilla eating his baby food from a jar?

    1. Anonymous1:45 PM

      Mommy's little prop -- er, Trig -- was there. He was still cute and manageable then.

    2. Anonymous2:22 PM

      Except for the fact it looks like greenhorn Sarah has never sat on a horse before. And you know unless it was a planned Trig photo op that druggie had no idea where Trig was or what he was doing.

  5. Anonymous12:51 PM

    It's actually a really great photo to demonstrate she knows as much about riding horses as about hunting. Holding the reins wrong, check! Holding on for dear life with the other hand, check! Feet just hanging there in never before worn boot, check!

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      LOL! That was my first impression, too. (Coming from a non-rider!!!)

    2. Anonymous1:41 PM

      my first thought as well - should have read the posts before I posted....

      hang onto that saddle widdle sarah - don't be askeered

    3. Anonymous2:00 PM

      I posted below before catching your post. She must think that she can get away with this lie too, why else would she approve that this image be used for the cover. Anyone who knows anything about horses can see that she does not know how to ride and that will include a lot of people in her fan circle. Hopefully they will cotton on to the fact that the princess is not quite telling the truth...again(http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/cotton-on.html).

    4. I have never, EVER seen an experienced horse rider wear boots like that except in a parade or on stage singing backup.

      You should have seen mine -- brown and constantly scuffed up. They were used, and looked it. I was no rhinestone cowgirl.

    5. Anonymous4:25 PM

      But to be fair, she never claimed to be an experienced rider - that's just what she did that day.

    6. In other words, it was a photo op. Typical.

    7. Anita Winecooler8:32 PM

      Yeah, at least she's on the right side of the horse this time.

    8. Anonymous8:33 PM

      4:25 PM It is not about what she claims.

      Who puts their picture, while looking so dumb, on a book they want to sell? What kind of marketing is that? It is all the worse that she was so desperate to make a link with a conservative dead man (iconic to her) that she would publish a cover of a horse at someone's previous vacation ranch. How weird is that? Doesn't she have any accomplishments?

  6. Anonymous12:51 PM

    The last time Sarah had something that big between her legs was when Sarah had her one night stand in her sister's Alaska college dorm room when she was riding Glen Rice.

    1. Anonymous2:23 PM

      She didn't get lucky then , Glen Rice just got a bj from some college student he couldn't even remember.

    2. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Swallow Bitch, swallow. Take that home to Todd, he will know what to do with it.

  7. Jessica Gavora (wife of " writer"/"The Simpsons" enthusiast Jonah ("The Doughy Pantload") Goldberg wrote America By Heart ... copies available "starting at $0.01" on Amazon!

    1. Anonymous4:29 PM

      LOL. They can't sell them at the dollar store, either.

    2. Anonymous6:40 PM

      tee hee

    3. Anonymous7:23 PM

      yep you nailed it perfectly..lmao

    4. Beldar J Conehead8:39 PM

      Mrs T, does that $0.01 include free Prime shipping?

      If so, it's actually not a bad deal if you have a wood burning fireplace and like to keep a stack of neat paper close by for lighting the fire.

      True story: I know some people that found her soft-cover edition of "Going Rogue: A Wasted Life" was soft enough to use as toilet paper in their lake cabin outhouse. Zeus help you, tho, if you try to use the paper from the hard-cover edition for that same purpose!!!

      If you know where to look, you can get a pallet of 2000 copies of "Going Rogue" delivered to your house for under $5. That makes $0.01 per copy of America's Broken Heart look like highway robbery!

  8. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Is that amniotic fluid running down her legs or did Sarah Palin have an orgasm riding Mr. Ed?

    1. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Good thing Sarah is wearing those boots to catch her drippings.

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      skank's incapable of an orgasm

    3. Anonymous1:41 PM

      Anon 1:22. that's a mean thing to say about your wife todd ol'boy, more so since she supports your cheating ass.

    4. Anonymous2:15 PM

      LMFAO !!!

  9. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Is that the horse whose hair Simple Sarah stole to make all those terrible wigs?

    And why is the publisher re-releasing this nonsense in paperback after all this time? Do they think anyone still gives a shit? It's not like you couldn't get the hardback version for under $10 shortly after it was released.

    1. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Going Rogue is available on amazon for a penny.

      America by Heart, hardcover, will set you back a whopping 95 cents for a "like new" copy.

      You can "pre-buy" that Christ, It's Almost Christmas book on amazon, too.

      Which may be why they're putting out the paperback of America, by Heart right now, to remind Wal-Mart shoppers that Sarah's still around and ready for sale.

      Which reminds me to turn her book to the back of the stacks every time I see it. Anything, everything -- a nice fresh Stephen King or Barbara Cartland or Seven Habits of Annoying People -- are there to cover up Our Sarah. Also, Our Paula Deen.

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      I ALWAYS turned her books around and put another author in front. WHEN I could find them. Either that or take out my trusty sharpie and draw a frito bandito mustache across that smug mug.

    3. Evelyn Waugh1:26 PM

      Isn't it rich to have her dredge up her "debate" with Joe Biden, now almost five years later?
      Sarah, dear, Vice President Biden has won a national election twice. He barely remembers that "debate." He's moved on to the second decade of the 21st century.
      You, Sarah, seem stuck in amber, reliving 2008 over and over and over again. Groundhog Day. Please wake up and realize that you're closing in on your 50th birthday, you hold no public office or position of influence, you'll never be debating Joe O'Biden or anyone else ever again,

      and that you don't know the first thing about riding a horse.
      Rule #1 -- don't hold onto the pommel.
      Rule #2 -- hold the reins correctly. Any cowhand, or Nancy Reagan, could show you how.
      Rule #3 -- toes up, heels down with both feet. Make sure they're in the stirrups.
      Rule #4 -- Dress correctly. Saint Ronald used to ride in a plaid shirt and blue jeans. You clearly only packed your motorcycle-black clothing for this photo op, but that outfit sure does make you look like a city slicker.

      While you're at it, Sarah, could you expound please on "faith, family and flag?"
      The "faith" part -- do you belong to any religious denomination and do you attend church regularly? If not, why not?
      The "family" part -- is that where you discuss how you have abandoned your wedding ring (and marriage?), your children procreate without marriage, or get married and then divorced before the ink is dry on their marriage certificate? Does family include Trig, whom we never see anymore, especially with you? Please discuss.
      Finally, the "flag" part -- we know you wear flag jewelry, but how else have you been doing anything for your country? Helping military families, as Michelle Obama does? Helping families with DS children? Helping anyone other than yourself? Hugging draft-dodging pederasts? Doing much besides denigrating the President of the United States, even when you're on foreign soil?
      Answer when you're ready. We're eager to learn.

    4. Evelyn Waugh1:38 PM

      Sarah, two things:
      That picture is two-and-a-half years old. Have you not been outside, except sitting by your pool, since then?

      Second, you didn't have a debate "against" Joseph R. Biden. You debated Joe Biden. He debated you. You both discussed your positions, and gave counter-arguments about the other person's positions.

      A debate's not a gun battle or fight. It's a very civilized way to present opposing points of view.

      Everything, dear Sarah, is not about battles, fights, arguments, combat or hostilities. That is, in the real world. In your mind, everything is a contest, tooth and nail, to see who's on top.

      In the case of the 2008 debate, the answer has been in for quite some time: you lost.

    5. Anonymous1:52 PM

      Not only do her fans think she won the VP debate handily, but that she was "chomping at the bit" to do more, but her handlers wouldn't let her.


    6. Anonymous1:53 PM

      Maybe she keeps bringing up the debate because he didn't wipe the floor with her as his advisers said NOT to. She never answered a question, but changed the subject to her own memorized jargon she still parrots to date.

      Remember the times he was Cheshire Cat grinning at her biting his tongue? She didn't win that debate. As he told his advisers upon exiting the stage, "you OWE me."

    7. Anonymous1:55 PM

      Bravo, Evelyn, bravo! And we just can't repeat it enough. Only a rank beginner holds the pommel. What a baby!

    8. Anonymous2:08 PM

      At least RAM or whoever else wrote this remembers his name is "Joe Biden" and not "Joe O'Biden." I bet Sarah still hasn't figured that out.

    9. Anonymous5:58 PM

      There are people who have it in their heads that hardcover books are expensive, and they will only buy paperbacks. Never mind that the amazon.coms discount even new release hardcovers to close to the price of a trade paperback...or that older hardcovers can be found at deep discounts...or that POS hardcovers can be found for pennies on the dollar. Some people "wait for the paperback" 'cause that's what they do.
      There are also people who don't pay attention to much of anything who might happen to notice a shiny new paperback at Costco and think, oh, gosh, lookie, a new book.
      That said, yeah, I'm still surprised a publisher would sink one more dime into this proven turkey. Maybe SarahPAC made them a deal they couldn't refuse?

    10. Anonymous7:15 PM

      @Anonymous1:53 PM:

      Yeah, she was "chompin' at the bit" to do the debate in a swim-suit in case the winkin' wasn't enough to dazzle the morons lol

  10. Anonymous1:13 PM

    “Everything that is worthwhile comes through effort. There is no free lunch. Anybody who tries to tell you otherwise is selling something–usually something paid for by your tax dollars.”
    -Sarah Palin


    Sarah Palin's Alaska
    Life's A Tripp

    Who subsidized those failures?


    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      Who was the Alaska governor who approved of the Alaska Film Tax Credit program then quit on the people of Alaska which subsidized Sarah Palin's and Bristol Palin's reality tv failures?

    2. Anonymous3:26 PM

      "Many just accept that lame duck status and they hit the road, they draw a paycheck. They kind of milk it."

      Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2009/07/03/852419/palins-resignation-shocks-alaska.html#storylink=cpy

      She sure hit the road, going to all parts of the State on the State's dime to get footage and photo's of how popular and beloved she was by the Natives and rural folk - to shop around to producers just how marketable she and her family would be in reality television - excuse me, in a 'documentary.'

      She strategerized such legislation to personally benefit from it at a later time.

      McCain and the RNC had no idea what they were catapulting into the stratosphere.

    3. Anonymous3:45 AM

      This bitch LOVES free stuff, her entire family seems to as well. They will take ANY handout. Why the hell do ya think she's so pissed at the idea that people should receive "free stuff!" That cuts into her slice of pie and that is NOT gonna happen if SHE can help it! Fucking hypocrite that she is.

  11. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Yikes what crap

  12. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Times must be getting hard for the old broad.

  13. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Oh GOD, the Devil's spawn is jumping in!

    Liz Cheney To Challenge Enzi In 2014


    1. Anonymous3:13 PM

      That vile red meat Hannity guesting pundent is a smidge smarter (and apparently braver) than old Sorry Palin. It's going to get ugly (literally and figuratively - have you SEEN Liz? She looks like Linda Tripp. . .) in the U.S. Senate.

    2. Anonymous4:03 PM

      "I am running because I know, as a mother and a patriot, we can no longer afford simply to go along to get along. We can't continue business as usual in Washington," Cheney said in a statement.

      Gosh, Liz, you left out the part about how you're a Mama Grizzly and a maverick. Oh, what's that you say? You're NOT Sarah Palin? Because you sure sound just like her. Sarah Palin says the exact same thing.

      But you're right, you're not Sarah Palin. You are smarter than Sarah and more accomplished. You have actually done real work at your job and I'll bet your are even a better mother. But there is one thing Sarah has that you don't and that's charisma. People can say what they want about Sarah Palin but she has charisma - even her enemies so stipulate. She has schmoozed her way in life for decades - even now, after several public humiliations a lot of people still like her. Whereas NO ONE likes you, Liz. No one. There will be no throngs of people chanting your name at rallies or standing in line for hours just for the chance to see you. You have the charisma of your father. No one likes him, either.

      But, unlike Sarah, you will win your election - your daddy, The Big Dick, will see to it. Because for any guy who can shoot someone in the face and make his victim apologize to HIM, fixing a simple state election is child's play.

    3. Anonymous4:42 PM

      Oh, how I wish your comment were not so true.

      It should be noted that Ms. Cheney is a permanent resident of the state of VIRGINIA, where all of her young children attend school.

    4. fromthediagonal5:12 PM

      anon@4:03... your analysis is probably correct, dammit!

    5. Anonymous6:03 PM

      Bwahahaha!!! Devil's spawn! Truer words were never spoken!

    6. Anita Winecooler8:42 PM

      I can see it now, "The sisterhood of double breasted men's blazers"...

    7. Anonymous7:35 AM

      There is evil in the force with this one. Just like her daddy Dark Vader.

  14. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Sarah on horseback
    So hot
    Sarah in 2016.
    Donate to SarahPac

    1. Anonymous1:47 PM

      Sarah does not know how to ride the horse. She is holding on to the saddle horn-- something that no real horseback rider (Western saddle) would do. Sarah Palin is a fake. But, please send her money. That way, the serious Republicans won't get as much.

    2. Anonymous1:22 PM

      ROFLMAO! OMheavenly goodness!

      BaldyPac must be down to dust and crumbs y'all! Especially when our resident Baldy troll is on here begging us "libruls" to donate to BaldyPac! WTF!!!

      RAM....hey RAM....do you see this shit? You betta get on this fool and send his ass over to the Asylum ASAP!

      Oh...yeah that's right...those fools are still posting their racists thoughts and musings about the Zimmerman trial...it's hard gettting those dummies to focus on sending their pop money to BaldyPac huh?

      Well maybe if Baldy sent out a recent picture of herself with the giant gazooba's some of the HOGs will do a PayDay Advance™ on their Social Security and send TrannyMan some Juvederm™ money!

      Get on it penguin....errr...I mean RAM! LOL!!!!

    3. Anonymous1:49 PM

      Sorry, just like her shooting, her riding skills are lacking. You do not hold the reins like that and with one hand on the horn.


    4. angela1:51 PM

      Sarah on horseback . . . What did that poor horse ever do to her?
      So hot . . . If you want a bald headed, toothless, anorexic granny.
      Sarah in 2016. . . . .Still grifting and threatening to run for city council after all these years.
      Donate to SarahPac . . .Its better than buying magic beans and she needs the money for wigs and pay offs.

    5. Oh, fuck off, you braindead moron. We are tired of reading about your sick, twisted lust for perverts like Palin. You should probably have your computer searched by law enforcement. The filth on it must be indescribable.

      Oh, and Sarah won't be anything in 2016. She's too lazy and cowardly. But you can jerk off to her screeches anyway.

    6. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Oh lookie here Brisket has arrived, "hot" is one of her 20 word vocabulary Hot I don't see, what I see is some stupid greenhoen that can't sit ion a horses correctly.

    7. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Sarah on Glen Rice so hot Sarah 2008 Donate tO GRIFTER/ PIMP PAC.

    8. Anonymous6:02 PM

      People,people,don't encourage Sheppard or is it Pete of the itchy dick? Whatever, they prolly wank off to the replies!

  15. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Over A Million Sign Petition Calling For Civil Charges Against Zimmerman


  16. Baldy WISHES she looked half this good now! Instead she looks no better than that poor horse who had the misfortune of having to carry an ugly nag on it's back!

    And as far as that craptastic book "America I Farted, Reflections on Phoniness, Fakery and Fuckups" by Baldy Palin...BaldyPac has already put in there bulk order...Amerite RAM or amirite! LOL!!!

    1. Anonymous2:26 PM

      Hey now! That's not fair to the horse!

    2. Anonymous7:18 PM

      Gina Gina Gina ...LMFAO...

  17. Anonymous1:28 PM

    What is with her use of "iconic"? Does she (or her ghostwrifer) know what it means?

    Lol..I'll bet Nancy hates that this worthless whore is always quoting Ronnie as if she has the first clue how he felt about anything.

    Curse you John McCain.

    1. angela1:41 PM

      Iconic is a word she learned a couple of years ago from a Word of the Day calendar. Just like a little kid who has just learned a new word, Sarah needs to ALWAYS use it; but in her case she thinks it makes her sound smart. So everything with Palin is iconic.

    2. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    3. Anonymous2:03 PM

      I think the Bitch is confusing moronic with iconic. Bitch, you are indeed a moron. And your husband is a Pimp.

    4. Anonymous3:11 PM

      “Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother’s love for a special needs child,” Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapelton said in a statement provided to CNN.


    5. Anonymous3:46 PM

      no different than when she desecrated poor little Trig's face with duct tape under his eyes....

      she is a major hypocrite

    6. Anonymous8:17 PM

      Yes, Nancy detests all things Palin, if she still has her wits about her. Nancy abhorred McCain but takes serious the Reagan meme about speak no ill of fellow Republican, something like that. Nancy was the adoring wife but both she and Ronnie would have been livid with the likes of a Palin. All the worse that Palin uses Reagan in her hayseed suck ass way. Ewwww... makes you feel sorry for Nancy.

  18. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Amazon review comment of America By Heart

    "Throughout the book there are misstatements of fact when it suits her purpose. Some is current, while some was historical. I can't believe she didn't know that what she was writing was wrong, and if she didn't, then maybe she needs to do a little research into a subject before spouting off.... This is a book for the base (and to make some money) and should be seen as such. She doesn't reveal much new and the rhetoric is about the same as always. If you love Palin, you will love the book. If you are not a fan, you won't like this book."

  19. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Why is Sarah Palin riding big ass Willow on that book cover?

    1. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Thats not Wallow, her face has never been that thin.

    2. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Gryphen why do you allow such degrading comments. I hate the Palin's but really you are a hypocrite--- talking about people being homophobic or racist and then allowing such misogynistic comments?

    3. Anonymous9:27 AM

      Learn what mysoginistic means, Moron.

      You can hate a woman- that is not mysoginistic.

  20. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Is that half of Todd? What a douche-bag.

  21. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Why does Sarah Palin's book have a picture of a long haired boy riding a horse on the cover? What does that have to do with Sarah Palin?

  22. Anonymous1:39 PM

    looks like she's never ridden a horse before either.

    it's not natural to see a pig on a horse.

  23. Ronald Reagan used that quote in anti-Medicare commercials. Yeah, we all know how that worked out!

  24. Anonymous1:48 PM

    ” And, as I note in my introduction, “these principles,like all fundamental human truths, are not self-reinforcing. They have to be remembered, cherished, and taught to new generations of Americans.” 

    "They have to be remembered, cherished, and taught to new generations of Americans.” 

    You mean like Sally Heath was pregnant before marriage?

    You mean like Sarah Heath was pregnant before marriage?

    You mean like Bristol Palin was pregnant before marriage?

    You mean like Track Palin's girlfriend was pregnant before marriage?

    You mean like Wilow's pregnancy scare before marriage?

  25. ♪♫ I'm an ol' cowhand, from the Rio Graaaande...♫♪

    Sure you are. You stupid blender brain.

    1. Nefer, I definitely need a new monitor after "Blender brain"!!!! I spit wine all over the place. :-) Always enjoy your posts.

    2. Anita Winecooler8:50 PM

      Makes two of us, pol!

  26. Anonymous1:54 PM

    How embarrassing for her: she doesn't know how to ride a horse! Her rodeo loving fans will take notice. They likely won't leave the queen but they will recognize a phony when they see one. Just like the picture of whichever daughter it was who was firing a gun from the saddle (the one who did not even have hold of the reins and who was clinging to the horn), Ms. Palin's riding credentials are nil.

    1. Anonymous7:29 PM

      Umm, not to be a douche or anything, but if these people were able recognize a phony when they saw one, they never would have liked her in the first place...

  27. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Coincidences-- even Sarah says that there are no such things as coincidences. When Sarah quit as governor, she had two new jobs: spewing hate on Fox and promoting a ghost written book. Surprise. Sarah is back at Fox, and OMG, surprise again, Sarah has a book to promote. Make that two books to promote. The Christmas book is probably going to be such a bomb, judging by the Paula-Deen-wannabe-recipes that Sarah posted on her Facebook that they had to get this old turkey out just to pay off Sarah's contract.

    And speaking of horses, I wonder if those photos of Ann Romney on her horse is what made Sarah drag this one out for her book-- and post the lame photo of Piper shooting a pistol from horseback. (Piper also held onto the pommel, had her toes down and doesn't know how to ride a horse, either. Like mother, like daughter. Is Sarah channeling St.Ronald of Reagan or copying Olympic champion (almost) Ann Romney??

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      Is she back on Fox????? It doesn't seem so. She was on twice, weeks ago and not since. Why is that do you think?

    2. Sally in MI4:44 PM

      They are paying her to stay away? They are busy with the new boob on the set, Elizabeth, who is way hotter and just as annoying? The old girl really has been busy shuttling Piper to 'basketball camps?"She's writng her Christmas book? She decided to spend some quality time with her grandkids and children? She's having more palstic surgery before the photo shoot for the new yummy recipe book with legalize telling us how to circumvent the laws against mixing religion into public schools? Isn't it funny how they were too cheap to take a new photo for the cover of this old book..I wonder if HC is testing her marketability before they actually PRINT another Palin bomb?

    3. Anonymous9:30 AM

      Sarahs ex lover = Brad Hanson

      Tracks ex father in law= Brad Hanson

      Not the same guy but oh so weird!

  28. Anonymous1:54 PM

    The horse looks like the Bitch just took a shit on herself.

  29. Anonymous1:54 PM

    That photo of Sarah on horseback shows that Sarah does not know how to ride a horse. She is holding the reins wrong. She should be holding them down, not up, with her fingers between the left and right rein. The real give-away that she is a "dude" (and I don't mean "dude" as in First Dude). A dude is someone who has not been on a horse and has no idea what they are doing. Sarah is holding on to the saddle horn, the sign of a beginner, someone who does not know the first thing about riding horses. The first rule of riding on a Western saddle is DON'T HOLD ON TO THE SADDLE HORN OR PEOPLE WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE A NOVICE, A BEGINNER, A FAKE.Sarah posted a photo of Piper on horseback, shooting a pistol. Piper was also holding on to the saddle horn, and someone else was leading the horse because one hand was on the saddle horn and one hand was shooting the pistol. That means that Piper was not holding the reins. Her toes were pointing down and her feet barely touched the stirrups. The rule in riding Western is heels up. Her stirrups were set too low for her. Maybe Piper had better learn to ride a horse before she starts shooting from horseback.It was a stupid photo for Palin to post, and it is even more stupid for her to show herself on horseback on the cover of her book. Anyone who does know how to ride will spot her as a fake. But then, anyone who saw Sarah try to shoot a caribou knew that she didn't know how to shoot, either. Sarah is all about image with no substance at all. Fake fake fake as you know what.

    1. WakeUpAmerica2:20 PM

      The rule is, "Head up, heels DOWN."

    2. Anonymous2:20 PM

      I have only ridden a handful of times and am, frankly, more scared of horses than of any other animal. I always clung to the saddle horn because I was afraid I would fall off otherwise--so I can definitely see where that would be the mark of a novice, insecure rider.

      I thought she looked like she knew what she was doing in this photo. I am ever so glad to read otherwise. Thanks to the many people who are knowledgeable about horses and riding and who are calling her on her fakery!

    3. Anonymous3:49 PM

      "The rule in riding Western is heels up."

      blaaat - you lose

      heels DOWN.

    4. Anonymous5:56 PM

      double blaaat 3:49

      "weight ON the heels"

      YOU lose

    5. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Whoops! Double blaaat on 1:54 I mean, not 3:49!

      But I have a feeling they meant to say heels down.

  30. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Evelyn Waugh11:18 AM said
    I'll be interested to see IMers reaction to the new paperback edition of America by Heart.From my days of riding, I remember holding a horse's reins differently than Sarah does in the picture on the cover of her book. Plus, she's using her right hand to hold onto the pommel. Which means they were either standing still or walking the horse at about two miles per hour.

    Interestingly, she says you can get the book through HarperCollins or at your local bookstore. I guess she doesn't like amazon or barnes an noble on-line services? Or she gets a bigger percentage if she sells it for list price.

    Shameless self-promotion, showing her supposedly riding at the Reagan ranch. And quoting Reagan. Because he, at least, didn't serve up word salad, but juicy, red-meat bits.

    1. Anonymous2:10 PM

      Holding the pommel means that Palin doesn't know how to ride a horse. She's a beginner, a novice, a fake.

  31. cckids1:56 PM

    When this steaming pile was out in hardback, I came across it at a local grocery store, discounted by 75%, with a huge sign that said "America, BS by Heart" by Sarah Palin.

    I suppose whatever lowly stock person made the sign could claim it was a typo, but we all know it was just truth in advertising.

  32. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I zoomed in on Sarah Palin's face and it doesn't look like she is having a good time. It looks like she is trying to smile for her photo op at the same time she is trying not to shit in her pants.

  33. Anonymous2:04 PM

    What is an "iconic day of riding"? Reagan is an icon, and I suppose his ranch might be "iconic," but the day you spent there is not. Did you mean "idyllic"? So hard to keep those three-syllable words straight, I know.

    If I wanted to read "America by Heart," I would have gotten a copy at the Dollar Store. They had the book for months.

    1. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I noticed that too. She meant idyllic. She is so fucking stupid.

    2. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Iconic is easier to spell, and her 'fans' don't know she's as dumb as that horse's hoof.

    3. Anita Winecooler8:58 PM

      The "unperky one" on the horse forgot idyllic because the photo would be idill if she was wearing her fake boobs.

  34. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Sarah likes to wear black leather jackets and pretend that she is a biker, too. And then, she went to Washington DC and had to ride "bitch," behind a real, licensed motorcycle rider. (Palin does not have a motorcycle license, so she couldn't ride her own hog). All hat and no cattle. Can't ride motorcycle unless someone else is driving. Can't ride a horse without holding on to the saddle horn. Couldn't shoot a caribou in four tries. Ever changing breast size. That woman is a fake!

    1. Anonymous5:03 PM

      Sarah not only rode bitch, Sarah Palin rode bitch behind a WOMAN!

      Piper rode bitch behind a bitch. Piper rode bitch behind Todd!

  35. WakeUpAmerica2:18 PM

    First of all, those are surgical pads under her shirt from her lipodisolve shots. Obvious that they are surgical pads. Second, she is leaning so off balance to her right that it is pulling the breast collar off kilter on the horse. Such an amateur.

  36. Anonymous2:51 PM

    She is soo fucking stupid.
    What exactly is "an iconic day?" She spent an iconic day of riding? at the Reagan Ranch?
    That doesn't even make sense Sarah.
    Please go away.

    1. Anonymous3:30 PM

      VJ day was an iconic day. It was significant because it marked the end of World War II. There would never be another day like that day. Sarah can always visit the Reagan ranch again, and so can plenty of other people. There is nothing iconic about it. It is as significant as Sarah calling her visit to the Kentucky Derby a "once in a lifetime event." No, you can go to the Kentucky Derby every year.

  37. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Jesus Christ, Bitch Palin, we get it!! We know you like to pretend you wrote a fuckin' book. Anyone who wanted it has already bought it and nobody else gives a fuck. We also know you like to pretend the whole country just adores you and can't wait for the turds of wisdom that plop out of your face-hole after one-too-many vodka and redbulls. But sadly, only people who marry their aunts, think that gay people are really a front group for people who want to force your children to marry cows, and people who are waiting to hear if you finally OD'd and left this horrid world therefore making it a little less unbearable are reading your retarded fucking FB page. Yeah, I SAID IT! Piss off you lying, self-promoting braggart of a loser. How typical that you have to use one of the like 6 old-ass pictures of you where you don't look like a cross-eyed Furby with a wig that doubles as toilet paper plastered to your empty little head! You aren't smart, you aren't funny, you aren't a mother or a wife, you're not a leader, you're just the GOP's stalker ex. Get off our fuckin' planet already.

    1. Anonymous4:32 PM

      That was beautiful.

    2. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Anon432: That was funny

    3. Anonymous5:59 PM

      LMAO!!! I wish I could steal this comment and post it on the grifting snake's cult site or her fakebook, but I'd rather watch hannuty at fox(GGAAAHH!!!) than go to those sites.

    4. jcinco6:21 PM

      it truly was, pinot grigio all over my screen..omg, you're too funny anon 3:10...

    5. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Gryphen: When does the FEC filing info come out? I thought it was out already since $$ for Begich appeared on Politico --

      Must mean it's time to see how much ol'$creech spent on POSTAGE!! LOL

      And is there any way to find out if $arah or any of her clan has ever donated a penny to Pick.Click. Give????

  38. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Does she ever wear a wedding ring anymore?

  39. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Iconic day? Maybe Palin was looking for "memorable day." There was nothing iconic about being at the Reagan Ranch. Even the ranch isn't iconic. D-Day was iconic because it was the turning point in World War II. The most iconic image marking the end of WWII was that photo of the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square-- it was a powerful image that marked a most significant moment. Riding a horse at a ranch is hardly iconic. I guess that means that the photo of Piper on the horse was iconic, too, also.

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Todd making love to Shailey Tripp must have been iconic to Todd since he told Shailey she lights up his life.

  40. Anonymous3:52 PM

    usually, only married people wear wedding rings. Did she ever get married? She accused everybody else of faking it, so I suspect projection for her own sins.

  41. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Iconic to Sarah was swallowing Glenn Rice's seeds.

    1. Anonymous7:36 PM

      I know you think you are soooo clever, but your multitude of posts are fuckng stupid... And ruin the comments section.

    2. Anonymous7:31 AM

      I gotta agree I mean does Glen Rice's sperm really need to be brought up in every thread?

    3. Anonymous7:45 AM

      Oh STFU and swallow Bitch, swallow.

  42. AKaurora5:08 PM

    Daughter and I laughed our heads off when we discovered a bunch of the hardcovers at a Dollar Store in Denver last year. Posting a pic on Facebook brought an immediate response: Cheap TP.

  43. Anonymous5:17 PM

    – During a celebration among staffers after the vice presidential debate in St. Louis, Palin began pushing hard to start bringing up the topic of Barack Obama’s controversial pastor Jeremiah Wright on the campaign trail. She wanted badly to win the election, the authors note. “I just don’t want to go back to Alaska,” Palin said off-handedly during the gathering.

    Boo hoo Sarah Palin had to drag her old ass back to Alaska. That was iconic.

    Now Sarah Palin has the nerve to want to be our Senator after quitting on Alaska?


    1. Anonymous5:51 PM

      As I understand it, Palin is in Arizona far more time than she is in Alaska. She didn't claim that Alaska Fund money in 2013, and it's not like Sarah to pass up free money. I heard the gossip that she may no longer be a citizen of Alaska.

    2. Anonymous7:14 PM

      The last time the Delusional Dip$tick filed for a PFD was in 2010. LOL

    3. Anonymous8:52 PM

      So what state is Sarah running for Senate?

    4. Anonymous7:47 AM

      The state of STUPID. She will win in a landslide.

  44. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Iconic to Sarah was swallowing Curt Menard Jr's seeds.

    Sad to say one of his seeds made it to Sarah's eggs which produced Caint Get Right.

    1. Anonymous7:35 PM

      What a truly stupid comment.

    2. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Oh swallow Bitch, swallow.

    3. Anonymous8:06 AM

      You are what you swallow, Bitch!

  45. Anonymous5:24 PM

    What's the name of Willow's new hair shampoo stand or is she still babysitting her stepson Tripp while her wife Bristol performs surgery at the medical office?

    1. Anonymous5:49 PM


    2. Anonymous8:50 PM

      Is Willow working? Putting up stickers on a board for Tripp's behavior is not considered working.

  46. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Bristol's Mono Day was iconic to Sarah Palin. It was Sarah Palin's first grandchild.

  47. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Iconic to Sarah was that she was able to convince Todd that he was the father of Tractor and they had to elope a month after she missed her period.

  48. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Sarah Palin is straddling her horse.

    Is Todd riding side saddle or is he riding bitch while holding onto Jim Joe Bob the stable boy?

  49. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn5:53 PM

    "Iconic" to Scarah simply means that her PAC siphoned the life savings from a nitwit PalinBot named Nick. Then we move on to "Iconjoe", "Iconmadge", "Iconbrian" and so on.

    1. Anonymous8:26 PM

      and then we can move on to 'high colonic' for that's the effect I get looking at or listening to Palin and her mini-me.

  50. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Michele Bachmann may be in trouble! Awww.

    Bachmann campaign allegations sent to House Ethics panel

    "WASHINGTON – A congressional inquiry of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann has been referred to the House Ethics Committee, significantly raising the stakes in the Minnesota Republican’s efforts to fend off questions about her 2012 presidential campaign’s financial dealings.

    A report issued Tuesday by the independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) shows that its bipartisan board sent all seven cases before it last month to the House Ethics Committee, meaning they found “substantial reason” to believe they all involve potential ethics violations."

    Oh SNAP! Positively Palinesque! She couldn't be convicted for the violations during her book tour for "Core of Conviction"; that would be too Sarah and Toad for Shelly and MarKKKus. But

    "Among the cases known to be pending before the board was a probe of potential campaign finance violations by Bachmann as well as allegations that she took members of her campaign staff on a book tour to promote her personal political memoir, “Core of Conviction.”"

    Sarah needs to tweet on this right now!

    1. jcinco6:40 AM

      she's ascared to tweet since Senator Begich smacked her down in the dirt the other day..she slunk away with her tail between her legs to the safety of her facebook..at least there only her 100 or so "friends" who sign up under 100's of aliases view her idiocy...

    2. Anonymous8:09 AM

      That is how you handle a bully. You Bitch slap the shit out of them. Way to go Senator Begich.

  51. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Look what happens when you make that horse stand upright... no wonder the photographer tilted the photograph. Obviously none of the photos made her look like she was "riding".


    I don't know if there are any Palinbots that are intelligent enough to ride a horse but I wonder how embarrassed they'd be seeing their Queen sliding off and gripping the pommel and holding the reins like that.

    Isn't her fan base supposed to be country people? If she's so comfortable using such an awkward photo on the cover of her silly book her fan base must be fat white country people who never saw a horse.

    1. jcinco6:36 AM

      her fan base rides rascals and hoverounds, for pete's sake. they are, however, fat & white.

  52. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Iconic is how Sarah Palin's titties inflate and deflate.

    Iconic is is how Sarah Palin's titties appear and disappear.

  53. Anonymous7:58 PM

    She is a QUITTER AND A LOSER. Anyone in their right mind would have learned how to ride a horse. I can't believe how lazy she is, see above picture/book cover.

    Reagan is turning in his grave that she keeps debasing him.

  54. Anonymous8:07 PM

    She has no idea how to ride a horse let alone anything else, be it a well thought position paper, political opinion, governorship etc. ... Sarah Palin is a fraud and a grifter.She is also a terrible parent. Just ask Trig.

    1. Anonymous9:21 PM

      Sarah doesn't know how to ride? Is that why Glen Rice didn't marry her?

    2. Anonymous9:38 PM

      You telling us Sarah Palin is not an energy expert?

  55. Anonymous8:15 PM

    lol Michele had a headache so they prayed and sent a vibrator to help her feel better

    "Documents Detail Implosion At Leading Conservative Christian Political Firm

    Transcripts of internal emails and text messages show just how Strategy Group for Media CEO Rex Elsass lost the faith of his employees and the control of his office. Also, he may have accidentally mailed a vibrator to Michele Bachmann. "


  56. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Sarah Palin's Facebook:

    Gary Allin > Sarah Palin · Our National Debt is 16,864,845,000,000 thank you Obama.

    Gary do you know that wars costs money? Gary tell us how many wars President Obama got us in?

    1. Anonymous9:37 PM

      President Obama has been busy ending wars.

  57. Anita Winecooler8:25 PM

    I wonder how much postage will be needed to get this back on the breast er best seller's list?

    Drop your rosary beads, Pee Pond, your prayers have been answered ! She's running folks, you heard it here first!

  58. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Sarah Palin's facebook:

    Jim Shorts > Sarah Palin · Even Sarah can not do it all, needs help! got to love Palin

    Sarah cannot do it herself? Jim you are preaching to the choir.

    Jim in Alaska it is well known in Wasilla that incompetent Mayor Sarah Palin had to have her husband Todd Palin sit in on city meetings.

    Jim in Alaska it is well known that incompetent Governor Sarah Palin had to have her husband Todd Palin sit in on state meetings and it is a proven fact and documented that state employees had to email Todd Palin for his approval and answer to him even though he had no official title with the the State of Alaska except for the unofficial title of First Dude.

    So yes Jim we all know that Sarah Palin cannot do it all herself.

    Jim ask the small town of Wasilla who has to pay for incompetent Mayor Sarah Palin's hockey rink screw up for many many years to come.

    1. Anonymous9:18 PM

      Sarah Palin can't do it all herself. That's why Governor Sarah Palin hired her high school best friends for important state jobs that we the state depended on and everybody knows how that ended up.

  59. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Why the vest? The weather was lovely, warm.

    1. Anonymous9:15 PM

      Why the false breast? Everybody knows Sarah Palin is flat?

    2. Anonymous9:35 PM

      Most likely the same reason Bristol wore all those scarves.

    3. Anonymous9:45 PM

      If Sarah Palin had natural plump breast do you think she would have hidden them or prance around on her horse and proudly display them bouncing up and down.

  60. Anonymous8:44 PM

    Hey, Grif - check out the NBC show "Celebrity Game Night." They were trying to give clues to famous people, and when the name "Sarah Palin" came up, the Celebrity said "Wanted to be Vice President... really dumb... pass!"

    I'm sure the Peebots are already waging their jihad on Alyson Hannigan.

    1. Anonymous9:41 PM

      Link please.

    2. No, 9:41. No link for you.

  61. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Anonymous8:52 PM So what state is Sarah running for Senate?

    State of Delusion population 1.

  62. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Iconic is how Sarah Palin grew a large pregnant belly overnight and wants us to believe it was Trig.

  63. Anonymous11:07 PM

    At least Hollywood taught Ronald Reagan how to ride a horse; Sarah Palin learned nothing except posing:


  64. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Iron Angel > Sarah Palin · Hey Patriot Palin we have A Catastrophe In Arizona...Organize the Sheriffs down there to deputize Americans like me!! I'm LOCKED & LOADED & READY TO MOVE OUT! All I Need Is To Be Deputized!!

    Here we go again with Patriot Palin and her private army locked, loaded and ready awaiting their marching orders from a person who can't even raise her own army of delinquents.

  65. Anonymous5:44 AM

    Margie Carter > Sarah Palin · you should be proud of trig and start showing him on your tv show

    Margie his day of being Sarah's little prop is over. If you've noticed, Sarah has been more proud of and showing those two new things on her chest. That's what some would call her new money maker.

  66. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Hank Naizer > Sarah Palin · Your opponent seems to think you're away from Alaska to much with his comment "I don't know if she's a resident. She's been away from Alaska a lot and has probably lost touch with what's going on." Well I have a campaign idea for you. Count up the days over his tenure in the Senate and make a campaign adv. showing his absence from Alaska.

    First of all, your Sarah doesn't have an opponent. Sarah is not running for anything.

    Second, what do you think Sarah's imaginary opponent is doing in Washington DC? He is working, working for Alaska and America. This imaginary opponent is not posting pictures of her scrawny looking body sunning next to her Arizona pool at her Arizona house with her scrawny house boy husband or posting pictures riding a horse trying to sell a paperback book and trying hard to stay relevant.

  67. Anonymous6:06 AM

    Sheila Norris > Sarah Palin · Sara I am 49 year's old. And don't have much. I admire you and was excited and a little proud. I wish you would run for President . We need a person to try and make head's or tail's of this nations in. I am staying in touch .

    Sheila what little you have is no concern to Arizona's latest multimillionaire. What matters is that you keep sending in your monthly dues to SarahPac. Rich people still have to travel and go to parties. That stuff ain't free.

    1. Nancy7:32 AM

      Sheila has no idea about the difference between plurals and possessives. (no apostrophe needed)!!!

  68. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Rueben K.Vigil > Sarah Palin · Sarah..any hint of your political future endevours??

    Go to the Superbowl, World Series, things like that.

  69. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Bob Teer shared a link near Des Moines, IA · Given past and recent events happening here in America, maybe the following song might become a battle cry so to speak for people in America craving justice...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sslFmCepE_0MARTINA MCBRIDE - INDEPENDENCE DAY LIVEwww.youtube.com

    Thank you Patriot Bob. Sarah's personal militia of patriots are looking for a good battle cry song.

  70. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Kelly Stanis > Sarah Palin · I came here hoping Sarah would weigh in on all the current scandals and racism. I got the scandals thing to a degree and by listening to this great lady but wanted to know her thoughts about the race baiting going on? The nuclear option Reid is proposing? and well it is just plain nice hearing a Patriot American weigh in!!! Love you Sarah wish I had a friend like you!!!

    Kelly, you went to Sarah's facebook to get her account of what's going on? Well Sarah will hafta get back to ya after she gets her report and words to say from her consultants. Meantime buy America By Heart which is available everywhere if you want to see her new picture sitting on a horse.

  71. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Cheryl L Vadney > Sarah Palin · Run Sarah, run. And not for senate. It's time.

    Cheryl as you know Sarah announced she may run for president. Then Sarah announced she may run for Senate. What else can Sarah announce she's running for? Prom queen of Wasilla High School? Not much left.

  72. Anonymous6:45 AM

    Robert Vardiman > Sarah PalinYesterday at 11:23am · Sarah,Stand Strong for the American people. You are an amazingly talented person. Please continue to use your gifts and talents in whatever way you feel is best. We love and trust you so much!!!Your Friend, Robert Vardiman. Phoenix, Az.

    Bob I'm sure Sarah will be happy to hear your encouragements from a fellow Arizona Patriot and neighbor.

  73. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Tho Wetnight > Sarah Palin · sarah I wish you were running for the our nations leader if any of our dem. or republicans get it the nation will loose even more of thr rights they are only for power and money and not the people.

    I'm sure you meant to type "The Wetnight"? Mr. or Miss. Wetnight I can't help you with the rest of your word salad but I'm sure Sarah understands what you are saying.

  74. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Diana Singer Mattlin > Sarah PalinYesterday at 8:36am · Okay...so, Sarah, what do you think Obama is doing behind closed doors while we have all the distraction of the DOJ filing charges against George Zimmerman?

    Diana I can't answer for Sarah but I'm 100% sure President Obama is working for the American people.

  75. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Rakib Hasan > Sarah Palin Yesterday at 11:57am · Hi,i want to be your friend.

    Rakib Hasan, sad to say but with a name like yours I don't think Patriot Sarah would befriend you? It would not sit well with her troops. But feel free to donate to SarahPac and tell your friends about SarahPac.

  76. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Janet Pickler > Sarah Palin Yesterday at 4:32pm · Time for a third party, Sarah. The Republicans proved once again today they are useless, spineless, and dangerous. I am with you 100%. Freedom Party let's go!!

    Time for a third party? Sarah just got back from the Kentucky Derby, NBA basketball finals and Indy 500! Sarah is getting old and needs her rest next to her Arizona pool. Janet you guys need to party without Sarah for awhile.

  77. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Sal Woloshyn > Sarah Palin · The mob now rules the American justice system! The race baiter's have their marching orders!

    And what orders would that be Sal?

  78. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Tom Peterson > Sarah Palin Yesterday at 1:29pm near Minneapolis, MN · There is one reason and one reason alone that Trayvon Martin is dead today and that reason is he attacked a man with a licensed firearm who used it. LIKE and SHARE if you agree

    Tom take it personal that Real Americans disagree with you.

  79. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Richard Paris shared a link.Yesterday at 8:57am · Something muslims know nothing about but that's not my point. One of the most famous lines in the movie, when Jack Nickleson was on the stand and being cross examined by Tom Cruise " The Truth! You Can't Handle The Truth!" This is the muslim creedo since you can't handle the truth! I will add this also seems interestingly enough that the looters and rioters today in regard to the Zimmerman - Martin Trail "Can't handle the truth" either! The looters are leed by false leaders like Obama, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton and idiotic football players like Victor Cruz. This group is acting like very similar to the teaching of islam which prays upon ignorance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FnO3igOkOk

    So Richard you think looters and rioters in America are only black and Muslim? What about those kids in Wasilla that broke into that house, destroyed it and had sex in it? Those kids in Wasilla who cut the school bus brake lines? Those Wasilla kids that reportedly sold and bought drugs in the Target parking lot? Were they Muslims?

  80. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Who are these Children of the Corn, over at the C4P Facebook page?

  81. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Dejona Bost > Sarah Palin · Sarah Please run for PRESIDENT! PLEASE...I know you wont make a lot of money but we need help, do it for the future generation! You have my vote I promise you!

    Dejona you're not saying Sarah's youngest daughter is pregnant with the next generation? That was fast.

  82. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Ted Chechak Jr. > Sarah Palin · Obama wants a race war, so did Charlie Manson.

    What gave that away Ted? When President Obama went to Tucson, Arizona after the the white woman from Alaska put rifle crosshairs on the white politician's name and the white gunman shot up the parking lot killing and wounding the innocent white people besides putting a bullet in the white politician's brain?

  83. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Actually, "America by Heart" made number two on The NY Times Best Seller list during its second week of release and was the #5 best-selling nonfiction book of 2010, according to Publishers Weekly, with 797,955 copies sold. With the paperback release, it will become a million seller.

    But, hey, don't let facts get in the way of leftist lies and seething, irrational hatred.

  84. jcinco10:28 AM

    and how many copies were bought in bulk by the religious right and sarah's pac? don't let facts get in the way of your unhealthy obsession.

  85. jcinco10:29 AM

    gryph, this comment (anon 10:18) is coming from wasilly or scottsdale is it?


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