Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Something you should keep in mind if you wish to engage me in morning conversation.

This relates to my blogging to some degree as well.


  1. Anonymous2:25 AM

    My cup would say "Come back when I'm on my third cup". I can't even make eye contact until I'm two cups into the day.

  2. Anonymous3:23 AM

    My sister would joke to about me, even as a little kid - do'nt talk to me until
    i've had my coffee and cigarettes!
    I of course do not smoke, and especially not as a child - but it takes me an hour to be able to want to talk.

  3. Anonymous3:44 AM

    Good morning, sunshine ;) I've already had my morning Mt.Dew.

  4. Anonymous4:01 AM

    Wow. I'm the same. The first few sips......my brain warms up, then l quarter through, still eyes half open, and spaced out......then half, well, I can spit out a few coherent words, and at one full cup, the old transmission is finally in gear. But another cup adds the lubricant and I'm awake enough to promise myself to go to bed earlier tonight.

  5. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I love coffee but I don't even try to drink it other than a half cup before I leave for work and on weekends. My batting average in getting a couple of drops on the cuff or the front of my white cotton dress shirts is high enough that I have accumulated at least a dozen "emergency" shirts that fit perfectly and are still rather new but have a small differ stain. I'm too frugal (cheap) to toss em or give em away, because they're still functional for when I wear a sweater a couple of times a month or sometimes if I know that I'm going to be working with a client casually in which rolling up the cuffs a couple of times hides the coffee. BTW, when I wear one of my already-stained shirts, I always drink coffee with reckless abandon because I can. And I never seem to spill any at all, and if I do, it's on my pants. I'll bet Marcus Bachmann never has this problem. I'm tho jealouth.

  6. Anonymous6:36 AM

    I don't like coffee AND I'm a night owl so getting up early enough to be dressed and at work by 7:30, especially during winter, is a huge struggle for me. I do drink tea and chocolate milk, but they just don't seem to have the same effect as coffee.

  7. Leland7:12 AM

    I have two special coffee cups. The first, which I used at work (I'm since retired) when I was just NOT up to talking said:


    Since I always held it in my right hand, that always faced directly at the person dumb enough to interrupt me!

    The other one - which I keep at my girlfriend's house - is one she got for me at Disney World In Orlando. It says absolutely nothing - but it has a picture of GRUMPY on both sides! It's a HUGE cup, too!

    I'm so bad that even my CATS stay away from me first thing in the AM!

    I sympathize Gryphen!

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Years ago I had a homemade sign that I occasionally placed on my desk at work on those really cranky days.

      It said "Don't mess with me today!"

      Worked like a charm!

      Now I have a little stuffed skunk that I place on the desk as a warning. It's a tiny bit more subtle than the sign, but everyone knows to give both me and the skunk a wide berth!

  8. fromthediagonal7:13 AM

    HA, that reminds me... in the time of the dinosaurs I would wake up the kids with "the ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah... starting softly, but if I had to repeat, it would get louder, and my fingers would become the ants crawling up their arms. My younger daughter would tell me: "I hate you for being so disgustingly cheerful". Now she has two sons, one a "good morning sunshine" jump out of bed, and the other a slow to emerge from sleep into the new day . As she says: I have become my mother!

  9. WakeUpAmerica7:20 AM

    It sure relates to me. Where can I get one of those?

  10. i want one of those cups..how or where can i get one??..Thanks

    1. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Any white mug and a fine tipped marking pen will give you one of these mugs. You can make it two sided with Leland's cup's message on the other side, for those mornings when even a whole cup of coffee won't work for you.

  11. Thanks for the warning, Gryph! ;-)


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