Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The video that the Koch brothers and Tea Party do no want you to see, and the book they do not want you to read.

Courtesy of Americans Against the Tea Party: 

Her name is Claire Conner, and she’s written a book called “Wrapped In The Flag” that the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party don’t want you to see! 

According to her website

“Claire was twelve years old when her parents dove into the world of paranoid politics, a world dominated by the John Birch Society, an anti-Communist, anti-federal government movement. “We’re taking back the country” was the Birch mantra. 

Claire’s parents were the first two Birch members in the entire city of Chicago. Her father, Stillwell J. Conner, became a National Council member and remained in top leadership for thirty-two years. Her mother was a partner in all things Birch.” 

Claire’s new book is about the unholy coalition of Tea Party, libertarians, huge corporations, violent gun-nuts,, the religious right and the revamped John Birch Society. 

“Extremism broke my family,” Claire says. “I don’t want it to break my country.”

It is no secret that the Tea Party was wholly dreamed up and funded by the Koch brothers, and has been used to destabilize our government and render it virtually impotent. 

Understanding who is funding the group, that their agenda dates back to the John Birch society, and that the model for their astro-turf organization comes from the cigarette companies, might help us to fight them and wrest control of our country back from those who would turn it into a wasteland.

That is if it is not already too late.


  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Clair Connor deserves a megaphone to counter the Koch-controlled narrative of what defines liberty, freedom, patriotism and 'life.'

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Papa Koch was one of the founders, if not the founder, of the John Birch Society. His sons are simply following in his footsteps.

    As far as I'm concerned, his sons, Charles and David Koch, are both cowards. They will not seek election because they know their views are too antithetical to American values. They created their legislative arm, ALEC, to undo public education and to undo Roe v. Wade and every other remotely progressive program and on and on. Then they created Americans for Prosperity, the funding arm of the teabaggers who have caused such mayhem in the US Congress since 2010 and who have raised racism and misogyny to new levels in this country. They donate heavily, all of a sudden, to PBS which refused to air the documentary "Citizen Koch" because the network feared retribution from the brothers. These men are dangerous; they come armed with lies and fear and they will destroy the country if not stopped. Their goal, I firmly believe and dread, is to change the US into a totalitarian corporatist state of which they will remain the billionaire puppet masters.

    1. Anonymous9:03 AM

      With their unimaginable fortune and complete lack of conscience, they are able to control both critical groups:

      Politicians - enormous sums of money donated to politicians in order to control legislation


      Voters - using religion, fear and racism to keep them electing the Koch-controlled politicians

      As I said on a thread a few days ago, I sincerely believe that Charles and David Koch are the two most dangerous people in America. I don't think the term 'megalomania' is even strong enough to describe them accurately.

    2. fromthediagonal9:47 AM

      Let's make that a triumvirate: Koch&Koch&Murdoch.

  3. Anonymous7:15 AM

    I agree completely. Times 330 million.

  4. angela8:09 AM

    The Kochs are indeed embedded in our political, economic and social lives now. And I may get blasted for this (I don't give a damn) but this is why I have never trusted Glenn Greewald and Snowden. Birchers and crazed conservative libertarians keep popping up in their narrative. Snowden was writing letters to a right wing ex senator (Humphrey). Greenwald takes money from the Kochs (Cato) and the bastard defended Citizens United. A lot of liberals have no idea who their libertarian heroes are truly in bed with.

    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      I agree with you. Infiltration is one of the methods used to spread totalitarianism.

  5. Is "Citizen Koch" available elsewhere? Sounds like it needs to be out there.

    1. It isn't on Amazon. I would like to see it also. Anybody have any ideas?

    2. Okay, I found this site.
      http://www.citizenkoch.com which has a film trailer and a place to signup for notification when the film is ready to be purchased or to arrange a screening for a group.

    3. Anonymous11:12 AM

      It's being shown at the Traverse City Film Festival at the end of July and early August. At least Michael Moore isn't afraid of the Koch Brothers. I wish he would do a documentary about them and their nefariousness.

    4. Anonymous9:01 PM

      They are still raising funds via Kickstarter so you can still donate any amount over $1.00 to get this out there.

  6. A. J. Billings8:42 AM

    In Part 1 of the video, Claire repeats the huge scandal that plunged the JB society into disrepute,
    by saying in a book that Eisenhower was a commie.

    The man who achieved FIVE STAR status as a General of the Army

    The man who masterminded the invasion of Europe as Supreme Allied Commander

    The man who as President of the United States, warned us about the military industrial complex

    A man with an unblemished record, a true war hero,
    a military record of unaparalleled accomplishment,
    and a President

    That's who the Birchers wanted to smear and take down.

    Sounds just about as lunatic crazy as the Teaparty droids of today

    Like former US Rep. Joe Walsh, smearing the good reputation of Tammy Duckworth, a war hero herself, who lost her legs in combat, and who was opposing him in a run for a House seat in Illinois.


    The Christian Taliban Teaparty of today is out to destroy American society, period

  7. Beldar Cassini Conehead9:43 AM

    Fuck the Koch Brothers.

    Fuck the Tea Party.

    Revel in the awesome majesty of the solar system:

  8. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Snowden's Moscow Lawyer: NSA Leaker Is Planning To Live In Russia And Get A Job

    The Moscow lawyer of NSA whistleblower/leaker Edward Snowden tells Russia Today that the 30-year-old is planning to spend the foreseeable future in Russia.

    “He’s planning to arrange his life here. He plans to get a job," Anatoly Kucherena, a Russian lawyer with links to the country's intelligence service (i.e. FSB), told RT. "And, I think, that all his further decisions will be made considering the situation he found himself in.”

    The situation he found himself in was being stuck in Russia.

    Kucherena, who sits on public council of the FSB, has been speaking for Snowden since July 12, the day Snowden accepted all offers for support and asylum.



    1. Anonymous11:10 AM

      Edward Snowden Never Had Access to the NSA’s “Crown Jewels”


  9. Anonymous10:13 AM

    The Christian right that follows the Kochs' bidding are blind fools. Everything they represent is ANTI-Christ. They are beyond reason in wanting to take their country "back." They are so disgusting and vile. They are doing their best to make this a plutocracy. Thinking Americans should be afraid, very afraid.

    1. Anonymous1:03 PM

      There is nothing Christian about the "right-wing" or the Tea Party.

      Nothing. At. All.

  10. It's ALEC we really need to worry about.

  11. Anonymous5:11 AM

    My dad was a John Birch member; their social policies are slightly to the left of the KKK and they believe all government services should be cut because they are "socialism"!

    I grew up with the constant refrain that the US govt was of no use, and everything should be outsourced to private companies.

    This kind of thinking is how we ended up funding a privatized (corporate) prison system and why Bush was so quick to write govt checks out to Blackwater - testing the waters to hire mercenaries to fight our wars.

    Of course the corporations are wild to get their hands on as much taxpayer money as possible, and so you have the Koch Brothers and their dirty tricks.

    The driving force here is GREED and how to make a profit off of the needs of our citizens; not SERVICE to make other's lives better.

    Dad is an elderly white guy that lives in the South. He still thinks most citizens agree with him, and is kind of shocked when his rants result in an uncomfortable silence from his audience.


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