Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fox News posts lowest ratings since 2001.

Courtesy of TV Newser:  

...the network declined across the board year-over-year and posted its lowest ratings in the A25-54 demographic since August 2001 in both total day and primetime.  

The ratings for August 2013 (Nielsen Live + Same Day data): 

  • Primetime (Mon-Sun): 1,543,000 total viewers / 251,000 A25-54 
  • Total Day Mon-Sun): 968,000 total viewers / 192,000 A25-54 

Compared to August 2012, Fox News was down -10% in total viewers and -24% in the A25-54 demographic in total day. In primetime, the network was down -15% and -24%, respectively. The network was down in both total viewers and the A25-54 demographic in every hour of programming from 9am-11pmET, except for “The Five,” which was flat in total viewers and down -25% in the demo.

It is worth noting that as the ratings at  Fox News plummet so do the Republican party's poll numbers.

I suppose it is not surprising that as voters abandon the GOP en masse that they also abandon their propaganda outlet.

Things are definitely looking up for the Democrats.


  1. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Aww, gee, ain't that a shame. Can we blame this on Palin's curse again?

    1. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Yes, and since she is signing her name and Toad's to the idiotic 'defund government' nonsense, we can expect to see that go to the dungheap where it belomgs, too. Go Sarah.

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Perhaps they'll now figure out that Sarah Palin has and will continue to be the kiss of death for them.

    Bill O'Reilly figured that out already, but Hannity hasn't! He is too much like Palin - both total idiots and racists!

    1. Anonymous1:00 PM

      Idiot comment. Now there are two parties...Democratic and Racists. Liberals have nothing left to fall back on.

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    OT but seeing as this is a Fox news post it actually fits right in. Renaming storms.

    1. Anonymous6:32 PM

      Gryphen reported on this earlier.

  4. Anonymous5:22 PM

    The flip side of that is that MSNBC's ratings -- including Rachel Maddow's -- are also headed into the crapper.

    1. Anonymous6:28 PM

      All that means is it's summer and people have lives. Wait until fall when Rachel is on against the gorgeous but stupid Kelly.

    2. Anonymous6:33 PM

      Link, please or are you pulling "facts" out of your ass?

    3. Anonymous8:59 PM

      I always watch Rachel Maddow because she provides historic perspective on current issues. I always learn something from her reporting.

  5. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Fox sees the writing on the wall. That's why Megyn Kelly and Elisabeth Hasselbeck have been brought on for the 9pm and early morning slots. Maybe it will work to increase viewership from a younger crowd, maybe it won't. It's difficult to make a turd into anything else but a turd.

    Btw, Palin will not swell the ranks of youthful viewers at Fox either. Her crowd are the eldsters too. Not sure what they do with her next, if anything.

    1. Anita Winecooler8:02 PM

      Yep, nothing builds up ratings like peroxide blondes! I wonder if Donald Trump will get his own slot on Fox?

    2. Anonymous8:27 PM

      Elizabeth H. is an idiot - watched her on "The View" a couple of times and shut it down from viewing until she was off the program for good. She had a hell of an attitude problem! Thank God the show has Whoopi!

    3. Anonymous5:55 AM

      Elizabitch actually had the AUDACITY to speak rudely to President Obama!!

      I still can't believe our amazing President had to sit with that bitch to get his message to America.



  6. You know, it's all well and good to say Conservatism is dead, but it's not. It's alive and kicking and very effective on the local, state, and Congressional levels. They're there and they're increasingly in charge, voted into power in 2010 by extremely motivated Republicans.

    Yep, in 2010 Republicans went to the polls and Dems stayed home, either thinking the job was done by electing the first black president OR staying home to "punish Obama" for not doing more. We stayed home and the Republicans took over the House. If we stay home in 2014, they'll take over the Senate and then it won't matter WHO the president is in 2016.

    Well, in 2014, we, liberal and progressive Democrats have to go to the polls and drag people with us. We have to work with organisations that are helping people in Republican-controlled states get and keep the right to vote. WE HAVE TO VOTE!!!

    1. Anonymous8:25 PM

      Independents and Dems need to get out in full force and vote next go around.

      Once the Republicans shut down the government again, they will be blamed when SS and veteran checks are not going out and Medicare isn't working for seniors.

      The Republican party is already very much disliked across the nation - the U.S. Congress - especially the House led by Boehner (Republican from Ohio) has an horrid approval rating.

      Down w/Republicans on the national, state and local levels!

    2. Anonymous9:17 PM


  7. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I got very excited...until I checked the link.
    Be careful not to pull 'a Rove.' MSNBC had a steeper ratings/viewer decline than FOX. It looks like people are abandoning cable news in general.

    1. Anonymous6:26 PM

      Doesn't matter. Liberals get their news from many sources...conservatives only listen to Rush, Sean and watch Fox..they don;t want their world views challenged. So if they are leaving right wing radio and Fox, they are abandoning the propaganda. Liberals get their news online and elsewhere. I laugh when I go to Huff and some cocky con says "only 6 poeple watch Rachel." Ah, but I always know what she has reported, and I always know it's factual.

    2. Anonymous8:21 PM

      Not all the shows at MSNBC are losing viewership...check it again. Rachel Maddow went up!

      They will turn things around due to having ALL knowledgeable people on board. Ed Schultz is back, Chris Matthews has been moved and Chris Hayes will bring his numbers up.

      FOX has a major problem. They keep bringing the idiot Sarah Palin on and she's a huge loss for them. She has lost her attractiveness of long ago - has been to evil, nasty and racists and people tired of her crap!

      Plus, most of the folks on FOX do not appear to be knowledgeable or know the facts of politics. They are entirely too negative to watch. Boring!!!!!!

      Pay attention FOX - Bill O'Reilly is the only one over there that dropped having Palin on his show - he couldn't stand her! Hannity and Greta should follow suit.

  8. laprofesora6:04 PM

    B-b-but they have Scarah back. Don't all the horny old codgers tune in to see her hotness? Or maybe she's not so hot anymore...hmm.

    1. Anonymous9:16 PM

      Maybe they got so hot and bothered seeing Queen Esther on their teevee again that they keeled over in their barcaloungers, never to be revived.
      Thus, her fan base is dwindling, week by week.

  9. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Yes, thank Sarah Palin for this. And thank you Roger, be sure to have her on much more, great plan. And thank you Sarah for the Defend 0care. Keep doing what you are doing... more crotch shots and don't forget to proudly display your meth mouth. The triple DDD inflations are a hoot and never, never wear a relevant clean wig. Always have your bloating Toad at your side or doing those hilarious man-things you seem to like. Fake horse back riding and shooting at balloons. You can have him take you to his very remote hunting lodge for some great shots. Can't wait! When is she going to do an ad for Meghan Kelly? Don't you think Meg needs Sarah's help? Rog, you sure you won't give Sarah a two hour slot now that ratings can use a boost?

  10. Anonymous7:11 PM


    Anybody you know?

    Has Todd been working overtime? Did he help the needy buds load up the truck? Who takes Trig to school and back? Is Tripp in preK for half a day? Anybody home to help him out?

    1. Anonymous9:02 PM

      Trig's nanny will be there for him. As is Tripp's nanny. Paid for via Sarah PAC fir 1500 per month each.

    2. Anonymous10:14 PM

      Are they married yet?

    3. Anonymous3:12 AM

      She looks autistic with her finger movements.
      Is she autistic?

    4. Anonymous6:25 AM

      cool not audistc

    5. Anonymous10:24 AM

      I just love how they show respect to mugface hood rat.

      #wcw #hoodrat #thuglife #twerk

      Where did fun uncle get 14 nieces and nephews? I thought he had only one or two siblings. Yep, kids up there are baby crazy. Fun uncle has a bun or two in some Alaskan ovens? He sure is mushy about babies.

    6. Anonymous12:13 PM

      Many teens love to mug and throw signs. Love black dogs, also too!

      This will keep ratings up and attract teen gangsta's to vote. Like twerky Madonna and Milie. Lite hearted comedy fun.

  11. Super Fan In Atlanta8:05 PM

    Also, too, Uncle Gryph....

    Is it just me or have you noticed that their ratings began showing "true" numbers once Roger Ailes and his crew got caught up in all the newspaper, cell phone eavesdropping scandals across the pond. Looks like they were cooking the books on EVERYTHING to show false power and big voices of the few on the fringe.

  12. Anita Winecooler8:14 PM

    If Roger only realized what a tremendous boost to ratings would it be to have a Daytime Talk Show, Live from Fox Station in NYC featuring Boobala Sarah. She's best live and unscripted. Attract the vivacious metrosexual crowd.
    She loses her "vivaciousness" sitting in her studio in Alaska.

    Imagine, just the liberals tuning in to laugh would be enough to put it over the top!

  13. Well, they're aging and dying off.

    When more you've got more members dying than you are recruiting, your numbers are going to shrink.

    Fox News and Republican party. No difference. Add talk radio too.

  14. Anonymous12:19 AM

    In the same manner that I get worked up when I hear about some cowardly bastard abusing women or children, or when reports of cruelty to animals are shown, I cannot help but get a head of angry steam up, over the Fox channel's blatant racism and spreading of misinformation.

    While in many cases (like the National Enquirer constantly getting the rubes to believe Elvis is still alive, or that a potato has the soul of Jesus growing on its skin) its a matter of just shaking your head, and feeling sorry for the ignorant fools who fall for such tripe.

    But Fox "news" is seriously deluding a large segment of the population, with pure unadulterated hatred...and they do so slickly enough, that its no wonder the easily misled buy into it as factual.

    I hope it DOES die off...because it needs killing.

  15. Anonymous12:30 AM

    This is a little O/T and a bit like a Blind Item but I just felt so bad for a commenter that was mistreated:

    I know this won't get posted until tomorrow but there are a few of the truly PDS posters over on another site which shall not be named who are ganging up on another long time poster/commenter and well, it's gotten ugly. Suffice it to say there are only 10 people that still post there and it looks like the blog owners have been ignoring all of them and not posting anything except for every two weeks or so to try to wean them off the blog so they can just close it down.

    I think today's behaviour from some of the long timers will finally convince the bloggers to just shut it down as they have wanted to do for some time now.

    Way to go PDS'rs, you've just killed the only forum you had that would put up with you!!

    1. I don't get it. What blog are they talking about?

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Don't get your hopes up.

    3. Anonymous10:41 AM

      yeah great, thanks for the link. don't waste banwidth

    4. Anonymous10:47 AM

      The mod confirmed the identity of the long time poster and of course, no apology from the offender...

  16. Leland2:42 AM

    "Things are looking up for the democrats."

    ONLY if the democrats get out and VOTE in huge numbers!!!!!!!!!

  17. Randall2:45 AM

    I live in South Dakota a RED state.

    I know a Republican couple where SHE loves Fox News and watches it all the time, while HE says "I don't watch Fox News because I'm not an idiot!"

    Political discussions are fun with those two.

  18. Anonymous3:14 AM

    They will lose more when we attack syria - people trust CNN ever since the first Iraq surgical strike wolf blitzer war.
    Plus, their dempographic is finally fying off in froves. It's about time for most of these hateful old bitties.


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