Thursday, August 15, 2013

Herman Cain's website provides argument that Hillary Clinton is unfit to serve as President, and in fact a certain half term ex-governor has a more impressive resume.

You remember Herman Cain right?

He of the numerous sexual assault allegations, the ridiculous 9-9-9 tax plan, and this quote:"I'm ready for the 'gotcha' questions and they're already starting to come. And when they ask me who is the president of Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan I'm going to say, you know, I don't know. Do you know? And then I'm going to say, 'How's that going to create one job?'"

Oh yeah, who could forget him?

Well he has a website that only Right Wing loons visit, called Cain TV.

As I said not too many serious people visit his site, however earlier today one of his contributors, a Dan Calabrese, wrote a post claiming that Hillary does not have the experience necessary to run the country.

I know right?

Here is the meat of his "point."

Her entire political persona is a fraud, the notion of her as a plausible president of the United States exposed as mythical when you look for actual accomplishments on her record and find that there simply isn't anything there. Hillary's resume appears impressive until you realize a) she didn't achieve anything of note in the positions she held; and b) she only got them in the first place for the purpose of positioning herself to run for president.

Yes the ex-Senator, ex-Secretary of State, and spouse of an ex-President. simply has NO experience that one would find helpful in running the country. Tell me another one Mr. Calabrese.

And like a fool he does:

By the way, in a half-term as Alaska governor, Sarah Palin could tout far more achievement than Hillary has ever had.

As if you required another reason to believe that Calabrese was a slobbering moron.

Now you all probably know that it is my not so secret fantasy to see a debate between Hillary and Snowdrift Snooki, but you also know that will never happen.

But hey if the GOP actually splits down the middle, and the Teabaggers decide to run their OWN candidate...well man can dream can't he?


  1. angela4:08 PM

    Ok---that was funny.

    What are they feeding these right wing bloggers? Or----how much is SarahPac paying this one in particular.

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Lots of "postage" I guess.

    2. It's just one troll after another, all lined up to *just say shit* that comes into their bulbous heads. Nugent, Trump, Palin, Rushbo and now the flavor of the week, Mister Nine Nine Nine--- they're all taking turns groping the short attention span of the rapidly shrinking GOP.

      The Republican Party will never recover from this death spiral if they continue to know-tow in fear to the PTB who are sponsoring these nuts who treat the loyal opposition supporters like idiots. The clowns speak to *the base* as though they are gullible WWE Wrestling Fans who actually believe the carnival barking and kayfabe these clowns are using as a distraction for the simple-minded, low-information voters. Look it up if you're unfamiliar with the term *kayfabe*. This shit is ALL scripted.

      Unfortunately (for themselves), their entertainment value has worn thin, and they're just embarrassing themselves now. Even perpetual grifter like Newt Gingrich is playing along, although his character is a "good guy" this week. But it's always a set-up, as he'll say good things about the POTUS today, and pull out a metal folding chair tomorrow to try to ambush anybody who "trusts" him.

      The only real drama left is when the indictments come down for these grifters who are evading taxes on their stolen fortunes. We all know who the dumbest of the bunch is, and she has so many skeletons in her closet, which makes her beholden to the will of the network of *non-profit* orgs that the Kochs oversee. Those big money guys won't be going to the federal pen, but the greedy, dumb, clueless idiots well down the food chain will be doing the perp walk soon enough.

    3. Anonymous7:43 PM

      From an interview on youtube with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The video posted by the newspaper shows Cain struggling through the answer to a straightforward question posed by one of the editors who asks: “So, you agree with President Obama on Libya, or not?”

      “Ok, Libya,” Cain replies, followed by 10 seconds of silence that the presidential candidate fills by looking down at the table and fidgeting with a bottle of water.

      Then Cain turns to the reporters, appearing to ask for their reassurance on two facts: “President Obama supported the uprising, correct? President Obama called for the removal of Gadhafi?” he says. “Just want to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before I say, ‘yes I agree, I know I didn’t agree.”

      “I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason,” Cain continues, his eyes looking up as if searching for the point he’s trying to make. “No, that’s a different one,” he adds, followed by more silence.

      He starts up again: “I gotta go back to — got all this stuff twirling around in my head.”

      Then Cain asks the editors to re-state their original question: “Specifically, what are you asking me, did I agree or not disagree with on what?”

      If anyone needs Herb's endorsement, they're not really a serious politician either.

  2. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Herman Cain was never serious about running. He was performance art - seeing how much he can get away with. and he would have gotten farther if not for those trouble daliances of his that had little to do with the campaign. Much like Rush Limbaugh. Given them air time for their shenanigans only encourages the performance. He's not serious. He just wants to see how many people will take his outrageous statements seriously.

    1. He wants to moderate the GOP debates!

    2. Anonymous7:49 PM

      lol. Sue, and I always wanted to be "Batman" when we were around 6 yrs old, riding our bikes into a headwind with our capes flying in the wind (a towel, held by a clothes pin---Thanks, Mom.). All it took was the imagination of a child and a few friends to ride alongside me on my 'Bat Bike'. Vrooooommm!!!

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Silly Mr. Cain ... I would love to see Snowdrift Snooki go for this too! How much fun would it be to see the slash and burn end of her grifting career. Bring on the popcorn!

    But, of course, reason prevails and I wonder if Mr. Cain was in a funk in his fundraising (for whatever the hell he fundraises for these days!) and he had to pop up with some insanity to be noticed again. Me thinks he needs to consider a more plausible situation or just admit his scenario is insane.

    1. Anonymous5:45 PM

      Clearly a case of clogged arteries in his brain from eating too much of his own pizza.

    2. Anonymous7:32 PM

      Speaking of grifting pimp punks, anybody heard of that incredible motivational speaker, Todd Palin, being booked for any motivational speeches lately? Ever?

      I made myself laugh asking that question. I wouldn't let that crook check the air in the tires of my car. He'd probably try to steal my license plate and then try to sell it back to me along with a hand job from one of his girls. Not interested, Toad.

    3. Anonymous6:31 AM

      I think they should run as a ticket in 2016, for the Dumb Ass Party.

  4. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Of course skank has more achievements-if you are Herman Cain. She and her husband successfully:
    Ran a prostitution ring
    Faked a pregnancy to get on the presidential ticket with John McCain
    Had a sports center built without getting land rights and used the materials to build a house on lake Lucille for free
    Had extra marital affairs
    Didn't pay taxes on cabins
    Uses PAC money for family travel and plastic surgery and drugs
    Raised at least one daughter who has had multiple children out of wedlock
    Has had two children including track that had or caused pregnancies out of wedlock
    Was pregnant herself out of wedlock
    Stole money from matsu dairy fund
    Has been blessed by a witch hunter
    Lives in Arizona while pretending to live in Alaska

    Just for starters.....
    So in the world of Herman Cain skank is his kind of woman.

    Compared to the legal mind of Hilary Clinton-lawyer, mother of a successful daughter who is married and was not pregnant first. A First Lady for two terms and who worked to get healthcare reform passes, senator of New York, secretary of state who traveled non stop around the world and met with our allies and foes and who when she announces her run for president will win in a landslide unlike any other.
    And who says "bring it on! I live for attacks!!!" Because this woman and her husband has been accused of everything and had special forces assembled trying to nail their feet to the fire over numerous "scandals and wrong doings"

    So yeah-you are keeping the perfect company slimy mr Cain!! See if todd will sell the skank to you for a weekend-sure you can get a discount due to her lack off "hotness"

  5. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Hillary didn't position herself to run for president, she RAN for president.

    The truth is that Sarah Palin only got to where she is by positioning herself to run for vice-president.

    There, fixed it for ya, Dan Sausage.

    1. Anonymous5:43 PM

      We can only imagine what position she chose (see Sutra, Kama)

    2. SARAH'S resume appears impressive until you realize a) she didn't achieve anything of note in the positions she held; and b) she only got them in the first place for the purpose of positioning herself to run for president.

      There I fixed it for ya, Dan.

    3. Anonymous8:12 PM

      Sarah positions herself to get donations. She only hints at running for office in order to get donations. Getting donations IS her job. She spends a lot of that donation money raising her profile and trying to get more donations. It's a full time job.

  6. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Herb! You're such a card!
    Here: have another mooseburger.

  7. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Sarah quit to progress Alaska without a title. . .she quit cause her reluctant servant's heart was pushed into civilian status. . .she quit to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. . .

    How are her signature pieces of legislation faring without her? Not a peep to her advancing in another direction replacement Governor Sean Parnell or the Legislature when they dismantled ACES. And how is AGIA progressing? Half a billion of Alaska's hard earned dollars outsourced to Canada to build a pipeline to nowhere? Crickets.

  8. Errr Claren...I mean Cain is as stupid as the insufferable old nasty worn out bitch.

  9. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Are you sure that his name isn't Herb Cain? Isn't that what Sarah called him?

  10. Anonymous4:58 PM

    the picture in this post of hilary is her reaction to someone asking her what she thought of a debate with the skank!

  11. RUN, Sarah - RUN! The Dem's NEED YOU to run for POTUS!!!

  12. Anonymous5:04 PM

    "By the way, in a half-term as Alaska governor, Sarah Palin could tout far more achievement than Hillary has ever had."
    -Herb Cain

    Children are representatives of their parents. Okay let's see what Sarah Palin's children accomplished. Wait, we don't want to go there.

    Okay, let's see what Hillary Clinton's child accomplished:

    Chelsea Victoria Clinton (born February 27, 1980) is the only child of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is a special correspondent for NBC News, and works with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

    Clinton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, during her father's first term as Governor of Arkansas. She attended public schools there until her father's election to the Presidency of the United States at which time she attended and graduated from the private Sidwell Friends School in Washington, D.C.

    She received her undergraduate education at Stanford University and also earned master's degrees from University College, Oxford, and Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at University of Oxford.

    She has worked for McKinsey & Company, Avenue Capital Group, New York University and serves on several boards including that of the School of American Ballet, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, Common Sense Media, Weill Cornell Medical College and IAC/InterActiveCorp.

    Between December 2007 and the end of the 2008 primaries, she campaigned extensively on American college campuses for her mother's ultimately successful Democratic presidential nomination bid, introducing her at the August 2008 Democratic National Convention.On July 31, 2010, Clinton married investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in Rhinebeck, New York.

    1. Anonymous5:16 PM

      Screw you Anom 5:04.

      So what. Sarah has three adult children.

      One dropped out of high school in order to get her certificate in hair shampooing, another child experienced sex and child birthing while in high school and Sarah has another child who Sarah said is a combat vet (not really a combat vet) and got his girlfriend pregnant, married her, divorced her and gave her the baby and kept his guns.

      Let's see Hillary top that!

    2. And guess what! She's still married and hasn't popped out three kids in three years, nor has she accepted any 'reality' TV shows. See, Chelsea works for a living, and since she is so well educated, she can get good paying jobs. Sonehow I can't see old Piper at Sidwell Friends for more than a day, can you?

    3. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Screw u! I got my Diploma of Hair Washing and I don't have any college debts.

    4. Anonymous6:10 PM

      Screw you! I've got my pontoon boat and house with out book learnin,' child(ren), pimp daddy, and whoring-for-money mom. You're just jellus YOU had to work for it.

    5. Anonymous7:59 PM

      Screw you. (For a change, cuz everbidy's screwed us).

      Bustol & Waller

  13. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Hey folks,keep in mind, even Herman wasn't crazy enough to go the Hillary $carah comparison route. (That was some Paylinpantysnifferwhacko in the comments named dan calabrese). If it was too crazy even for Herman, well that means Calabrese is typing form the asylum.

  14. You forgot "partner in prestigious law firm"--no small accomplishment for any lawyer and particularly for a female lawyer as women are still under-represented at the partner level.

  15. WakeUpAmerica5:14 PM

    SNORT!!! GUFFAW!! Lordy! Whew! (wipes eyes)
    What a couple ignorant loons! Can the bar go any lower?

  16. Anonymous5:18 PM

    When she was in the senate, Hillary was actually a well respected member and was known for working with Repiblicans.

  17. Anonymous6:02 PM

    If anything makes me laugh more it is that of putting the idiot Sarah Palin up against Hillary Clinton! There is zero comparison! Hillary outshines her by a hundred fold and more - just compare their educations, careers, political experience and knowledge. Watch Hillary debate and give speeches and then compare them to the word salad that has been displayed by the retard, Sarah Palin!

    Sarah is nothing more than a hillbilly from Wasilla, AK with little population, no college education that has been proven, a quitter governor that was proven to be unethical by the Alaska Legislature, has been proven to be the worst 'quitter' gov Alaska has ever had and, and to top it all off, has parented children that are not successful and have police records.

    Compare any of her children to Chelsea Clinton who has a great education, career and marriage (and is very financially capable)! Plus, the wealth of the Clintons greatly surpasses that of the Palins!

    Don't forget too, that Sarah has the blow up and down boobs - and, photos are out there showing her appearance as a hooker/whore in downtown New York heading to FOX!!! The woman has zero class or professionalism where Hillary assuredly does!

  18. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Oh YES, Calabrese and Cain, let's just compare RECORDS. I DARE you and will laugh even harder than I did at Australia's Sarah Palin that was broadcast worldwide.

    Bring. It. ON.

  19. Anonymous7:11 PM

    Anonymous 5:16 PM Screw you Anom 5:04. So what. Sarah has three adult children. One dropped out of high school in order to get her certificate in hair shampooing, another child experienced sex and child birthing while in high school and Sarah has another child who Sarah said is a combat vet (not really a combat vet) and got his girlfriend pregnant, married her, divorced her and gave her the baby and kept his guns. Let's see Hillary top that!

    Can anybody imagine having a president with a family like the Palins in the White House? Even Sarah Palin can't imagine her family in the White House. Sarah Palin is stupid but not that stupid to have her dysfunctional family dragged through the mud by America.

    1. Anonymous2:57 AM

      Uhhhh......yes she is. And has had, all due to their need for attention!

  20. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Sarah Palin opened the door Tuesday to running for Senate next year in Alaska.

    “I’ve considered it because people have requested me considering it, but I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping that … there will be some new blood, some new energy,” the former governor told Sean Hannity during an appearance on his radio show.


    Sarah you already quit your governor's job. Do you think anybody in Alaska really thinks you want another job in Alaska?

    Lying piece of shit

    1. Anonymous10:03 PM

      Plus, she hasn't lived in the state for quite awhile. She's residing more in AZ than AK! The proof is that she didn't apply or qualify to receive the annual Alaska Permanent Fund check last year because she has to prove she was in the State of Alaska a specific amount of time!

      As to her running for anything in Alaska - she'd never win. She quit as governor and her approval rating 'ain't what it use to be'!

      She's very full of shit as usual!

  21. Anonymous8:06 PM

    These numbers (and this semi-endorsement) may be what's getting the right wing into their denial mode. Like Hillary has not accomplishments. Well according to Barbara Bush (the younger one), she is 'enormously accomplished'...


    Add a former Republican president's daughter to the list of supporters for a Hillary Clinton presidential run.

    In an upcoming interview with People Magazine, George W. Bush's daughter Barbara said she'd like to see the "unbelievably accomplished" Clinton enter the 2016 presidential race, CNN reported Thursday.

    According to the Hill, Bush's interview with People will appear in the Aug. 26 issue. When asked if she would vote for Clinton, Bush wasn't as certain, saying that she didn't know "who'd she be running against."

    Speculation surrounding a possible Clinton 2016 run has been abound this summer. During a Monday chat with BuzzFeed Brews, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner was asked if he knew what his wife Huma Abedin's role would be in a Clinton campaign. Weiner replied "I do," but backtracked from the comment the following day, calling it "a joke."

    Bush is not the only one who appears to be hopeful of a Clinton run. HuffPost Pollster's latest compilation of 14 available polls on the 2016 National Democratic Primary finds Clinton earning 61.3 percent support.

  22. Anita Winecooler8:20 PM

    Here's why Cain thought this up.

    A two minute clip of an eight month pregnant Sarah Palin bending down to scratch her crusty heels while dissing Hillary for any "Percieved Whine"

    Stock up on Popcorn and Winecoolers!

  23. Anonymous8:21 PM

    There is a report of Sarah's speech to the farmers in South Dakota, along with this interesting item:

    "She said she hasn’t been at many ag appreciation events over the
    years. In fact, the last time was at the Alaska State Fair when her cell
    phone rang with a number she didn’t recognize after her visit to the ag

    She went to a nearby tent at the fair, and it was McCain asking her whether she wanted to be his running mate.

    With her husband working far away at Prudhoe Bay,
    her Down syndrome son Trigg only 15 weeks old, a son overseas in the
    military and a daughter who had just told her she was pregnant, Palin
    said, “Yeah, I have nothing else going on. Sure, why not?”


    There is a problem and a question. Question first for Alaska residents: When was the 2008 Alaska State Fair held, the one where Sarah got that phone call from McCain? The 2012 and 2013 fairs seem to be held toward the end August.

    That brings up the problem. Sarah said that when McCain called her, asking her to be his VP running mate, Trig was 15 weeks old. Really? I thought that Trig was born April 18. 15 weeks later would be at the end July, not the end of August.

    We have several possibilities: (1) McCain called Palin a month earlier? (2) Sarah had no idea how old Trig was because she had lied about his birth anyway. (3) While we are at it, when was it that Bristol was supposed to have told her mother that she was pregnant, as late as July or August? Bristol would have been 4 or 5 months along and people would have noticed by then. (4) Sarah just says stuff without realizing that people can actually count on their fingers and check previous stories. (5) That woman is an idiot.

    1. Anonymous9:55 PM

      Alaskan - - Palin knew she was being considered for the spot BEFORE that child was born. Alaskans do not think she actually gave birth to the boy - she faked the pregnancy as has been shown in various photos. Much has been written about it in Alaska!

      The Alaska State Fair is normally in September of each year.

    2. Anonymous10:23 PM

      "and a daughter who had just told her she was pregnan." Palin

      According to all of the news reports McCain flew Sarah down to his ranch in Sedona for the interview and then he offered her the VP position. And, just when did Bristol tell Sarah that she was pregnant? According to Bristol, it was much earlier, soon after Trig was born, maybe May? That's not the same thing as Sarah saying (in August) that Bristol had just told her about being pregnant.

      And speaking of that, the McCain campaign seemed stunned by the news that Bristol was pregnant because they had to bring her and Levi out, mostly as "proof" that Sarah had given birth to Trig. (It never proved anything except that Bristol had sex with someone). The news about Bristol came out after Palin was chosen-- not,"Here's the lovely Palin family, 15 week old Trig, pregnant Bristol, and the rest of the gang."

    3. Anonymous2:34 AM

      "Whoever gave birth to Trig, it couldn't be Sarah. Remember, she had said that she 'not only had her tubes just tied, she had them cut, and the ends burned - or some such measure to make SURE she wasn't going to be having more babies.

      "Didn't she have it done during the delivery of piper??

      "All of us who have kids that went to school with Sarah's kids know to be absolute factual gospel truth: Sarah Palin had a tubal ligation after her last baby (Piper) was born.

      "She then took several days off work- more than she took when she "had" Trig. She bitched at Todd afterward saying HE should have gotten the snip since it was so much easier for men."

      "Trig may actually have BEEN born at 7.5 months....but he wasn't born in April '08, and he sure as HELL did not issue forth from the tied, cut, and burned fallopian tubes of Sarah Louise Heath Palin."

      My two were in the same school as two of Sarah's at the same time. She volunteered for revolving carpool and bailed every single time. She called one morning saying she'd be unable to drive her planned day the next morning because she'd had "a tubal". I remember her saying it in that whiny fake accent she used to elicit sympathy: "Well, I've had a two-bull". I just rolled my eyes and got someone to fill in.

      Two weeks after that when her next shift came up, she called again and this time it had gone from "a two-bull" to "my surgery". "I'm sorry, I can't make it 'cause yaknow I had surgery recently..."
      I remember some of the other moms and I joked that when her NEXT shift came up, she would be calling saying "I can't drive due to the recent double AMPUTATION of my tubes..."

    4. Anonymous2:53 AM

      Three weeks before Sarah Palin reportedly gave birth to her fifth child, a six pound boy, Juneau photographer Brian Wallace captured a series of photos of Mr. and Mrs. Todd Palin exiting the Alaska State Museum. Nota bene: Palin is said to be eight months pregnant here - 3 weeks shy of giving birth.

      "These new pictures definitely strengthen the case that Sarah Palin was not pregnant in 2008. There is no way that her belly is that flat 4 weeks prior to delivery, even if she was only 32 weeks pregnant at the time. Several people have commented, however, that her belly does look a little full and that she may be wearing a bandage or some kind of abdominal sling and I agree.

    5. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Come on Bristol, tell the truth. Trig is your son, and your baby brother, right?

  24. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Sarah Palin and the fastest growing baby bump in the west!

  25. Anonymous3:30 AM


    (1 of 2) The Perfidy of Sarah Palin; proof Sarah faked her pregnancy:

    (2 of 2) The Perfidy of Sarah Palin; proof Sarah faked her pregnancy:

  26. Anonymous4:43 AM

    In what Universe is Hillary less qualified..?....the one where Herman Cain lives!

  27. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Gryph -- OT, but Brancy has cracked open a new pot of ink.

    Rubes who believe Bristol wrote this post deserve to be fleeced of their couch change.

    1. Anonymous6:48 AM

      Oh shit, Bristol can write? I thought that she only knew how to grunt, moan, and squeal.

    2. Anonymous8:50 AM

      I think that the Palins have a "griftometer" attached to Sarah's bank account and when the needle begins to dip into the red an alarm sounds in the ghostwriter's office and off she goes, writin' up some facebookin' or twitterin'. If the meter is running just a little low Nancy gets called to whip sumpin' up for Bristol, but when the situation is critical, they haul out the RAM.

    3. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Anon @8:50 AM

      I wonder if RAM is ambulatory or if they wheel her from place to place in a caisson.

  28. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Old, old photo of Palin - she assuredly doesn't look like that anymore!

  29. Anonymous6:39 AM

    The Herman Cain Art Project continues ...

  30. Caroll Thompson7:06 AM

    By all means, let's elect a total idiot who thinks that Africa is a country. But what do you expect out of Herman Cain. He has an eye for the ladies as we all know and probably is speaking with his other head, if you will.

  31. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Sarah Palin9 hours ago · Obama Broke Up With You. Really. Totally Unfriended You...Bristol's spot on. Young Americans better get their heads out of the sand and realize what this president stands for. 

    Fuck you Sarah and Bristol.

  32. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Hillary is definitely unfit for any public office.
    Certainly prefer Sarah to her any day.

    1. jcinco11:39 AM

      lol, are you daft? You think an anorexic, immature know nothing is capable of running the country? Based on her grown kids she can't even run a household. The woman thought Paul Revere was warning the British when asked not 10 minutes after hearing about the historical ride on a walking tour of part of the route. She actually thought that refudiate and squirmish were words! She thought the Queen ran England. You are as dense as her, bristle.

    2. Anonymous1:58 PM

      Sarah Palin

      That woman is a fucking ignoramus mother and person.

  33. Anonymous7:08 PM

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