Friday, August 23, 2013

I warned you Noam. Now you have to suffer the indignity of being used to raise money for Sarah Palin.

Going from the world's top public intellectual to a pawn for Sarah Palin has to be the ultimate in humiliation.

As for Palin well the reason that she is so desperately pimping ANY mention of her name by celebrities, and pseudo celebrities, is to make up for the incredible loss in income that she suffered when she renegotiated her contract with Fox News.

Reports are that the one time darling of the Right Wing, and once popular pit bull for Fox News, had to crawl back to Roger Ailes with her tail between her stick thin legs and accept an offer that was only a quarter of what it had been receiving before.

This courtesy of TV Newser:

Megyn Kelly‘s new deal is estimated to be worth $6 million a year, twice what Hoda Kotb draws, and more than three times as much as ABC’s Josh Elliott. Ann Curry is still one of the highest-paid reporters at NBC, drawing $5 million a year, while Sarah Palin‘s new FNC contract is believed to be in the $250,000 range. 

From a cool one million a year to a paltry $250,000. Oh how the once mighty have fallen.

So is it any wonder that Palin is desperately trying to regain relevance? Even if that means connecting her name to liberal icons and, "shudder." celebrities?

And not to beat a dead horse, but once again I have to wonder if, like Ashton Kutcher, Chomsky can sue SarahPAC for using his image to fund raise without permission?

I mean not that he would get much if he did, but it's the principle of the thing. 

(H/T to Politicususa)


  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Never had much respect for Chomsky myself although I know that he was a favorite "leftie," always there with a comment whether very appropriate or not. This time, he really put his foot (both feet really) in his mouth. I wonder exactly how much Chomsky really knows about Sarah Palin or that the elephantine problem in Washington is the GOP. I keep asking myself when the over-the-top "progressives" (you know, the ones who won't deign to consider themselves Democrats) will finally come out and criticize the Congressional Republicans for their unpatriotic, seditious obstructionism and condemn the Koch Brothers for their unceasing attack on this country from within.

    1. Evelyn Waugh11:45 AM

      Chomsky gave up on political parties and "right and left" a long, long time ago. Read his voluminous entry on wikipedia, or any of his hundreds of articles. Starting with his vehement opposition to the Vietnam war.
      He's become, he says, a "socialist libertarian."
      Sarah, don't even try to analyze Chomsky's theories on linguistics, or his other brilliant, if sometimes benighted, discoveries and insights. He's so far beyond your understanding. One of his daughters went to Nicaragua and stayed there with the Sandinistas.
      Another is a brilliant Latin American scholar, to the left of left.

      Chomsky was remarking that the change TO THE LEFT that was hoped for with the election of Obama didn't take place -- that the President turned out to be more moderate and establishmentarian than many expected.

      His use of your name, dredged up from your nasty 2008 campaign, is the only thing he might ever have in common with you.

      Anyone, ANYONE, who knows a thing about Professor Chomsky, Ph.D., who's taught at MIT for nearly 60 years, would know that he would flick you off his arm like a pesky mosquito in a larger debate about the political future of the world.

      I hope some of your bots are motivated to look up some specifics about Noam Chomsky, and wonder why you ever associated his name with yours.

      Sarah, you're really, really, really dumb and desperate.

    2. Evelyn Waugh11:47 AM

      P.S. Professor Chomsky is 85 years old. He looks better than your present-day pictures, Sarah. which is why you clearly keep recycling five-year-old photos that make you appear fertile and vibrant. If you ever were, you are no longer.

    3. Anonymous12:35 PM

      I liked that Evelyn. Slow hand clap.

    4. Anonymous12:55 PM

      10:13 Since the gop vowed from the first night of President Obama's innauguration (the first one) o block anything he tried to do, I think he has managed to accomplish quite a lot. Hopefully, people will realise that the gop is strictly for wealthy people, and vote dem. from now on. They are the party who has tried to help everyone.

    5. Anonymous1:28 PM

      ". A member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Chomsky is a self-described Anarcho-Syndicalist, a position which he sees as the appropriate application of classical liberal political theory to contemporary industrial society."

      Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! Sadly, the lamestream media doesn't pay attention to you anymore. Otherwise, they'd have a field day with your aligning yourself in any way with Noam Chomsky.

      With all your spare time, please get yourself up to speed on anarcho-syndicalism, and then give us a tweet all about it.

    6. Anonymous1:37 PM

      Paging Gina!!! This one is for you darlin! $250,000 bbbbaaaawwwaaaahhhhh! YES!

    7. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Well, Ailes is not getting much for his $250,000 is he? A worn out, used up full of hate shrew. Overpaid, that is for sure.

    8. Hehehehehe....Baldy is doing the old fan dance that she does so well! Since word is out that Roger The Hut is paying her in nickels and dimes she must of called up her manly buddy Greta and begged....borrowed...and stole(that kitty of course!) to get her ugly mannish mug on Fake News tonight...she posted this on Fecesbook a little while ago....

      "Sarah Palin
      26 minutes ago
      Congratulations to Dance to Bristol for winning the Ballerina Stakes today! This amazing horse is on a great winning streak. It's wonderful to have something more fun to write about at a time when so many troubling things are in the news. I'll be on Greta Van Susteren's show tonight on Fox at 10pm ET to discuss the government official in charge of "hoarding" guns and the millions of rounds of ammo for DHS who happens to be the operator of a hate website advocating the murder of fellow Americans. Unflippingbelievable.

      But in the meantime, here are some articles about Dance to Bristol:"

      Ewwwww...what a fucked up mother she is...comparing her daughter to a horse!

      Well you know the old saying...

      If the hoof fits Beefy...wear that shit!


    9. Anonymous4:34 PM

      In support of Evelyn Waugh's comment
      ”ThingsComeUndone August 23rd, 2013 at 9:54 am
      Spying on Americans it seems is more important than Obama’s Cred and his poll ratings.
      The NSA could not tell us the Boston Marathon Bomber was going to attack despite him going to Jihad web Sites because apparently the NSA was to busy listening to phone sex calls.

      Exclusive: Inside Account of U.S. Eavesdropping on Americans
      “Arbusto August 23rd, 2013 at 9:55 am 1
      …congressional chairman like Michael Rogers and Diane Feinstein were either lying or ignorant.
      Should add incompetent to descriptors.
      And what kind repercussions did these miscreants receive. Probably a strongly worded “don’t do this again,” over a cuppa ,followed by an attaboy and a promotion.
      The Obama LLC administration, a consequence free zone.
      DSWright August 23rd, 2013 at 9:57 am 2
      In response to Arbusto @ 1
      Game Over. NSA just surrendered the “no willful abuse” narrative.
      BoxTurtle August 23rd, 2013 at 10:15 am 3
      In response to DSWright @ 2
      Let’s see if they charge any of those rogue analysts criminally.
      Boxturtle (What’s That? More Crickets from Holder’s DoJ?)
      DSWright August 23rd, 2013 at 10:50 am 4
      In response to BoxTurtle @ 3
      Good point. It is interesting if you are going to admit abuse after denying it – as well as the entire existence of the program – you have to do something right?
      madcap August 23rd, 2013 at 12:17 pm
      To fill out Steve Worona’s summary in a Tweet this morning:
      First the NSA and the administration swore there was no spying on Americans.
      Then they admitted there was spying — but it was all legal.
      Then they had to concede that some of the spying was illegal — but that was unintentional.
      Now they have owned up to intentional illegal spying — but claim the incidents have been really few in number.
      Lying about numbers was one of the NSA’s problems pointed out in the FISA court’s 10/2011 opinion which found the NSA involved in unconstitutional activities.
      We have now officially entered Lillian Hellman territory as defined by Mary McCarthy, who claimed that everything Hellman said was a lie, including the words “and” and “the.” ”
      “Army General Keith Alexander, director of the NSA, said during a conference in New York on Aug. 8 that “no one has willfully or knowingly disobeyed the law or tried to invade your civil liberties or privacy.”
      President Barack Obama told CNN in an interview broadcast today he is confident no one at the NSA is “trying to abuse this program or listen in on people’s e-mail.”
      Intentional Abuses
      “There’s a pattern of the administration making misleading statements about its surveillance activities,” Jameel Jaffer, a deputy legal director at the American Civil Liberties Union, said in a phone interview. “The government tells us one thing, and another thing is true.” ”

  2. angela10:17 AM

    Chomsky did indeed deserve what he got.

    Now we know why Sarah is acting like an ADHD meth head. Wow---Roger seriously took some of those crunch wraps out of her mouth.

    So I ain't mad at Sarah. She needs to get on that pole and work it! Sure there will be sagging parts that botox can't help---but those baggers seem to like dumb, bony, saggy and the oft drugged.

    Sarah's whole family of jobless parasites are counting on her. Spin girl!

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Chomsky's statement must be interpreted in the full context. Paylin is pullin' a FOX --

      As an IM pointed out, Chomsky was " remarking that the change TO THE LEFT that was hoped for with the election of Obama didn't take place -- that the President turned out to be more moderate and establishmentarian than expected."

      $creech is taking a cue from FOX and editing selectively to make her nasty point. The ultimate, mortal sin in news journalism. De$picable $arah.

    2. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Notice how $arah has to use old pictures in all of her PAC materials?

      The Adderall-addled, anorexic, bad wig bedecked, turkey necked. big boob-a-tron ain't lookin so hot today, you betcha.

  3. Anonymous10:28 AM

    ‘Responsible’ Gun Owner Grandfather Claims Self-Defense After Gunning Down 23-Month-Old (VIDEO)

    It seems like every day we turn on the news and another gun death flashes across the screen. We just can’t seem to escape it. With each death the topic of gun control and gun violence rears its head once again; but lately, it seems that the debate never has a chance to rest because the deaths do not stop. And accompanying the deaths and debates are Republicans and gun wingnuts claiming that these weapons are their god given right! Arm everyone! Guns are safe! Yada, yada, yada. However, those of us on the left, watch the news each day and are made more and more aware of how wrong that stance is. We count the deaths, shake our heads in grief, and wonder when they are going to stop. Sadly on Tuesday night, 23-month-old Deandre Vega joined the 7,416 people that have been killed by gun violence since Newtown when his grandfather, 39-year-old Luis Efrain Torres, set out to kill another family member.

    Just before 10:00 pm on Tuesday an altercation erupted

  4. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Yes, a palty $225,000 a year contract for Sarah. Poor girl, and they make her appear more than once every two months for a few minutes of that hard-working sweat and brow salt-of-the-earth work ethic. Some people just have a rough road............

    I hope those C4P'ers really stretch their grocery dollars and pledge more of their money to Sarah. She's really hurtin'.

  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    You're going to love this one:

    "(CNN) -- It's not often that I agree with Sarah Palin. But when she comes around to a liberal point of view on an issue, that is to be noted with praise. So, good for you, Sarah, for flip-flopping on the issue of hard work.
    Palin took to Facebook recently to praise the remarks of liberal actor Ashton Kutcher, who has in the past donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats and participated in a star-studded video pledging, "to serve our President (Obama) and all mankind."

  6. Anonymous10:37 AM

    If an alien landed on her doorstep, Sarah would post it's picture on her SarahPAC with a caption: "I hear ya, Aylie, we're just comrade drifters looking for that great old traditional values utopia we once had.

  7. Anonymous10:38 AM

    $250,000 a year? Gee, she isn't even rich by GOP standards is she?

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      It's still too much. She's not even work $2.50

  8. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Roger, Roger, Roger ... you dumb fuck! Sarah would have signed back up for $20,000 a year.

    Always negotiate prostitutes to the lowest number.

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      Thanks for the tip Todd but I don't think there any pimps here could use it.

    2. Anonymous11:53 AM

      Oops just re-read the comment.
      (Blushes anonymously).

    3. Anonymous1:44 PM

      From what we have heard, the "tip
      is all Pimp Daddy Todd has.

  9. Anonymous10:44 AM

    The Chomsky quote comes from an interview with Amy Goodman, Democracy Now, May 2012. It was made in the context of the Occupy Movement and the presidential election. Chomsky did not like the fact that our elections are PR campaigns.

    I hope that Palin's 75% cut from Fox means that we will see that much less of her on the TV. No wonder she has to keep posting quotes and photos on her Facebook. She needs to keep attraction attention and donations. I believe that it's spelled "unflippin'believable," you betcha.

    1. Anonymous11:05 AM

      10:44 From what I've heard, Sarah Palin is not appearing much on FOX and when she is - it's not the w/the main folks that interview people who have a larger viewership. Bill O'Reilly as an example.

  10. Anonymous10:45 AM

    What Snowden And Manning Don't Understand About Secrecy

    ...These are young people at war with the concept of secrecy itself, which is just foolish. There are many legitimate reasons for governments to keep secrets, among them the need to preserve the element of surprise in military operations or criminal investigations, to permit leaders and diplomats to bargain candidly, and to protect the identities of those we ask to perform dangerous and difficult missions.

    ...Manning and Snowden are wholesale leakers. I can’t know this for a fact, but I suspect they were not completely aware of all they carried off. It isn’t just that they didn’t completely understand what they were leaking; they literally did not know what all of it was. Computers enable individual operators to open floodgates. Out spills everything, the legitimate along with the illegitimate. It’s easy, and it’s irresponsible. It proceeds from a Julian Assange-influenced, comic-book vision of the world where all governments are a part of an evil plot against humanity.

    ...There have been a few things in the Manning and Snowden leaks that might have warranted taking a principled stand, but the great bulk of what they delivered shows our nation’s military, intelligence agencies, and foreign service working hard at their jobs -- doing the things we the people, through our elected representatives, have ordered them to do. It came as no surprise to me that America has been aggressively collecting massive pools of data in order to discover and derail terrorist attacks in advance, an enormously difficult thing to do, and yet the very thing Americans demanded after 9/11.

    ...Both Manning and Snowden strike me not as heroes, but as naifs. Neither appears to have understood what they were getting themselves into, and, more importantly, what they were doing.

    I concur.

  11. Anonymous10:52 AM

    O/T. Oh, my! Scientologist mixed up with those 'sovreign citizen' dudes in Nevada!

  12. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Chomsky, maybe Kutcher, are lost. If they allow themselves to be used they deserve Sarah 'what's in it for me' Palin, oh and send her money.

    1. Anonymous5:15 PM

      Do you think that the crowd Chomsky - a world renowned intellectual - travels in, notices what $carah Palin says? Chomsky was complaining because he wanted huge movement to the left. He's one of the credible voices, so he counterbalances all the hot air from the right. It is Chomsky's job and persona to not accept obstructionism as legitimate reason we haven't seen more reform. Underneath, I believe he understands the problem.

  13. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Palin and other conservatives lept to embrace Kutcher's comments, as though they were conservative. They are, of course, profoundly liberal.

  14. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Can Sarah even qualify as a Republican if she is making only $250,000 a year? How far, how fast she sunk to the bottom.

    1. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Maybe she should have stuck with the Governor job. At least it covered her travel expenses and she could always write off a few other things that most people wouldn't notice (like living in your own house, travel expenses for the family, lawyers fees).

    2. Anonymous3:03 PM

      How many of us would love to struggle to make it on $250,000 a year? I know I would love to give it a shot. I know it is a large come-down from what she was making, but it is not peanuts, at least not to those of us who actually WORK hard. I would wager that the people who send her money are not making anywhere near that amount., either. So, $carah full of hate, slips further down the rabbit hole. Right where she belongs.

    3. Anonymous5:21 PM

      All depends on what your debts and expenses aare, and your expectations of future earnings.

      Someone securely making $30 grand per year, in a paid for house with great health insurance and no dependents and spending of $25 grand per year is in a much better position than someone making $250 K per year with a million or two in debt, other spending in the $300 K per year range and a handful of dependents and the prospect of soon making $40 grand or less per year and on down to nada.

  15. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Gadfree, but it's fun watching her fall, fall, fall! $250,000 is still a pretty good yearly income though - for the majority of us!

    Eventually, all the Palins are going to have to actually obtain 'real' jobs - although who would hire any of them? Know I wouldn't!

    1. Anonymous2:18 PM

      When I see that they have had to sell off one of their houses is when I will be doing the happy dance. That will be a sure sign the party's finally over for the Palin's

    2. Anonymous6:31 PM

      Do any of the Paylin's have a job or work at anything? College? A trade? Travel??

      Track was not at Bristol Bay this summer, Todd neither. Too bad, big pay day there.

      Willow? Can't anyone in AK track down Brisdull's dermatology job??

      And yet $creech has the gall to talk about 'hard work ' and 'to make a buck get off your butt'...

      $he is so delusional it's almost scary.

  16. Anonymous11:03 AM

    "BELIEVED to be in $250K range."

    Could this mean Fox News is only paying her a nominal 'per appearance' fee that someone estimated would total $250K/year? Her segments on FN don't bump up ratings so she doesn't warrant being paid much. The hilarious part is that she's incapable of 'contributing' anything on her own and needs PAC $$$ for expensive consultants to prep her for 5 minutes worth of dribble.

    1. Anonymous11:34 AM

      They can pay her a paltry (to them) $250,000 for a year, and keep her off the air virtually anywhere else -- and use her virtually not at all on Fox. They're paying hush money -- to hush her up.
      The ultimate revenge.

    2. Anonymous12:42 PM

      That is still $249,999 too much!

    3. Anonymous5:22 PM

      And, the minute she declares any candidacy, they have to drop her - conflict of interest. So Roger is the puppeteer and she it tied to them - no running if you want even this cut salary, $carah.

  17. Anonymous11:06 AM

    awesome. this embarrassing pay cut obviously isnt a huge surprise to anyone with a brain, but it should be fun watching the breakdown at c4p. after studying their group behavior the last couple years, they will go thru several stages of dealing with this news.

    stage one: ignore it and not dare to even mention it in their coveted 'open thread'.

    but of course they wont be able to stand not discussing it for too long, and someone will open the barn door with a post.

    stage two: denial.

    they will en masse agree that these reports of a paycut are simply a lie and 'lsm' once again trying to discredit sarah (dont forget they attack who they fear the most)

    stage three: anger.

    expect lashing out at fox news and roger ailes- he will be blamed for doing the bidding of the bushes and the 'rinos'. (pete of course will take it all the way to barbara bush who in his mind is the 'don' of the family, some will agree with pete).

    stage four: bargaining.

    sarah who knows best, obviously needed to work within the circumstances, even though all the powers that be are trying to silence her, so that she could still get her message of common sense conservatism-a-majiggy out there. rather than tow the company line, she is making a sacrifice for all of us, as obviously she could command a 3 billion dollar a week salary at any network of her choosing if she wanted to.

    stage five: (acceptance? hell no) dedicated thread

    there is no acceptance- stage five will be an dedicated thread to deal with the outrage, and to again, en masse, have everyone conclude that sarah is the bestest, and steve fleisher and the other c4p moderators will advise everyone to, once again, show how popular sarah is with another sarahpac money bomb. expect a few moderator deleted comments here from some of the more level headed c4pers who might acknowledge that sarah has lost some of her shine.

    1. Anonymous11:51 AM

      That about covers it!

    2. Anonymous11:56 AM

      Anon 11:06 I love you!

    3. 11:06 am Aw come on, man..

      What is all this scuttlebutt about Sarah's income being 80% less than this same time last year? Obviously Roger Ailes made some minor adjustments in staffing and probably clipped everyone else's salary even more than Sarah's when he begged her to return to Fox to rescue the network from its ratings malaise. But these types of deals are commonplace in the industry, where the superstar of the network agrees to work for nearly nothing, in order to teach the other anchors and commentators how to live within their means and to hunt animals so their family can eat good healthy, organic food from the bounty of nature, she who works so tirelessly, and oh, it's gotta be all about jobs.

      I know for a fact that the latest money bomb from C4P was incredibly successful by Palin supporter standards. How in the world can anyone here believe that a hard-working family like the Palins would be unable to endure 3 or 4 months on PAC donations which exceeded Three hundred dollars by almost twenty-two more dollars! You might as well round it off to $400 or perhaps a $1,000 because Sarah is the epitome of the perfect homemaker who can get a thousand dollars worth of graham crackers, Hershey bars and marshmallows out of only four hundred bucks, and then she lnows how to rub two sticks together to build a fire to roast the marshmallows, something Obama has proven he could never do becsuse he doesn't have teo big sticks like Sarah and Todd both have as they live their lives so vibrantly in private despite the libel and attacks that she fearlessly protects her kids from by holding them in front between herself and the incoming mortar fire. She is truly a leader who shakes it up like no one else could do since the days of Betty Crocker, Daniel Boone and Ronald Reagan, who so wisely chose supply-side economics to build our country's wealth in a land of milk and honey, because in those days, deficits didn't matter while Betty was in the kitchen cooking the wolves that Daniel Boone shot from a helicopter. Or maybe a plane. He could pilot either and still navigate and shoot his game, and give updates on traffic within the beltway.

      I stand with Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, not the illegals like Ted Canadian Club Cooban Crooze and Marco Polo Marco Polo Marco Polo Robio or Ayn Rand Paul who want to usurp power from God Amighy Himself's Party, the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party when it's convenient and maybe a new party which provides more income potential for the new powers that be, but not the establishment beltway inside baseball hopey-changey impotent, limp RINOs that go along so they can get along, and of course not only but also crony capitalists, a, an and the.

      So give till it hurts, because it hurts Sarah's feelings when you don't give your best gift, not that she needs the money or anything, but just to prove to her how much you really, REALLY, really want her to really run for President.

      Palin/Trump 2016

    4. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Wow! did you coach $carah on her "speeches"? The scary part is that I actually read the entire thing, and even understood the message in a couple of statements. I would love to hear the comments from her and the hard workimn family, counting the meager "money bomb" take. Lots of "f" words flying no doubt, along with cans of veggies.

    5. Anonymous6:37 PM

      1:14 -- you've got $arah$peak down pat! A mind boggling read/screed!

  18. Anonymous11:13 AM

    "I have to wonder if, like Ashton Kutcher, Chomsky can sue SarahPAC for using his image to fund raise without permission?"

    Interesting question. There's no question, however, that Sarah Palin™ would relish issuing a 'cease and desist' order or sue Chomsky or Kutcher for using her name/image. My, how she loves to push boundaries!

  19. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Didn't she once say she should be compensated or paid commission for people using her name??? Turn about is fair play Noam and Ashton.

    Hope they don't worry about taking food out of the mouths of all those children she claims to still be raising. They're all grown now and she has a slush fund just full of nickels and dimes that could well afford to pay you your due to protect her from committing another act of 'hypocrisy'.

  20. Anonymous11:25 AM

    OT but always ON Topic for Sarah.

    This article at Huff Po lists quick clues that you might be involved with a sociopath. The slant is toward dating, but the info applies in all people relationships. Fits Sarah to a T.

  21. Anonymous11:26 AM

    LMAO! A 75% paycut and she is still roger's b!tch. I'm sorry, but at any job in my whole life, I would have walked if offered a 75% paycut. Granny Sarah's sell by date is long gone and starting to stink.
    In about 3 yrs ( mark the date if you want to) SarahPac will be dried up and the Palin's will be living on PimpDaddy Tawds stables' earnings, the extra houses and cabins will be gone.

    Little Rabbit

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      They may already be mostly dependent on Tawd's stable for earnings. He is no doubt doing very well, Sarah sure is sinking fast, poor little church mouse.

  22. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Fox News is a cult.

    1. Anonymous1:29 PM

      She should work for free. Ailes is a dummy to pay her one half penny.

  23. Anonymous11:31 AM

    I can't help but notice that Sarah Palin has stuck her PAC info on a post using Chomsky's photo and quote. I wonder if he likes being used in this crass, commercial way to be a fundraiser for Sarah. Oh, and she did the same thing with Kutcher, too.

    1. Anonymous1:16 PM

      They can roll over and help her out or stand up for themselves. Both are big boys.

      The irony of Kutcher, once spoke up about human trafficking or something close. Now he is helping out the pimp dependent wife of a trafficker. Strange world we live in.

    2. Anonymous6:41 PM

      You can be sure ol' Quitty Pants would be having a hi$$y fit if some big name used her image and comments on a fund raising pitch. It implies support and like mindedness.

      Chomsky could probably care less, but methinks Ashton would not be happy knowing his image is being used as a grifting tool at $arahPAC.

  24. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Bwahahaha!!! Serves him right I say!!!

  25. Anonymous11:41 AM

    What she is trying to show, is that, she has bi-partisan support. She has the votes across the aisle. She used Howard Dean's and other Democrats comments, as well.

    The problem is; these individuals, are going to lose support. Her face is associated with them. The Palin curse begins.

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Like I said, seriously? The circles a Chomsky or a dean move in are intelligent. So no, they won't suffer. They may get soem sympathy at cocktail parties, or some ribbing in teh halls of academe, but that's about it.

  26. She had the chance to let a compliment float out in the cybersphere, but instead answers with a folksy, nonsensical joke. What are the odds she has ever heard of Chomsky?

    1. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Palin and Chomcky have more in common than you'd think? Pray tell, and what would that be, mrs. Palin?

    2. Mimi, I'm surprised she didn't call him "Norm".

  27. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Sarah is on Faux for about five minutes per month. She appears on Saturday morning on an economics tv show with Eric Bolling (who is he?). She appears from a home studio - her Arizona house has one too?

    IF she is paid 250,000$ per year, and she "shows" 10 minutes per month (giving her some prep time - HA!) then she gets a little more than 2000$ per appearance. Using that pay scale, Sarah would only be worth 8 to 10 K for a 20 minute speech.

    Bargain basement sale!

    1. Anonymous5:37 PM

      Can we call her Cut-rate Cariboo Baribie now?

  28. Anonymous11:58 AM

    I am sure Sarah Palin does not know who Noam Chomsky is nor his politics. Ashton Kutcher? She will attach herself to anyone who mentions her name these days, so be very careful.

    Sarah Palin is like herpes. One kiss and you will have a forever reminder of your mistake.

    1. Anonymous1:13 PM

      Sarah's PAC pays huge amounts of money to consultants who must scour the internet for any mention of Sarah Palin. Then, their next job is to find a quote that is flattering to Palin, or that she can use, even if taken out of context. And this is all that they could find! Chomsky's comment was made in May, 2012, and that's all that they could find.

    2. Anonymous11:34 PM

      Even c4p goes CLEAR back in their daily sunrise worship service.

  29. Anonymous12:03 PM

    SarahPAC paid for this "poster" but they forgot Sarah's most important asset: her DDD's! Fix it, fix it now.

  30. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Hey Sarah, how's that capitalist-y, market value-y thing workin' out for ya???

    1. Anonymous12:40 PM

      how about that FreeDumb stuff?

    2. Anonymous6:42 PM


  31. lostinmn12:24 PM

    Noam is an idiot on this one. He and Kusher need to distance themselves from the evil one as soon as they can. Then again, it's interesting she's getting talking points from the left now instead of the far right. Maybe she's going to switch parties.

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      Maybe she was told to stop spitting bullets and horseshit before trying to hawk a happy, wholesome xmas book.

    2. Anonymous3:20 PM

      Or, embark on her televangelism career. Tammy Faye Baker was much more likeable than screeching, hate spewing $carah.

    3. Anonymous6:04 PM

      Sorry, but we'd throw this one back.

    4. Anonymous6:05 PM

      How is this NOT spitting bullets and throwing horseshit?

  32. Anonymous1:02 PM

    From a cool one million a year to a paltry $250,000. Oh how the once mighty have fallen. 

    Ha ha ha and it less than that after taxes are taken out.

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      Not to quibble, but I saw the figure of $220K in a media gossip rag a few months ago. Either way, it's more than she's worth, but probably a wise investment for Ailes/Murdoch to keep her quiet and out of the public eye. She appears almost exclusively in non-prime time slots where she can do the least damage and be least-noticed.

    2. Anonymous3:23 PM

      That also tells us that no one else wanted he dumb ass. So she got down on her knees, and begged (blew) Roger for her job back.

  33. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I hope there's a correlation between the diminishing $ Sarah can earn for herself and how much she's worth to the corporate media and Democratic Party. The end of her may be at hand.

    Holy Baby Cheezits save us from the msm covering the upcoming book promo. Amen.

  34. Anonymous1:34 PM

    If you ask me it's one asshole rubbing up against another asshole.

  35. Anonymous1:44 PM

    He describes himself as a "libertarian socialist". An oxymoron, if I ever saw one. How one can be both is beyond me. Must be one of those things only intellectuals bordering on crazy can understand.

    1. Anonymous2:45 PM

      You, too, can understand. Use the Google. And have fun.

  36. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Yeah, take $250,000 x .625 and she will take home a cool $156,250. Although I can imagine she will avoid paying the regular amount the rest of us pay in self employment. Remember Reagan? He paid no taxes and was proud of it as governor of California.

  37. Disgusting on his part.

    Sarah's ghost writer then makes her sound so very humble. :puke:

    Maybe they can go on a bus tour together.

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      Whatever happened to that bus -- the one that Sarah would fly to and then get on/off and pretend she was ón the road'???

      Wasilla - got any sightings??

  38. Anonymous3:09 PM

    Once again, when you lay down with the Bitch, you get up covered in STUPID.

  39. jcinco3:18 PM

    lol, my 30 year old niece makes close to that working at a PR firm in DC...of course, she works her ass off...

  40. Anonymous3:47 PM

    So sad, Sarah Palin has nothing to complain about and never could compliment President Obama for his accomplishments so now Sarah Palin's ghost writer has to post and compliment a horse on her Facebook page.

    Sarah Palin1 hour ago · Congratulations to Dance to Bristol for winning the Ballerina Stakes today! This amazing horse is on a great winning streak. It's wonderful to have something more fun to write about at a time when so many troubling things are in the news. I'll be on Greta Van Susteren's show

  41. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Sarah; you are covering news about a $650,000 horse that nobody normal would have the hopes of owning instead of the prevention of a mass shooting by a courageous black women?

    Sick priorities...kinda makes talking about a $1000 dog look a little less egregious.

  42. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Sarah Palin is using Noam Chomsky to raise $$? You mean Noam Chomsky the left wing liberal academic who's more left of even the most left people in America?????

    Now I've seen everything!!!


  43. Anita Winecooler6:55 PM

    I bet she thinks "Noam" is the mailman from "Cheers"


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