Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sarah Palin uses an Ashton Kutcher quote, and gets self "Punk'd." Is that even possible?

This was a tweet from Palin's Twitter feed.

It links to this graphic:

Speaking of licensing, did SarahPAC get Kutcher's permission to use his photo for fundraising?
 This of course dovetails with Bristol's rant about how hard she has worked from yesterday.

However I have to wonder if Palin took the time to read this statement carefully? And realizes that her work history has reflected the exact opposite of the values that Kutcher is espousing.?

For instance. Palin was a mediocre athlete at best, who has often inflated her dedication to hard work even while her fellow teammates have reported the exact opposite.

Palin went to AT LEAST five different colleges in order to get one degree. (A degree by the way that has never been proven to exist.) Which is not exactly an example of hard work and dedication.

She managed to get an extremely short lived job working with KTUU in Anchorage, on which she clearly did not work hard enough to expand into a career in broadcasting.

She was on the Wasilla City Counsel but is mostly remembered for wearing low cut tops and being "flirtatious" ("I’m gonna put on one of my push-up bras so I can get what I want tonight." Source)

As Wasilla Mayor, Palin delegated the actual work to her city manager, John Cramer. (Source.)

And as Governor, Palin was famously unprepared for her job, often went missing for days at a time, and seemed more focused on getting her picture taken and her name in the paper, rather than actually doing the job she was elected to do.

Work ethic? Don't make me laugh.

Today Palin takes credit for articles written by ghostwriters, makes paid public appearances based on her fading notoriety, and uses SarahAPC to grift money off the stupidest people on the planet, by pretending she might one day run for office or has some positive impact on American politics.

If Sarah Palin had half the work ethic that Ashton Kutcher is talking about, she might actually have done something positive with her life, and not simply allowed others to do all the work, while sitting back and taking all of the credit.

Palin also sent out another tweet.
This of course is referring to the tragic shooting of a college baseball player in Oklahoma by three black youths (Correction: Two black, and one white.).

My assumption is that this is an attempt to suggest that the media went crazy over the Trayvon Marrtin shooting, but in this case that they are paying more attention to the President's new dog rather than this shooting.

That seems vaguely racist to me, and is of course completely unfair.

In the Trayvon Martin case the man responsible was not arrested at first, in this case the three young men have been arrested and all three have been charged.

As for the coverage, well a quick Google search shows that it is being covered by CBS, Fox NewsCNN, NBC, The Guardian, Huffington Post, and even Time Magazine, just to name a few. In fact many of the reports concern the lack of outrage over this shooting as opposed to the Zimmerman case, so I don't know where Palin gets her outrage from.

Oh that's right, Palin lives to demonstrate faux outrage over everything related to the "Lamestream" media and the President of the United States. How could I have forgotten?


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    None of the palins have jobs. They refuse to work and are simply too lazy and too stupid to hold any type of job. Bristol has never worked a day in her life. She'd rather mooch off the hardworking taxpayers like us. The closest any Palin has gotten to a real job is Todd's pimping.

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

      Pimping has got to be hard work. They figure that makes up for all of them.

    2. Gryphen have you seen what Baldy posted on her Fecesbook page about Noam Chomsky admiring her dumbass?

      Stupido thinks she's being cute! Stupid bitch is seriously "bumpin and grinding" for BaldyPAC something awful...she must be close to being BROKE!

      Here's the link to the shit....

    3. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Grifting is a full-time job when no one in your family actually has a J-O-B, huh Sarah? I spelled the word for you there in case you need to look up the meaning in a dictionary. Because I don't think it means what you think it means. Just sayin'.

      "Those who spend half their time avoiding work and the other half talking about how much work they do usually aren't worth a damn to begin with, and they'll always prove themselves to be a bigger hindrance than they're worth in helping whenever something has to get done today and done right."--- Dad (smartest person I've ever known in hiring the best people and keeping them)

      --- Sarah's Toast

    4. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Oh, Gina!

      I can't bring myself to go see it for myself. Little does she know who Noam Chomsky is! Nor do any of her bots. Wow. Lordy, lord, Sarah. Look up the man and find out what he's stood for all these years before he proclaimed his love for you. You might want to give the ring back.

    5. Anonymous3:42 PM

      This is what the stupid bitch said....

      "I hear ya, Noam. I don't always admire myself either. See, we agree on even more than you'd think!"

      It was next to an OLDDDD picture of her dusty ass along with a big ass BaldyPAC emblem!

      RAM is earning her penguin food today...this was posted about an hour ago from Baldy!

      "Sarah Palin
      41 minutes ago
      So, the Federal Government, er, We The People, are employing someone at the Department of Homeland Security whose side job is running a hate website advocating ethnic cleansing and other despicable acts?! This official is promoting a race war. His fellow employees say they're "astounded" he is employed by the taxpayers. His side "job" running the "War On the Horizon" website was reportedly approved by supervisors. Really, Fed? Really?

      Friends, let your government know we deserve better; we demand better. We're paying the tab.


      - Sarah Palin

      Read the article here:"

      "Race war" RAM! Really? Baldy is desperately trying to get into the news hook or crook y'all!

      Is Baldy trying to create another chance to do Blood Libel Part 2 video?

      The crazy bitch and RAM are both INSANE!

    6. Anonymous5:57 PM

      This from the creature that posted gun sights on a map, that resulted in the murder of 8 innocent civilians that were attending a town hall meeting with their Congresswoman. A Congresswoman, who herself was also shot, and mutilated for life. The Bitch's response was to scream "Blood Libel". Her husband is a member of the right wing terrorist secessionist AIP group, and she spoke at one of their hate conventions, while a sitting Governor of Alaska.

      America, it is time to take out the trash. Whether we are Democrats or Republicans, we are better than this. It is time to shut these racist groups, and their wind bags down. I don't care if its left extremists, or right extremists, we are not going to tolerate your bullshit any longer. 95% of our country, want to live by the ideals of our constitution. You 5%, can go to hell, and please take that dumb Bitch with you.

  2. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Get a job bristol you disgusting pig.

  3. Anonymous12:10 PM

    Who is the laziest Palin? My vote is willow. She doesn't even PRETEND to work like Bristol.

  4. Gryph....killing was 2 black youths and a white kid.

  5. Anonymous12:13 PM

    When will Sarah stop with the libel and hateful slander? She must really hate her life. Hey I would too if my children were worthless bums with no jobs and my husband was a cowardly pimp. So I guess we can't blame her too much. She is simply projecting the hatred she holds for her family onto President Obama and people who work for a living.

    1. Anonymous12:51 PM

      What hard work does Todd do these days? Willow? I know, Bristol is performing delicate dermatological surgery, so she is working her butt off, you betcha. Judging from her reality show, Bristol doesn't work very hard, either. And Sarah's job is libel and slander because that is red meat to her donors.

    2. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Bristol's job these days is going to the bar, getting drunk and bringing a different guy home every night. Out of 5 nights at the bar, she took home a different guy 3 nights in a row.
      She must be auditioning "trial daddys" for Tripp.

    3. Anonymous9:36 AM

      Poor Bacon Belly, she is such a slob, that nobody wants her. "Spread em, them hope to hell somebody, anybody will Wed em".

  6. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I believe one of the young men is actually white.

  7. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Two black boys, one white white boy.

  8. Anonymous12:26 PM

    She is so jealous if the $1000 dog!

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM

      She's like a crazy stalker lady. Man, she must get up at the crack of dawn and google every little tidbit about our Prez. She is so effing transparent, she's got the hots for 'Bama.

    2. Anita Winecooler6:12 PM

      Do you have any clue how long it takes the pimp's wife to make a thousand dollars In dog years?

  9. Anonymous12:28 PM

    It's no longer 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'

    ...But all that could change in 2014. For what McCain was almost courageous enough to do might actually happen in Alaska. A former Republican mayor of Valdez (Bill Walker) and an incumbent Democratic state senator (Bill Wielechowski) are considering joining forces to run for Governor and Lt Governor, respectively. Their mission: to defeat incumbent Governor Sean Parnell, who ascended to the governor's mansion following Palin's memorable, ahem, resignation in 2009 (to be fair, he was elected in his own right in November 2010).

    While Parnell might not look that vulnerable on paper. there is a sense that the state is reaching a moment – not unlike the US as a whole – where a set of mounting public policy challenges need to be addressed. For the first time in years Alaska posted a deficit. And that is likely to be repeated next year. One of the reasons why the fiscal position has deteriorated is the passage of SB 21; a bill that gave tax breaks to oil and gas companies. Supporters of the bill, including Governor Parnell who championed it with vigour, claimed it would trigger economic growth through increased production. Opponents see it as no more than a giveaway of Alaska's natural resources and have successfully campaigned to have a vote on whether to repeal SB 21 placed on the primary ballot next August.

  10. Anonymous12:37 PM

    "and I never QUIT my job until I had the next job." AK

    Yep, she punked herself alright.

  11. angela12:39 PM

    Damn, she's dumb as hell . . . .

  12. For somebody who demeans "liberal Hollywood" ole Sara sure is trying to latch onto Ashton Kutcher's speech to get some of the limelight deflected to her. Don't these idiots understand what IRONY is??? If Sara is so proud of her speeches and such why was her awe inspiring speech to the Republic High School Class of 2013 so widely ignored? I don't recall seeing a single posting or forward of Sara's speech on Facebook. I was in a masochist mood the other day and linked to it. It took hours for my eyes and ears to stop bleeding. At the end I felt my IQ had dropped at least 50 points.
    Sorry Sara. If you were so brilliant in your public speaking and writing, your speeches and ramblings would be all over the internets like this guy:

  13. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Can we see a paycheck stub for Track, Todd, Bristol or Willow? Nope, because they do not exist.

    Sarah, how the hell can your family talk about work ethic when none of them have a job?

    The Palins are all just a bunch of ass clowns

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Right with us the stubs Palin's or STFU.

  14. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Correction - In the Oklahoma shooting death of Australian student, Chris Lane, one of the three teen-aged killers is white.


  15. This comment was posted at the Asylum today by one of Baldy's racist bots....

    "carmtom13 • 2 hours ago −
    I want to share this with you all. I went to the store and while shopping I encountered a woman (could have been a man) dressed in all black head to toe, hair covered and all you saw on her face was her eyes. I was very surprised to see this because never saw this in my area before. Her eyes just stared at me and gave me a look that really startled me, it was like I didn't belong there and she did. I being the person I am looked back at her and was going to say something to her like what are you looking at and a few other choice words and decided not to but I did give her a look right back at her similar as the one she gave me. Who do these people think they are, this is our country not theirs. I understand that her attire was her belief but don't act like we are the ones who are wrong. She followed me down a few aisles in the store so I stopped to get something off the shelf and turned to her and let her know I knew what she was doing and proceeded to finish my shopping, looked around and she disappeared. It was weired very weired."

    Here's one of the responses from the KKK's Grand Wizards wife "SusanWo4P"...

    "SusanWo4p carmtom13 • 2 hours ago −
    Next time share with her about JESUS CHRIST. Tell her the Good News that Jesus Christ in the Son of God and he died forher sins so that she might have eternal life."

    Two of the nuts "GeraldGoff" and "AmazedOne1" tried to tell the nutbars that she may have misunderstood the entire exchange...but since most of the loons think those two are "trolls" their comments will fell on deaf ears!

    THESE are the folks that Baldy and her ghostwriters are speaking to...the deranged...the racist...and the crazy! LOL!!

    1. Anonymous1:56 PM

      So here's what actually happened:

      This moron saw a woman dressed like a particularly offensive (to him) foreigner and gave her a dirty look. The woman, understandably, gave him a look like, "what the hell is your problem?"

      The moron interprets this as only a moron can.

    2. Anonymous3:30 PM

      Thanks GinaM for going there so I don't have to.

    3. Anonymous3:39 PM

      "Who do these people think they are, this is our country not theirs."
      So wrote the moron up above.
      1) The moron didn't know the status of the person in the burqua. Citizen? Green card? Student?
      2) The first person in my family who came to these shores arrived in 1638. I'll bet I could claim that it's more my country than the moron's. But I don't because it is equally anyone's country who has pledged to live here and support our country. No one has bragging rights.
      3) Especially since every single Native American could look us all in the eye and say "It's my country, not yours."

  16. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Many things to say about her ludicrous posturing. One, in particular, is to note that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore started a program called "Real Men," to fight against the trafficking of underage girls for prostitution.

    So, Sarah, it will remain for a court to show us whether Todd ever trafficked in underage girls. We know he trafficked in human bodies. He made money off the sexual labor of women. He is below the lowest reptile of a man. I'd bet Ashton Kutcher would avoid Todd Palin, if they were ever in close proximity, knowing he's a panderer and procurer. So would all polite society.

    Sarah keeps trumpeting the values of low-level work -- all of which is worthy of respect. ("A man is worthy of his hire," as my grandmother would say,) Modern life couldn't exist with workers, low to high, washing out an operating room as well as the doctors who operate in the room. Both depend on each other.

    Sarah's sermons would mean more, however, if any of her grown children (much less she and her pimp) actually held down a job -- any job. If, by circumstances, a person works at a coffee shop to earn a living -- he or she deserves our respect.
    But if that person is a Palin, with endless money and opportunities to get training, to get an education, to start a business, or to volunteer to help others -- then Mama Grizzly has nothing to preach to us about work or the work ethic.
    About the dog -- as I wrote earlier, both FDR and Nixon eloquently said that pets were out-of-bounds. The press reportd on the story -- and the right wing went nuts about it, forgetting that GWB had two purebred Scotties who were, gasp, BLACK. The story of the murder has been, and continues to be, covered extensively. There are no equivalents between the two incidents!

    What a mendacious imbecile.

    1. Anonymous3:06 PM

      The scary part is that many people think she makes perfect sense. And sarah plain knows that. What angers me the most about the bitch is her attacks against the President. I will always hate her for that. Just die bitch.

  17. Anonymous12:49 PM

    The Australian man was shot last Friday. Several days ago, the people responsible were charged, and Palin finally had someone read a newspaper to her so she could catch up with current events. Where was Sarah's outrage last Friday when the guy was shot? Oh, not, it wasn't the shooting. It was the fact that several days later, during a slow news period, the media covered the latest White House dog. How dare they write anything warm and fuzzy about President Obama while Sarah still hates him so much! A new pet in the White House? Palin sure got even, posing a photo of Piper (that was Piper, right?) with someone's little kitten (and the sun streaming in at 10 PM). Sarah is desperate for attention. If only someone would invite her to give a speech, or cut the ribbon at a supermarket opening, or something. Please. She needs the work-- and the attention-- not to mention the money. It's always about the money.

    1. Anonymous1:51 PM

      She could get a job as a Walmart greeter.

    2. Anonymous6:47 PM

      Fat chance 1:51. Walmart has standards. They may be low but not so low that Palin could make the cut.

    3. Anonymous5:13 AM

      Not really, because you would have to walk by the Bitch, and smell her stinky ass.

    4. Anonymous9:32 AM

      Does it really matter what the race was of the killers of that innocent man jogging? Does it matter, the race of the Columbine, Aurora, Tuscon, Sandy Hook, Decatur, the Sikh Temple, shooters were? The bottom line, Ms. Dumbass, and her followers, we need gun control in this country in a bad way. There is no color, race, ethnicity, that has exclusive ownership of stupidity. You of all people should realize, that not all people is Alaska, are as stupid as you and your family. The point being, acts of stupidity can be minimized, if we had effective gun control.

  18. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Ashton Kutcher: are you OK with this?
    Are you okay with this low life hate filled bitch using you too?

    1. Anonymous1:07 PM

      sending him the link - he's being used by a pimp's wife

    2. Anonymous1:57 PM

      He should be sent a copy of Shailey's book. Maybe Ashton wouldn't be afraid to publicly call out Sarah and Todd.

    3. Anonymous2:25 PM

      I truly hope someone sends Ashton the book. I'd do it, but I already bought and sent some to particular folks in Congress.

      Suspect Ashton would find the book interesting. He is already on record for indicating he is NOT in Sarah's ballpark. She just wishes he was - like President Obama!!!

      Poor girl - she's such a fool!

  19. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Sarah Palin hates anything that President Obama does. Her worthless unemployed Husband and children are lazy and looking for a handout. Without Alaska's Native Healthcare plan, they would all be struggling.

  20. Anonymous12:54 PM

    $carah also claimed to have had a pregnancy, and given birth to a DS baby, complete with flying across the country leaking!! THAT is a big fat lie also, too.

  21. Anonymous12:54 PM

    Piper and Ashton are buds from way back. Ashton likes old women cougars. Sarah would know he has the hots for her and she can do know wrong, she doesn't need his permission to use him any way she wants.

    1. Anonymous1:09 PM

      just because Piper got her photo taken w/Kutcher does not make them 'buds'.

      she's just one more fan. He's got millions of them, unlike the Palins who only have the C of Pee.

    2. Anonymous1:39 PM

      12:54 PM You Palins are unwanted Unwed Teen Mothers with no(not know) formal education. Ashton Kutcher wouldn't waste his time with you WASILLABILLY SKANKS. Ashton does not play the Trial Daddy role. Try another LIE, Grifters.

    3. Anonymous1:40 PM

      BWAHAHAHA 'Buds as in Marijuana? Is Piper hanging out with Willow? Does she drink Vodka also too?

    4. Anonymous3:29 PM

      "Ashton likes old women cougars"?? Tell that to Mila Kunis, she would be shocked, since she has been his girlfriend for quite some time, and she just turned 30/

    5. Anonymous5:42 PM

      "piper and ashton are buds from way back" uh excuse me?he is in his 30s and lives in la and new york and she is a tween and lives in alaska so are you saying he is piper's "pretend" bud? or your pretend bud?

      "sarah would know how he has the hots for her" uh no! he was married to demi and is now living with and possibly having a baby with mila kunis! skank is so not a cougar! a cougar is a hot older woman and skank is not anything close to being hot. she is a used up drug addict.
      "she doesn't need his permission to use him any way she wants".........uh so's ya know idiot-i just sent this comment to ashton so i guess we will see if she "can use him".........won't we? ashton, you are up!

    6. Anonymous7:24 PM

      Ashton is a big cheater, he cheated regularly on poor old Demi Moore, causing her to really lose her shit there for awhile. No wonder he's Sarah's kinda guy.

    7. Anonymous1:09 AM

      "Piper and Ashton are buds from way back. Ashton likes old women cougars. Sarah would know he has the hots for her and she can do know wrong, she doesn't need his permission to use him any way she wants."

      How could Ashton and Piper be buds from way back? The man is in his 30s and Piper is barely a tween. Going way back is not, I stood next to you to take a picture a couple of years ago. Also, why would you want to float this idea that a grown man and a child go way back?!?

      I have never understood why Sarah likes to insinuate that grown men are always after lusting after her, and her daughters. And those who aren't, are considered to be odd and their masculinity questioned.

      "...she can do know(sic)wrong, she doesn't need his permission to use him any way she wants." I think you meant to say Bill Kristol, and even the big tent he once had for the half-term governor, full-time quitter and grifter is shrinking.

      However I will agree with you on your assessment that Sarah Palin's an "old woman cougar."

  22. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Even if I were one of this woman's bitches I would get damn tired of her lecturing me on hard work and acting like everybody's a slouch but her. Go fuck yourself, Sarah Palin, or is that not hard enough work for you?

  23. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Also too, Ashton's quote includes the words "I never quit my job until I had my next job". Oopsie daisy Mrs. Palin, perhaps you should live by the "rule of Ashton", oops, too late.

  24. Anonymous1:00 PM

    exploit what? what is she talking about? taht shooting has been on the front page for two days, and the only reports Iv'e seen about the dog come from right wingers talking about how it is black not white (of course!)

    show me a picture of the dog on any major LSM site since the shooting, sarah.

    also too - while you are race baiting, you might take a look at the story about the white would be mass murderer talked down by a black woman. It's on the front page, too, just not on the sites you visit.

  25. Anonymous1:01 PM

    "Self punk'd." This is a new personal best for Palin who has previously wowed us with her bony, accusatory finger-pointing that pointed back to herself and with her self-spittle.

    Has she finally reached the bottom of the pit or will she attempt an even more enthralling, unimaginable move on her journey to obscurity?

    1. Anonymous3:47 PM

      "self-spittle" good one!

    2. Anonymous5:45 AM

      She's a viper in a pit

  26. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Sarah Palin has worked hard! My ass! The Alaska
    Legislature complained because she didn't show up to work while she and Toad 'the pimp' were quitter co-gov in Juneau.

    She was fired from Channel 2 in Anchorage as a sports announcer - it didn't take them long to get rid of her! She was a disaster, as usual!

    The Heath/Palin klan are one sorry bunch. Cannot imagine having to have one of those last names. Not fun, I'm sure, when you have an idiot and fraud as part of your family and a pimp! ("Boys Will be Boys")

    Truly wonder what Todd's folks are like and where they have been all these years? They have really stayed AWAY (from Sarah and Todd) and out of the limelight since prior to her being 'acting mayor of Wasilla'! I'll wager they detest Sarah & that they are terribly embarrassed by the couple!

    And, how come we never see them w/the Palin kids - their grandchildren? It's easy to suspect that there is major trouble w/the Palin side of the family! Should we be surprised?

    It would be a kick in the butt to be a mole in the houses of the Palins these days! The webs they have all weaved these past years have assuredly come back to haunt them!

  27. Anonymous1:02 PM

    and I never quit my job until I had my next job.

    Palin exalting that line is damn funny. In history that will be her most memorable event. She will go down as the example who quit without her next job.

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      >>>She will go down as the example who quit without her next job.<<<

      No, I think she already had that Fucked Noise gig contract already stuffed down between her Belmonts.

    2. Anonymous5:18 AM

      Pull the plug, this Bitch is officially brain dead.

  28. Anonymous1:20 PM

    The reason for shooting Chris Lane may have been part of a gang initiation and not a 'thrill kill' by 'bored' teens. The father of a black teen claims his son was the next targeted victim. He phoned 9-11, leading to the arrests. It will be interesting to get the full facts on this story.

    Palin, once again, shoots her mouth off too soon for someone who fancies herself capable of instructing and holding journalists accountable to the 5Ws1H standard.

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM

      I figured as much. Very unlikely that those boys were that bored. Didn't want family members to be hurt by the gang.

  29. Anonymous1:22 PM

    But Sarah did have her next job, handed to her by Murdoch/Ailes. All she had to do was pretend to take a bus around the country and sign a book that she didn't write. Her other "job" was to sit in front of her TV camera in her home TV studio and read the scripted answers that Fox sent her in advance of her "interview." And, if you don't think that's hard work-- for Sarah it was hard work. Do you have any idea how hard it is to read that teleprompter? Especially with her wonky eye?

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      All she ever did on Fox was belch the same words, phrases, and "thoughts." The same work ethic that landed her in shit with Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson is with her today: NEVER does she put in the necessary thinking and preparation before she speaks. THAT is hard work, Palin. I know it's even harder when your IQ is only 83, but bitch, you don't even try.

  30. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Wow. So, does Sarah think there are kids out there who don't want to work? I would bet that every commenter here has worked at these Kutcher jobs and then some. My oldest son had no choice in a one-horse town but to work in a perfume factory for the summer. Talk about smell. He'd come home with a headache and have to wash his clothes twice to get the strong odors out. But he stuck to it. He worked as a janitor at his high school for another summer. He traveled 30 miles every day to a small town to work at a call center and worked weekends at a chain store while studying university. My youngest challenged son worked flipping hamburgers, worked labor for a landscaper, moving, mowing, working in the hot sun all day, digging ditches, worked for the Town Municipality, picking up garbage........

    Why does Sarah think she's teaching a new concept? I have faith in American kids today who work hard and I've never heard one complain, nor do they brag and boast about themselves. Some kids even join the reserves, the National Guard, volunteer, etc.

    Why the need for Sarah to always look for the Hollywood idol to make her points? She always choses the 'success' story. Does she ever realize that some people work their whole lives, don't quit and still barely make ends meet?

    1. Anonymous2:31 PM

      Total projection -- and a fan dance worth of Sally Rand. If she keeps talking about the benefits of work, maybe her bots won't notice that no one in the Palin family actually can show that they work.
      She glorifies low-level work as if it's the only kind that's valuable. Where did she think those millions of people she saw in New York City were running to get to? To Work, Sarah. As bus drivers, as countermen in a diner, as school teachers, as janitors -- as well as stockbrokers, lawyers, and window washers. It's what makes the world go 'round.
      And you're so right, 1:29. Everyone on this site can offer examples of all the different types of jobs they and their families have taken, either to make money in order to get an education or start a business, or simply to make a living. Work is work. All of it is valuable, to society and to each person who labors.

    2. Anonymous9:06 AM

      It's because no matter how much she steals, and cons from others, she knows that she is a reject. If your successful, educated, self-aware, then you are an elite in her mind. She wants to belong so bad, it's killing her. She never got to give her speech in 2008, because her elite running mate,and his wife, told her to sit down and STFU. So she has been giving snippets of that speech ever since. The only problem is, that most of the country just ignores her. Only her fellow knuckle draggers are buying what the Bitch is selling. Keep on giving your same old tired speech LOSER, QUITTER, but remember, you didn't get to do it on a national stage when it meant the most to you. Ha, that still stings, don't it Bitch.

  31. Anonymous1:37 PM

    So Sarah STOLE Aston's speech, and used it for her own self-serving post on Twitter? And has the nerve to talk about HER OWN hard work ethic?

    Write your own posts, you moron!

    She is rubbing in her donor's faces the fact that nobody in her family works a real job.

    IRS on line 2, Sarah.

  32. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Some day, very soon, I hope, we'll all be occupied for our amusement/amazement by another sideshow that's come to town.

    For now, there's nothing quite like Our Sarah being Sarah, for her hypocrisy, mendacity, deceptions.

    The reason we continue to monitor her, however, is not just for our amusement. As long as she slings her racist, homophobic, theocratic nonsense and stirs up the slugs that follow her, we must be on guard.

    In time, though, we'll remember the Palins as the Ma and Pa Kettle of American life, 2008-sometime very soon.

    1. Anonymous3:20 PM

      The Tucson shootings & Gabby Gifford remind me that we need to monitor Sarah Palin very carefully.

      She is actually quite a dangerous person.

    2. Anonymous9:50 PM

      I'll wager Sarah and Todd Palin are being watched or monitored closely. She's harmful to the nation - wouldn't surprise me at all! And, they deserve it!

      Especially after the killings in AZ for which Sarah was responsible! There is no doubt that Hell is awaiting her!!!!

    3. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Oh yeah, they are being watched, just like that ass hole in Nevada, who was plotting to kidnap police officers, and murder them. The 1st mistake the Palin cowards make, they will be history. I say cowards, because they always look to others to fight for them, and support them. Like that punk ass Todd, having his AIP buddies hold down a young man, so that he can beat him up. RAM, Nancy, C4P, etal, they do all the fighting for the Bitch, because she too is a punk ass. Get on stage and debate someone, instead of cowering on Facebook, or writing answers on your hand. It is only a matter of time, until the Feds will be coming for you pussies.

  33. She skirts the edge of outright racism. One of these days she will slip up and go on record with an out-and-out racist slur.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      She already did with "Sambo beat the bitch". Racism and misogyny in one per quote.

    2. Anonymous1:12 AM

      "..shucking and jiving," also, too!

  34. Anonymous1:45 PM

    This is from June 14, 2011:

    In related news, Ashton and wife Demi Moore have seemingly come to the defense of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin after nearly 25,000 of her personal e-mails were disclosed to different media and publishing outlets.

    Taking to social media to show their disgust, Kutcher tweeted, "As much as I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin, I find sifting through her e-mails repulsive and overreaching," while Moore backed her hubby up by replying, "So agree!"


    1. Anonymous3:37 PM

      ah, that explains her using him in a tweet.

      He said her name. He defended her. All she does all day is keep a score card and send out tweets.

    2. Anonymous4:45 PM

      If someone takes the time to bring this to Ashton's attention, might mention that her 'emails' were government property and subject to FOIA. It's sorta that silly ol' 'open government' idea that Palin likes to bleat about until it involves her govt emails in addition to the govt business she tried to hide by using a 'personal' email address. She was also so careless in using this unauthorized email account in an attempt to keep her govt dealings 'secret' that she used a password easily guessed by a young man who ended up doing time for her stupidity and fraudulent act of attempting to go around mandated government transparency.

  35. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Her latest rant ,as usual, makes no sense and is totally full of shit. She is too fucking stupid to see she punked herself.

  36. Randall2:07 PM

    How did she hear about the Chris Lane killing?

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Ashton called to tell her and thank her for the publicity. He can use all he can get with a new movie coming out soon.

  37. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Twittered the pic above to Ashton. ;-)

    1. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Good. I'm sure that will make his day :-(

      Maybe he has someone to call to get a takedown notice issued for internet stupidity or something.

  38. Anonymous2:11 PM

    She sure loves to use Kutcher. Appearing on the Today Show, Sarah impatiently waited for the right moment to pounce and make the topic of Ashton Kutcher's role as Steve Jobs all about Sarah.

    starts at 12:05

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      WTF was she doing on the Today Show again? Didn't she destroy their ratings enough the first time?

    2. Anonymous5:42 PM

      It's okay to relax. This is the video from her one and only Today co-host gig in April 2012. The Steve Jobs movie was pre-production.

    3. Dinty9:04 PM

      Knowing Jobs I know he didn't suffer people who pretended to have knowledge they didn't, not for a second.

      I would have loved to see him interact with her when he was healthy. Let's just say it would not have been pretty.

      If you doubt my knowledge, keep your eyes on the news for the next couple of weeks, a key player in that story is dealing with a major family issue.

  39. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Sarah is only happy with the LSM when it is all about her.

  40. Anonymous2:16 PM

    It's waaay past time that the idiot Sarah Palin change her photo picture on Facebook. She doesn't look like that anymore as that is an 'old' photo!

    It reminds me of people that use business cards and don't change their facial photo for years.

    Be truthful about your physical imagine, Sarah! You tain't what you use to be!

    1. Anonymous4:39 PM

      What will she change her picture to? One of Lisa Ann, the stripper with REAL tits (not the insertable oranges which have NO CLEAVAGE like Sarah has been test-driving while losing 30 lbs)?

      She's looked like a two-bit hooker ever since the RNC attorneys came by her house in Wasilla to recover/repo all of the clothes paid for by the campaign which she tried to steal. She's too damn cheap to buy a few nice outfits and to pay for protein treatments for her hair, and too lazy and undisciplined to eat properly and work out. She'd rather grab her wig off the bathroom floor (careful, kitty. Dont be pissing or shitting on my 'do), trowel on the makeup, get the neon orange spray tan in a can caked on until her pores and cottage cheese dimples are smoothed out, snort some crank, fill up her flask with vodka, grab a red bull, and start yappin into the camera (on tape of course, so the worst can be edited out).

      Go and call me jealous, Krusty. So I can tell you these are my observations as a man who isn't turned on by the cadaver-look with the flappy batwings under the arms, the swollen face of a drug-addled, wrinkly assed and turkey necked 75-year old-looking 48.5 year old addict in a pair of her daughter's hooker FM height-challenged shoes. I'm just stating the obvious.

      Sarah's definitely not too old chronologically to be attractive, because there are lots of beautiful women who are much older than her that Sarah couldn't hold a candle to. But Sarah's been rode hard too many times and put up wet that she is just a skeleton of a person who's eaten up with hate, anger, and stupidity. Ain't nothing sexy about anything she's got left. Not just my opinion. Fact.

    2. +1,000!

      Except that $arah is 49.5 years old.... imagine the horrendous cake-from-a-box coming up in February to "celebrate" the big five-oh!

  41. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Hey Sarah,
    What do you think of what Colin Powell said about you?

    1. Anonymous4:12 PM

      Grow up. He's a darkie. Why should she care what a loser like Powell says? He's a liar, just like most of you idiots here on this on Jessie's sight.

    2. Anonymous4:43 PM

      Oh seems I hit a nerve. lol You are an ignorant little troll. You call me and the others on here idiots and yet you can't write a coherent sentence. Go back under your rock.

    3. Anonymous4:12 PM

      YIKES! That's a lot of racist gibberish in one little comment!

      Must be a dumbass Palin!


    4. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Yikes 4:12 Sure appears as though you are an uneducated, racist asshole!

      Colin Powell is well educated, has served his country well for years, has served our government and is very well regarded throughout our country and in others across the world.

      I suspect you cannot say the same!

    5. majii5:04 PM

      There's a good reason why People of Color like myself usually ignore people like you Anonymous 4:12PM. We're better educated than your ignorant ass and don't have a desire to lower ourselves to scrapping the bottom of the pig trough the way that you do. Although you refuse to believe it, Gen. Colin Powell is better educated and more well off than you and has more experience than Palin or you will ever have. One's race doesn't determine anyone's worth, except in the eyes of racists like yourself. Be careful about making judgments about those whom you don't know because when you do, you make an ignorant ass of yourself in the eyes of educated individuals who know that the only reason you go on the attack against anyone is because of your own feelings of inadequacy and your dissatisfaction with what you haven't accomplished in your life.

    6. Anonymous5:28 PM


      uneducated cousin' humpin' racist inbred

    7. Anonymous5:44 PM

      4:12 might be a bit surprised if he or she did his or her genealogy. I bet you have a little "darkie" in you and you don't even know it! Often times the most racist of whitey assholes have some African blood and when they find out they kill themselves. Just sayin', not that I recommend you offing yourself, but really, if you did the world would be a better place.

    8. Anita Winecooler5:51 PM

      Aww, poor 4:12. Someone peed in it's Troll Flake bow, and it asked for seconds!

    9. Anonymous5:54 PM

      4:12 Did your Mother teach you how to be a Bigot? Maybe you would have learned better if you had not dropped out of School at such an early age.

    10. Anonymous6:23 PM

      I once was confronted by a group of knuckle draggers in Texas, that were intent on getting into an argument with me, and spouted off their favorite racist calling card, "You people are the ones taking away jobs from us". Now keep in mind, I have two Bachelor Degrees, and a MBA, I replied to these idiots, "You are not qualified to do anything that I'm capable of doing, so I'm not taking anything away from you". The moral here is, we don't have to debate with these ass holes because, "Hey Hey it's ok, most of these uneducated inbreds, will be working for us one day".

    11. Anonymous8:07 PM

      Anon 5L:44: I had a boyfriend who had a two toned penis. His doctor told him it was probably because there was some African American ancestry in his genetics. How about it Todd? Any black folk in your family tree?

    12. Anonymous1:25 AM

      I think I read some where that Todd is Yup'ik.

      "Grow up. He's a darkie. Why should she care what a loser like Powell says? He's a liar, just like most of you idiots here on this on Jessie's sight.'

      Never mind Gen. Powell, Anon 4:12. I'm sure Sarah was really interested in what Glenn Rice had to say.

      "...Jessie's sight(sic)", I guess is fine.

    13. Anonymous5:54 AM

      Yes yes.

      Let's ignore Colin Powell

      ... and listen to Ashton Kutcher.

      In Sarah's world. ..

  42. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Google News shows in black and white that the media can't ignore Sarah Palin enough. And Sarah knows it.

    Face it, lady. You're past your sell-by date and you smell strange. If it wasn't for Gryphen you'd get no attention at all outside your cult.

  43. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Ooh big legal no-no, using AK's pic w/SarahSCAM overlay...implies endorsement, violates his rights of publicity which are especially stringently enforced in CA. He has a huge $$$$ case here. Go AK!!!!

  44. Anonymous4:06 PM

    It's stories like this that deeply touch me when I read about our President and the effect he has on people. This story brought me to tears. And then there's Sarah and her photo ops. Has she EVER spent any genuine time with injured soldiers, away from the cameras?

    President and Soldier: 3 Meetings, And a Lesson in Resilience

    Three times, mainly by chance and in very different circumstances, Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg has met President Obama.

    They were introduced near Omaha Beach in France in 2009, when Sergeant Remsburg was part of a select Army Ranger group chosen to re-enact a parachute drop for celebrations of the 65th anniversary of the D-Day landings in World War II. The second meeting came less than a year later at a military hospital outside Washington, where Mr. Obama was stunned to see among the wounded troops from Afghanistan a familiar young man — now brain-damaged, a track of fresh stitches across his skull, and partly paralyzed.

    The third time was two weeks ago in a private visit in Phoenix, where Sergeant Remsburg did something that neither Mr. Obama nor military doctors would once have predicted: he stood up and saluted his commander in chief.

    There was more. Grasping his walker, “Cory took a step, then another, and then another,” Mr. Obama said later, “all the way across the room.”

    1. OMG, that had me crying as well: a profile in courage.

      The idea of anyone--especially $P--trying to exploit this brave, brave American for their own petty reasons makes me ill.

    2. Anonymous5:56 AM


      Can't imagine Bush EVER noticing this warrior.

    3. Anonymous6:23 AM

      The fact that President Obama recognized the young man at their second meeting and then that the White House followed the young man's continuing treatment and progress is simply amazing. More reason to have the utmost respect and admiration for President Obama.

  45. Anonymous4:19 PM

    CNN’s Don Lemon on Ashton Kutcher: When Did Hard Work Become ‘Conservative Value?’

    Actor Ashton Kutcher inspired conservatives across the U.S. when he took the opportunity of an award ceremony acceptance speech to extol the value of hard work and perseverance. Conservatives praised Kutcher for articulating conservative principles for young people who may not otherwise encounter them. On Thursday, CNN anchor Don Lemon appeared confused by the love Republicans have shown for Kutcher who is an activist Democrat. Lemon wondered when hard work became solely “a conservative value.”

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      Fucking right wing sons if there weren't plenty of lazy teabaggers.
      Conservatives DO NOT have a monopoly on hard work.

  46. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who left The View last month will officially made her debut as the new co-host of Fox & Friends on Monday, September 16th. Hasselbeck was tapped to replace Gretchen Carlson, who is transitioning into a show of her own on Fox News in an afternoon time slot.

    As for Hasselbeck’s chair on The View, that spot has been given to Jenny McCarthy, who will begin Monday, September 9th.

  47. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Five years removed from the 2008 McCain-Palin Republican ticket, Sarah Palin's successes, failures, and well-documented gaffes are still part of the national debate. Danny Strong, "Game Change" screenwriter, sat down with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill Wednesday to discuss how he portrayed one of the most controversial political figures in U.S. history.

    Addressing criticism that the film received for its perceived politicized portrayal of Palin, Strong told Hill, "I disagree with the statement that half the country views 'Game Change' as a hit job on Sarah Palin. I actually think it's a very very small group of people. I think anyone who's fair-minded can go into that movie and see that the film is completely fair."

    Pointing to right wing extremists, he added, "I think there's a fringe group in both parties. And I think there's a fringe group on the Right that's quite loud and quite vocal. And I think that they make people think they represent 50 percent of the country, but I think they represent five percent of the country."

    Strong maintained, "I think that film was completely fair to Sarah Palin, and there was a lot of sentiment that it was the most sympathetic, empathetic portrayal of her that exists period."

    Strong strikes again with another American political film "The Butler," directed by Lee Daniels. To hear more from Danny Strong and "The Butler" Director Lee Daniels, watch the full segment HERE.

    1. Anonymous5:44 AM

      I think we need a sequel to "Game Change". Call it "The Return of the Funk", a biographical look at the dumbest individual ever to hold public office.

  48. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Once you go country, you can never go back — that was the essence of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s praise for Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, who just delivered a pro-work speech that threw conservatives for a spin because of its traditional-core-values tone.

    Mr. Kutcher’s remarks to the Teen Choice Awards audience: Work hard. Don’t thumb your nose at physical labor. Honest labor opens the door to career and life dreams. And when opportunity knocks, it’s very often in the form of hard work.

    Mrs. Palin issued the praise in a Wednesday posting of Facebook. She described Mr. Kutcher’s message as “heartfelt,” and one that Washington politicians frequently fail to impart.

    Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a Republican who now serves as a Fox News host, previously praised Mr. Kutcher’s views. Mr. Cruz called them “remarkable,” Politico reported.

    And Mr. Huckabee wrote in a posting on his own website, “Good job, Ashton.”

    1. Anonymous6:19 AM

      What is it suddenly with conservatives admiring good hard work? No one, anywhere, of any political stripe, has ever denigrated "good hard work." However, we certainly do not see much evidence of it among any of the members of the Palin family: Todd quit his job years ago to tag along after Sarah, Sarah quit her job, Track doesn't seem to have a job, Bristol - who knows; either she has the most amenable dermatologist employer or she's not working-, and Willow does not seem to be working despite her hair diploma. We can only hope that Piper goes to school and that Trig is in a serious pre-school program where he gets lots of additional therapy, although who knows who sees the two youngest kids off to school every day or greets them at home in the afternoon. No, not much hard physical work being done by any of the Palins. And then Sarah Palin has the nerve to beg for money from her ignorant followers.

    2. Anonymous8:08 AM

      I hope she cleans every one of those dummies out of all their cash. Then they can sit in their rockers, and tell the world just how wonderful it was to be conned by a Bitch.

    3. Anonymous12:30 PM

      What the hell does "country" have to do with it?

      Are "country" people "rill" Amerikkkuns who know the value of hard work- unlike the elitist city people?

      Oh, country mouse, Sarah. Go. Fuck. Yourself. No one else will.

  49. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Palin is like a tick on a grass stalk waving
    her scrawny arm feelers to attach herself and suck off
    someone else's achievement.
    The Teen Choice Awards were held on August 10.
    It took bloated Tick Palin almost 2 weeks to feed off of Kutcher's remarks.
    Kutcher's talk was appropriated by the talkers on the right last week.
    Palin pays DC consultants millions every year and not one of them could bring her up to speed on current events.
    As this rate ,pretty soon she'll be angry tweeting about the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby or the crash of the Hindenburg.

    1. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Millions? I don't think so. See her Sarahpac report.

    2. Anonymous6:07 AM

      How typical that the Palin family troll read 4:59's post and the only thing they could dispute was how much she pays her consultants. They must agree that she is stupid and clueless about most topics.

  50. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Hey dumbass!

    You bit the hand that fed you (the media) and now they are finally ignoring you.

  51. Anita Winecooler5:35 PM

    "And I never quit a job until I had another"

    Well played, Ashton Kutcher, Former husband to Demi Moore, which rhymes with Julianne Moore, who won awards for her role in "Game Change", who never quit a job either.

    Must be scraping the bottom of the Sarah Pac outhouse. She's bitching about how much a dog costs? Really?

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      lemme see. Bristol bought a pure bred dog she had shipped from a breeder. How much did this dog cost Bristol?

      Newfoundland puppy for sale: Black puppies are typically $1350-$1500 for Limited AKC Registration.

  52. Chenagrrl5:51 PM

    I asked a friend who works in east coast media to do a search for Palin in AP photos. Guess what? There are none. None sent in from across the nation or specific coverage of an event. Even the Big Slurp event has disappeared. He said that a year ago there were a few most of the time, the year before that easily 20 to 30, and before that many more.

    Sure she shows up in paparazzi shots that populate B-list celeb sites, but as for making any news? Nada.

    1. Anonymous8:01 PM

      She doesn't publicize things these days. The pictures put out are from random folks she meets. look how active she is in communities. Even actual celebs can do the Anon thing in public.

    2. Anonymous6:12 AM

      Anon at 8:01 pm. And just how "active" is she "in communities" these days?

  53. Anonymous5:59 PM

    "As Wasilla Mayor, Palin delegated the actual work to her city manager, John Cramer. "

    As a mother, Palin delegated the child rearing work of Trig to her sister Heather.

    Anybody see a pattern here?

    1. Anonymous8:00 PM

      I see you enjoy dabbling in libel.

    2. oh shit its that libel whackjob again11:06 PM

      Hey you at 8:00 PM. Your input is needed over on the "anilingus and other things I still cannot name or describe" discussion. So pull it out and head on over. Mmmmkay?

    3. Anonymous2:11 AM

      Hi Sarah! You really like the word libel, more than anyone else. It has to be you. You're all about projecting too, since the truth hurts.

  54. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Sarah opining about work is like Dick Cheney opining about serving in the military.

  55. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Just gu4essing - but I would imagine the U.S. authorities and media are treading a bit lightly as it was not an American citizen targeted but an Australian studying in the U.S.

    Because the loss of this young man is not going down very easily with public opinion here.

    In Australia the stringent gun-laws and regulations have proven effective in reducing these crimes - while in the U.S. well, let's just say the world is watching while everyday citizens kill each other. Every day.

    So pretty much very few on the outside quite understands the American penchant for insisting an entire nation - including juveniles - including toddlers - have unlimited access to guns - loaded or otherwise.


    1. Anonymous6:10 AM

      Quite a few of us here in the US do not understand the gun mindset at all either. What we do know is that the NRA has a very tight grip on many members of Congress; why, I have no idea - other than money. And that seems just awful to me - for money to trump human lives. Often the same legislators who idolize the NRA are also virulent in their opposition to Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that gives women the right to choose to have abortions or not.

  56. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Palin is like a blood sucking leech. She sucks the TeaBilly's for their donations and she sucks to grab a hold of any celebrity like Kutcher, The Duck Dynasty dude, etc. whatever it takes to get attention. Her and her clan are the new form of professional wedding crasher's. Its such hard hard work to keep up the my dick's bigger than yours image when you're nothing but a cold hearted bitch.

  57. Interesting list...

  58. Anonymous3:59 AM

    OT, but seeing some of her C4P fans talking about voting for her for President made me decide to do a google search on web sites. There is not a web site for it set up, but there's a Domain of "conservatives4palin2016" for SALE on an auction site. I wonder if her minions will pony up and buy it? Let the games begin!

  59. She did read that part about not quitting, right?

    1. Anonymous12:31 PM

      She stopped reading before she got to it...


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