Saturday, August 17, 2013

President Obama's Weekly Address: Obamacare.

I am very much looking forward to having health insurance for the first time in my life. Even though I realize that my Governor is going to make it almost impossible for any of Alaska's citizens to benefit from the program.

Personally I don't think that most of these red state politicians will be able to hold out long in the face of public pressure. At least that is my hope.


  1. I’m not sure if this is true for everyone, but my husband just moved from a private insurer, who paid nothing, to Medicare. He got a healthy rebate check because the private insurer was blowing money on administration. My husband credited Obamacare. If other people are getting these checks, I’m guessing Obamacare is popular.

  2. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Screw Parnell and do NOT vote for him AGAIN. Between the oil give away, obstruction as to abortions and hindering people as to medical insurance - F--- him and the party he belongs to!
    Alaskan - pay attention for whom you vote next go around!

  3. Beldar J Conehead5:54 PM

    Thank you, President Obama.

    And yes, as a matter of fact, this IS the hope and change I voted for!

    1. BJC, love to see your support here for our hope and change President. He is doing good :)

    2. AnonyBJCmous6:58 AM

      @ 1smartcanerican™7:49 PM

      Yeah, don't let that snarling faux-troll semi-satirical blog persona fool ya. I have it on good authority that that Beldar's been happily huffing the Obama kool-aid (now in delicious new guava-pineapple-goji-blackberry-papaya-mango-gruyere-banana-passion fruit and apple flavors!) since way back.

      Still three years left and a lot can happen, but President Obama is on his way to securing a pretty impressive legacy - BENGHAZI!!!! notwithstanding.

      Imagine what he could have done without those traitorous obstructionist GOP/tea bagger leeches on his back.

  4. Anita Winecooler7:59 PM

    I think when more people see "what's in it for them", Everyone in every state will LOVE the ACA. The GOP, in their zeal to defund and replace Obamacare are the best advertisement President Obama has, and it didn't cost him one penny.
    This month, our nest will officially be considered "empty", knowing my kids will be under our plan is a huge relief, one less thing to worry about.

  5. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Yes! Hope and change indeed! I work in health care. I'm excited to see a day when everyone is covered!

  6. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Since becoming seriously under-employed a couple of years ago, I've been through 16 months of Cobra, and now, have resorted to directly paying my employer $300 per month to stay on the company policy. That policy has a $3000 deductible which renders it worthless to me except as catastrophic coverage.

    I've been looking forward to full ACA implementation in 2014 for a long time and am happy that it's finally almost here. Under the ACA and with the subsidy I'm eligible for, I'll be paying about $45 per month for coverage that is actually useful for routine doctor visits and such.

    As for the Republicans, they're scurrying around like rats (which IMHO they are) on a sinking ship (the Republican party). Republicans don't panic like this for just anything. They know that once this is fully up and running, and the bugs get ironed out, people are going to love it and wonder why the hell it took so long for the richest country in the world to afford all of its citizens access to decent health care. They're going down big time, and I can't wait to see those last bubbles break the surface when that scow they've been sailing on finally sinks.


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