Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, claims that only hope for America is to elect Rand Paul. Annnd there goes the last of your credibility.

Courtesy of Daily Kos: 

It's always good to know where people really stand-what their core beliefs are. Well, for those who may not have been sure about Julian Assange, he gave us a peek during a forum hosted by Campus Reform and : 

[I] am a big admirer of Ron Paul and Rand Paul for their very principled positions in the U.S. Congress on a number of issues, * * * * They have been the strongest supporters of the fight against the U.S. attack on WikiLeaks and on me in the U.S. Congress. Similarly, they have been the strongest opponents of drone warfare and extrajudicial executions. 

Assange concluded by saying 

The only hope as far as electoral politics presently, is the Libertarian section of the Republican party.

By the way Rand Paul is also the choice of crazed conspiracy theorist Ales Jones,  Joe Miller, and of course Sarah Palin. Need I say more?

Oh and did I mention that he also likes Matt Drudge?

Publishing information that the establishment media would not. It is as a result of the self-censorship of the establishment press in the United States that gave Matt Drudge such a platform and so of course he should be applauded for breaking a lot of that censorship.

And we're done here.

If Edward Snowden ever wanted to be taken seriously, he should have avoided Glenn Greenwald and Assange like the plague. 


  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    In your haste to be nasty and superior you've misquoted Julian Assange; nowhere does he claim that the "only hope for America is to elect Rand Paul", he says the only hope for change in electoral politics lies with libertarians because they refuse to pick a side of politics to be on.

    Why didn't you bother listening to the interview?

    1. Rand Paul is the heir apparent to the Libertarian mantle.

      Of COURSE he is advocating voting for him.

    2. Anonymous3:36 PM

      Why didn't you bother to read the post?

      In your haste to act nasty and superior, you missed seeing that the post includes the correct Assange quote.

    3. angela4:55 PM

      Anon 2:46

      Uuummm, am I mistaken that Rand Paul is a Libertarian who did indeed pick a side? Republican. So did his father. And they are more republican than Libertarian. Actually, a true Libertarian would be sickened being in government. I guess a government pension, healthcare and said perks are good enough for them---but everyone else should just suffer if they are poor, cause they don't need the government to do anything for them--huh?

    4. Anonymous7:33 PM

      I agree... A true Libertarian does not care if a woman has the right to choose or if one wants to marry someone of the same sex... Rand Paul is just another republican tied up with a different colored ribbon.

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I have no doubt in my mind that if that pubehead got elected, he'd be THE. WORST. PRESIDENT ever and would probably spy the shit out of people who disagree with him. Fake fucking libertarian!

    He didn't seen to mind the patriot act in 2004 when he voted -- I'm sure -- for bush.

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Ugh, Assange. I guess his Libertarianism started with the liberties he took with unwilling females? He's not American, he can't vote, he's just a Swedish blowhard that's not even allowed back in his home country but is hiding out in an embassy.

    1. fromthediagonal4:13 PM

      Anon @ 3:30... For what it is worth:

      You are right, Assange is a Blowhard and a whole lot of Nasty, but Swedish he is not.

      He is an Australian National who lived in Sweden at the time of the accusations of the two women, then fled to Great Britain.

    2. I don't have a def opinion on Assange, but I know he was set up re: the "sex crimes." (This coming from someone who was raped herself...) I read all about it from the get-go, tho now time has gone by I'm sure the media has had time to change the story. It was a honeytrap setup between Sweden and the US, and the "crime" is stupid! It was not consent for sex, it was she didn't consent to not wearing a condom.(What, she didn't notice?) She was not forced or coerced, she left happy, because the idiot thought w/his wang instead of his brain. Honey, that was not rape! I don't agree w/some of what he has done, but appreciate other efforts (bank info) and feel badly for the guy that the US used his wang to try and get him to Sweden, and from there, extradited to the US.

    3. Oh, and the guy looks so skeevy he should immediately suspect something if ANY woman comes onto him... :-D OK, that was mean

    4. Anonymous10:57 PM

      Anonymous at 3:30, you need to read and learn more, you have obviously not educated yourself on what has happened with Assange and wikileaks. Like others commenting on your post, Assange is Australian, not Swedish. I'll bet your ignorance comes from the colour of his hair and you assumed he was Swedish.
      I do believe from all I've read he was set up, The U.S. wanted him and the Swedish govt. is in bed with the U.S. as well as the Australian leader. He has been known to be an activist his life in Australia, wanting to reveal govt. secrets for all their wrong doings and reveal their corruptness. He managed to do that with Iraq and Bush govt. I've read articles that Karl Rove is in bed with Swedish Officials and this is how Julianne Assange feels threatened, he isn't dumb, he knows if he was to go back into Sweden they would send him to the U.S. for prosecution.

    5. Anonymous9:27 AM

      He's a self-admitted admirer of homophobic/antichoice/racist Ron and Rand Paul. That's all we need to know about him, 10:57.

      I don't care who's in bed with whom. Anyone who admires the Pauls is a fool (or worse).

  4. Anonymous4:00 PM

    He never had any credibility in my book. Nor does Snowden. Support from Greenwald lights up all sorts of buttons for me, all indicating "stay away, stay away, stay away."

  5. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Assange is an arrogant ass and a coward along with Snowden. Both of them are hiding in other countries while doing their best to be seen as patriots of the US. Assange has learned what true freedom is and Snowden is about to learn. A true whistle blower does not leave his country but stays and face the music. I for one, couldn't care less what he or Snowden have to say, what they think, or their opinion of anything.

  6. Anonymous4:07 PM

    The whole thing struck me as a setup from day one. This confirms my suspicions. I think Hillary was right way back when: there really IS a vast right-wing conspiracy. How sad and treasonous that this conspiracy is willing to sell (or even give) our government secrets to our enemies just in an effort to 'get' Obama.

    And I agree with Gryphen: no way, on earth, would ANY GOPer, including the so-called Libertarians, do anything different with respect to the NSA, except to turn the screws even further with respect to its spying function.

  7. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Really, Assange? That is like saying the only hope for GERMANY in the 1930's was a guy named Adolph Hitler...based on nothing more than how Hitler "likes" Assange.

    I guess we all tend to let our PERSONAL situation govern how we think, but when it comes to picking the leader of the free world, you sort of expect everyone to act grown up, and push for someone who will be good for the NATION, not just themselves.

    (I suspect that is why even some Republicans voted for Obama, in both of his elections. They had only a crazy old coot in McCain, and then the satanic "businessman" in Romney, otherwise...and conscience dictated they could not be a part of installing those two horrible people into office.)

  8. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Rand Paul is a nightmare waiting to happen. Let him ruin his own state, not our country any more than he has already as a Senator.

  9. Assange gave off a skeevy aura to begin with and now he opens his pompous mouth and reveals just how little he knows about what's going on here and what Rand and the libertarians are really about. Idiot.
    M from MD

  10. Assange gave off a skeevy aura to begin with and now he opens his pompous mouth and reveals just how little he knows about what's going on here and what Rand and the libertarians are really about. Idiot.
    M from MD

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      I've always had the yuk alarm go off whenever his name was brought up. At least he can't vote.

      : )

  11. Anonymous4:58 PM

    No thank you! Let's call them for what what they are: Birchers.

    The Paul's, and the Koch brothers - they are Birchers. They may try to hide it, but that is what they are. They hide behind the Tea party, which of course has been astroturfed by the Kochs and friends.

    There was a time when the Republican Party steered clear of the John Birch Society, but they ended up welcoming them at CPAC in, I think, 2010, maybe it was the previous election cycle (I forget).

    We can NOT let them get any further than they already are. We must stop them at our state levels. Take a look at Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc ....

  12. Randall5:58 PM

    Hey Gryph: OT, but check this out:

    "...despite oversampling Republicans and asking misleading questions, the [Heritage Foundation's PUSH] poll still finds that pluralities favor keeping Obamacare and that Republicans would bear the brunt of the public’s wrath if the government shuts down."

  13. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Dammit! I'm so sad to hear this, I actually respected Julian Assange for his work in the wiki leaks and the I also respected Bradley Manning for bringing forward the corrupt war that Iraq was. But to hear Assange is in a love fest with these idiots is very disappointing. I've watched many you tube videos regarding Assange and his work. I really wonder now if he doesn't have some mental instabilities. He must be getting desperate I guess living in that embassy in europe, and not being able to go anywhere.

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      His mental problem is that he's a narcissist. Regardless of any good that might come out of his actions, his narcissism taints everything.

    2. Anonymous1:18 PM

      Paul is a personal hero of Snowden. I wouldn't be surprised if some sort of connection comes out between Paul and Snowden. Nor would I be surprised to find out that this was a put up by the Libertarians to "get" Obama. Many are racist to the core. It is what unites them with the teaparty.

  14. nikogriego10:53 PM

    Assange and Wikileaks are a limited hangout "honey pot." It ensnared Corporal Bradley Manning. Snowden is also a sophisticated multi-level "great game" triple agent. Limited hangout honeypot as well. Check out Webster Tarpley on the subject. Do not be fooled by what has been written about them. Assange is neither a hero nor a villain; he is an agent.

  15. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Julian Assange is a (w)ussy.

  16. Anonymous11:04 AM

    These days Libertarian is nothing more than anarchism for me, authoritarianism for THEE, spouted by a bunch of juveniles solipsists who are or should still be living in mommies basement - their comfort zone.

  17. Anonymous11:25 PM

    I'll stand with Glen Greenwald.


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