Monday, September 30, 2013

Former Bush spokesperson Ari Fleischer attacks President for using too many Twitter characters. Math says, "I'm sorry, what?"

So this was the tweet where Fleischer got all outraged over the fact that clearly Twitter loves the President more than everybody else.

Yeah, why does the President get to break a rule that should be impossible to break since the 140 count thing is automatic?

Wait, who did the counting here? Uh oh!

Then the Twitterverse weighed in:

To be fair once Fliescher started to receive these tweets he took his socks off and did a recount.

Of course it was too late and the mocking continued for days. As well it should.

After all what can we expect from a man who had to play dumb on a daily basis about all of the criminal activity undertaken by the Bush administration?

And it is not like his other tweets are bursting with intellect either.

Yep, they certainly "through" them out all right.

You know people sometimes say that I unfairly mock the Republican party as being full of assholes and idiots.

I think I take exception to the word "unfairly."


  1. Slightly OT, but here we are, hours from shutdown, and still no one in the media is making it All About Palin, despite her non-stop howler monkey caterwauling for the last several weeks.

    Do you suppose she has figured out that she is a Nobody yet?

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Oh she's on Faux twice tonight. Cavuto and Hannity. Prepare a large cerveza.

    2. Boscoe12:50 PM

      Tina Fey couldn't even be bothered to dust off her impersonation last week! I'd say it's time to stick a fork in her, but then the Pee Seers would use my reply as "proof" of the "violence of the Left". LOL

    3. Here's Baldy on Fake News today with some funny looking blonde named Gretchen something! Haven't watched it...tired of looking at the Tranny's the link....

    4. Anonymous1:35 PM

      Is she talking about the FREE NATIVE HEALTHCARE received by her Worthless children? Is she advocating Abstinence for Todd and his new 'you light up my life' Flame at the Rainbow Lodge?

    5. Anonymous1:39 PM

      Is Sarah wearing her Knee Pads?

  2. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Ari Fleischer needs one of those little lessons they give third graders about how to stay safe on the web. The easiest way to stay safe is DON'T BE STUPID.

    Surely even a moron like Ari can self-regulate enough to at least pause before hitting enter. Ari's mind may be so feeble that he really thinks people care about how minutely he monitors presidential activity. But Ari should pay someone (with actual dollars) to monitor himself before he destroys whatever pretense he ever had at a reputation for a normal IQ.

  3. Anonymous12:44 PM

    There is really, truly and without any doubt, NOTHING the President can do or say that they won't call Foul! on.

    Unless of course he's paid off twitter, who are a bunch of libtards anyway. Right?

  4. Anonymous12:53 PM

    What a dumb@ss.

  5. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Disregarding the hilarious "through" error, Fleischer's just plain lying about how a vastly new Congress was elected in 2010. Only a third of the Senate was up for re-election; a handful of Democratic seats became Republican -- not an unusual event for an off-year election.
    Despite all this, the President was re-elected in 2012 by the entire nation. The Senate remained Democratic. The House is in a civil-war free fall. What, exactly, is Ari trying to say?

    Well, nothing much, except he shows that he relies on spell-chek way too much. Weigh two much.

  6. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Whatever Ari might think, the ACA is still the law and has even been upheld by the Supreme Court. He and his GOP buddies need to understand that a law is a law.

  7. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Ari is a genius compared to his replacement Dana Perrino.

    Dana can not count past 20 ... unless she has extra fingers or toes.

    1. Anonymous1:26 PM

      Bitter much, palin troll?

    2. Anonymous2:29 PM

      I don't think @120 is a troll.

    3. Anonymous2:46 PM

      LOL "palin troll?" Do you know who Dana Perino is??

    4. Anonymous3:05 PM

      idiot w's idiot press secretary who never heard of the cuban missle crisis, that dana perrino? she's as much of a history scholar as dumfuk sarah...

  8. He was angry about the content of the post, but couldn't come up with anything to say so he attacked it's structure.

  9. Anita Winecooler1:28 PM

    OT POTUS makes a speech re: #dumbasses

    Go Barry!

  10. Anita Winecooler1:34 PM

    Ari hasn't mastered the fine art of copy and paste, yet.

  11. Anonymous1:40 PM

    from my perspective- both parties are full of a-holes and idiots, and above all, self serving.

    1. Anonymous1:51 PM

      Then your perspective is rather skewed. All of this nonsense (since January 2011) has been brought to us by the GOP in Congress, especially by those in the House of Representatives.

    2. Anonymous2:50 PM

      That's why Sarah Palin was so successful. She's the queen of idiotic assholes.

  12. Anonymous1:45 PM

    He caught it from's an insidious, brain-numbing condition......Bush had an awful case of it.......

  13. jcinco1:52 PM

    o/t so according to screech's hate book comments simple-minded sarah dropped in on gretchen carlson's show today. apparently she used some of that "something about mary" hair gel over the entire right side of her hair/wig.


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