Thursday, September 19, 2013

We have a PAC?

Courtesy of the Washington Post:

Atheists and humanists hope to increase their influence in politics with the launch of the Freethought Equality Fund, a new political action committee for nonbelievers. 

“When people see respected ethical humanists and atheists serve in public office, this will begin to dispel many myths about nonbelievers,” said Bishop McNeill, coordinator of the new PAC that was launched Wednesday (Sept. 18). 

The mission of the PAC is to grow the ranks of open humanists and atheists in public office at all levels of government. It will also seek to elect people who support the separation of church and state regardless of their personal beliefs, said Maggie Ardiente, director of development and communications at the American Humanist Association. 

On a larger scale, the new PAC reflects a long-term strategy among nonreligious activists to increase their profile in Washington; last year the Secular Coalition for America hired Edwina Rogers, a veteran Republican lobbyist, as its executive director, in part to open doors on Capitol Hill. 

The PAC was launched by the American Humanist Association’s Center for Humanist Activism; it’s the first nontheist PAC to have full-time paid staff and start-up funds. 

A 2012 Pew study reported that one in five Americans do not claim any religious affiliation, an increase of 5 percentage points during the past five years. 

“Our patriotism is suspect, our value system is dismissed and the more we come out of the closet in certain communities as people who don’t happen to believe in a god, the more we observe new limitation in our business opportunities and in public life,” said Ardiente, referring to prejudice against the nonreligious. “Most of all, these voters want respect and equality for nontheists in the United States.” 

Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association, called nonreligious Americans “one of the largest minorities in the U.S.” 

“But you’d never know it from our organized numbers or political power,” he said. “It’s time for that lack of representation to change.”

Where do I send my money? Where do I send my money? WHERE DO I SEND MY MONEY?

Here, here is where we can send out money.

We are going to make such GREAT politicians by the way.

We LOVE science, support public education, believe in the Constitution, and respect the rights of the religious.

No seriously! Just so long as they don't try to impose their values on to us, or our children that is.

In short we are going to make an incredibly valuable addition to our political landscape.

Man I love 2013!


  1. Anonymous6:27 AM

    Hooray! No more trying to individually answer all the religious zealots -- a concerted, organized, professional effort will make our voices heard.

    Money going to this PAC today!

  2. It's about time. Whether one is a believer or not, keeping the religious crazies from taking over our government from local school boards to the POTUS is a GOOD thing. Religious zealots are dangerous. It doesn't matter which religion they adhere to.

    1. Leland10:01 AM

      Deni, I'll go one step farther than you.

      Fanaticism for ANY reason is dangerous!

  3. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Outstanding! It's going to surprise folks across the nation how many are NOT Christians in the USA.

    And, there are many that say they ARE Christian but assuredly do not live the teachings....

    Republicans - stop throwing religion down our throats!

  4. WakeUpAmerica7:12 AM

    I will donate even though I am a believer. I want EVERYONE'S religion out of politics. No one should be discriminated against for their religion or lack of religion.

    1. Anonymous8:51 AM


      By far my favorite comment from you.

    2. Anonymous9:19 AM

      Totally agree with this! We need to get religion out of politics.

    3. Leland10:03 AM

      @ 9:19

      A slight modification to your comment. "We need to get religion BACK out of politics."

  5. Anonymous7:16 AM

    Glad you found this. I posted about it in the comments yesterday.
    Now check out the HP article on how many atheists there are in congress.

  6. Anonymous7:17 AM

    I'm making my donation in the name of Sarah Palin...

    1. I'm making mine in the name of Michelle Bachmann

    2. WakeUpAmerica12:11 PM

      BWAAHAAHAAHAA!! What a great idea!

  7. Anonymous7:28 AM

    OT/ Amazed1 at the sea of pee answered a question about the copyright photo and theresaAK is earning her 'postage' by changing the subject.

  8. Anonymous7:36 AM

    THIS is why we need this PAC.
    Posting on Sarah's FB page in response to her Constitution comment. This person needs to go back to Square One, first grade, and start to learn logic, English, and the Constitution beginning today. Sarah can sit in on the class:

    "They don't teach all this in school because this minority people is always fighting against it. We are letting them win because we are christians are not saying anything or rememembering people our christian foundation! Seems everybody forgot they took prayer out the pledge of the legion and the Bible out of the school that's why ours school and the country is the way it is. We ha have to regain our roots and ask to God to forgive us as a nation! Don't be intimidate by anyone speak out in love for what you believe! Thank you for reminding us! God bless you and this Awsome country United States of America that is being giving to us! 2 Cronicles 7:14!"

    1. "the pledge of the legion"

      Holy Crap. This is WHY we need to vote. You know this person does. How scary is that???

    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      I guess this is "the base" that she's paid to "rile up"? Seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to rile these people up and get them to believe just about anything.

      Sarah Palin, cheerleader for the stupids since 2008.

    3. Anonymous4:23 PM

      "This person needs to go back to Square One, first grade, and start to learn logic, English, and the Constitution beginning today."

      I know immigrants waiting to take their American citizenship oaths who know more about this country (and obviously English) than that born and bred American dolt you quoted.

    4. Anita Winecooler6:23 PM

      "We have to regain our roots and ask God...."

      Sweetie, when some of us regain our roots, we go to our hairdressers. Roots are best left to the pros, just sayin!

  9. Anonymous7:37 AM

    ".. last year the Secular Coalition for America hired Edwina Rogers, a veteran Republican lobbyist, as its executive director,.."

    Uh, Republican lobbyist? Probably just residual paranoia on my part. : )

    1. Anonymous8:46 AM

      I don't blame you.

      I feel the same.

      And I am a Republican.

      Today's GOP is unrecognizable to me.

      I donated 1k.

      For effort.

      In the meantime, we watch and wait.

      (FWIW, Jessie the progressive and I the conservative share 99.999999% of the same values. IOW, we are both Americans.)

    2. Anonymous4:18 PM

      Bless you, 8:46

      : )

  10. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Read today about Pope Francis's comments on abortion, homosexuality and contraception. He wants the Roman Catholic Church to be a "big tent," not one that excludes and judges individuals.

    Wait for the American fundamentalists to start attacking Roman Catholics as the KKK once vociferously did-- when RCs were seen as furreners who came from Ireland, Italy, Eastern Europe, and other god-for-saken places.

    So, we'll see a schism in the all-Christian, all-the-time coalition. Sarah will have to denounce the Pope, as will looney tunes stars Pat Roberts, Franklin Graham, any and all witch doctors....a Christian civil war. Should be fun to watch.

    And, Sarah, just because you think you've slipped in as a "true American," under KKK rules you married a Native American and thus aren't qualified to join even their redneck, no-nothing band of fools. You, your husband, and your children are not "All-American," no matter how much you protest. Don't bother knocking on the door of the Aryan Nation. They don't want you!

  11. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Hey Gryphen - Is there still "a whole lot more craziness coming our way" today as promised in a post last night? The suspense is killing me.

    1. Anonymous3:45 PM

      What ?????

  12. Otto Katz9:05 AM

    I can think of quite a few religious people who would like to send money, also. Me, for one.

  13. Otto Katz9:09 AM

    ps. the donate button isn't working. I hope they fix it soon.

  14. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Got so excited, I donated a hundred bucks, even though $ are tight right now. But considering what's happening to our school science programs, etc., I figured that I couldn't really not afford to do it!

    I hope that they thrive and prosper, I mean, if we can't get rid of the PACs, we'd might as well join em!

  15. Everyone has a God. It is what is most important to the person. Love? Money? Power? Call yourself whatever you want, but your God defines you.

  16. Everyone has a god. It is what is most important to the individual. Love? Money? Power? Call yourself whatever you want, but your god defines you.

    1. Anonymous12:22 PM

      Huh???? This simply is not true!!! My actions and words define me, period.

    2. Anonymous2:12 PM

      10:04 I don't have a god and don't want one!!! Jerk!

  17. Otto Katz10:27 AM

    I figured it out. I had to click the "I am a member..." button before the donate button showed up. And I was able to donate. Cool.

  18. Anonymous11:16 AM

    OT SarahPAC related

    For those wondering what Ashton Kutcher has been up to:

  19. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Well he's obviously not atheist, but this is a HUGE step in the right direction:

    STUNNER from Pope: Church Should Stop Being "Obsessed" with Abortion, Gay marriage and Contraception

    ...From the NYT:

    Pope Francis, in the first extensive interview of his six-month-old papacy, said that the Roman Catholic church had grown “obsessed” with preaching about abortion, gay marriage and contraception, and that he has chosen not to speak of those issues despite recriminations from some critics.
    Pope Francis said the church needs to be a "home for all" rather than a "small chapel" sticking to a narrow set of so-called moral teachings.

    “It is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time,” the pope told the Rev. Antonio Spadaro, a fellow Jesuit and editor in chief of La Civiltà Cattolica, the Italian Jesuit journal whose content is routinely approved by the Vatican. “The dogmatic and moral teachings of the church are not all equivalent. The church’s pastoral ministry cannot be obsessed with the transmission of a disjointed multitude of doctrines to be imposed insistently.
    “We have to find a new balance,” the pope continued, “otherwise even the moral edifice of the church is likely to fall like a house of cards, losing the freshness and fragrance of the Gospel.”

    This is a tremendous shift from the two most recent popes, and especially from Francis's predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI . Although consistent with statements Francis has been making since becoming head of the Catholic Church, he definitely broke new ground in terms of emphasis with these recent remarks. The article's author argues, rightly I would say, that these remarks set up a clash between the Vatican and some U.S. bishops who have essentially focused just about all their public energy on the 'holy trinity' of abortion, gay marriage, and contraception.

    Rather than these issues, Pope Francis has focused his energies on other aspects of Catholic teaching that have been, shall we say, neglected in recent years by the church hierarchy. In particular, he has drawn attention to the plight of the poor and the deepening inequality in our world. Pope Francis is without question speaking the language of the 99%.

    In a July visit to Brazil, for just one example, Francis spoke out:

    "No one can remain insensitive to the inequalities that persist in the world!" Francis told a crowd of thousands who braved a cold rain and stood in a muddy soccer field to welcome him. "No amount of peace-building will be able to last, nor will harmony and happiness be attained in a society that ignores, pushes to the margins or excludes a part of itself."
    (snip) Francis blasted what he said was a "culture of selfishness and individualism" that permeates society today, demanding that those with money and power share their wealth and resources to fight hunger and poverty.

    I don't think any of us imagined that, when Benedict stepped down, we'd get a new pope like this one.

  20. Today, I have hope that the Years of Enlightment are beginning for us. Assad agreeing to rid his country of chemical weapons and signing the international agreement banning chemical weapons; Putin interceding to get this moving; the Pope indicating that the current focus of Roman Catholicism should not be abortion, gay marriage, and contraception all lead me to feel a little hopeful that the world is changing for the good finally and maybe mankind can evolve into a kinder, gentler, more loving group of people who take care of their world and their friends, neighbors, and family. Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for us after all!

    1. Anita Winecooler6:28 PM


  21. Anita Winecooler6:35 PM

    "Paid for by the Secular Coalition for America"

    It has a nice ring to it! About Time!


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