Sunday, December 15, 2013

17 years ago a science icon died. But before he did he provided a warning that resonates today more than ever.

The interview was with Charlie Rose from 1996.

Just take a moment to listen to his warning, and then think just how prescient it was considering the blatant attacks on education and science that we are witnessing today.

We need more Carl Sagan's today to protect our children from the never ending attempts to keep them ignorant, ill prepared, and easily manipulated by those who use fear and superstition to take advantage of them.


  1. Anonymous4:42 AM

    When St. Ronnie Raygun got in bed with the fundagelicals in the 1980s, that set the stage for a lot of what we're dealing with today. I gave some though to your homeschooling post yesterday, and the fact that information-free religious brainwashing only took off after St. Ronnie took over and began dismantling the public schools while throwing money at religious kooks.

  2. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Sorry, but I always thought Sagan was kind of full of himself. He did a good job popularizing science which is important, but if you want the real deal read something by Richard Feynman.

  3. Yeah, he knew he was good, but he was also a treasure. Some folks are like that.

  4. Randall8:22 AM

    Being a reader of Carl Sagan for many, many years now
    I have to thank you, Gryphen, for bringing some Sagan sanity to the forefront of the conversation.

  5. abbafan9:11 AM

    Hi Gryphen! Thanks to your efforts to keep us informed, we also have the brilliant mind of Dr. Tyson to carry the banner of truth!

  6. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Sagan was so right. We have somehow given fundies a voice when they lost (or never achieved) the ability to be critical thinkers in a world way beyond the simple one they imagine and hope for. Please people, teach your children well, make sure they become scientifically literate and simply don’t dismiss important information and concepts that might cost them their freedom and lives. All of us are on this planet together and we are counting on a well informed populace!

  7. Anita Winecooler5:54 PM

    Excellent Post, not one word wasted and the truth is as true today as it was then.


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