Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kentucky state representative accidentally fires semi-automatic handgun. "I am a gun owner. It happens." Hey, that's MY point!

Courtesy of TPM:  

Kentucky State Rep. Leslie Combs (D) accidentally fired her semi-automatic handgun in the state capitol building Tuesday night just before Gov. Steve Beshear (D) gave his state of the state address, WHAS11 reported. 

Combs was unloading her gun in the Capitol annex office when it went off. The bullet hit the floor and ricocheted toward a bookshelf, according to WHAS11. 

Rep. Jeff Greer (D) was in the room at the time, but Combs said she was following safety procedure and that nobody was in harm's way, WHAS11 reported. Nobody was injured. 

"I thought it was totally clear," Combs told WHAS11 Wednesday. "I am a gun owner. It happens."

Remember kids guns don't kill people, but they do accidentally fire sometimes because "I am a gun owner. It happens." 

Here is my question, who needs to carry a semi-automatic weapon to their job as a Kentucky State Representative? I mean if this woman worked as a security guard, or was carrying large amounts of cash, I might understand it, but she is a lawmaker who is supposed to create legislation and engage in debates.

I guess in a gun culture nobody has to explain why they are packing heat. You know unless you accidentally shoot somebody of course.

And in Kentucky, maybe not even then.


  1. Anonymous4:26 AM

    "The bullet hit the floor and ricocheted toward a bookshelf..." but "...nobody was in harm's way" - what a crock. Hey lady! What about the other person in the room with you? Or any persons who may have happened to be in any room above, below, or on any side of the one you were in? Flippin' moron. Oh, and hideous glasses, by the way.

    1. Anonymous6:40 AM

      Pisses me off that she was so flippant about it. "Oh, it went off and hit a bookcase; big deal !"

      Well, suppose a kid was standing by that bookcase, or any innocent bystander, and they were hit. What would she be saying then ?

  2. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Snort! Ms. Combs, my Dad (RIP) was a RESPONSIBLE gun owner. It doesn't "happen."

  3. Olivia5:21 AM

    I think a gun firing accidentally in a government building by an elected official, especially a Democratic elected official, is going to become commonplace. It is a not so subtle signal to rabid gun worshipers that this particular official isn't going to cause them problems with their fetish. It could also be a message to the NRA that this same official is complying with NRA requirements so they can keep sending the money.

  4. A. J. Billings5:28 AM

    No one should be allowed to have any firearms without a safety course, and passing a test proving their competence to load, unload, clean, and safely handle long guns and hand guns.

    No one with mental illness should have any weapons, and neither should anyone under 21, or convicted criminals.
    I own firearms myself, and I have a concealed carry permit, but in my state, it's necessary if you want to transport weapons in your vehicle without storing them in the trunk or bed of your pickup.

    I'm also in favor of regulation so that you can't just show up at a flea market and buy a weapon without a background check.

    We may have a 2nd amendment, but it should not mean that we can't use common sense to regulate weapons far beyond the power and killing scope of single shot muskets.

  5. Anonymous6:09 AM

    As an owner of a S&W 40, I wnat to know why this idiot in TENN didn't put on the safety, remove the magazine and then remove the round in the chamber. Seems if she followed the procedure for her model and make of gun, when she went to remove the round in the chamber, her finder shouldn't have been near the trigger. What a frigging Dumb Ass!!!

  6. Randall6:16 AM

    Is her gun a tool? If so, for what purpose, given her job?

    Is her gun a symbol? If so, then why does it need to be loaded?

  7. Boscoe6:22 AM

    How the hell do you "accidentally fire" a weapon while unloading it? Either this woman is a moron or she needs to find a better gun manufacturer.

  8. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I'm sorry but, we have the right to go places like the Capital, Lowes, grocery with our children and not have to worry about someone's gun accidently killing us, or our children. We should have the righto sue the children and the store for making us not feel safe.

    1. Anonymous10:18 AM

      Sorry I messed that wording up I was meaning to say, sue the store for our selves and children for making us feel unsafe.

  9. hedgewytch8:33 AM

    Bull F'ing Shit! I am a gun owner too. I have NEVER fired my gun accidentally. When handling fire arms, attention is paid in detail, it is never a casual thing. There is NO EXCUSE for a round to be "accidentally" discharged.

  10. Our Lad4:33 PM

    Well I am a gun owner, have been one for my whole adult life and "it" never happened to me. She is careless, dangerous and clearly a goddamn idiot.

  11. Anita Winecooler6:29 PM

    Things that happen all the time. The sun comes up in the morning and guns "accidentally go off". It's no big deal. Do you know how many people get skin cancer and die from the sun? How many people die from guns "accidentally going off"? What's wrong with these people? If a kid "Accidentally" happened to be in the line of that bullet, would it have moved around the child to hit the bookcase?

    It IS a big deal, it means you have no clue how to handle a gun properly.

  12. Anonymous3:51 AM

    I'm a gun owner and with these frames I look a little like Lady Gaga, don't you thing?


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