Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Teabagger who claims to be "homeschooling expert" says that sex education is a liberal plot to create more Democrats. Wait, what?

Marjorie Holsten thinks sex ed is a Democratic plot.

Courtesy of Raw Story:

A conservative activist, who has been billed as a homeschooling expert by tea party groups, warned over the weekend that sex-ed courses were a plot to increase the number of Democratic voters by destroying marriages. 

In an interview with radio host Jan Markell, Marjorie Holsten argued that the only way that schools could teach sexual education in the Common Core curriculum would be to waive obscenity laws in many states. 

“People say to me, why would they teach such awful things to our children?” she remarked. “If you go deep down and you connect those dots, you see that when children are desensitized to sexual things, that affects their ability at a later date to bond with a spouse.” 

“And so if you have somebody who can’t bond, they’re not going to have a stable marriage. When you have unstable, broken households, how do they vote? Democrat. So this has a very evil underlying intent.”

Okay I am really confused by this.

How does understanding how procreation works, and how to prevent pregnancy and STD's, change a person's political outlook?

Is this woman admitting that the only way to keep making new Republicans is to have ignorant teenagers popping out kids before they learn any better? After all teen moms don't usually make it to college, and remain undereducated for the rest of their lives.

So THAT'S their plan!

And just how does this woman expect children to learn about sex if they do not have the opportunity to learn about it in school?  

Oh, she has an answer for that?

“They should learn it the way I did, by watching animals do it on the street,” Williams joked. 

“Actually, that was how I taught my children,” Holsten admitted. “We started with a boy guinea pig…” 

“What? You taught your kids sex-ed with guinea pigs?” Williams interrupted. 

“Well, we had a boy and a girl guinea pig that clearly liked each other,” Holsten said. “You really couldn’t see anything because they’re big, furry little fuzzball things. I mean, that’s why there isn’t guinea pig porn movies.”

She does understand that there is some difference between how human beings make the beast with two backs, and how guinea pigs do it right? Or maybe she doesn't.

You don't think she does that squealing thing during.....never mind. 

By the way I have not yet done the Google search but I would not be so quick to suggest that there is NO guinea pig porn out there.

I know I'M not going to look, but it just might exist.


  1. Anonymous4:06 AM

    She's an attorney in Minnesota. Like Bachmann. You know, another of those smart GOP women they are so proud of. I could point out that the educated married folks I know are Dems who never had kids out of wedlock, and are not divorced after 35 years, and the folks I know who are remarried, Christian and whose kids did get people pregnant are her party, but what would be the point?

    1. Olivia4:54 AM

      And she thinks Jon Stewart made her look stupid.


    2. Anonymous11:08 AM

      This woman def smarter than Bristol. Sarah on the other hand, I am not sure who is smarter.

  2. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Funny about that, how it's only the conservatards who are obsessed with the sex lives of other people and and publicly transfixed by female body parts and it's funny they're also the husbands getting caught on craigslist trolling for gay lovers. Imagine being married to a freak like that. Or a freak like Sarah Palin. Or a freak like Todd Palin.

    What creepy people conservatives are. Thankfully they're on the losing side of history. All we have to do is wait: we'll outlive all of them because we won't have deliberately poisoned ourselves in the name of freedumb.

  3. Olivia4:26 AM

    I do believe that is part of their plan. The Republicans need uneducated people and just plain stupid people to vote for them.The wealthy base doesn't have enough votes so they must purchase them or find enough stupid not rich people to fall for their lies. People with education, especially in "liberal" arts and science cannot be confused and lied to as easily as Republicans would like.

  4. angela4:41 AM

    There was a time in our history, not so long ago that a person like this would be laughed off stage.

    I know of no democrats who are in the Quiverfull movement. I know of no democrats who think there are not enough democrats having babies. I know of no democrat that doesn't take a reasonable view of sex-ed.

    But I do know a whole lot of teens who have sex like--teens-- and don't seem to have been given any sex education. They have babies and continue the stupid into the next generation. Who wants that?

    1. Maple6:43 AM

      I can't imagine there are any Democrat dads attending those ghastly Purity Balls either.
      Why are Repubs so obsessed with sex? I bet it's like anything else with them -- they aren't getting any/enough and don't want anyone else to either.
      The stupid....it really hurts.

  5. LoveAndKnishesFromBrooklyn4:57 AM

    "Is this woman admitting that the only way to keep making new Republicans is to have ignorant teenagers popping out kids before they learn any better? After all teen moms don't usually make it to college, and remain undereducated for the rest of their lives."

    This. And there are so many of these fools out there...sad part is, they know exactly what they're doing. Can't let the kids get ahead of them in life--misery loves company.

    1. Your last sentence is true. It’s a peasant thing.

  6. Anonymous5:18 AM

    I have homeschooled over 10 years and never heard of this "expert". I watched her interview on the daily show and she is BSC. (Bat shit crazy).

    The states that have abstinence only programs do not reduce pregnancy while states that have comprehensive programs see a drop in pregnancies.


    Teen mom's are usually single moms. According to her way of thinking, these single moms would be Democrats. She is an idiot.

    The Republican platform can be summed up as follows:
    Women MUST be punished for having sex.


    1. Yep, never heard of her and we've homeschooled for 20 years. Homeschooling has become a fad with all the ludicrous claims and wack jobs claiming to be experts. Families beware. Not all homeschoolers are crazy nor following the Quiverfull movement (redundant I guess)

  7. I learned about sex by watching barnyard animals (and listening to the big boys brag on the school bus… a one hour ride), so she’s not exactly off base there. Pregnancy was a tragic accident, like a car wreck, and no one knew much about disease.

    This lady feels desperate to criticize Democrats, but isn’t really sure how, so she mixes apples, oranges, bananas and grapes. At least she has a sense of humor.

    1. Anonymous8:38 AM

      She is also a home-schooling "expert" who has no real clue what common core is.

  8. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Last week, the Wall Street Journal had a short feature on the Japanese fad of taking pictures of the backsides of hamsters.
    At least one book has been published featuring the rear-ends of these creatures.
    Granted, this in Japan, and hamsters, not guinea pigs, are the obsession, but it's a slippery slope, Gryphen. (Slope not referring to a rodent's rump.)
    True story.

    1. In Virginia City you can buy molasses (mole asses) t shirts with the appropriate graphic. Not sure why anyone would want one.

    2. Anonymous8:36 AM

      Oh damn! I want one. Seriously.

    3. Anonymous10:54 AM

      lol! That's what I thought of as soon as I saw this. Hamster pron. Hamuketsu. www.bbc.com/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-27515892

  9. Otto Katz5:38 AM

    Well, I'm not going to click on any of the links, but google gave me 73,600 hits to "guinea pig porn" (giggle!)https://www.google.com/search?q=%22guinea+pig+porn%22&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb

  10. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I suggest clicking on the link if only for the picture, which pretty much sums Holsten up.

    1. Anonymous7:20 AM

      When did she drop the "i" from HOLSTEIN??

    2. Anonymous8:07 AM


  11. Anonymous5:44 AM

    What "awful things" does sex education teach these teenagers that they haven't already picked up through their friends or popular culture?
    Surely plain old sex isn't so loathsome that it can't be discussed? So, is it birth control methods, or variations on sex?
    Our high school's sex ed included having babies brought in by their mothers so the students can hear first-hand the pluses and minuses of being a parent. The students also have to take care of a doll for a week, recording its feeding times, nap times, and understanding the necessity of 24/7 care.
    This hasn't affected their desire to have a family, but it's made some of them think twice about having a baby when they're still teenagers.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      So let me guess, either no uninformed sex or safer sex?

      There's a revolutionary idea...

  12. TNBlueDot5:49 AM

    Olivia @4:26 called it!

    I would also say that homeschooling has devolved into another area taken over by the RWNJ evangelical christians to achieve their nefarious goals. While not all parents fit into this category, the bulk of curriculum and other resources has been co-opted to meet the needs of the ignorant sheeples. The stupid is strong!

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      In fact that is the origin of most organized home schooling organizations organized after the Supreme Court school desegregation decisions. RWNJ fake christians who think their bible has racial purity messages to direct their and everyone elses lives.

  13. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Two of the most "out there" exhibitionistic, vulgar performers today -- Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry -- grew up as "good girls" who went wild as soon as they could shrug off their fundamentalist backgrounds. Then there is Lady Gaga, graduate of the Sacred Heart school in New York, and let's not forget Madonna, product of a religious home.
    And these are just the girls who discovered sex all on their own.

    1. Anonymous7:23 AM

      Very true. I guess teaching self respect and responsibility is against their religious principles? How many illigitimate grandkids does the family values, work ethics Palin have at last count??

    2. Anonymous8:09 AM

      All of em.

  14. Anonymous6:02 AM


    1. Anonymous8:11 AM


      Chapter 1, page 2.

  15. Anonymous6:15 AM

    "The 72-page collection features all kinds of hamsters in a variety of sizes and colors, but in each case the creature’s backside faces the camera. Male hamsters appear to be more popular because they have bigger and rounder buttocks, according to the publisher. The pictures of furry roundness help “soothe the hearts” of viewers, said Ms. Minami."

    1. Anita Winecooler5:18 PM

      Ms. Minami either doesn't get out much or needs a new hobby. Who knew hamsters were natural exhibitionists? lol

  16. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Riiiiiiiiiiight... because there are NO divorces with conservatives and there are WAY more sex scandals with Dems. And if you believe that... you might be a redneck... er... fox news watcher.

    1. Anonymous7:26 AM

      What about the ultra relgious, Catholic school educated, "God speaks to me" Bill O'Reilly? Harrasser of young females?? How much did it cost hm and Faux to try to cover THAT scandal up? Word got out anyway, yet he sits there pious as HELL, and writing religious books, when he isn't writing his pornographic tomes.

    2. Anonymous7:28 AM

      The number 1 reason for divorce is and always has been financial reasons. Birth control/family planning help most families control their family size thus taking a financial burden off the family unit and giving a marriage a larger percentage of a chance of surviving longterm.

    3. Anonymous7:37 AM

      Sorry, but unless she has 20 kids I challenge her to show her medical records. I'm betting there are scripts for the birth control pill in there.

    4. Anonymous8:01 AM

      7:28 AM

      Bingo !!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. This lady hasn't explored all the research that is out there that shows that divorce rates AND teen pregnancy rates are higher in red states. One factor may be that blue state people wait until they're older, wiser, and more settled to get married while the "family values" types get pushed into marriage earlier.

  18. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I've used birth control most of my adult life and will be celebrating my 37th anniversary next month. It helped my husband and I PLAN the family we could afford and wanted to raise. Birth control also HELPED my marriage by giving us a very solid sexual relationship that took away the fear of unwanted pregnancies after our family was complete and then when we were very sure my husband got a vasectomy as his part in the deal.
    I laugh my ass off over the fear these crazy loons have over sex ed. It's basic human biology. I was raised on a farm and I certainly understood what breeding was all about long before I was in school. I also was well aware that breeding resulted in offspring. And my parents ( well , my Mom, Dad got embarrassed if us girls asked him questions) was very open about sex and gave us a complete rundown on human sex ed.
    Too bad we inseminate our cattle and horses these days, I think Marjorie could benefit from watching a horse or bull mount a female. .....I wonder if I should write to her and see if she wants to come down and visit next time we "milk" a few of my stallions?

  19. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Oh, yeah, right! So her kids get sex ed from the animal kingdom. She must be really proud when her daughter or son is out on the neighbors' lawn doing it doggy style.

    So much for the birds and bees also, too. The bee colonies are dying so guess her students will need to take a bird watching field trip. And, another thing: is that why there are so many litters of unplanned puppies and kittens? It seems they have bred common sense out of those so called common sense conservatives. Their "queen bees" have had it droned into them and they get their info from their creation science sex manuals and think they are speaking intelligent design.

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Here is a boy rabbit who likes a girl rabbit. All of 'em! At the same time...A quiverfull of rabbits...

  20. She's Too Stupid Too Vote8:35 AM

    There is NO sex ed curriculum in common core.
    "What is the Common Core?
    State education chiefs and governors in 48 states came together to develop the Common Core, a set of clear college- and career-ready standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts/literacy and mathematics. Today, 44 states have voluntarily adopted and are working to implement the standards, which are designed to ensure that students graduating from high school are prepared to take credit bearing introductory courses in two- or four-year college programs or enter the workforce."

    SO MUCH ignorance in this country. This woman is the Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh of politics. Her Doucheness.

  21. Anonymous8:51 AM

    "... that’s why there isn’t guinea pig porn movies." You just wait, nut-job!

  22. Anonymous12:24 PM

    Gospel music drives North Carolina woman to ax stepfather in the head

    A North Carolina woman was charged with assault with a deadly weapon over the weekend after gospel music allegedly drove her to hit her stepfather in the head with an axe.

    According to the Gaston Gazette, 72-year-old Reginald Robinson had asked his 32-year-old stepdaughter, Mary Katherine Atkinson, to stop using profanity and taking the Lord’s name in vain on Sunday before he sat down to watch late-evangelist Adrian Rogers on TV.

    WSOC reported that Atkinson had told her mother that she was sick of her stepfather’s gospel music, and was “going to cut him up with the ax.”


  23. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Alabama Bible school puts Hitler quote on billboard to encourage youth indoctrination


  24. Anita Winecooler5:28 PM

    Gee. after reading this woman's bullshit, I realized I haven't played a game of "Old Maid" in years.

    I don't know about anyone else, but I learned about sex on my wedding night. Ok, I lied. I learned it in school under "health class" It was so cool! The nun played a cartoon with an anatomical drawing of a penis, and the sperm came out in single file, wore top hats and tails then were "deposited" into the female's reproductive organs, which looked like a clover leaf superhighway ending in two cul de sacs. Fade to black, nine months later, out popped a fully formed baby, clean and with it's chord cut wearing an outfit. Not sure, but I think Sister Fallopia was a Republican, so this whole argument is mute.

  25. Anonymous10:22 AM

    I am in a very conservative office waiting for a ride to the airport. Reading you line about the squealing made me snot with laughter. If only I could share.... So funny!

  26. Christian home school support groups were set us as political constituencies to support Republican candidates. Claiming to be part of the community opens up checkbooks and enables her to use willing campaign workers who believe they can make America a Christian nation. They do not know (and doubtfully care) that she’s not an expert, they believe what they are told to believe. Fortunately the decision is made by ALL voters at the polls.


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