Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Huffington Post still refusing to take the Donald Trump candidacy seriously.

"I'm serious. Why don't people think I'm serious? What's not serious about me?"
So here is a recent update from HuffPo courtesy of TV Newser who reached out to them:

We’re more committed to the decision than ever. Over the last month, we’ve seen our central argument proven right: that Trump is nothing more than a sideshow and not a legitimate presidential contender with serious policy ideas for moving the country forward. The GOP debate was fantastic reality TV, but it came across more like a twisted political version of “American Idol” than a presidential debate. And subsequent coverage reveals a collective media frenzy that’s embarrassing to credible media outlets – witness this weekend’s pandemonium around Trump’s helicopter at the Iowa State Fair. Otherwise serious journalists are being seduced by Trump because of his willingness to say and do outrageous things for headlines and ratings. We’re still not taking the bait.

I totally agree with virtually this entire statemnt.

And those points are made even more obvious by the fact that Sarah Palin is so quick to agree with every position Trump takes, because let's face it a phony knows a phony when they see one.

However some journalists are taking offense at this characterization including Chris Cillizza over at the Washington Post:  

Look, whether Huffington Post likes it or not, Trump is the frontrunner at the moment in the race for the Republican nomination. Ignoring that fact would be embarrassing for "credible media outlets." Trying to understand what's behind Trump's rise, fact-checking his statements and analyzing polling on the race are exactly the sorts of things that media organizations should be doing.

Yeah but the problem is that the media is not REALLY fact checking Donald Trump so much as  giving him credibility by treating him as if he is anything but a sideshow freak who stumbled drunkenly into the Big Top and distracted the audience from the main attractions.

Sure it can be argued that the GOP lineup is essentially made up of circus clowns, but the fact is that one of those clowns will be the Republican nominee for President.

And Donald Trump ain't him.

So yes HuffPo is right, and if the other journalists were serious they would follow their example.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    heh heh sarah's new show... typo?

    Sorta Like Reagan's TV stint for 20 Mule Team Borox? It's possible I suppose. Hopefully she's just holding down the fort until someone else is hored to take the spot/

    1. Anonymous12:16 PM

      Freudian slip, VG?

    2. Anonymous1:00 PM

      Vg's post is creepy. What father speculates on an open thread about his daughter banging her husband?
      And, I find his constant, "every soldier, sailor, nurse, doctor, grocery clerk" he converses with wants Palin, Trump or Cruz to be POTUS. I call bullshit on that propaganda he writes. Keep spoon feeding your little audience, you pompous old goat.
      And, stop assuming you will see God's face when you die. How arrogant and prideful of you!

  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    The problem is that Trump's antics get people to watch much like Sarah Palin's behavior does for us and for this blog. Watching is what feeds media revenue so the more The Donald talks, the more he gains that free publicity and by default, the low information voters find him 'fresh'.

    Do you blame media outlets for this gift however dramatic or comedic it is? I don't, but by their actions they are contributing to his increasing popularity.

    Nate Silver wrote a piece a couple of weeks ago titled "Donald Trump's Six Stages of Doom". Worth a read:


    1. Anonymous2:33 PM

      Remember when Sarah commanded all of the media's attention and still does to some extent and look what a clown, attention getter she.

  3. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I have to disagree with Huffington Post and you. Whether or not Trump is a grandstanding egomaniac ass or not, he is the current frontrunner in the GOP. Giving helicopter rides to kids is his version of beaning a child with a football or kissing babies. If the media decides who is worthy of coverage, not based on voter popularity, but rather on their measure of what makes a "serious" candidate, we no longer have an unbiased media. I can't stand The Donald, think he is an obnoxious putz and wouldn't want to live in his version of Trumpmerica, but as a nation, we have to let voters decide when they have grown weary of his clown act.

    1. Anonymous1:31 PM

      Trump wouldn't be the frontrunner if the media would start doing their job and report on the news rather than creating it. Trump is playing the media like the fools that they are.

    2. Anonymous2:27 PM

      I disagree. Once someone announces his or her candidacy, the media has an obligation to report on them. Since Trump immediately drew crowds and attention, the media had no choice but to report it. It cuts both ways-given enough coverage, Trump will do himself in, in my opinion.

  4. AKinPA12:15 PM

    "Yeah but the problem is that the media is not REALLY fact checking Donald Trump so much as giving him credibility by treating him as if he is anything but a sideshow freak who stumbled drunkenly into the Big Top and distracted the audience from the main attractions."

    +1,000,000,000,000,000 or a gazillion whichever is greater!

  5. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Well. of all the clowns "The Donald" is the best entertainment going. But ! I must say this. He called rosie odonnel fat ugly baloney on national tv tripled down on it and then her adopted child runs away. Did that child get the peer pressure treatment? if so that kinda sucks because the Donald can be uglier than rosie everyday and no one has pointed that out yet. and well actually we should not have anchor babies in America today. no mo easy citizenship.

    1. Leland1:17 PM

      "we should not have anchor babies in America today. no mo easy citizenship."

      Sorry, 12:17, but as long as the 14th Amendment is not repealed, there will be and should be "anchor babies".

      The only difference between an undocumented worker's child born here and a US citizen's baby being born here is one mother is already a citizen.

      And if an immigrant of a documented person were born here, THAT baby would be a US citizen.

      Historically, the overwhelming majority of the people here in the US today ARE - effectively - anchor babies. The difference is the citizenship of the mother. Period.

      If the 14th Amendment weren't there, ANY child born here - and that includes children born of US citizens - would have to go through some process to become a citizen. I personally find that idea quite frightening.

    2. Anonymous2:09 PM

      1:17. We have rules and laws. a person that did not enter this country legally and pushes out a kid while illegally crossing into a country ILLEGALLY does not qualify for usa 14th amendment nor does the prego travel air bus from china korea and japan. We must control our borders and lawful citizenship as all CIVILIZED countries do. Even mexico has order !!! Ever travel to mexico? drive to mexico? or Canada? How about Iran or Iraq? wanna cross that border and have a kid? Why not? Like many of our rules regulations and laws? We will amend. Amend so that they are not twisted and used against the very reason and meaning for them. Personally? the lack of American pride, respect and honor is lacking.

    3. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Leland you obviously don't live in the southwest. It is ri-goddamn-diculous down here with anchor baby and anchor baby mommas. Seriously, it is a big big problem.

    4. Leland6:32 PM

      The courts haven't ruled on your statement about the 14th NOT pertaining to undocumented people who have children here. And it has been an accepted practice since the 14th was entered as part of the Constitution.

      No, I do not - thankfully - live in the southwest. And as long as the 14th exists, it doesn't matter the size of the problem. The constant, historical, interpretation of the 14th is that ANYONE born in the US is a citizen.

      Just because there is a problem now does NOT mean there will be one in the future.

    5. Anonymous8:12 AM

      Interesting..... So Leland....

      Based on your absolute strict interpretation of the 14th... well then, you must agree that it is futile to continue to push for gun regulations correct?... as Amendments, including the 2nd, are absolute.

  6. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Right on.

    And I can't believe that after all that was supposedly learned by the media after kissing W Bush's behind, they are doing the same thing all over again.

    Speaking of, it's amazing to me how brother Jeb's face now looks just like a cross between W's and Rumsfeld's.

  7. Huffington Post is correct---and I don't say that very often.

    The same way the media interviewed Trump and gave him credibility during the birther debacle, they are still doing it. So what if he has an insane following that probably watched him on the Apprentice and can't tell real life from reality tv. To Trump---this is entertainment and that is all it is.

    This is what the GOP has become, carnival barkers, side show freaks and reality show idiots. Entertainment for the the no nothing and clueless. Trump shouldn't be legitimized but its a joy watching them attack each other on a day to day basis because of him.

    Thanks Trump!

  8. Anonymous12:43 PM

    im not sure why you are insisting trump cant win the nomination. its true that every pres race the guy way in front a year plus out does nto end up the nom for the republicans. in the beginning its the base pushing everything. then the establishment gets involved and makes way for their chosen candidate. the difference this time is trump has enough money to not have to worry about the establishment cutting the funds off and sinking the run. thats why the establishment is so pissed off. they arent in control of this thing at all. they either have to make a deal, and why if you are trump would you make a deal? the only reason i think trump would make a deal is if he was pretty sure he would be beat by a dem in the general then to save himself and his ego, and to have i told you so rights, i could see him stepping aside for something of value so the establishment could run their preferred candidate. i think he is going to make it to the convention. and then what? the republicans have fixed the system so they can get rid of the popularly elected candidate. they can ignore more than half of the dedicated delegates. they can install their own guy. but that would for sure piss off the base so much they def wont come out for the general which means their down ticket candidates are fucked. they need people to show up and at the very least pull the straight rep ticket. dont you think they already know (and will certainly know by the election) that they are going to lose the white house but can save some congress seats by letting trump win? either way im stocking up on popcorn. and butter.

    1. Anonymous1:19 PM

      Good post, but hard to read! Paragraphs? Punctuation?
      Spelling? ...

      PLEASE. If this blog had gotten 130,000,000 hits so far, our postings are being read by perhaps a million people...make them easy to read, and literate, PLEASE!

    2. Anonymous1:52 PM

      I'm with you @1:19. When I see a comment, especially a long one, with no capitalization or paragraphs, I don't even read it.

  9. Media Matters is refusing to take Bernie Sanders seriously. On a very crowded front page they don't have one Sanders story, yet there are at least four stories explaining away HRC's emails.

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      I think the media is purposefully building up Sanders with his constant coverage and demeaning Hillary Clinton.

      The media is controlling everything in our world today - to include the coverage of Trump!

      He's been at 23/24% for months now and they keep saying he is 'increasing' when they show the new polls! He's stayed the same!

      Americans are friggin' idiots!

    2. Anonymous2:06 PM

      Interesting too as to the server coverage regarding Mrs. Clinton.

      Other political folks have done the same thing as did Mrs. Clinton. Why isn't the media researching and covering them? They should begin with Colin Powell and Jeb Bush!

  10. kraftysue12:48 PM

    I can't imagine that Trump can afford to take 4 or Heaven forbid-- 8 years off away from his business. Surely he doesn't think he'd have time to do that AND run the country into the ground, bomb the Middle East, and build the wall with a "wonderful door" across the borders of the country.

  11. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Trumps ascendancy on the right as revealed by the polls reveals how many know nothing dopes populate the Republican party in this country. It is like an infestation of idiocy.

    1. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Thanks SP and Fox -- something to be so proud of -- NOT!

      And journalists should be ashamed as well -- cover the issues, not the circus!

  12. Anonymous1:10 PM

    The media is scared of Trump just like they were scared to go against the White House in the build up for war with Iraq after 9/11. They don't want to be left out of the circus that means $$$ in their corporations pockets.

  13. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I can't take any more of these pictures of him with white stuff in the corner of his mouth.

    1. Anonymous2:19 PM

      His poor wife must kiss those lips and white crude while whispering sweet nothings into his hairy crusty ears.

  14. Our Lad2:17 PM

    This whole dog and pony show is quite simply sad. It's just so fucking tawdry and sad.

  15. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Awesome Melania Trump would be the only First Lady to pose in the NUDE and talk about her ('incredible') sex life with Donald to Howard Stern - but she would still 'rival Jackie Kennedy in her elegance, style and quiet strength'

    Read more:

    First Lady?


    Miserable Trump Failure

  16. Anonymous3:23 PM

    A Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey released on August 19th has numbers that should make Democrats take notice. In a hypothetical head to head match up with Hillary Clinton, in the swing state of North Carolina, Trump leads 45-42. He holds a virtually identical 43-40 lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the same poll.

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Too fast, too soon.

  17. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Trump is Hitler reincarnated in disguise as a big, fat,
    white , blonde guy who cannot grow a mustache!

  18. Anonymous5:10 PM

    One look at this picture, I immediately thought of Don King.

  19. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I think people dismiss Trump at their peril. He is a credible candidate for the republicans with more centrist views on most things than the current field of candidates.

    He is extreme on immigration and has an bullying manner., he is an attention hog, etc.

    One of the things that is unfortunate is that because of Trumps performance, most people did not listen to the other candidates because the were entranced by the Kelley and Trump sideshow.

  20. Anita Winecooler6:11 PM

    He deserves MORE scrutiny than he gets. And we need journalists to press him on policy issues, but all we get is "It's gonna be HUUUUUUUGE It's gonna be GREAT" Deport kids born in this country, because they're not Americans. WTF??? Get our jobs back from China (From someone who knows about jobs in China). He's the next best thing to happen to Democrats since Thruston Romney, Queen Anne and her Therapeutic Thoroughbred.

    OT Bad Lip Reading has the GOP debate

    They truly outdid themselves!!!

  21. Anonymous7:51 PM

    The increasing popularity of Trump continues to amaze, astonish, and horrify me. I had thought that, after a few weeks of outrageously rude, offensive, racist, and misogynistic quotes, he would have been laughed out of the race, but obviously I was very wrong.

    I'm beginning to wonder if 20 years of reality television has had more of an influence on our society than we realized. Trump's boorish win-at-all-costs behavior is typical of shows like the 'Real Housewives of (insert city name here)', 'Big Brother', 'Survivor', 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette' and, of course, 'The Apprentice'.

    Perhaps too many people have come to view cheating, manipulation and intimidation as the means to achieve success. I've read far too many comments from people who find his classless comments 'refeshing' and 'honest'.

    When did a complete lack of manners and civility become admirable qualities? When did hubris and disdain for others become something to cultivate?

  22. Anonymous8:37 PM

    This is very serious:


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