Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So this is the ditsy blonde that Sarah Palin will be replacing for a week on that tiny conservative cable network.

I am not even exaggerating when I say that watching this poorly educated child demonstrate her ignorance about feminism hurt my heart.

It literally gave me a chest pain.

And the worst thing is that while she is arguing that she does not want to get a job simply because she is a woman, she seems blissfully ignorant that the ONLY reason that she has this platform in which to express her stupidity is because she is a relatively attractive blonde.

Because I can tell you right now that she was NOT hired for her interviewing skills.

So yeah next week Palin will be replacing this idiot, and though I hate to say it she would really be hard pressed to be any worse.

For further examples of Tomi Lahren's ignorance just visit her Twitter feed.


  1. O/T but check out Josh Duggar's account on Ashley Madison.

    I'd love to find Jim Bob have an account...

    1. Anonymous3:01 PM

      I just saw that story on Mediaite. Love it! Wonder if Sarah Palin will support him now. Fucking "Christian" hypocrites!

    2. Anonymous3:30 PM's see what they say about this one. Watch, they will blame the media

    3. Anonymous3:36 PM

      of course palin will support him....she openly supports nugent and the duck pedophiles....

    4. Anonymous3:43 PM

      LOL ... it says he likes receiving oral sex. Guess little wifey ain't into giving a blow job.

      He should have married Bristol.

    5. Anonymous3:49 PM

      If you support someone you don't stop when they need it the most.

    6. Anonymous4:35 PM


      It actually stated that he like to give oral as well. I guess all he gets at home is straight missionary.

    7. Anonymous4:40 PM

      Yeah, support him lots more, almost a grand for two accounts!!! Shall we set him with a "Go fund me" Page? I'm sure he's horned up and needs some "help".
      Give your best contribution to support poor Joshua in his quest to tell Jesus he's on his way!!

    8. Anonymous8:07 PM

      "If you support someone you don't stop when they need it the most."

      Aw, poor Josh needs support now, more than ever Not only is he an incestuous pedophile, but also as an adulterer. I'm sure his wife is being pressured to forgive him as we speak.

      A small part of me feels sorry for Josh. He's the oldest kid in that completely fucked up family. Is anybody really surprised he's a hypocritical shit bag with serious sexual issues?

    9. Anonymous9:41 PM

      With his parents having sex all the time no wonder Josh seems to be obsessed about it.
      Wonder how many of the other kids grow up to
      have some sort of sex addiction. It's unnatural
      to have THAT many kids to raise. You can't give them the attention they need.

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Actually Gryphen, she has officially quit her job at OANN. So, perhaps AIP Palin will be taking it over permanently, or at least until the rating plummet asnd they let her go.

  3. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Sorry--off topic; check out pic of Bristol in April and how pregnant she looked then.

    1. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Her breasts look huge! I swear, Sarah and Bristol are like those puberty barbi dolls where you wind up their arm and their breasts grow and shrink. Remember those?

    2. Cracklin Charlie7:35 PM

      She looks pregnant in the picture with the Duggar at cpac.
      Loose shirt, coat indoors...showing pregnant in February.

    3. Cracklin Charlie7:39 PM

      Yes, that picture at 2:39 is Bristol and Dakota at cpac. So, she was definitely showing pregnancy in what, late February?

      Is she still trying to pretend that she got pregnant in February?

      shame, shame

  4. Caroll Thompson2:41 PM

    Five bucks says Sarah can't make it five days.

  5. Sgt. Preston of the Yukon3:08 PM

    It depends on how long the workdays are.

    15 minutes without a staff -- I'm not so sure.
    Five minutes or less, with an assistant -- a piece of cake.

  6. Anonymous3:21 PM

    TV host Tomi Lahren slams Obama's Middle East policy

    In a video that has reached millions of people, a conservative anchor, 22, from an independent network, had strong words for Obama and his administration following the shooting of four Marines in Chattanooga.

    Her name is Tomi Lahren and she works for One America News Network headquartered in in San Diego, California.

    During her segment, On point with Tomi Lahren, Lahren called out Obama for his 'half-way, half-baked, tip-toe, be-friendly-to-Jihadis mentality.'

    Her speech caught the Internet's attention with comments including, "I care this s.o.b. killed four of our United States Marines. And I care that our commander in chief is more concerned with Muslim sensitivity than the honor and sacrifice made by these Marines."

    She comes from a family of Marines, and she thinks it's time "to put the fear of God in their desert."

    The segment was posted to YouTube on July 18. It currently has over 2.5 million views.

  7. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Sarah Palin in not capable of interviewing someone - she will make a feeble attempt but turn it all around to be about her and what she thinks. Narcissists can try to act interested but not for very long before it's all about them.

    1. Anonymous3:54 PM

      I think you are right. Have we ever seen her actually engage with another person where she seemed interested in what they had to say?

    2. Anonymous4:03 PM

      What I've thought since I first heard the "big news."

      I have honestly tried to listen to her being interviewed, and I can't even last a minute to this day. Between that sing-song, cutesy voice and her facial tics...OMG...make it go away.

    3. Anonymous4:29 PM

      I might watch- with the sound off as usual. Sarah's facial gymnastics give a lot away, though I'm sure she is unaware of that in the same way she's unaware of most things.

    4. Beyond that, she can't do anything unscripted. She can't improvise. She's have to be heavily scripted and have the script in her hands to read from. Otherwise you get word salad for an hour.

      It won't be about Palin not lasting a week but if the network can stand her for a week.

      I'm betting they'll find someone else and pull her before she finishes the week.

  8. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Sure. Send Tomi Lahren in the front lines and Is support it.

  9. Anonymous3:29 PM

    She wasn't that bad. She's young and passionate and misguided, but I give her huge props for listening quietly and respectfully when the other woman was talking instead of interrupting like so many of the other media people do. God, I hate that!

    1. Anonymous3:52 PM

      Maybe she literally had nothing to say.

    2. Anonymous3:58 PM

      Misguided? You're being very generous.

    3. Anonymous4:57 PM

      She's only 23. Does "very misguided" make you feel better? But again, huge props for not interrupting like ALL the Fox News bozos do and some of the others on other stations. Chris Mathews and Joe Scarborough are horrible about it as well. I was surprised the Tomi was able to keep her mouth shut. She has potential if she changes parties and actually researches her topic. LOL

    4. Anonymous3:57 AM

      She's only 23, yet as far as we know is childless. Bristles had 3 or 4 at her age, what is taking her so long?

  10. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Poor Sarah. Tomi Lauren is a hard act to follow!

  11. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Wow, Tomi Lahren is dumb!

  12. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Tomi can make a coherent sentence. On the other hand....

    She, who is out there, um ringin' the bells and warnin' the British that um...any of 'em, all of em cannot...but it's all about job creation. Or whatnot. Also too.

  13. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Of course, Sarah Palin will be worse. Tomi Lahren speaks in complete sentences, doesn't contort her face, and isn't a mythological creature.

    As for feminism, both women are wrong. Feminism is about equality...then and now. Any other definition is a perversion. Lahren shows she doesn't understand equality relative to healthcare while the Rev. Crumpton subversively redefines feminism to bypass the equality issue so it fits within her patriarchal religion.

  14. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Even Sarah Palin wasn't that brainless at that age, that was before her brain shriveled up from years of diet drug (speed, meth) abuse.

    But at least Sarah Palin is a dull-witted bigmouth like Tomi Lahren now, so of course she should go work for a fake TV network owned and run by a rich old voyeur.

  15. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Tomi Lahren is also dating a Navy seal. The few people that watch that network really like her and do not want old Sarah to take her place, even extreme right wingnuts can't take Sarah for over five minutes.If Sarah thinks she can follow Tomi's act she's wrong, it will just make Sarah look more old worn out and out of date.

    I bet Fox would love to or has already hired Tomi Lahren she's right up their alley, radical religeous cute and blonde with a big mouth and an nasty attitude, while Sarah circles the toilet bowl hoping this guest hosting gig is not the last flush.

    1. Anonymous5:11 PM

      She dates a blue marine mammal? It's worse that I thought!

  16. Anita Winecooler4:51 PM

    Here's the origin of this interview, I knew it sounded, ah, vaguely familiar and such! Again, with all due respect to natural peroxide blonde ditzes. I fear that Sarah may sound somewhat intelligent by comparison, as if that were possible.

  17. Anonymous5:07 PM

    And one Sarah's followers have completely lost it.They finally woke up but it's scary.

  18. Anonymous5:17 PM

    "So this is the ditsy blonde that Sarah Palin will be replacing for a week on that tiny conservative cable network"

    If Todd had his way he would trade in that old grandma he's married to and hook up with that ditsy blonde any day.

    1. Anonymous6:21 AM

      But they're supposed to already be divorced. I read it millions of times on this very blog, so it must be true!

  19. Anonymous5:27 PM

    How sad this young entitled woman doesn't even realize what feminism is or what it has done for her. I have said it before, I am so blessed to be able to have had a career in a male dominated field because of the women who were before me. I never asked for something for free, I earned it. I had to work hard not look cute young lady and you have no idea of just how spoiled you sound.

  20. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Sarah Palin was the charter member of Fuck My Husbands Business

    Enough said!

  21. Cracklin Charlie7:29 PM

    Since when has "hard-pressed to suck any worse" stopped Sarah Palin?

    She will suck at this job, just like she has sucked at every other job anyone ever gave her.

    1. Anonymous8:23 PM

      Got that right, and will be slammed on the interwebs afterward rightfully so.

  22. Anonymous10:11 PM

    "First and foremost"

  23. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Hey Palin. You are who your friends are! Take a look!

  24. Anonymous5:21 AM

    It's hard to discern who is dumber...
    Tomi Lahren or, Sarah Palin...
    But one is on the way up and the other is on the way down...

    I'll have an order of word salad please...


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