Saturday, August 22, 2015

Inspirational image of the day.

Whether you think Bernie will ultimately be our candidate or not, it is still exciting to see that there are this many people involved in the process on the Democratic side.


  1. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Love it!!

    What a great ad!

    R in NC

    1. Me too! Thank you, Gryphen.

    2. Anonymous6:36 AM

      The young'us (20 somethings) in my family are gung-ho for Bernie. Interesting to watch and somewhat reminiscent of my misspent youth. (Anyone remember "get clean for Gene?")

  2. Bernie COULD fix stupid. I am sure of it.
    Great post! Gryphen.

  3. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Seeds anyone? Read this:

  4. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Wow! BERN IT UP!!!!

  5. Anonymous10:43 AM

    I'm going!

  6. A Superfan In Atlanta2:44 PM

    What an awesome ad!!! Thanks for sharing this Uncle Gryph :)

  7. Anita Winecooler5:01 PM

    I'm all for both our candidates, they've both, especially Bernie, run "clean" campaigns, not speaking poorly of each other and have conducted themselves as formidable candidates against any/all on the other side of the aisle, and in the teakettle.
    No one's drawing crowds like Bernie! He's got the kids fired up and ready to go because he offers solutions to the problems they're most interested in, I'm fine with either of them becoming President (unless Liz Warren decides to run, that is).

  8. Anonymous9:50 PM

    I work with a lot of people who are just coming of voting age. Every single one of them is excited about Bernie Sanders, and over the last few months, they have all registered to vote. Gives me hope for the future!

  9. physicsmom10:06 PM

    I love this poster! Gryph, do you have a source for this? I'd like to buy one or contribute more to Bernie if that's the way to get it. Thanks for posting.

  10. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Bernie didn't show much potential for growth in Seattle, where he appeared completely ineffectual n the presence of a small number of protesters.


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