Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mike Huckabee supports Paraguay's decision to force a 10 year old girl to give birth to her rapist's baby.

In an interview with Dana Bash on CNN on Sunday, Huckabee was asked about a recent news item about a 10 year old girl who had been raped by her stepfather, and the decision of the government to deny her an abortion.

Here is more courtesy of CNN: 

"Let's not compound a tragedy by taking yet another life."

 "A 10-year-old girl being raped is horrible. But does it solve a problem by taking the life of an innocent child? And that's really the issue," Huckabee said. 

He said his opposition to abortion is based in part on its lasting effects, including that of the woman making the decision. 

"There are two victims. One is the child; the other is that birth mother who often will go through extraordinary guilt years later when she begins to think through what happened -- with the baby, with her. And again, there are no easy answers here," Huckabee said. 

"I just come down on the side that life is precious; every life has worth and value. I don't think we discount the intrinsic worth of any human being, and I don't know where else to go with it than just to be consistent and say, if life matters, and that's a person, then every life matters," he said.

This is really the danger of adopting this whole "personhood" idea.

First off it is not based on biological facts, and secondly it allows people, usually men, to deny the rights of females by suggesting that the rights of the fetus supersedes those of the woman.  Or in this, case little girl.

And yes do keep in mind that this is NOT an adult woman who made the decision to have unprotected sex, this is somebody's baby who was assaulted by an adult she trusted, and was then forced to be the biological incubator that allowed his violent act to take human form.

Huckabee talks about facing guilt years after having an abortion, but first of all that is a fallacy, and secondly it pales by comparison to the emotional stress this child has endured by having her innocence ripped away from her and and then being thrust into the role of a full grown woman when she barely understands what is happening to her, and to her body.

Compound that with having to raise the child when you are a child yourself, or perhaps instead having the child immediately taken away for adoption so that you can feel that sense of loss after suffering through the pain of childbirth.

Clearly Huckabee is zealot who places religious doctrine over the rights of this fellow human beings.

Well the ones without boy parts at least.


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I sincerely hope that one of his obese sibs gets raped and knocked up and watch him change his holier than thou attitudes toward the real victims. This fat fuck just boils my blood. Hatred isnt a strong enough word for this hypocritical asshole.

    1. Anonymous6:19 PM

      I've never seen his sibs but I've seen his sons and they are pretty damned fat and heartless when it comes to animals and the cruel things that they have done. Fuckabee just needs to go away. Any chance he could lose his great big mansion in Florida? It's the only reason he is "running" for President.

    2. Anonymous6:30 PM

      The incidence of unintended pregnancy in GOP members vs the general population is probably higher. GOP members are more likely to use unreliable birth control.


      GOP members, in general, are in a better economic position to either PRIVATELY terminate a pregnancy, hand off the unwanted child or (a personal favorite) exploit the child as a marker of their saintliness (see Trig Palin).

      Huckabee undoubtedly has several relatives that have had abortions or given up for adoption. Huckabee is smart enough to not ask.

    3. Scruffer7:07 PM

      Do not EVER wish for anyone to get raped. That is jus about the most evil thing one could wish and the evilness would be YOU.
      How dare you even say that. Plus the whole 'obese' comment.
      Please, think about your statement. THINK.

    4. Anonymous7:10 PM

      I bet you're a guy...
      A woman would NEVER wish rape on another woman.
      You need to think really really hard about what you said right there....
      It's pretty sick.

    5. Anonymous8:56 PM

      Whatever you say Mother Theresa's.

    6. Anonymous2:35 AM

      Obese is the ONLY word that describes his sons. Ol' Mike, the snake oil salesman, is looking chunky yet again himself, also too. Running for the WH, getting on TV and spouting his fake religion must pay better than peddaling the diabetic "cure" he has been selling. Phony, phony, phony.

    7. Anonymous4:14 AM

      I agree. It's a depraved soul who would wish rape on anyone.

    8. Anonymous4:46 PM

      However we it does point out that having something happen tobTHEM personally orbtheir family is the only thing that seems to affect the mindset of these misogynist TeaTHUGlicans. Ethos, logos and pathos seem to have no effect

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    TBo over at c4p was attacked recently for showing sympathy to a 17-year-old girl she is related to who was raped and disfigured. The girl was found to be pregnant after the attack and her parents refused permission for a termination.

    The girl hanged herself.

    The Sarah Palin cult members attacked TBo.

    Mike Huckabee would have attacked TBo too. He and his American ISIS don't deserve to live in the First World.

    "SAN SALVADOR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - El Salvador's ban on abortion is driving hundreds of girls who become pregnant after being raped to commit suicide every year because they see no other option, a government official said.

    Teenage pregnancy is one of the leading causes of suicide in the Central American country of 6 million people. Three out of eight maternal deaths in El Salvador are the result of suicide among pregnant girls under 19, latest government figures show.

    Many of these girls have not only suffered sexual abuse at the hands of relatives, stepfathers or gang members, but they are also often silenced and prevented from seeking help by the stigma surrounding rape."

    1. Anonymous7:21 PM

      While I feel sorry that the girl felt she had to resort to rape I have no sympathy for TBo who has said many of the same things the others had said before it was someone in her family.

    2. Anonymous7:31 PM

      TBo sat and did NOTHING to help her relative. She could have helped her go to court to petition for the right to make her own decision, she could have taken her to another state where a 17 yr old could have made her own decision to abort or not. She was just like the rest of those vile people until the suicide. I hope she sneaks over and reads this tonight, because she is as responsible for that family members suicide by doing nothing.

    3. Anonymous4:18 AM

      I never saw TBo post, but I have to wonder. Was Tbo old enough to help? Did she live close enough? Did she have the resources to help? Did she hear the story after the fact? Lots of judgmental comments here today. Anonymity can really bring out the worst in people.

    4. Anonymous4:50 PM

      Objective judgment based on sound reason, tempered by empathy and with knowledge of science and facrs is nothing to shy away from.

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Huckabee is a fraud . He is sick .His self importance is despicable.
    May he die a lonely , frail and regrettable life of a monster.

    1. Anonymous5:04 PM

      I'm witchoo.

    2. Anonymous7:11 PM


    3. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Oh , you'll soon be scilded for wishing death on someone in 3..2...1...

      So I saw " stfu" to that poster before commenting!!

  4. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Men who say statements like this deserve to get raped themselves. I don't make such a comment lightly. What an entitled asshole.

    1. Anonymous7:14 PM

      It's easy to go there, but NOBODY deserves to get raped. It's a violent act that scars the person for life.
      I do understand the sentiment. All too well.

  5. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Holy shit. Not if it was his daughter or grandchild.
    What a POS.

    1. Anonymous5:58 PM

      I think Huckabee would relish forcing a very young relative to have a rapist's baby. Imposing his will on a woman/girl feeds his intense sexual desires which he pretends are a religion.

    2. Balzafiar8:45 PM

      You are right; Huckabee would do what other rich people and the American Taliban do. The pregnant person would quietly go into hiding, have an abortion, then reappear when it's over. That's the way sanctimonious turds like Huckabee conduct their lives.

    3. Anonymous4:20 AM

      I believe 5:58 is exactly right.

  6. auntieRuth4:55 PM

    Not to mention the possibility that she will die in childbirth. Eep.

    1. hauksdottir11:00 PM


      It used to be that one third of women died in childbirth... and wealth/status was no help when you are being torn apart and "medicine" is more a matter of midwifery and hot towels. Mary Shelley was among those who died in a bloody bed.

      The men? "Time to find another girl to flip."

      This little girl was LITTLE, barely four feet tall. Of course they had to cut the child out. It is doubtful if she'll provide enough milk. Her own still growing body will suffer more privation if she nurses, even after the growing fetus leeched all available minerals.

      The stepfather shouldn't be raped. That is too kind. Punishment should start with cutting off his genitals, tarring & feathering, and running him out of town on a rail.

      The other rails are reserved for the oh-so-holy fathers who forced this little girl to go through 9 months of hell followed by a life of suffering.

  7. Anonymous5:01 PM

    For starters, let me be clear - I Am Pro-Choice.

    I also think the only consistent position for someone who is anti-abortion because they believe the fetus is a person, is to be opposed to ALL abortions. To allow exceptions for rape and incest (a totally humane exception) is to admit that it isn't about life and personhood. I have guesses as to what it is really about (consequences, thus the logic for rape and incest) but I don't know. I just dont' see how it is consistent.

    1. SallyinMI5:17 PM

      It's not about the 'fetus as human.' It's about controlling females. Period. If they wanted to end abortion, they would talk about the causes of rape and how to train our boys to RESPECT women and keep their pants zipped. Instead, all the focus is on the female, and it's her fault, she asked to be raped, she loved it, and now SHE can suffer the consequences for the rest of her life, while the male goes happily on to his next conquest. If they were actually against abortion, they would be doing everything possible to make contraception free, available, and with no strings. We all know contraception bans are next in their plan..why? To keep women further out of the workforce, off the campuses, and out of the precious work world of the likes of Trump. THIS is the War on Women, and it is escalating.

    2. Anonymous5:43 PM

      "opposed to ALL abortions"

      The problem is not that someone is "opposed to ALL abortions". The problem is that people want to impose BY LAW forced birth on poor women. No United States law can prevent women with the funds and leisure to go to Canada/overseas for a legal, safe, affordable, available abortion. US law restricting abortion ONLY impacts women that can't make a trip for an abortion.

      Parsing out precisely which abortions a person feels is "okay", just ignores the fact that, for some idiot reason, that person thinks it's their job to force poor women to give birth while richer women can do what they damn well please.

      The politicians are using sanctimonious words to cover up what they are really saying... f' poor women because they are sluts.

    3. Anonymous6:28 PM

      5:01 p.m. is right, though. If you say life begins at conception and then you make an exception for rape and incest, you're effectively saying that what you view as murder is okay in some cases. I agree that Huckabee's position is unreasonable and inhumane. But it is perfectly morally and logically consistent if you accept the premises on which he builds his argument.

      I've got a family full of them. Even the women honestly believe they are defending life, not keeping other women subjugated.

    4. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Thank you 6:28. You understood me.

    5. Anonymous7:21 PM

      It's not a 'humane' position at all. If this 10 year old girl, (10!!! TEN!!!) would have given birth 'naturally', she would have been torne apart and died. That's why they did the c-section.
      That whole situation was torture to the girl. Torture. Plain and simple. Torture.
      I'd like to still see a picture of A-hole's grandchildren and see who he would like to carry a baby to term. Oh and, the mother.
      I get so so so ANGRY about this shit.

    6. Anonymous8:13 PM

      Yup, perfectly understood 5:01.

      I believe you are correct.

    7. Anonymous6:11 AM

      7:21 - I don't know what you read. I never advocated a 10-year old should have a baby naturally. I said it was humane to allow her to have an abortion. What did you hear?

    8. Anonymous6:14 AM

      @5:17 - I didn't say the abortion issue was about "the fetus as a person." I said "consistent position for someone who is anti-abortion because they believe the fetus is a person," Surely you aren't claiming that there are no people within the anti-abortion group that don't believe the fetus is a person.

      I'll grant you that there are lots of other reasons people are anti-abortion, and some for no reason at all.

    9. Anonymous8:50 AM

      and I think Huckabee is someone who believes, or at least thinks he believes, it's a fetus-is-a-person.

    10. Anonymous4:55 PM

      You think they wouldn't try to impose an international travel ban on pregnant women? Think again. We've already see pregnant women incarcerated innhospitalsnto keep them from getting an abortion or sspicionnthey won't follow a doc's orders. And it was done with no legal representation in a phone hearing.

  8. Anonymous5:02 PM

    A child giving birth to a child isn't safe -- the "mother" isn't big enough to give birth, nor to allow the fetus to grow to its normal size.
    The trauma of having to give birth to a rapist child -- to have it live within you -- and then either have to take care of it or have it taken away -- both are unspeakable.

    The "mother" will be 20 when her child is old enough to be raped. This is not Christian love. This is the rule of the Taliban.

  9. Anonymous5:10 PM

    I cannot abide the fat ass! Too extreme and will never be POTUS! Way past time for him to fall from view!

  10. Anonymous5:19 PM

    What the hell is wrong with him? Certainly, no presidential material!

    1. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Huckabee is in the GOP presidential candidate clown car solely for the media exposure. He speaks the words that will get him the best price on the rightwing "religious" nutjob lecture circuit. It's the freebee air time that's Huckabee's wet dream.

      With absolutely no need to sound "presidential", Huckabee can be as monstrously horrifying as his religious pretensions demand. I bet he has a handy bible quote for why a 10-year-old rape victim should feed a fetus instead of growing her own body.

  11. Anonymous5:20 PM

    it's like the little girl had an alien monster squirt something inside of her, perhaps hurting her terribly in the process, and now she has to grow the alien in her little girl body. Sick and nightmarish! That Huckabee promotes the life of the monster alien being brought forth is disgusting.

  12. Anonymous5:31 PM

    It was a caesarean delivery because the child/mother's hips were not developed enough to handle a normal delivery.

  13. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Of course he does. He's a monster.

    Meghan in PA

  14. Huckabee is a depraved sexual ghoul.

  15. Anonymous5:56 PM

    What do you expect from someone that supports Josh Duggaring his little sisters and Ted "Poopy Pants" Nugent the pedophile?

    Seriously you are expecting too much from this creep!

  16. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Adding injury to insult: quite likely this young girl might not survive the pregnancy or the birth. Also, if she is able to carry the baby to term, more likely than not, she will have to deliver the baby through C-section. Talking about trauma! Letting her abort the fetus now will be MUCH, MUCH less traumatic for her. Fact is, in a couple years she might not even remember she had an abortion, because she is too young to inderstand what is going on with her body!

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      She's had the baby.

      An 11-year-old girl denied an abortion after allegedly being raped by her stepfather has given birth to a healthy baby girl in Asunción, Paraguay, where a fierce debate is brewing over a law banning most abortions.

      Thursday's birth was confirmed by Asunción Red Cross Director Mario Villalba.

      In the mostly Catholic country, 684 girls between the ages of 10 and 14 gave birth last year. Most of the minors had been victims of sexual abuse, according to government figures.

    2. Anonymous6:24 PM

      Absolutely quite likely, but that didn't change their minds and the little girl survived.

      Women and girls clearly have no value.

    3. Anonymous6:35 PM

      The 11-yr old had the baby. There are still 2 or 3 pregnant 10-year olds waiting to deliver.

    4. Anonymous7:33 PM

      While she physically survived the forced pregnancy and c-section, she was ONLY given the c-section because of the publicity.

    5. Anonymous8:24 PM

      Agree, 7:33. They knew the world was watching and they had to make sure she didn't die trying to give birth vaginally.

  17. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Attention candidate Huckabee. Attention candidate Huckabee.

    Are you still palling around with the Suhl family? Does the name Ted Suhl ring a bell? He used to give you rides on his jet sometimes. He is know as "Person C" in some of the court documents in the Arkansas DHS bribery case.

    What's the over under on Ted's Suhl's possible indictment? Six indictments already, but Ted claims he doesn't know anything.

    What would you say if your old friend Ted Suhl actually is indicted for his part in the scheme to bribe state officials and steal taxpayer dollars?

    Maybe you have already forgotten about the Suhl family problems since the Duggars started getting all the media attention? That might be good excuse to try if the reporters start asking about this.

    1. Anonymous7:39 PM

      Why would Suhl need to bribe anyone? The state of Arkansas was paying Suhl a ton of money with Arkansas counseling associates and trinity. A mean a ton! He didn't need any help. Jones worked at DHS yes but he had nothing to do with the county Suhl is in, Randolph. I just looked up the facts. Anyone could do that. Rumors have ruined many lives. So sad.

  18. Anonymous6:05 PM

    "He said his opposition to abortion is based in part on its lasting effects, including that of the woman making the decision. "

    So, to prevent these "lasting effects", Huckabee thinks "making the decision" should be for him to decide not the woman. It's because Huckabee sure won't have to deal with the "lasting effects" of feeding a fetus, holding down a job, tending earlier children, birthing the baby, and having to raise a baby that you could not handle and did not want.

    Huckabee just f'ing walks away from the f'ing "lasting effects" he has imposed. It's good to be king. And to bask in the imagined blessings of Jesus himself.

  19. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Sorry to be off topic but has anyone seen the gabby campo story floating around the Internet? It's the perfect example of why addicts do not belong in jail and shouldn't have a criminal record. They need help. That shit is a lifelong problem and once it gets to a point, jail and legal crap will only hurt. That girl could've be saved from death.

    She's also a reason why the Internet at large needs to stop creating opportunities for people to laugh at these movie stars who have troubles. Also a reason to not slander people without big problems by saying they have collossal issues. When you do that, you diminish real problems of truly troubled people.

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Alicia (or other "slander" troll), get your passive-aggressive Bristol Palin defense off this threat. It has nothing to do with her.

  20. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Maybe this makes me a bad or evil person, but I truly wish Huckabee would either drop dead of a heart attack or that someone would kill the sorry bastard.

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Not kill him, because then he would be a martyr. But heart attack, yes.

    2. Anonymous7:29 PM

      I'm worse. I was bummed when Cheney got a heart transplant.

    3. Anonymous10:20 AM

      I wish the Huckster would wake up pregnant by divine rape one morning. His fat ass would be in an abortion clinic that day.

  21. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Don't give that bastard Huckabee-F*#kabee the courtesy of calling him a "Chritian" zealot... He is nothing but a freaking SOCIOPATH!!!!!!!!!!

    1. hauksdottir11:09 PM

      It isn't courtesy, it is the truth. He IS a Christian zealot. Someday, and may it be soon, all these religious fulminators will be regarded like plague rats.

    2. Anonymous7:22 AM

      I won't call him a Christian zealot. I'll call him a Christian sociopath.

    3. Anonymous7:43 AM

      This is exactly what the Catholic church teaches -- that the fetus comes first, regardless of the birth circumstances. No exceptions.

    4. Anonymous5:02 PM

      You forgot the and no birth control to prevent said pregnancy mantra of the RCC. Not even for married couples

    5. Anonymous5:03 PM

      You forgot the and no birth control to prevent said pregnancy mantra of the RCC. Not even for married couples

  22. Anita Winecooler6:30 PM

    Until Huckleberry can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he's biologically a female with a functioning brain, he doesn't speak for any woman, and is dead wrong on this "personhood" bullshit for fetuses.
    We're not talking about a consensual sex act, we're talking about a serious crime perpetrated by a man in power over an innocent child who CAN'T be held to a contract NOR consent to sexual intercourse. Period End of Sentence
    So he's for forcing a girl to carry and give birth to a baby she neither wanted nor asked for, what kind of "God" thinks this is moral or even an option to consider?
    Huck, women are more than the sum of their parts, take your "belief" that life begins at conception and do me a favor, roll it up and shove it up your urethra. You're a heartless idiot and lack any semblance of reality. We're talking about a child, a victim of a crime. You're running for President, not "God", and your "take" on this issue shows you know nothing about what it takes to be President in a democracy
    Go sell it in Paraguay. This is one dangerous asshat!!!.

  23. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Huckabee is somewhere on the spectrum of

    1. I will force my 10-year-old raped daughter to give birth
    2. Everyone should do the same
    3. To make everyone do the same I will change United States laws
    4. United States women/girls can not leave the country to avoid those laws

    Huckabee is smart enough to not say he'll have women pee on a stick before boarding an airplane but he fully intends to get the United States to that point.

  24. Anonymous7:16 PM

    No one should be surprised, this is Huckabee's plan for American rape victims. Forced to give birth to their rapists children. He is scum and the fact that no other christians are speaking out against him makes ALL christian sects scum.

  25. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Huckabee should go sit on that couch with his buddy Ted Nugent and "drop hot brass" together as they watch side-by-side TVs, Nugent watching one with Megyn Kelly on it and Huckabee watching one with pics of little girls who have been forced to have sex and get pregnant. Huckabee's so sick that he'd probably also want to watch the children as they went through childbirth. I wonder which he'd prefer, watching children give birth vaginally or having to be cut open, like the girl in Paraguay, so ensure they don't die.

  26. Anonymous7:31 PM

    They can force her to have to baby, however, they can't force her to feed it and care for it, they also can't prevent it from spending a little too much time under water during its first bath.

    1. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Wow. Bravo lib. Do you work for the Planned Parenthood infant care training section?

    2. Anonymous8:55 PM

      NO, her Mom is taking the baby so she will have to look at it every day.

      @anon 8:11pm Here's something I have never wished on anyone before, I hope you get raped and knocked up with your rapists child.

    3. Anonymous9:34 PM

      Hahahaaaa 8:55 you dumb piece of liberal shit.

      Just to be clear... you support drowning an infant?!

      BTW you can't get pregnant from ass rape.

    4. Anonymous11:28 PM

      No, I support abortion by choice of the rape victim. And now I really hope you get raped, with objects, until your intestines start coming out.

      But apparently you support forcing a rape victim to suffer through a pregnancy and then to be forced to care for the rapists leavings. The psychological affects of the assault and the forced pregnancy is not going to form any kind of maternal bonding, especially when a young child, as in this case, is forced to endure what she can't even begin to understand.

    5. Anonymous8:12 AM

      So you are a democrat lib who supports the drowning of infants, thank you for being clear on that.

  27. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Cut it out, Gryphen! Like the campaign slogan proudly says "Dont Fuck With Da Huck". Be man enough to admit that as our nations next commander in chief Huck is one of our very finest bass guitarists. At least Huck - who weighs twice the man you will EVER be has the courage to express his stupid opinions out loud. And furthermore, shouldn't the proud papa of this baby - who raped his TEN YEAR OLD STEP DAUGHTER - have some say in raising the child? Hopefully Huck says " Hell, yeah"!

  28. Anonymous7:43 PM

    I don't understand how anybody could force a ten year old to endure this after already being so traumatized.

    I sincerely doubt Huckabee has the balls to look a crying ten year old girl, recovering from rape, in the eye and tell her that she has to spend nine months carrying her rapists child...while she is trying to be a f***ing FIFTH GRADER!!!

    We recoil in horror when we hear stories about middle eastern cultures that mutilate young girls genitals for a female circumcision...How is what Huckabee is advocating much different?

  29. Anonymous8:22 PM

    This demented propagandist knows he won't get the nom but knows his speaker fees and book sales will likely increase if he gets his ugly mug out there and later tries to claim that a former presidential 'campaign' means something. Con. artist.

  30. emrysa8:37 PM

    this is some sick shit, period. there are alot of things that can be said about this and have probably already been said in the comments but I have learned more about huckabee today - he's a sick twisted fucker., moreso than I thought before.,

  31. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Hillary, all females need you as our President!
    Not just the ones in the USA!
    The President of the most powerful country in the world, a
    FEMALE sends a message to females all over the world,
    that they have inner strength and power to stop the fiendish ,devil incarnates . Women in great numbers,
    joining together can do it , here in the USA and all over the
    world. Huckabee is a FIEND! Stomp him down ladies!


    1. Anonymous9:47 PM

      Hillary is probably the worst female in the world to represent the worlds female gender. The worst. She may not be a man but she sure as hell isn't a woman.

      No worries anyways, she is fucked and is not going to be president ever.

    2. Anonymous11:29 PM

      @anon 9:47 pm

      Better start practicing saying Madam President now.

    3. Anonymous3:50 AM

      Anon at 9:47 pm. That is an absolutely outrageous thing to say about any woman. Hillary Clinton is a woman to admire and to be proud of. As a woman I salute her and, if she's chosen by the Democratic Party as its nominee, I will proudly support her.

    4. Anonymous5:28 AM

      9:47, while I disagree with many of your statements, I will say that I wish Elizabeth Warren or someone similar were running and were the first to be addressed as 'Madam President'- I'm not a fan of Hillary. Having said that, she's infinitely better than anything that could fall out of the GOP clown car, obviously, so if she has the nomination I know who I'll vote for.

    5. Anonymous7:26 AM

      Hillary is a woman, 9:37. You may not like her or agree with her politics, but she is a woman.

    6. Anonymous11:24 AM

      She is no woman. Just ask Bill.

  32. Because an abortion for a 10 year old will do more harm than forcing her to carry the baby to term and then undergo a Caesarean section?

    GOP=Misogynists. And that is being very polite.

  33. A nony mouse9:36 PM

    Talibangelicals. Worldwide. No matter what Xtian religion they profess.

    It is all about POWER over women. Only those who are insecure in their manhood would:

    1. rape a little girl
    2. force her to carry her rapist's child
    3. force her to give birth to her rapist's child
    4. place the child in the same dysfunction home where she was raped.

    Huck is not a man, he is an insecure punk who is afraid to give women dominion over their own bodies. It is beyond time for these Talibangelicals to be transformed by their god into childbearing incubators. Imagine how fast this "BULLSHIT" would disappear were that to happen.

  34. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Does he have any idea what a pregnancy does to a body let alone a body of a child. I'm appalled to say the least.

  35. Anonymous1:36 AM

    Saudi Arabia calling Huckabee. They have a beard and turban ready...

  36. Anonymous3:48 AM

    There is also the question of whether the 10-year old will survive the birth of the baby, what her health might be like should she survive and whether she might be able to have more children when she's an adult. Hopefully the stepfather will be in prison for a long time? Does Huckabee say anything about the rapist?

    1. Cracklin Charlie7:34 AM

      If the ten year old got pregnant it couldn't have been rape.

      Cause, ya know, the body has a way of shuttin' that whole thing down.

      Eff off, friggin' hypocrites!

  37. Our Lad4:06 AM

    This peckerwood simply needs to have the almighty dogshit slapped out of him.His assholery knows no limits, his smug righteousness is beyond infuriating. He should be pilloried in the town square and have a dunce cap welded to his empty fucking head. Who do these jagoffs think they are?! Unbelievable.

  38. I have to admit I only skimmed this post and haven't read the responses yet but my eye caught this Huckabee quote: There are two victims. One is the child;" Foolish me thought he meant the 10 year old child. He clearly has never found the sweetness of small children. He should burn in hell for his wishes to degrade women and children as much as he has.

    1. Anonymous7:30 AM

      The poor 10-year-old (now 11) is now the "birth mother." I guess she gave up being a child when she allowed herself to start menses and then get raped.

  39. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Absolutely disgusting, the victim is 10 years old and he is worried about a fetus.

    Huckabee is must be mentally ill, I cannot find another other reason for his beliefs.

  40. Anonymous8:33 AM

    If MH says his daughters baby (conceived by being raped by a black felon) must be carried to term, at least he will be consistent. Reporters, ask him.

  41. Anonymous9:20 AM

    What Huckabee did as Governor of Arkansas.

    "Arkansas Governor Blocks Medicare Payment for an Abortion in Incest Case
    Published: August 10, 1996

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aug. 9— Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas today refused to authorize a Medicaid payment for an abortion for a 15-year-old girl whose stepfather has been charged with incest, despite a Federal judge's order that such payments were required by Federal law.

    Through a spokesman, Mr. Huckabee said his first obligation was to obey the Arkansas State Constitution, rather than Federal law. The State Constitution includes an amendment banning the use of public money for abortion except when a mother's life is endangered; the Federal statute requires that Medicaid pay for abortions that are performed on poor women in cases of rape or incest or a threat to the mother's life."

    Read the whole story for the details. One quote in particular illustrates just how far off the rails the Rebiblicans have gone.

    In 1996 someone might actually say something like

    ''All he has to do is obey the U.S. Constitution,'' Ms. Izard said. ''He has a simple decision: Does he want the state to participate in Medicaid or not?''

    without actually thinking that any governor would think of trying to withdraw his state from Medicaid. Today they tell you this is what they want to do.


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