Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Chris Christie ad blames President Obama for everything from ISIS beheading Christians to rampant heroin addiction in America.

Courtesy of HuffPo:  

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the first Republican presidential candidate to blame President Barack Obama for the country's heroin epidemic in a political ad. 

In a newly released campaign ad, Christie rattles off a list of criminal elements that have had free rein during the Obama administration. Near the top of the list, Christie references the spike in opioid drug use. 

The ad begins with Christie, a former prosecutor, speaking directly into the camera: "Lawlessness in America and around the world under Barack Obama." Christie declares "drugs running rampant and destroying lives" as images of a hoodie-wearing addict shooting up and a close-up of what appears to be an addict overdosing appear on screen. 

HuffPo points out that the heroin problem is actually two decades old.

As for ISIS beheading Christians, well if George W. Bush had not invaded Iraq that certainly would not be happening today.

Personally I cannot watch this ad without laughing out loud at the idea that Chris Christie, who closed off lanes on the George Washington Bridge to punish Democrats for not endorsing his reelection, wants to be our "law and order" President.

Not only that but his own New Jersey constituents are suing him for using taxpayer money for his campaign:

New Jersey Working Families, two other groups and a number of New Jersey residents filed a lawsuit Friday asking the court to find that his campaign’s spending constitutes a “wrongful and unprivileged conversion of taxpayer funds.” The suit also asks the court to require Christie’s campaign to reimburse the state for the cost of his security detail’s accommodations he campaigns across the United States. 

“Our intent here is really simple,” Analilia Mejia, the executive director of NJ Working Families, told ThinkProgress. “We do not believe that the residents and the taxpayers of the state of New Jersey should be on the hook for what is essentially the private decision our governor made to run for higher office. It is obviously within his right to seek another job. However, it should not automatically mean that New Jersey taxpayers have to redirect precious funds to his private gain.” 

Law and order my ass!

I have to admit I'm a little surprised he is still running. I mean Donald Trump stole his whole insult people and never apologize for it shtick, and right now he is polling at around 2 to 4 percent.


  1. Anonymous2:35 PM

    He knows he's toast, but continues the facade of being a viable candidate. Fool.

  2. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Why do we have rampant heroin addiction in this country?? I can't help but wonder if it's a symptom of some kind of American Dystopia. Why are so many Americans depressed and/or overweight? I'm thinking we are poisoned by our food, our air, our water etc. IDK. I just wonder if it's a reaction to all of the chemicals we are exposed to in so many ways.

    1. Anonymous3:10 PM

      Daaaahhhhhhhhh Do YoU THINK???
      Folls ALL.......

    2. Anonymous4:36 PM

      Heroin addiction isn't about society, it's universal to every sort of society. I don't bear any responsibility for the corrupt practices of my neighbor.

      You need to show the young people in your life the scum that live like royalty on the proceeds of addicts who are hurting only the people who love them.

      Heroin addiction is a moral failure, not a societal failure.

    3. Anonymous4:55 PM

      Heroin isn't a moral failure. Heroin addiction is due to bad decisions and/or emotional disturbances coupled with physical dependency.

    4. Anonymous4:56 PM

      I wouldn't call heroin addiction "rampant," but every society throughout history and currently has had drug use and addiction.

    5. Anonymous5:04 PM

      3:10, give it up dude, you can't even type legibly.

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Does he want us to examine New Jersey's stats under his Governorship?

  4. At least Mondale won his home state. Christie, not so much.

  5. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Who does he blame for the fact that even after lap-band surgery, Christie is still a porker? Not picking on people with weight issues; I've had my own, however Christie made a big to-do over getting the surgery a year ago under the guise of 'health' which was code for thinning down for a presidential run. So, why still a chub, Cheis? Obama making you overeat?

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Yea, I think the lap band snapped. I saw him the other day and he looked even bigger than ever before. Maybe he's porking up for prison. When he engages in those famous prison fights the fists will just get lost in the layers of fat.

  6. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Looks like kiddy corner time for the NJ Whale.

  7. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I'm not sure we have the moral authority to be outraged by ISIS beheadings. Many who scream the loudest about Muslim 'savages' were fine with the USA torture program and are fans of capital punishment.

  8. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Obviously Christie still has some rich greedy old men to perform for.... who are maybe lamenting that all the good candidates are snapped up LOL

    Serves them all right, Christie has been a laughing stock for over a year but what will finish him off is everything BUT Bridgegate.

    Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow.

  9. Anonymous4:56 PM

    How about Donuts? I blame Christie for donut eating fatso's. Christie cream is a health threat.

  10. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I bought my house in 2000. Within a year the father of the family who moved into the house I had previously rented was dead. He was one of a half-dozen people in the city who died from a batch of bad heroin that had been distributed in the area. There was a mini epidemic if heroin use in the city at the time.

    I'm pretty damn sure that Obama was not President in 2001.

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      Not to mention recent trends point to prescription drug use as gateway to heroin

  11. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Me thinks that Chrissy doth protest too much with the heroine.

  12. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Christie may be polling around 2-4% but in his mind it's the top 2-4% and so he soldiers on.

    Plus, he likes to say it's not over until the fat man sings.
    (Hint: he'll sing Born to Run when - not if - he drops out)

  13. AKinPA5:33 PM

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. He's gotta try to out-Trump Trump. Pretty soon, he'll be blaming President Obama retroactively for Hurricane Sandy and Bridgegate.

  14. Anita Winecooler6:42 PM

    Hey, Christie, ever been to Newark New Joisey? Is THAT Obama's fault? (Newark went bankrupt, laid off police, firemen, gov'mint workers....) I got a bridge to sell you, dipshit.

    Remember when Joisey needed a hand out after a natural disaster? Who shook President Obama's hand and SWOOONED after meeting his idol, Brooooooce!!!????
    Newsflash, Parts of South Jersey STILL need Obama's help, he's the only adult who can do it, You failed miserably and have yet to apologize for Bridgegate. While you're at it, fix your schools, infrastructure and what's left of Atlantic City.

    Can't wait for the battle of wits with you and Trump, or should that be nit wits?

  15. You know what, Chris? I'm going to go along with you. I am going to blame Obama for everything. Now, what are you going to do about those things? The ball is in your court. The day you take office, you'll be faced with all of those terrible problems. They will still exist. And I'm ready to vote for you. All you need to do is to share the plans. I'm not talking about all that vague returning America to greatness crap. No I mean real plans. Let's take just one: beheading Christians. That's bad news. You will bring an immediate stop to those atrocities how?

    But here's the thing. I'm smart enough to know that solving the ISIS problem is complicated, well beyond your capabilities and others.
    But some things are much easier and more immediate, such as job creation stimulated by full court press on infrastructure. It doesn't have the glamour of war, but it's practical, down to earth, and beneficial to thousands of Americans. Two-fisted, in your face, tough talk impresses simpletons, but most Americans are tired of business as usual, especially from wannabe cowboys. Grow up, be a man, and conduct yourself with dignity worthy of respect.

    That goes for all candidates.

  16. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Actually the heroin epidemic started under Nixon in the 70's. He stopped a lot of pot from coming into the country but missed the whole heroin thing. No one could get pot but smack was every where. People wanted to get high and figured they were lying about pot they're probably lying about heroin too. Another bad move by republicans. They helped crate a generation of junkies.


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