Sunday, August 30, 2015

Son confronts father and father's bimbo about their affair on video. As it turns out father is, sorry was, president of Baptist college.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

The footage starts with the man identified as Paul Epting pointing the camera at himself and saying, “Here we go. It might be a bad day” before entering a house by unlocking what the News called a rear door. 

“Oh, hey buddy” Jimmy Epting says, only for Paul to reply, “What are you doing, Dad?” 

Paul then walks into a bathroom, asking, “Where is she?” before confronting the woman and asking “What are y’all doing? What are you doing?”

Jimmy Epting is seen coming into the bathroom, before Paul says, “No, no, I know exactly what you’re doing. Why? It’s over, dad. It’s over.”

The footage reached the attention of  the North Greenville University leaders who did not take kindly to learning that the president of their university was a sleazebag:

In the statement released Thursday afternoon by the school’s board of trustees, Chairwoman Beverly Hawkins said, “North Greenville University’s leaders are expected to lead Christ-centered lives and abide by all campus policies and procedures.” 

“The administration and faculty on campus today reflect our legal, moral and ethical expectations. We take our responsibilities as leaders of a Christian institution seriously and hold each member of our community to the highest of standards,” the statement said.

As it turns out Epting has been the president of Greenville university for 24 years.

You know until he got caught with his pants down.


You considering what we have learned from years of watching evangelicals fall from grace, the Ashley Madison hack causing pastors to scramble like headless chickens, and this video outing a Christian university professor wetting his wick, one might tend to think that the folks who talk the most about morality are the people the least likely to be practice that self same morality themselves.

But that can't be true? Can it?


  1. Anonymous4:12 AM

    Do as I say, not as I do!! What a shining example. So many hypocrites in the Christian religion, it is starting to just be "Oh, well, here we go again" I feel sorry for the son, it is a shame he felt compelled to out his father this way. In the REAL world, anyone caught this way would be fired without benefits. This sleaze is likely to get full benefits, plus health coverage. Want to be the latest female is one of a long line of partners?

    1. Anonymous6:10 AM

      Strange thing about this is that according to the time stamp it occurred in October 2014. According to a news story three months later their board said he was going on sabbatical, then he retired in June. Also, because he was able to keep the school from closing when he took over and growing it so much, there is a statue of him on campus kneeling in prayer. Maybe it should have depicted him doing something else.

  2. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Just another "planned pregnancy".... With lots of practice!

  3. Anonymous4:40 AM

    Whoa... that's cold.

  4. This prompts a Sunday morning salute to my Mom, who stopped nudging me at all toward religion by no later than 10, and built the sense of morality I operate with herself, trusting in her common sense. Thanks, Mom.

    1. Balzafiar5:52 AM

      Second that. My divorced Dad tried to push me towards it, but even at a young age I pushed back -- and won. I had my own compass, learned from my Mom.

  5. All over the world, from time immemorial, men's testosterone has obliterated their intelligence, common sense, morality, commitments...Kings, Presidents, CEOs, bums, regular guys.

    It's Bigger News when pastors and priest fall to their urges only because of their hypocrisy in presenting themselves as holders of righteousness.

    It makes me wonder if matriarchy society isn't a safer, saner choice.

    1. A matriarchy society may indeed be a safer, saner choice, but let's not forget that there was a woman involved in this affair. Whether she was married or not, she knew that he was, so why does she get a pass?

  6. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Was he banging Keli Sewell, Vice President for Enrollment Services at the college?

    She is hot ... check out google images of them together.

    1. Anonymous6:16 AM

      Some of the press does say affair was with Keli Sewell .. a married co-worker.

    2. Anonymous6:34 AM

      Oh, look...more cheaters of the ultra-religious variety.

    3. It sounds like he is calling her Tammy.

  7. Anonymous6:01 AM

    ...hardly with his (or her) pants down.They just looked prim, if sheepish.

  8. Anonymous6:19 AM

    People kid themselves if they think they are only betraying their spouses when in faithful. They betray an entire family, because they are in essence, willing to gamble on destroying their family unit just to be intimate with someone else. Is any piece of ass worth that?

    1. Anonymous6:41 AM

      No piece of ass is worth it, because it's just that, a piece of ass.


    2. That's facile, crude and dismissive, dude. "A piece of ass" isn't just a piece of ass, she's a person, a woman.

    3. Anonymous8:32 AM

      Shut up, Sam.

      Anyone, male or female, who risks destroying a family for a "thrill" is a piece of ass.

      They're also pieces of shit.

      Anon@6:41 is correct:
      No piece of shit is worth it, because he/she is just that, a piece of shit.

    4. Anonymous8:47 AM

      I wasn't just referring to her; I was referring to him too. If someone doesn't want to be referred as a piece of ass, they shouldn't act like a piece of ass.

    5. Anonymous10:53 AM

      Men can be "pieces of ass," too.

    6. Anonymous11:04 AM

      7:18 AM Ask the pastor's wife what the mistress is, and you will get even worse descriptions. The mistress knew that he was married, but she gave up that 'piece of ass' anyway. Hopefully the wife dissolves the marriage and cleans out the bank accounts.

    7. Anonymous4:14 PM

      People kid themselves if they think they are only betraying their spouses when in faithful. They betray an entire family, because they are in essence, willing to gamble on destroying their family unit
      Truer words have not been spoken.
      And Sam if YOU were the wife you would say Piece of ass! Even if you were the wronged Husband.
      Unfortunately the internet has made cheating a whole lot easier. I have come to the conclusion that all men are cheaters.
      And the very few that aren't well I wish I could find one.
      Cheating breaks up whole family's & friends when friends feel they have to take sides and family's also. Kids are confused. It really messes up the person cheated on too.
      All for a "Piece of ass"
      I have a dog now. She will only leave if she passes....she loves me unconditionally and will not cheat. Fuck the Cheaters.
      Fuck 'em all!!!

    8. Anonymous7:41 PM

      So very true 4:14pm. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  9. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Hey now!! He's a sinner. He's sorry. He's forgiven, just ask God. Rinse. Repeat. Carry on.

  10. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Too bad sonny boy didn't video them actually doing the nasty in old holier than thou's bed. THAT would have for sure gotten him the bum's rush from his cushy position - without benefits.

  11. From the article: You know until he got caught with his pants down.

    Nope. No way did the father have time to pull up his pants between the time the son entered the house and the time we see him in the video, fully dressed, shirt neatly tucked in.

    "Literally" is a very powerful word—or used to be, anyway. Please don't join the forces of people who undermine it by using it when they don't have the evidence to back it up.

    You do believe in the importance of having evidence, don't you? The evidence here is that the father recently had his pants down or, more accurately, off, but did not at the time that he was caught figuratively with his pants down.

    1. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Ted Powell10:32 AM
      Are you defending the cheaters?
      Maybe THAT pants down "literally" was edited out of THIS version? Obviously the Son knew what was going on.LITERALLY!

    2. Are you defending the cheaters?

      Huh? I'm just doing my small part at attempting to defend the English language from people such as Anonymous 4:20 PM who apparently don't understand the word "literally".

      Maybe THAT pants down "literally" was edited out of THIS version?

      What version? The word is still in Gryphen's article, and no link was provided to any other source. Perhaps Anonymous 4:20 PM doesn't understand links either?

      Obviously the Son knew what was going on.LITERALLY!

      It's entirely possible that the son (small "s") had previously seen the the father with his pants down around this ankles, or off, but the article is about the father being caught on video. Feel free to cite the mm:ss mark where you saw the father with his pants right down, or even just below his knees.

      Certainly, the evidence of the video is strong enough to say that the father was figuratively caught "with his pants down" even though they aren't actually down in the video. But saying "literally" is claiming that the video shows bare legs, which simply ain't so—the video only implies that legs have been bare.

    3. Anonymous8:11 PM

      Ted Powell6:39 PM
      Oh geeze! you are the English troll. get your own blog and blog about ENGLISH.
      Its bossy and boorish to read it here. Stuff it with a BIG S!

    4. Anonymous1:15 AM

      'Figuratively' is more appropriate.

      For those of us with eyes, it is clear that the pious professor did not 'literally' have his bare butt filmed (or at least not shown). Creative cliche works for most of us who read here (and elsewhere).

      Give Gryph a break. He works hard at his blog-work exposing for us much more than cliches about bare- naked butts. Hypocrisy in our 'spiritual' leaders matters to most as does hypocrisy in our political leaders and the media 'spin' on those who profess 'truth.'

      We must all live and learn; it's why we're here, right?


    5. Oh geeze! you are the English troll.

      I put my name on all my comments. At the top, unlike some people, so you should have no difficulty in skipping to the next comment when you see my name.

      get your own blog and blog about ENGLISH.
      Its bossy and boorish to read it here. Stuff it with a BIG S!

      You're the one who's being bossy. And boorish, shouting with all caps.

  12. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Oh come on! Pastor Epting was just offering one-on-one counseling to one of the sheep. This kid just ruined his own life by making his daddy unemployable. Next, they'll probably lose the house: darn you Obama!

  13. Anonymous3:56 PM

    OT, somewhat:

    1. Anonymous1:17 AM

      More hypocrisy by the pseudo-christiany domionist theocrats.

      Lord have mercy on us all.


  14. Anita Winecooler5:20 PM

    He's just doing his due diligence and experiencing the sin he was going to write his sermon from the point of view of someone who's done it. Getting caught never crossed his mind. Neither did destroying his son and family's respect for him.
    Trust is a difficult thing to rebuild. I wonder if he feels it was worth it, now that he got caught.

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he tries to lie his way out of what's on the tape to his wife and congregants.

  15. Anonymous7:46 PM

    I'm not following where or why the intelligence of the woman is in question or why she is called a "bimbo" by Gryphen. She is certainly a hypocrite and should be exposed as such, but as far as I know, hypocrisy spans across all depths of intelligence.

    Once again, Gryphen's sexism and misogyny shine as brightly as ever. Sheez!!!!!

    1. Anonymous8:15 PM

      Anonymous7:46 PM

      I'm not following where or why the intelligence of the woman is in question or why she is called a "bimbo" by Gryphen.
      You the other troll Bimbo is a term for CHEATERS! Fuck OFF if you don't like it.
      Oh and stuff your misogynist up your ass with a BIG M!!!
      Fuck off! That was word of the day a year ago troll!
      Stick it!

    2. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Fuck you, 8:15. @7:46 has a very valid point, whether a dumbass such as you likes it or not!

    3. Anonymous1:23 AM

      Bimbos and/or himbos, no difference. Both/and are foolish entirely human individuals who played fast and loose and both lost much in a very public shameful way.


  16. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Has Keli Sewell, Vice President for Enrollment Services at North Greenville University been fired from her job?

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      I agree, Keli Sewell deserves to be fired.

    2. Anonymous7:52 AM

      Look at her oldest son -- he looks just like Jimmy Epting! How many people have those ears, square chin, long face. Dr. Epting has been at NGU for 24 years, Keli 22 years -- it is possible.

    3. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Something scary - check out her facebook and look at her oldest son -- he looks just like Jimmy Epting -- the long head, square chin. She worked there 22 years and Jimmy 24 years -- its possible.

    4. Anonymous7:55 AM

      Check out her facebook account and her oldest son "Daniel" He looks strikingly familiar to Jimmy Epting! Possible as he worked there 24 years and Keli 22 years.

    5. Anonymous7:56 AM

      check out Keli's facebook account. Her oldest son Daniel is a striking resemblance to Jimmy Epting. He worked there for 24 years and she worked there for 22 years -- its possible this has been going on for that long!!

  17. Anonymous11:15 AM

    This is DISGUSTING and this school a complete farce. The Lord knows it. Very sad.


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