Thursday, September 17, 2015

A plurality of Florida voters think that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio should just throw in the towel.

"They hate you? Yeah they hate me too."
Courtesy of PPP poll:  

A new survey in Florida shows 47 percent of voters want Jeb Bush to drop out of the GOP presidential race, and 48 percent would prefer Marco Rubio do the same. 

Those numbers come tucked inside a new survey conducted by Public Policy Polling, which shows that Donald Trump continues to lead all Republican candidates in Florida with 28 percent support. In second place is Dr. Ben Carson with 17 percent. 

Bush and Rubio fall into line next in Florida. Bush is in third place with 13 percent support, while Rubio gets 10 percent and is in fourth place. Ted Cruz is next at 9 percent, Carly Fiorina at 7 percent, and John Kasich is at 5 percent. 

“Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are polling well behind Donald Trump and Ben Carson with Republicans even in their home state,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “And when you look at the overall Florida electorate, a plurality of voters think Bush and Rubio should just end their campaigns.” 

Only 40 percent of voters in the state think Bush should keep running, compared to 47 percent who think he should drop out. Just 42 percent believe Rubio should continue on with his campaign to 48 percent who believe he should end it.

Of course this poll was taken before last night's debate, but I seriously doubt that anything Rubio or Bush said last night moved the needle even an inch.  

Actually I think that Trump is leading all of the candidates in their individual states, which is really quite mind-boggling if you think about it.


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    you're going to love this one gryphen: Bristol Palin Slams Obama for supporting Ahmed...

    1. Anonymous3:52 PM

      Nancy French does not have an original thought in her pea brain. She never will.

      Sarah is sold on Nancy because Nancy obeys and follows.
      Nancy is not like that problem gf, the handler for Track Palin.

      Did Sarah Palin finally dispose of Track's party girl? Sarah Palin always wins, you know she would not want a free spirit infringing on her games! Can you imagine Sarah would allow anyone to show Willow having fun?

    2. Anonymous4:19 PM

      Wonder how much she paid her or threatened her? Palin would do either!

    3. Anonymous6:05 PM

      J Loewe first appeared to have some spunk. She would switch to private now and then, only to return. This time it looks like someone deleted everything. They sure did a job on her.

      Poor thing. I wonder if the wedding plans are still on.

  2. I agree that last night's debate did not help Jeb! or Marco in any meaningful way. Oh, BTW Marco, your water joke would have gone over better if the California drought weren't as freepin' serious as it is. I grew up in CA and now live in FL. Marco has zero idea what it is like to live in a place where water doesn't regularly fall from the sky. I think you may be next up on the list to get a FlashDrive in the mail from Gov. Jerry Brown Re: climate change.

  3. Anonymous2:50 PM

    What voters want matters not one little stinking bit to these candidates. The candidates want to use their campaign money to enhance their own value on the speaker circuit and the "inspirational" book market. The candidates are in this solely to make money for themselves.

    They'll leave when the "other people's money" dries up and not one second earlier than that.

  4. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Maybe Trumps's plan is to get all the others to drop out, then he does and leaves the GOP field in tatters, giving them the finger and saying, "That's for dissing me in 2012, losers!!"

  5. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Ted Nugent Supports Donald Trump: He Can Save Us

    Guess who was taken out?

  6. Caroll Thompson3:31 PM

    Citizen's United has changed everything. It used to be that candidates could not raise enough money to stay in the race when they were down in the polls. Now with Super Pacs, it is possible for many candidates to continue on and on and on.

    As long as their rich donors have the money, these candidates have the time.

  7. Anonymous3:57 PM

    G, Trump just blew a response to question about President Obama being a Muslim and "training camps". There's video

  8. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Bush is clearly pissed that Trump is 'trumping' him! He'll never be a candidate for POTUS. Even if he were, he'd never win. ANOTHER Bush, for Christ's sake - that didn't keep Americans safe! What an idiot!

  9. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Won't happen. Jeb (connotes excitement) has a huge war chest. 'Bush the smarter' (WTF) is going to hang on and go through every penny of it. Mark my words!!!

  10. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Trump supporter asks when we can get rid of Muslims. Trump assures him he's looking into 'things'

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the leading Republican candidate for president, speaking Thursday night at a rally in New Hampshire:

    TRUMP: Okay, this man, I like this guy.

    UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: (Unintelligible) We have a problem in this country. It's called Muslims. We know our current president is one.

    TRUMP: Right.

    UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: You know he's not even an American.

    TRUMP: (Big smile) We need this question. This is (unintelligible).

    UNIDENTIFIED JACKASS: But anyway, we have training camps, growing, where they want to kill us. That's my question: when can we get rid of them?

    TRUMP: We're going to be looking at a lot of different things. I mean you know a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there and we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things.

    And an explanation from the Trump camp.

    Trump camp: "Mr. Trump was referring to the need to protect Christians religious liberties as his previous statement says and nothing more."
    — Kailani Koenig (@kailanikm) September 18, 2015

    Yeah, that clears things up.

  11. Anonymous6:56 PM

    Jeb! won't throw in the towel until he has finished rewriting the G.W. Bush years in the W. H.

    I am surprised The Donald hasn't gone after Jeb! on his time at Lehman Bros. Fiona sunk a company or two. Jeb! sank the U.S. economy.

  12. I heard today that after the debate (and Trump's subsequent foot in mouth disease outbreak) his numbers have dropped and Fiorina's have risen so they are tied at 22%.

    Gee, I guess gerrymandering the rules of debate participation worked for CNN. Their pick has moved from the kid's table to challenging Trump to seat at the head and carve the turkey.

    So who have the Koch Brothers, CNN and Fox decided will be our next President?


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