Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton's charm offensive goes late night.

I think it is good for people to see Hillary laughing and interacting with people in a relaxed manner.

After all most of the time we see her giving speeches or responding to charges from the Right Wing.

Actually Fallon did address the email "scandal" last night as well:  

“What’s in the emails?” he asked. “Can you just say what’s in the emails? That’s all we want to know! If you’d tell us what’s in the emails, we’ll get over it!” 

Clinton explained that thousands of her emails from when she served as Secretary of State are already out in the open, adding, “Most people have gotten bored after really, you know, like 10 or 12, because they’re boring!” She joked that the “most significant” email to come to light was the one about getting gefilte fish into Israel. 

When Fallon described some of the emails as “top secret,” Clinton reiterated that “nothing that was sent or received at the time was secret,” but instead became classified retroactively. “The stuff that’s in [the emails], I think is really boring people, which kind of hurts my feelings,” she added. 

Fallon quickly shifted gears to say, “The headline should be: ‘Grandma knows how to use email.’ That’s amazing!” He then started asking the candidate about her campaign’s social media strategy.

Of course none of this will placate her critics who are looking desperately for something to derail her campaign, but for those of us who like her, or want to like her, this does help some.


  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I especially like how they do the make-up on Fallon showing the white area around his eyes where he doesn't tan.

  2. She was great! Relaxed, funny, smart. She came across as friendly and trustworthy. She needs to be more like this in all of her appearances. She was able to laugh at herself, and it was genuine, warm laughter. Not at all phony ( which she sometimes seems to be).

    1. Cracklin Charlie5:28 PM

      I actually happen to know someone who knows Hillary quite well. The words you use to describe her are almost the exact words that my relative has used to describe her. She also told me that Hillary is a very, very genuinely funny person who can keep you in stitches for hours. She is said to charmingly make jokes at her own expense as a way of putting others at ease. I think she is a great role model for women, young and old.

      All that stuff they say about her being phony and humorless is made up propaganda.

  3. Hillary Clinton was adorable. 1969 Wellesley Rah! 1969 Wellesley!

  4. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Yay Wellesley!

  5. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Hillary has a great smile and laugh! Look how our
    President's smile lights up the whole room, and we love
    it. I realize that politician's must have their serious
    look, , but a spontaneous , burst forth smile and or laugh
    is so appealing. As for her voice, at least we can
    understand her , not get lost in word salad and have
    to plug our ears to deaden the screech , a la Palin.
    I hope she , at times puts on a wide grin, and at the same
    time makes her blue eyes twinkle!

  6. Anonymous8:51 PM

    glad she mentioned the DQ swirl.........hahaha


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