Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Glenn Beck calls Teabaggers liars and racists, and says he cannot understand the support for Donald Trump.

Courtesy of the Examiner: 

On Tuesday, radio talk show host Glenn Beck angered a number of people after he accused Tea Party supporters who like Donald Trump of being racists. He also questioned whether Trump supporters who align with the small-government movement are really "Tea Partiers." 

“If you were a Tea Party person, then you were lying," he said. "You were lying. It was about Barack Obama being black. It was about him being a Democrat, because this guy is offering you many of the same things, as shallow as the same way.” 

He also identified Fox News' Sean Hannity as a supporter of the Tea Party, but simply said he disagrees with the conservative talker. The comments were made during a discussion of Trump's Dallas rally, which attracted some 20,000 supporters. 

“Well, we can’t figure out, there’s a lot of people that we know, that we just cannot figure out," Beck said. "They say they were for the Tea Party, I mean, you know, I’ve had an open conversation with Sean Hannity. He is — he swears he’s a great guy, and everything else. I just disagree with him, on that. Sarah Palin is another one, who had him on the show, and just fell all over him, and just loves him. I don’t understand that.” 

Beck, however, wasn't finished. He seemed to echo statements made by Univision's Jorge Ramos, who has frequently compared Trump to South American dictators. 

“I cannot understand the Trump thing, and it scares the hell out of me,” Beck said. “If there’s anybody who would like the Greek columns, and the gold and the glitter, it’ll be Donald Trump.” Saying that Trump might have his name on a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is “what a dictator says. I mean, remember, it was Leningrad, and then it was Stalingrad. That’s what dictators do. That’s what dictators do. And we are — if it’s not him, it will be someone else, that steps into that role, if we don’t stop this right now.”

I cannot decide if Glen Beck has lost his mind here, or if he has suddenly been stricken with sanity.  (I'm leaning toward the latter.)

One thing is for sure and that is that there is simply NOT enough popcorn for this never ending GOP circus.

I also have to admit that I am not at all comfortable now that Glenn Beck and I see the Tea Party in much the same way.  I'm pretty sure that agreeing with Glenn Beck is one of the first signs of dementia.


  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    I never thought there would a right-winger fascist enough to worry Glenn Beck. Live long enough...

  2. TwoBlueJays2:34 PM

    Dear Dog - did he REALLY go there??

    "“If you were a Tea Party person, then you were lying," he said. "You were lying. It was about Barack Obama being black. It was about him being a Democrat, because this guy is offering you many of the same things, as shallow as the same way.” "

    Oh Glen Beck. Someone has either surgically implanted a conscience in you, or you have been faking all these years.

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Glenn Beck has serious mental issues. He lived his early years in the town I'm from and his problem is genetic. His father and mother had issues also. There is a evangelical minister here who was a childhood friend of Beck and he's crazy too! Nothing Beck does surprises me.

    1. TwoBlueJays2:46 PM

      I do enjoy how he can cry on command. That's real talent.

    2. Anonymous2:47 PM

      ETA: He could be having a moment of lucidity!

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Sounds like Glen is feeling left out of the mean little kid klub. Are they ignoring him? He is doing some kind of whine job.

    What ever happened to the happy Glenbeckastan utopia he was going to finance and build all by his little self?

  5. At this stage, and if Sanders and Biden weren't tying on their own running shoes, Hillary could stay in bed every day till noon, and still win this one. The crazy - it burns.

  6. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Sir, who are you and what have you done with Glen "this president has a deep-seated hatred of white people" Beck?

    1. Anonymous5:39 PM

      My thoughts entirely. I am not buying Glenn Beck’s new Glenn Beck.

  7. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Well, just because Beck may be right on this one thing--the frighteningness of Trump, this does not mean he is sane.

  8. Also consider.

    If the Donald were to win, folks like Beck and Bill O would have no shows to do. The Don would outdo their worst every time and hog all the attention.

    Just sayin'.

  9. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Glen Beck, you focker!

  10. majii4:13 PM

    Beck, Jindal, Jeb, and all of the other establishment GOP/TPers should be dancing in the streets because of Trump, yet, they're all saying they're appalled and confused that he's leading in the polls. They should be enjoying the culmination of all of their hard work because, after all, Trump is the personification of the Frankenstein monster they worked very hard to create. Their problem is that they had no idea that the monster would turn on them and begin to swallow them whole, chew them up, and spit their wasted carcasses at his feet. They very much so deserve everything that is happening to them.

  11. Anonymous4:36 PM

    I've been shocked that the news media have not pursued Trump's statement last week that he could deport 11 million people in 18 month to two years. There's only one way he could do that: execute a coup, become a dictator (Glenn Beck's not wrong), throw out the Constitution, establish martial law, require every one (even a newborn) to carry proof of citizenship, then establish thousands of checkpoints around the country for the next two years in order to identify the undocumented, and deport them by military transport without any judicial process, arguing that they don't have any constitutional rights because (a) there is no Constitution any more and (b) they are here illegally and don't have any rights any way.

    Is there any other way he can round up 11 million people (40% of whom entered legally and overstayed their visas) and deport them in 18-24 months? He has shown nothing but contempt for actual governing and doesn't know Article I from Article III, I'm sure. He's a dictator and bully in private life and he'll continue to be one as president.

    1. Anonymous4:59 PM

      So he'll round them up and kick them out ala Syrian refugees? It will never happen.

  12. Tea baggers may be liars but Beck is a hypocrite.

    This is just a cry to be considered relevant again.

  13. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I'm sorry, but wasn't it Beck who shamelessly favored the baggers at one point?!?

  14. Anonymous9:54 AM

    As someone who has observed Beck from the time no one had essentially heard of him to his rise and then his fall, I can tell you that Beck is absolutely capable of logical thinking and reason but I can also tell you that he does suffer from a mental illness which causes wild swings in behavior so that at any time what he says he truly believes.


  15. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I listened to Beck over fifteen years ago. He was hysterically funny, smart, and entertaining. Extremely talented guy. Real hyper too, funny as anything. He wasn't political at all. I thought that he was, if anything, a liberal, but you couldn't tell because, like I said, he wasn't political at all. So who knows?

    Then around maybe 2007 or so he started to change. It's like he "got religion" or something, but it wasn't that. He became more political. Then came Fox News. At first, I thought he would be good for Fox, someone from a different side with a different perspective, who would make fun of the Fox regulars and their stiff politics. But I was wrong, because by that time he had become one of them. I couldn't believe it. He got "religion" alright, it's like he had sold his soul to the devil, seriously. He wasn't the same guy as before.

    I've been very critical of regular group of Fox assholes like Hannity, Palin, Mark Levin, and the rest of those worthless demagogues, but not Beck. The reason is that I kept holding out hope that he would come around. He was too smart and too talented to be like the rest of those idiot neoconvangelicals (Palin et al) who have NO talent and NO brain, and nothing but bile coursing their veins. Beck was above them, or at least he was once upon a time.

    Well, it seems I might have been right about Beck all along, or at least I hope so. I hope he's seeing the light and turning on those Fox News hypocrites, Palin and the rest of those good-for-nothings, and mocking them or at least using them as fodder for his monologues like I (incorrectly) thought he would when he joined Fox News.

    We're just seeing more of the Beck as he used to be, before he journey to the Underworld to be with Palin, Fox News, Satan, and his minions. Welcome back, Glenn.


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