Thursday, September 03, 2015

New poll reveals what everybody already knew, that Donald Trump's supporters are overwhelmingly racist.

Courtesy of Alternet:  

A new national poll released Tuesday has found that a majority of the Republican Party is living in a strange and dangerous political fantasyland. 

“Our new poll finds that [Donald] Trump is benefiting from a GOP electorate that thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim and was born in another country,” Public Policy Polling’s analysis said. “Sixty-six percent of Trump's supporters believe that Obama is a Muslim to just 12 percent that grant he's a Christian. Sixty-one percent think Obama was not born in the United States to only 21 percent who accept that he was.” 

Not only did PPP’s analysis find that Trump’s lead was growing—it is now 29 percent—it also found that the second most popular Republican is one who has not criticized other candidates: retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who has 15 percent. The rest of the pack is all under 10 percent: Jeb Bush (9 percent), Carly Fiorina (8 percent), Marco Rubio (7 percent), Ted Cruz and John Kasich (6 percent), Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee (5 percent). Walker has fallen the most, compared to last winter when he was leading. 

The biggest takeaway from the PPP pollis that a majority of the Republican Party’s base is living in a right-wing bubble where facts don’t matter—and it has become increasingly acceptable to publicly voice racist positions because the leading presidential candidate is modeling that behavior. 

Not only did PPP find that a majority of Republicans believe the birther lie—that Obama was not actually born in Hawaii—but 51 percent of all Republicans polled want to amend the Constitution to eliminate birthright citizenship, which is granted to any person born on U.S. soil. Of Trump’s supporters, 63 percent want to eliminate that right, and a majority said undocumented children should be deported. 

So these racists now have a standard bearer who is not only singing their favorite tune, but has now ridden to the top of the polls on the tsunami of their hatred.

And it does not does not appear that Trump is going away any time soon, as evidenced by the fact that he signed the totally non-legally binding pledge to not run as an independent if he loses the primary. 

Like I said the poll really reveals nothing new, but it does provide ammunition for people like myself when making the claim that the driving force behind the Republican party is NOT doing away with taxes and reducing the size of government as they claim, but rather doing away with the black and brown people.

Or at the very least putting them back in their place, whether that place is across the border, or back on the plantation where they belong. 

And Captain Comb-over has really done the country a service by bringing these wannabe KKK members to surface so that there is no denying their existence. 


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    That makes him the ideal GOP candidate for the 21st century. But, in reality, there is not one GOP presidential hopeful who is not a racist or a misogynist. It's an unwritten requirement.

  2. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Captain Comb-over! I love it!

    -Bristol D. Frederick

    1. Anonymous4:58 PM

      I'd pay money to see him held down and have his head shaved, then we'd see how long he'd still stay in the public eye.

    2. Anonymous7:14 PM

      Rosie O did a great mimic of "comb over" perfect!

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I've decided to become a racist, against loudmouthed orange people. I won't tolerate 'em and will vow to send 'em all back from whence they came.

    1. SallyinMI3:24 PM

      So you'll put Boehner back in his tanning bottle? Can we watch?

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    Sarah Palin is not a racist. Didn't she have sex with a black man?

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      She just wanted to take the forbidden chocolate...but when she did she FREAKED OUT and from that point on she has been a racist.

    2. SallyinMI3:25 PM

      She left college in Hawaii because there were so many brown people on the island.

    3. Anonymous3:57 PM

      Correction - she left school in Hawaii because there were too many Asians! She is a racist - no question about it! She's anti blacks, browns, Asians and Eskimos!

    4. Anonymous4:57 PM

      This covers it all.

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    It does make me think of the rise of Hitler.
    Also, I believe that Trump will violate the pledge if he doesn't get the nomination. He will say he changed his mind.

    1. Anonymous3:59 PM

      He is one nasty guy! Sincerely hope the Republicans don't give him the nomination. He's probably tried to tie it up with money already with just having met with the head of the Republican party! Bush will not be the nominee!

    2. Anonymous4:27 PM

      The GOP will pay him to quit. Serves them right.
      He will take the money and brag about it. Perfect!!

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    As a faithful reader and commenter at c4p, this is hardly news. Paranoid delusional beliefs run rampant with the undereducated, misfits of the baby boomer generation. They are a pathetic lot, but are older, mostly obese and in poor health, so they do not concern me. What does concern me is the younger generation of ignorant racists who are just as vile and angry.

  7. Anonymous3:10 PM

    No worries, cooler heads will prevail:

    Moody’s analytics model has correctly predicted every presidential election since 1980, and their data forecasts a Democratic landslide in 2016.

    According to Dan White who is the senior economist at Moody’s Analytics:

    Our Moody’s Analytics election model now predicts a Democratic electoral landslide in the 2016 presidential vote. A small change in the forecast data in August has swung the outcome from the statistical tie predicted in July, to a razor-edge ballot outcome that nevertheless gives the incumbent party 326 electoral votes to the Republican challenger’s 212.

  8. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Republicans Just Shot Themselves In The Foot By Forcing Trump To Sign Loyalty Pledge

    ...As soon as Trump signs his name, his racist positions will become theirs. The Republican Party will own Donald Trump, and Democrats will reap the benefits of this foolish decision on Election Day.

  9. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Donald Trump Goes On Racist Rant Immediately After Signing GOP Loyalty Pledge

  10. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Negative views of Hillary Clinton have reached a nearly record-breaking high in ABC News and Washington Post polls. Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s popularity has grown more disparate along ethnic and racial lines.

    Of those polled, 45 percent now see Clinton favorably, a drop of 7 percentage points since midway through the summer, while 53 percent now see Clinton unfavorably, a bump of 8 percentage points.

    Clinton’s favorable score is only 1 percent higher than her lowest ever in April 2008, during her last presidential campaign. Polls by ABC News and The Washington Post have been tracking American’s views on her for 23 years.

    Trump is viewed favorably by 37 percent of Americans but unfavorably by 59 percent. He has had a slight rise of 4 percentage points since the middle of July. Among whites, Trump’s favorability jumped by 6 percentage points.

    Nonwhite Americans see Trump negatively by 17 to 79 percent. Hispanics’ views have not changed, but among black Americans, they have dropped 16 percent since halfway through the summer, reported ABC News.

    Though 64 percent of the American population is identified as white, white Americans divide almost evenly on Trump, with 48 percent finding him favorable while 49 find him unfavorable.

    Clinton is far less popular among white Americans, with 35 to 65 percent. She is only 3 percent higher in favorability than Trump among registered voters.

    1. Anonymous4:03 PM

      I think it's awful how horribly the media is going after Hillary Clinton. These email stories are complete bullshit. They've investigated them many times already and have come up with nothing...Congressional Committee that is after her ass. What a waste our politicians are in the U.S. Congress and the money they spend of ours is awful! Vote Republicans out of office every chance you, we need to limit the time they can spend in Congress. People like John McCain have been there far too long! Also, the jerks McConnell and Boehner.

  11. Anonymous3:24 PM

    This is going to be the nastiest presidential campaign ever.

    Personally I am all ready tired of listening to his ranting,if he becomes the nominee, this country could be in big trouble, if Karl Rove gets his hands on the voting machines.

  12. Anonymous3:28 PM

    This is great news - I hope Donald T Rump is their man all the way. Any Dem will bury him in the general. And besides, what could be more fun than listening to a bunch of Southern-fried Teabags complaining that Trump is destroying the Republican party? (At this point, destroying the Republican party would seem to mean he's laying waste to a lot of Koch $$$$$$$ that they believe entitles them to destroy the party their way.) I'm going to have to start buying popcorn at Costco to get through this election cycle.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      I hope Trump announces that he is forgoing all this preliminary bull and declares himself the Republican candidate for President. ASAP. He looks weak when he goes along like the rest of them.

      He must announce Sarah Palin is his running mate. She is perfect.

      You know Bristol will be on the campaign trial with them. What better chance does she have to find a man who will marry the kid of a Vice President?

    2. Anonymous3:58 AM

      One has to wonder about the caliber of man who would ever marry Bristol Palin.

  13. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Donald Trump loves Kanye, hates Jeb, but most of all adores being Trump

  14. Anonymous3:49 PM

    No surprise. His political career took off as soon as he became an outspoken Birther.

    I hope he'll go the way of Rudy G...who lead the polls for a year or so before he bottomed out. I'm also eagerly anticipating the new season of SNL.

    1. Anonymous4:20 PM

      You're spot on 3:49. I never paid him much attention until he began carrying on mindlessly about President Obama's birth certificate.

      In other racist bigot news, Bristol Palin is rambling on via her blog about Chinese ships along the Alaskan border. That woman is so embarrassing.

      -Bristol D. Frederick

  15. Anonymous3:49 PM

    In Case You Hadn’t Noticed Yet, The Koch Brothers Are Losing The Republican Primary

  16. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Donald Trump Just Signed His Political Death Warrant

    Signing the Republican loyalty pledge shatters the independent image that is the key to his appeal—and that's not all.

  17. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I was listening to public radio this morning when they had 2 leaders from a grass roots group in Milwaukee. They said if they didn't like either candidate in the presidential election, they just wouldn't vote. Now that scares me! We gotta vote!

  18. Anonymous4:05 PM

    Visions of Hitlers' ascent in 1933 come to my mind. Our country is on a very, very dangerous and slippery slope!

  19. Anonymous4:16 PM

    LOL! Donald Trump takes Republican pledge to not run a third party candidacy which is as useless as Bristol Palin abstaining from having sex till after being married.

  20. Anonymous4:31 PM

    She's baaaack in her IG account, posting pics of that creepy dermatologist she "works for". Posted an interesting bump pic too.

    -Bristol D. Frederick

    1. Anonymous5:54 PM

      OMG she is wearing a t-shirt with the creep's face on it. Weird even for her.

    2. Anonymous7:40 PM

      Come on...give us the link please.

      It's easy enough to copy/paste it in most situations and it saves the rest of us from having to search for it.

      Here, I got it.

      She's posted several since I last looked including some God Quotes.

    3. Anonymous7:42 PM

      That baby bump in the doctor photo is obviously Spanxed.

      I'm fairly clueless about such things but even I can tell she's squishing her baby in there to make herself look slimmer than she is (less far along).

    4. Anonymous7:46 PM

      She's got that bump spanxed up tighter than a polish sausage!

    5. Anonymous7:49 PM

      That doctor photo shows some serious doctoring of her belly. Even a non Spanx wearing person like myself can see that she's done some serious squishing of that soon-to-be child.

      She thinks she's deceiving us?

      Hey Bristol, nice try, but until you were pregnant with DWTS Baby I had never heard of Spanx. YOU, my dear, taught me all about hiding a baby bump under several layers of heavy duty Spanx.

      Just because you want us to not notice doesn't make us not notice. Like a child who puts their hands over their eyes and thinks the other person can't see them because the child can't see the other person.

      This particular style allows you to squish your gut yet leave you boobs enhanced. Gives a more natural look at the top.

    6. Anonymous9:43 PM


      Oops! She forgot the spanx.

  21. Randall4:32 PM

    Trump's RIGHT, by God...
    My great-great-great-grampa didn't come 4,000 miles just to live in a country that allows in a bunch of god-damned foreigners!

    1. Anonymous5:41 PM


    2. Anonymous9:37 PM

      Very astute, Randall, great-great-grampa was an illegal immigrant.

  22. Thank God for Donald Trump!

    If he runs on the Republican ticket, whoever the Democrat is will win.

    If he doesn't get the ticket but runs as an independent, whoever is on the Democratic ticket wins.

    Any which way you look at it Hillary could take him, Bernie could take him, Joe would take him.

    Sorry but 29% of the Republicans will not ensure a Republican win in 2016. To many Republicans are offended by his racist hubris. And I doubt the Independents will support Trump either. He's everything why they became Independents, to get away from that right wing racism and bigotry.

    1. Anonymous5:34 PM

      And Republicans are a minority in the US. We just need the rest of us to get out and vote.

    2. Anonymous9:54 PM

      And Trump WILL get the rest of us out to vote!

  23. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Trump fumbles Hewitt question on terror leaders

    Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt found something Donald Trump doesn’t win at on Thursday — knowing his terrorists.

    “I’m looking for the next commander-in-chief, to know who Hassan Nasrallah is, and Zawahiri, and al-Julani, and al-Baghdadi. Do you know the players without a scorecard, yet, Donald Trump?” Hewitt asked the 2016 Republican candidate, referring to the respective leaders of Hezbollah, al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra, and the Islamic State.

    “No," Trump said.

    "You know, I’ll tell you honestly, I think by the time we get to office, they’ll all be changed. They’ll be all gone,” he said. “I knew you were going to ask me things like this, and there’s no reason, because number one, I’ll find, I will hopefully find General Douglas MacArthur in the pack.”

    Trump said asking him who the key players were was a type of “gotcha question.”

    “I will be so good at the military, your head will spin. But obviously, I’m not meeting these people. I’m not seeing these people,” Trump said.

  24. Anonymous5:01 PM

    *always note the white around his eyes = goggles from tanning booth. -sjp

  25. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Trump flubs gotcha question from Hugh Hewitt. C4P quickly covers for him.
    Excellent, Hugh!

    Hewitt always asks questions that serve to make himself look smart and his guest look stupid. Trump's team should have known that. And they should have known that he is a RINO simp.

  26. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Someone paid for a poll? Why didn't they save the money and just ask me?

  27. Anonymous6:05 PM

    How Long Will Trump Still Be Funny?

  28. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Really interesting perspectives in this Quora thread.

    Worth a look. Interesting perspectives by people who follow such things.

    Not at all the usual we hate them, he's a jerk, R vs D crap you get in regular comments.

  29. Anonymous9:16 PM

    How to spot a narcissist.

    ...... cannot handle criticism and to make themselves feel better they react with rage or contempt and try to make the person feel small, to make themselves feel better.

  30. It really does scare me, to see just how many rightwingers consider Trump to be Presidential material.

    None of them seem to recall their high school civics classes, where we learned what the President DOES. He should be the best the nation can come up with, as a statesman, a diplomat, a negotiator, and know the Constitution inside out, as well as the other laws of the land.

    Instead, the numbnuts seem to think that a blowhard who belittles anyone speaking out against him, who pisses off the leaders of other nations with his John Wayne wannabe swagger, and whose knowledge of governing is obscenely limited--adds up to a fine Presidential contender.

    His claims to singlehandedly alter every law on the books, should make anyone with even a slight knowledge of how government works, laugh out loud.

    After seven years of whining about Obama acting like a dictator, that seems to be exactly what they now want!

    And here's the kicker: no one thought Romney would get much support, as he stepped on his own dick about 20 times during the 2012 campaign...and yet, the overall vote was frighteningly close. The neocons will back whoever it is that is held out as their nominee...even if Charles Manson or Pee Wee Herman declare themselves to be a Republican.

  31. I think two things are at work here. First, Trump appeals to low information voters who outsource their ability to think and reason to their churches and pundits. They are convinced of America's exceptionalism, even though they themselves are anything but exceptional. Their narrative is fed by fear. Second, Trump appeals to a voter who believes politicians no longer represent them and do the job they were elected to do. Having failed elsewhere, let's try the outsider.

    Among republicans, there are just no sane voices. Trump has the braggadocio, but no policies. The rest are trying to best Trump by being more extreme. As a liberal, I want the choice between the democrat candidate and the republican to be a tough choice.
    I would like to believe whichever way the election swings, either candidate would be a good choice, even if I don't agree with all positions.

    I just cannot consider a candidate from a party that won't call out the extremism. It may only be for the benefit of the primaries, but I don't care. I don't buy the argument that you talk shit during the primaries, but talk nice during the general. Say what you believe and stay consistent. This a nasty, nasty party.

    But I am no fan of Hillary of either. I don't care about her e-mail scandal. Unless conclusive proof can be shown that national security was breached and a foreign agency is working to undermine us based upon something lifted from her server, this goes nowhere. I don't allow her critics to define her for me.

    What I see is someone studied, scripted, guarded, and lacking the spontaneity and passion of a Sanders and Warren.

    Where all this goes in anyone's guess. My hope is that come the general election, we'll see two candidates who are worthy of respect, dignified, and sincerely concerned about the middle class.

    1. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Well said. The election cycle is just so, so sad. There is no turning back now, alas, from politics as an entertainment, popcorn eating notwithstanding.

  32. Anonymous6:43 AM

    It's funny how the Repubs are supporting a man for president who has never held an elected position. But they are the ones who always criticize any Democrat who runs for president, who has not been a governor, or held another elected political position.
    If they want to know how a businessman is NOT a politician, they can look at Arnold's record and how he effed up California. And the only way California got back in shape is when we elected Gov. Jerry Brown.


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