Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On Sunday the 2nd Amendment kept this country safe from a mother, her new born baby, and a pastor.

Suspect James Junior Minter
Courtesy of CNN: 

A mother, her newborn, and a pastor were shot Sunday in an Alabama church, and the baby's father is in custody, authorities said. 

James Junior Minter, 26, is accused of opening fire inside the Oasis Tabernacle Church in Selma, Alabama. He faces three counts of attempted murder, Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson told CNN. 

"The mother is in critical condition. She and the baby were sent to Birmingham for medical treatment. The pastor is at a local hospital in Selma," Jackson said. 

The pastor was shot as he tried to get the gun out of the shooter's hand, he said.

It seems likely that the suspect was upset over the recent break up and visitation with his son.

So of course he shot the baby, which is what people living in a gun culture do to solve all of their problems.

The NRA to release statement urging all pastors and infants to be armed in 3..2..1


  1. Randall6:24 AM

    The only way to stop this madness is to arm everyone, and teach them to blaze away indescriminately if they even suspect someone else has a gun.

    ...Right, Mr. LaPierre?

  2. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Clear cut case of self defense ... the newborn drew first.

  3. Anonymous7:16 AM

    6:33--- That's for damn sure! It was a concealed carry--his feeding bottle secretly doubled as a gun.

  4. I think we can stop all of this insanity by getting a bunch of crazy, pissed off gun owners like this idiot to spend an afternoon with old NRA Wayne. Then maybe move into his neighborhood afterwards. Maybe they should follow Wayne around and hang out drinking 10 or 12 beers and talk about their ex-spouses. See what happens.

  5. Anonymous7:38 AM

    We are all one..

    1. Anonymous7:46 AM

      Yeah, if the NRA has their way, we will be all one all right..all dead.

  6. NRA motto. If you don't like something: shoot it.

  7. People who get angry use whatever is at hand.... knives, axes, guns, cars, etc...... How about we teach people to control their emotions? And when they don't we hold them responsible, not the inanimate object they use to commit their crime?

    Would you advocate we get rid of cars because of these incidents?






  8. Anonymous8:31 AM

    What does the murder of James Byrd, Jr have to do with guns? That poor man was senselessly dragged to his death by three racist pigs. That case was about racism and hate. The truck used to drag Mr. Byrd was incidental.

    1. So when someone shoots someone because of racism and hate, the gun is incidental, right?

      My whole point is, the people who kill others for whatever reason with whatever tool are responsible. Not the tool.

  9. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Well, I guess we should all ride bikes or walk. We'd all be healthier :)

  10. Anonymous10:15 AM

    twodux-- Yes, they do use whatever "is at hand". That's precisely the problem with guns. They are extremely "handy", light, portable, easy to obtain, take just a second to use, and most of all, fantastically lethal.

    Wounding and killing is their ONLY purpose.

    Knowing all this, WHY do we insist on making them so easy to get and use?

    1. Anonymous2:29 PM

      Thank you 10:15am. I couldn't have said it better.


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