Saturday, September 05, 2015

Sarah Palin links to Bristol Palin's blog, linking to Nancy French's blog, defending jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis. Is anybody else dizzy?
Posted by Sarah Palin on Saturday, September 5, 2015
So Sarah Palin posted what you see above, which then linked to Bristol's ghostwritten blog, where we find this:  

EVERYONE should be allowed freedom of religion. If a gay baker doesn’t want to serve straight people, more power to him (It certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings!) 

Kim Davis should NOT have been put in jail… especially since the mayors of those sanctuary cities haven’t been arrested, and their actions have resulted in deaths! (Wait, what the fuck does that have to do with this?)

But there are some who say that this woman’s act of civil disobedience – her refusal to sign same sex marriage certificates which landed her in jail — is even worse because she’s a “hypocrite.” News came out that she’d been married multiple times before her conversion to Christianity. 

Brancy then offers three reasons why Kim Davis is not a hypocrite, none of which is going to change any minds and only impress those who already view Davis as a martyr anyhow. 

Bristol's blog then offers a link to David and Nancy French's uber Christian blog, where we find the source for this defense of the anti-gay, pro-hypocrisy, Kim Davis.

Personally I am not at all surprised that Sarah, Bristol, and Bristol's brain are all bent out to shape over somebody being called a hypocrite.

After all what would you expect from a hypocritical ex-politician, a hypocritical abstinence spokesperson, and a hypocritical Christian?

To tell you the truth I would not at all surprised to learn that all three of these posts were written and published by Nancy French herself.

Which would essentially make her the biggest phony of all.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I don't think that any of us are surprised by this.

  2. Anonymous2:40 PM

    I sincerely wish that sarah palin would just drop dead.

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      II am sincerely in total agreement with your wish!

    2. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Naw.....I want to see her reap what she has sown. And she will and I will. Bless her heart.

    3. Anonymous4:56 PM

      There are many folks in Alaska and across the country that hate Sarah, Bristol and Todd.

      It would not surprise me at all one day to read that one of them has been killed.

      I hope Sarah is spending her hard 'unearned' PAC money on security for all of them! Feeling fear every day would not be an enjoyable way to live.

      Wouldn't that be a wonderful way to know that you are going to have to live the rest of your lives? It is probably all about 'fear' as they live their daily lives.

    4. Indeed, much better the whirlwind.

    5. abbafan6:24 PM

      The fear of all their lies and secrets being outed is what scares the shit out of them! The palins will reap what they have fuckin' sown!

    6. Anonymous7:48 PM

      She already lives in what I imagine is Hell. It must suck to be a Palin.

    7. Anonymous4:51 AM

      I dont think she does live in a conscious hell. She had too many personalities and too much mental illness and many drugs that keep her going. Plus she feeds on cictimhood and hate. She doesn't raise her kids , she doesn't clean her house, she has no real responsibilities.... It's quite unfair actually.

  3. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Whose brain scan is this?

    Sarah? Kim Davis? Bristol? Nancy French?

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    The convoluted con.

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    "News came out that she’d been married multiple times before her conversion to Christianity." The key phrase here is "before her conversion to Christianity." That is the get out of jail free card (pun intended) that makes her "not a hypocrite." Just like preaching abstinence and then getting pregnant BEFORE getting married makes you not a hypocrite because, because... yeah I've got nothing for that one.

    1. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Well, 2:58 she was GOING to get married she just got ahead of herself. She always wanted a bigger family so just planned without letting the sperm donor in on it.

    2. Actually, four years ago she converted from Baptist to some form of Apostolic Christianity, so she was always Christian. I'm pretty sure Baptists frown on her promiscuous behavior, too.

  6. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I saw a picture of Bristol on Instagram, supposedly a current photo. She is wearing four or five layers. Tee shirt, blouse, vest etc. If that girl is pregnant I will eat her hat. Her face is very thin. Her jeans are not maternity or even plus sized or stretchy as far as I can tell. I think this is an elaborate hoax of some kind.


    1. Anonymous3:24 PM

      I'm thinking her preganancy is not real. But why would she go out on a limb like this? How will she get out of being "pregnant"when there is no baby?

      She really couldn't have pretended to be pregnant just for sympathy after her wedding fell apart, could she? I mean that's what a desperate teen might do after getting jilted by her lover, imo. Surely she is not that immature.

      Sooner or later, there will be a baby, or not. Wonder what Bristol's Plan B is? Did she think that far ahead?

    2. Has anyone seen her sister . . . . Willow?

    3. Anonymous4:05 PM

      Coverup for Willow perhaps?

    4. Anonymous4:16 PM

      Hysterical fake pregnancy, just like her fake wedding and now that her belly is growing smaller she just looks like a fool. Bristol is retarded, she can't help herself. Trig has more IQ points than his mother Bristol.

    5. Anonymous6:06 PM

      Not covering for Willow, saw her at the grocery store last week and she is definitely NOT pregnant. She actually looks good, lost a little weight and toned up. I don't think she and Bristol have the tightest relationship, just sayin'.

    6. Anonymous6:58 PM

      She was in the picture with Bristol dressed in all the layers! I would post the photo, I can not figure out how to post in a comment space. I e-mailed a copy to Gryph, maybe he can post it for everyone to judge for themselves.


    7. Anonymous7:12 PM

      Willow, like Heath/Palins, has not been supportive to, for, of Bristol. Willow said nothing. If anyone knows of anything documented that Willow said of support, care, family please link.

  7. I was wondering how long it would take for these 3 'flies' to start buzzing around this stinky issue.
    M. From MD

  8. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I feel like I'm on Jeopardy. Too bad it's not Final Jeopardy!

    "What looks like a circle jerk?"

  9. Anonymous3:11 PM

    The Palin clan would be hero's in Russia, where bashing gays is condoned by Putin, after all Sarah can talked to Putin from her back porch.

  10. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I want to start a black bakery that refuses to serve white people. And an atheist bakery that refuses to serve Christians. And an Asian bakery that refuses to serve people who score too low on an achievement test.

    How fast do you think I'd be taken to court?

    1. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Don't think you really want to open a bakery let alone three. You wouldn't make much money and you would go out of business for lack of customers. I realize you're being sarcastic. This country just keeps getting more ridiculous by the day. No common sense being used by anyone. You don't want to follow the law, don't go into the business of law. When does Kim and her family start to collect evangelical taliban welfare?

    2. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Anon 3:39-- Hi, I'm 3:13. Thanks for getting the sarcasm, it's hard to tell it from reality these days!

      Actually, the judge said the reason he sent her to jail rather than fine her was that other people would just pay the fines for her. I guess she already had (has, probably?) a nice stream of cash coming in.

      Plus the $80,000 per year she collects for refusing to perform the job she took an oath to do.

      Forget bakeries, how do I get in on this racket??

  11. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Kim Davis is a hypocrite because of Romans Chapter 13:
    "Let every person be subject to the governing authorities; for there is no authority except from God, and those authorities that exist have been instituted by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists authority resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment."

    According to Christianity, God gave governments their authority, so a Christian should obey the government.

  12. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Every morning I read the passenger list from flight MH370 hoping to see Sarah's name on it.

    1. Anonymous4:19 PM

      I realize that you wish Sarah and her family would go away, but try to be somewhat respectful to the victims of MH370.

  13. Janice A Soderquist3:29 PM

    Sarah is getting more vile every day. She is full of hatred. It will get her in the end. Yes, she is a good example of a Christian.
    The Palins are not good examples of anything.....

    1. Anonymous4:14 PM

      The only christians that I've ever met were not good examples of anything, especially christianity. I've never met one that wasn't angry, judgmental and hate-filled. I sometimes felt like an outsider growing up in the South from a family of Atheists, but wow, am I glad that they stood firm and had me stand firm and just realize how weak-minded and deluded the religious people are and be so comfortable being superior in my life choices and morals. My parents and grandparents have always been very firm that we show the proper empathy towards those who have been brainwashed by religion, for many are innocents, but this latest crop is trying my patience!

  14. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Anyone REALLY think Bristol wrote this on a friday before a three day weekend during the Alaska State Fair? HAHAHA!

  15. Anonymous3:36 PM

    Sarah, Barstoll and Nancy move to Uganda where you can kill gays..... you bigots

  16. Anonymous3:40 PM

    EVERYONE should be allowed freedom of religion.
    Unless they are Muslim, I'd bet. If a Muslim in Davis's position decided all women were to wear burkas or no license, what would she say then? I'm sure she would laugh and say "silly, Muslims aren't Americans."


  17. Even as an atheist I know "Render unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasars".

    When someone walks into her place of worship and makes her church pay taxes maybe then she'd have more room to sqwawk. Silly woman. I'm sick of people who work for the damned government and think their religion should interfere in our legal rights. And Palin needs to just STFU. Sick of that attention whore.

  18. It seems like the Frenches have gone into overdrive defending this woman, what with 4 blogs, 3 articles in the National Review all in one day. I think they're shilling for Kim Davis like this in order for them to be asked to write her potential blog and book.....any thoughts on this?

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Sounds plausible to me.

    2. Anonymous4:01 PM

      Absolutely agree that they have their hands out for wingnut welfare every chance they get. Anything's better than working at a job.

    3. Anonymous4:01 PM

      "What's in it for us?"


    4. Anonymous4:02 PM

      Target acquired.....

    5. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Nancy is looking for another ghost writing opportunity when Davis gets a book deal (yuck).

  19. Anonymous3:46 PM

    CNN will now suffer the Palin Curse. Sick and twisted will stick her plastic surgeried nose into the political fray on Sunday. CNN Fox lite is falling in line with the right wing it seems.

  20. It seems like the Frenches have gone into overdrive for this woman, what with four blogs three articles all in one day. Their shilling makes me think they're actually vying to write her potential blog and book, any thoughts on this?

  21. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Sarah linked to the patheos blog without comment which only implies agreement, keeping her fans happy, but leaves her free for a more Donald-Trump-style response at some future date.

    A Nancy French post about 'cowards' would make a nice follow-up to the one on 'hypocrites.'

  22. PalinsHoax3:50 PM

    Wow, the Three Stooges: Ol' TWOBULL, Old-Maid-Abstinence-How-Many-Times-Now-Pregnant? and Ghost-Writer-Full-of-Lies.

  23. Anonymous3:52 PM

    "News came out that she’d been married multiple times before her conversion to Christianity." The key phrase here is "before her conversion to Christianity." That is the get out of jail free card (pun intended) that makes her "not a hypocrite." "

    Actually, this argument defending Christians who committed sins before they converted to Christianity is a perfectly valid argument. You can't hold people responsible for failing to practice beliefs BEFORE THEY HELD THOSE BELIEFS (not intending to shout here, I don't have an option for italics!) What you CAN do is look to see if they at least try to get their behavior in line with their religion after they've converted. We've got pastors who used to be heads of drug gangs. church choir directors who used to be prostitutes, etc...Many of the statistics you read about "born again Christians" which show multiple marriages, early sexual activity, abortions, adultery, etc... reflect behavior that occurred before their conversion. Naturally, SOME of the sins occur after conversion because of the human factor. Normally, though you can tell if a person is a sincere believer who is having a hard time in a certain area of behavior or is just a brazen hypocrite. Usually it is the former.

    1. Anonymous4:43 PM

      And your point is?

    2. Anonymous6:38 PM

      That's why when I'm 75 I plan on converting. I get to have all the fun I want, then cover my bases at the end. WIN!

    3. She *already* was a Baptist. They frown particularly hard on adultery, fornication, divorce, etc.. CURRENTLY, she is committing adultery by divorcing and remarrying the same man and living with him as man and wife.

      Yup. Living in sin. STILL living in sin. Every day when she wakes up in his bed is another day of living in sin.

      Of course, she is now sleeping on a jail cot, but I'm willing to bet that her mind often strays to home and the supportive arms of her equally adulterous husband. Dwelling on sin while she can't be dwelling in sin.

      Either she should have waited to convert until she was finished with life, OR she should have made a clean break with her sinful past. But she didn't. And working every day with her conceived-in-sin kinfolk is an anchor and chain to her adulterous past.

      If she was truly saved by the Grace of God, she would be joyful and light of spirit. Instead, she is a hate-filled, sour-mouthed bitch who refuses to allow others a route to happiness. "By their works ye shall know them." She refused to allow her deputies to fill out the forms AND followed that by refusing to allow any marriages *at all* to take place in that County. Her works have been revealed to the entire world as have her unclean hands and hateful heart.

      It is also odd how merely switching from one brand of Christianity to another is considered as big a deal as converting from paganism.... and this isn't even as major as going from Calvinist to Catholic; her Apostolic church has all the same trappings as did her Baptist church.

      I am homeless and disabled with a continuous migraine, but I wouldn't swap places with her for a moment. MY works, all these pieces of art and jewelry, reveal someone who is creative and takes joy in making something beautiful. Leaving behind a judgmental fundamentalist family was perhaps the most positive thing I could have done with this life.

  24. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Kim Davis Supporters Held A Rally And It Was An Absolute Trainwreck (IMAGES)

  25. The uber Christian blog you refer to really isn't about making any valid point, it's mainly just to generate reactions (the negative the better) which in essence generates advertising revenue. David doesn't have the luxury of a $250k job like his dominionist counterpart Tony Perkins, and with his rather forgettable screen presence as witnessed with guest spots on CNN, FOX and MSNBC, they have to write as many articles as possible to maintain their upper middle class lifestyle.

  26. Anonymous3:57 PM

    OMG, did you see this Gryphen? What a disgusting display of human behavior. And with the influx of Syrian refugees, it's just gonna get uglier with people like this. Shame on her and her nasty rant. Most likely she's a 'christianist' and a Sarah Palin supporter.

    Racist B*tch Goes Ballistic Over Green Peppers, Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma (VIDEO)

    1. Her kids don't eat anything green? Where did they learn that?!?

      Pity. No key lime pie, no 7UP, no peppermint or wintergreen candy, no pistachio nut or mint chocolate chip ice cream, no pizza with pesto sauce, no grapes, no.... Oh, wait.... That means there is more for US! I'll gladly take a slice of key lime pie if the little snobs don't want it.

    2. Anonymous4:57 AM

      Real key lime pie ain't green, just sayin'. Lol

    3. OK, *real* key lime pie is indeed a greenish yellow. I prefer it without the meringue and appreciate the refreshing tartness.

      In its absence, I'll accept key lime yogurt and other vehicles with the enhanced color just because I like the taste of citrus.

  27. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Chris Hayes Nails Kim Davis’ Anti-Gay Attorney For Being A Total Christian Hypocrite (VIDEO)

    As bigoted Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis continues to sit in jail for contempt, her anti-gay conservative attorney appeared on MSNBC and got totally schooled by Chris Hayes.

    On Friday night’s episode of All In, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver and conservative “Christians” everywhere were put in their places when he refused to answer a simple question that revealed his hypocrisy.

    During the interview, Hayes grilled Staver about whether or not a Christian could use the guise of religious liberty to deny marriage licenses to interracial couples or people who have been divorced. However, rather than answer the question, Staver displayed an utter lack of knowledge of the Constitution and the law, which is sad considering he is a lawyer.

  28. I laugh at those "Patriots" who pretend to defend the Constitution. America is NOT a Theocracy. Never was.
    The SCOTUS has made their ruling. Kim took an oath to protect the Constitution, not the Bible. If it conflicts with her beliefs, she needs to resign. She has NO right; Constitutionally, or Biblical, to force her distorted beliefs on to others.
    I have several friends who quit their jobs (good ones) because they didn't want to get involved with labor disputes. One friend resigned his federal position because it conflicted with his religious beliefs, once he was baptized. None of them ever regretted their decision. THAT's religious conviction, Sarah. But, I suspect that your only conviction is bilking people out of their Social Security checks.

  29. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Nancy French got everything wrong in her attempt to address the Kim Davis issue, starting with comparing a baker to an elected public official. There is no reasoned, logical defense for Kim Davis so the 'religious freedom' folks just go all-out stupid.

  30. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Bristol and Sarah are all like "hey y'all, WE are famous for being the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES in America and fuck all if this bitch from Kentucky is gonna step all in and take our crown away. Barstool, I mean, Bristol and I make a whole lot of money off our hypocrisy and we're gettin' a little pissed at this mangy lookin' chick trying to cash in our our grift. Kim Davis, you have been put on notice...don't make us make Todd burn down your house."

  31. Anonymous4:08 PM

    This woman is not in jail because of her religion and not because of her hypocrisy. She refuses to do her job, which is required by law - SCOTUS even!

    These idiots can't see the real reason she is in jail is because she and they believe their God trumps the law of the land.

    Seriously...that is the level of the right wing Tea Partyers. They don't have to obey the law of the land because they have God on their side.

    This disregard for the law is very disturbing. Actually, very scary. When the law of the land is ignored, there is chaon. And when there is chaos, someone - a dictator- or some entity - a theocracy will impose order whether you like it or not.

    The GOP is paving the way.

  32. Fcuk Palin. She's as Christian as I am. Also. Too. Argle bargle.

    1. Will Palin's purported 'gay friends' now be coming forward at last to support her position?

  33. This could get interesting: imagine if they show up to counter protest the clerk's fans.

  34. Anonymous4:34 PM

    All doctors connected to the Heath/Palins should be in that database. IF NOT it must be soon.

    aka Dr. Cathy. Dr Baldwin Johnson
    Palin Aides Release Her Medical History
    Dr. McCreepy, aka Jack Meoff, joke of the cocktail hour humor,
    Dr. Michael Leary Cusack

    He is into sex toys, medical, of course. Bristol is happy with what he gives her. Marina, too.

    Marina, the agent, may be pushing Bristol with name to Hollywood gossip. They may be trying out for a reality show in the office. A TV crew could film document her pregnancy progression, since she has herself out there already.
    She could say FU to giddy assholes from her home office.

    Life with Cletus or Cleta.
    Teh Tee Vee.

    Report bad and questionable Dr.. Solve mysteries.

  35. Randall4:38 PM

    Keep in mind that Kim Davis didn't go to jail for practicing her religion...

    Kim Davis went to jail for using her government position to
    force others to practice her religion.

    1. Anonymous5:07 PM

      I'll get more technical...Davis went to jail for contempt of court, for failing to follow a judicial order.

    2. Anonymous5:55 PM

      @5:07 Exactly right. The judge ordered her to perform her job, the job that she was elected to do. Since she works for the government, in this case a local county government, she cannot discriminate. She cannot pick and choose which couples to marry.

      Supposed a couple waddles in, and she is 8 and a half months pregnant. The marriage license shows that she hasn't been married before, so the bride had premarital sex. According to Ms. Abstinence, that's a sin. Would Kim Davis marry those sinners?

      Not long ago, a mixed race couple could not get married, especially in southern states. Would Kim grant a license to a mixed race couple? Does Kentucky allow first cousin marriages? How about a rich old millionaire and his gold digger floozie? How about two people who walk in drugged out of their minds? Murder is a sin, according to the Ten Commandments. Let's say the guy is out on parole and wants to get married? He committed the sin of killing someone else. Does he get a marriage license? How does Kim Davis get to pick and choose?

  36. Anonymous5:00 PM

    "And your point is?"

    My point is that Christians are not nearly as hypocritical as it may appear based on the statistics about how many have commited various sins. Also, critics should realize that Christians are not asking for "a pass" here just because those who criticize them are frustrated at not being able to find genuine hypocrisies everywhere.

    That said, I think what Kim Davis is doing is wrong and that her actions are likely to hurt Christians, conservatives, and the Republican party. As an evangelical, I support the U.S. Constitution and don't feel it is the right of anyone to set herself/himself up as God's representative on earth.

  37. Anonymous5:09 PM

    What do they see in Kim Davis? She broke the law, and is doing her time. She does it again, and she'll get more time. She's no "martyr" for any cause, well except for runner up in a greased pig chase. And FWIW she's a hypocrite no matter when she had her "come to jesus" moment.

    Buy, leave it to Sarah, Bristol, and Bristol's Brain to circle jerk around this vile bitch. What's truly funny is Bristol holding herself up as the example for abstinence while being pregnant with a mistake, now defends this bitch while being pregnant with her disappointment..... and no baby daddy to be found. If she had a moral bone in her body (excuse the pun), she'd go after the father with the same vigor she went after Levi. Why the double standard?, Bristol? Does baby daddy two "know" too much???

    1. Anonymous5:54 PM

      I still think this babies father was a one night stand in Vegas, and he doesn't know she got knocked up, so the kid will be fatherless. It sure isn't Dakota Meyers or Joey Junkers.

    2. Anonymous7:24 PM

      Something was to have ruined Bristol's life. I think it was this night.

      best friends 50 yo Janice Sims and 40ish Electric Russian, Bristol 25. Trio from Cusacks Bo-toxic salon.

      bt bj

    3. Anonymous9:28 PM


      Dr Cathy Baldwin Johnson

      Dr Michael L Cusack

  38. I've been reluctant to wade into the Kim Davis controversy, but I'm tired of people claiming she's the victim.

    She's not.

    She's the persecutor.

    People are on her side because she's refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, and everybody knows gay sex is icky.

    And makes Baby Jesus cry.

    But let's back this all up and come at it from another angle.

    Suppose instead of working in the county clerk's office she worked in the Department of Motor Vehicles, and instead of converting to some fundamentalist Christian sect she met a nice Amish man. For ten or twenty years she'd handed out driver's licenses and renewed vehicle licenses. She drove cars, owned cars, and probably lost her virginity in a car.

    Suddenly driving a car is against her deeply held religious beliefs. She not only refuses to do her job, she forces the other people at the DMV to quit doing their jobs. Nobody gets their license, vehicle registrations grind to a halt, license plates expire left and right.

    Justify letting her keep her job.

    I'm waiting.

    Can't do it, can you?

    Because if doing her job is against her deeply held religious beliefs she should quit and get a different job. Simple as that.

    Basically what she's doing is forcing everyone in her county to stop going to the church of their choice and join her church instead, whether they want to or not.

    That isn't defending Christianity.

    That is persecuting members of every other religion. If you were Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, etc., you're not anymore.

    You're all members of the Church of Kim Davis now.

  39. Anonymous6:00 PM

    This was baby #3, so 2015 fetus would be baby #4.

    No one seems to question who the Daddy of the DWTS/Haiti/Arizona fetus was.

    All spanxed up?

    How much weight did Bristol gain during DWTS? No wonder she was put into a gorilla suit.

  40. Anonymous6:53 PM


    myfairlady •
    Hmmm. Interesting.
    WH Petition: Rename Ohio's highest peak to 'Mount Sarah Palin'
    "A petition on the site is gathering signatures to rename Ohio's highest peak to "Mount Sarah Palin."
    The signature campaign seeks to modify the name of Campbell Hill, located 50 miles northwest of Columbus, Ohio, and stands at about 1,550 feet.
    "We the people would like to rename Ohio's highest peak 'Mount Sarah Palin,'" the petition reads, in an effort to "honor Alaska's most famous governor."
    "If the people of Ohio feel it is their right to name Alaska's highest mountain, then it would only be fitting for Alaska to rename Ohio's highest peak."
    Continue reading: http://www.washingtonexaminer....

    Don't think this is a compliment. ''Mount Sarah Palin'' think about it.

  41. Anonymous8:46 PM

    The phrase " making mountains out of molehills" seems appropriate.

  42. Anonymous10:55 PM

    If a gay baker doesn’t want to serve straight people, more power to him (It certainly wouldn’t hurt my feelings!) 


    That story would make Sarah Palin's facebook and Brancy's blog by 5pm.

  43. Anonymous3:46 AM

    Ah, there it was - slipped in quickly. "Sanctuary cities." Fox News promotes that myth constantly cause it riled up the rubes!

  44. Now she is being compared with victims of the holocaust.
    Perhaps a museum would be in order. We'll see pictures of her childhood, her husbands, her struggle against all odds, and then the awful pictures of her persecution. We'll learn how she ate well and slept well in jail, and how she remained optimistic and hopeful. We'll learn how her fight to discriminate against same sex couples almost cost her job. We'll learn how her latest and woefully ignorant husband stood by her side sharing his incomplete education. And we'll see how conservatives rush to defend her belief that only some laws apply. It will be truly inspiring.

    Here's a pic of Kim Davis' mug shot and the story says she cannot use GoFundMe to raise money - I guess to get out of jail or maybe to get another divorce!

  46. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Incredibly, some anti-gay conservative "Christians" have actually been criticizing Kim Davis's actions. Good example here:

    Even if they argue that cake bakers are justified in refusing service (only) to LGBTs, right-wingers with at least half a brain realize that they don't want agents of the government to be able to decide -- on "religious" grounds -- whom they will or won't serve.

    Granny Grifter's support of Davis clearly demonstrates how extreme (and pandering) she's become.

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM

      Replying to myself here: I owe an apology to the author of that Patheos piece: Brandan Robertson. I assumed he's antigay. He's not. In fact, he's gay himself and is a supporter of equal marriage. I discovered this after reading several other articles by him (because he seemed exceptionally thoughtful and articulate). And I'll remove those quotation marks around "Christian": It seems he actually is one.

      BTW, he lost a book deal (with a "Christian" publisher) earlier this year when he came out:


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