Thursday, October 01, 2015

Another win for Planned Parenthood in Utah.

Courtesy of The Salt Lake Tribune:  

A judge on Tuesday blocked an order issued by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert to cut off federal money going to Planned Parenthood in the state after the release of secretly recorded videos by a California anti-abortion group. 

U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups issued the temporary restraining order during a hearing, allowing the money to keep flowing while the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah seeks a longer-term injunction. 

Planned Parenthood sought the emergency order a day after suing Herbert. It said some programs would have expired Wednesday if the money was blocked. 

Herbert acted on his personal and political agenda when he cut off funding to the organization following the release of the videos, said Peggy Tomsic, a lawyer for the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah.

State by state, lawsuit by lawsuit, Republicans are getting their asses handed to them over their overreaction to those doctored videos.

It is just sad that Planned Parenthood has to waste time and money defending themselves against what is clearly a partisan attack inspired by phony videos that were proven false almost the moment they first appeared.


  1. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Good news happens when addressed head on; it takes focused energy and far too often too much money.

    Resisting the lying liars who lie takes courage to do the right thing. Planned Parenthood should not go down the way that ACORN did. This is good for women of Utah and America's women and families.


  2. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Interesting blog. Very slanted don't see much dedication to finding the truth, exposing the lies, and holding our politicians and leaders ACCOUNTABLE when they fall far short of the promises that they have made to both my fellow Alaskans and the American people. How much do you make for the ads?

    1. Anonymous4:59 AM

      You are always welcome to start your own blog, you know.

      I've been reading here since 2008 and I appreciate all that Gryphen does.

      R in NC

    2. Anonymous6:01 AM

      3:51, I've got a feeling your version of the "truth" isn't exactly that.

    3. Oh thank you, 3:51! I'm using an iOS ad blocker but I just whitelisted this blog to make sure Gryphen gets his ad revenue!

    4. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Actually, I'm a lifelong liberal Democrat and I often agree with 3:51. Gryphen is just a glorified hypocritical professional beggar, more often than not.

    5. Anonymous11:13 AM

      >>Actually, I'm a lifelong liberal Democrat

      No, you are a lying piece of SHIT. No 'lifelong liberal Democrat' would post anything remotely like you just did. FUCK OFF AND DIE YOUR TROLL.

      Gryphen serves his community very well and we are very happy that he does so without ANY fundraising requests. Why don't you go suck on your buddy Sarah's saggy tits instead of putrifying this community with your bullshit.

      Do you really think you can fool the regular and long time readers of this blog with your foul statements. Not gonna happen. So when you report in to Sarah about what Gryphen is focusing on on his blog, be sure to bend over for that fuck in that ass that you clearly are looking for from serving your putrid 'Queen', because that is exactly what you deserve for serving such an evil being.

    6. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Exposure First,then accountability. That's where Gryph comes in in bringing things to light and the forefront.

  3. Anonymous4:12 AM

    PS had to laugh when I saw "Your comment will visible after approval" How much do you get from the donations? You're a funny man!

    1. Anonymous5:00 AM

      Is that you, Chuckles Jr?

      Still don't have a job, huh?

    2. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Poor chuckles. Didn't I see you outside of Walmart panhandling? Suck it up,Buttercup. Get a JOB.

  4. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Cecile Richards should not have had to testify before Congress, nor should funding have been pulled or threatened to be pulled before the videos were investigated!

    As a taxpayer, I am sick of these partisan witch hunts.

  5. Anonymous5:08 AM

    I love the sign: If I make my uterus a corporation, will you stop regulating it?

    That's perfect!

    R in NC

    1. Anonymous7:28 AM

      Me too! Excellent

    2. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Me three.

  6. Want to cut down on unintended pregnancies? All teenaged males must be given vasectomies, and ANY male wanting to engage in sexual activity must be able to show proof of sterilization. Condoms are great for fending off STDs, so remind all sexually active people that they are f***ing everyone their partner had f***ed. That should help with use.
    When partners mutually decide to procreate, then the vas deferens can be reconnected. Once the agreed upon pregnancies are completed, then the vasectomy must be re-installed.

  7. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Now THIS made my morning! LOL! Go Aussies!

    Anti-Choice Extremist Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Arrested in Australia

    Operation Rescue leader Troy Newman, one of the people behind the deceptively edited Planned Parenthood “sting” videos (and a crazed extremist who calls for doctors who perform abortions to be executed) was denied a visa to visit Australia yesterday, but today he got on a plane headed for Oz anyway, obviously hoping for a confrontation he could exploit for propaganda.

    But tonight we learn that Newman has been detained at Melbourne Airport pending his removal from Australia: Anti-Abortion Activist Detained After Flying to Melbourne Despite Visa Cancellation.

    ‘We don’t want your sort in Australia’

    Troy Newman, a deranged American anti-abortion activist who has called for doctors who perform terminations to be executed for murder, has been blocked from entering Australia.

    Newman is the head of anti-abortion organisation Operation Rescue and was due to speak in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart and Cairns over the next fortnight at events run by the group Right To Life Australia.

    But in a statement, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton confirmed Mr Newman’s visa had been cancelled. He said:

    Mr Newman can appeal for a revocation of this decision and no further comment will be made during this appeal period.

    In a Facebook post, Mr Newman expressed his anger at the decision.

    The Australian Government has revoked my visa in mid-flight.

    Newman said he “was pulled off a plane in Denver” and told he could not travel to Los Angeles and then on to Melbourne.

    1. Anonymous7:18 AM

      Troy Newman is the eminence grise behind the “Center” for “Medical” “Progress” videos. He knows he’s poison, so he got David Daleiden to front for the group. But you can’t hide those initial filings.

      A “initial registration form” for CMP (viewable here), filed with the Office of the California attorney general in 2013, lists three board members: David Daleiden, Albin Rhomberg, and Troy Newman.

    2. Anonymous7:23 AM

      "I am concerned that Mr Newman's presence in Australia will cause significant harm to our community," Ms Butler said in a letter to the Immigration Minister.

      "I am most concerned that Mr Newman's call for abortionists to be executed could lead to threats or the commission of acts of violence against women and medical professionals."

  8. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Do not buy the smoke screen masking the REAL target of “Christian” conservative Republicans as they attack Planned Parenthood. This fight is not just about abortion access or women’s reproductive health and never really has been -- those have just been the proxies for what the far-right advocates and desires, which is the end of Women’s AUTONOMY and ability to control their lives.

    This fight is about Republicans’ collective misogyny. Nothing more. Nothing Less. Everything else is a smoke screen.

    This is a reaction with roots in the legalization of Birth Control pills that gave women the opportunity to control their lives in contravention of their ‘husband and master’s’ desires. When abortion was legalized in 1973, that just poured gasoline on the fire of “Christian” conservative’s ire about birth control. Since Planned Parenthood as a national medical organization is one of the largest providers of birth control prescriptions, they are targets for the “Christian” right’s ire. This has placed PP in the crosshairs (literally) of the far-right for generations.

    Family planning by the WOMAN’S choice allowed more women to:

    • Go to college and get an education. This allowed women to not only enter the workforce and compete for jobs long held by men, which diminished many men’s self-esteem when their female partner began to make more money than they did or do. Economic parity let women seek divorce easier.
    -- Art The Palouse, Wash. 11 hours ago

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      Love your comments 7:29.

    2. It's why they are trying to remove birth control from the ACA so that is isn't covered by insurance. The Pill is expensive and without insurance, some women can't afford it.

      That's why they're trying to develop a female condom, because you just can't make a guy wear one if he doesn't want to.

  9. Anonymous7:30 AM

    There is a veritable assault on women's rights underway across the country in GOP-dominated legislatures with bills introduced in more than 40 states to limit or ban abortion, restrict access to birth control or other services. Laws have been passed forcing vaginal probes and interfering with the privacy of doctor/woman counselling on reproductive matters.
    Federally the GOP-dominated congress voted against the Fair Pay Act insisting that women do get paid equally, and is pushing to overturn roe vs wade taking away a woman´s right to choose, dismantling planned parenthood entirely, and banning the pill through constitutional amendment.

    --John Townsend Mexico 11 hours ago


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