Saturday, October 10, 2015

Anti-Islamic groups plan armed protests outside mosques all over the country this weekend. Oh that should be helpful.

Pro-gun Islamophobe  Jon Ritzheimer
Courtesy of TPM: 

The anti-Islam sentiment that has crept into the mainstream political dialogue in recent weeks may hit a boiling point this weekend, as planned protests outside mosques and Islamic centers across the nation coincide with the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, D.C. 

A Facebook page called "Global Rally for Humanity" appeared in August urging "patriots" to organize protests at their local mosques on Friday and Saturday. "Global Rally for Humanity" appears to have ties to John Ritzheimer, who rose to prominence among anti-Muslim activists when he organized a protest and "Draw Mohammad" contest in May in Phoenix. Known for his bizarre antics, he recently attracted the attention of U.S. Capitol Police when he vowed in an open letter to arrest Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) over her support for the Iranian nuclear deal. 

It's unclear whether Ritzheimer himself organized the event. He said in a Facebook video posted Aug. 9 that he and others were "planning a global rally to protest against radical Islam," citing contacts in Canada, Australia and Europe. He also encouraged interested protesters to bring their weapons. 

"We’re not going to make you travel," he said in the video. "If you’ve got a mosque in your city, a mosque in your state, you go there. You voice your opinion there."

This is America so of course people are allowed to stage protests, but exactly WHAT are these idiots protesting?

Like many people I think that the atrocities perpetuated around the world in the name of Islam are horrible. Just like I feel that the atrocities directed toward gay people in Africa in the name of Christianity are horrible.

I just don't see how protesting a non-violent mosque in America addresses problems associated with the Islamic religion in other countries?

And asking people to bring their guns? That is just a recipe for disaster.

According to a recent poll one third of  Republicans want to make Islam illegal in this country, and nearly half want to make Christianity the official religion in America.

So is THAT the goal for these yahoos? To simply make it so inhospitable here in America that the Muslims will pack up and leave the country? Or are they attempting to start a fight in order to elicit a violent response?

That would explain the guns wouldn't it?

It's not bad enough that half the world seems to be engaged in one holy war or another, now these knuckle draggers want to start one in our country as well.


  1. That aphorism about "turn the other cheek" which Isa ibn Maryam coined? He choose cheeks for a reason, and we have two only. Forbearance of these deliberate insults has all-in-all been remarkable up to now. The breaking point however must loom. Talk about a "moon god"? These teavangelicals are lunatic.

  2. Wondering how these BB brains would react to this treatment they' mete out, actual persecution. Not as Jesus son of Mary would, methinks.

    I know; stunningly insightful that, right?

    1. Astute... I have the same question.... additionally, I'd like that ugly ass (Jon Ritzheimer ) out of "my" country... Ugliness like that makes me *almost* wish for censorship... he is a hate monger. His best lesson in life would to be on the receiving end of that kind of hate and predjudice. May his Gawd deliver such.

  3. Is Ritzheimer also still begging for money?

    Crazy and dangerous as he is, he isn't ugly and he wouldn't be the first gay-for-pay performer in male porn. They're not particularly big on character references, nor would Jon's dumb tattoos be any deal-breaker. Bottoms get paid the most I understand, so if Ritzheimer was willing to just lay there and think of England, he could probably stockpile enough dough to underwrite several trips to D.C. to march around with his silly signs and cute t-shirts.

    Just trying to be helpful.

    1. fromthediagonal6:42 AM

      dvlaries, now I know why this godless old woman first thought of your name as a contraction of "devil aries"! Love your snarky comments. Keep going!

  4. Randall3:25 AM

    This is another example of Americans that don't understand freedom...

    Should "we allow" people in this country to be Muslim?

    Of course!
    This is AMERICA!
    You get to be whatever you wanna be.
    It's called FREEDOM.

    Protesting others that have made that choice isn't "exercising your freedom of speech":
    it is being an asshole.

    "Freedom of speech" refers to criticizing your GOVERNMENT, not your neighbor.

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      So you obviously support the gun rights advocates protesting the president politicizing a tragedy on order to take away freedom yes?

    2. Boscoe2:42 PM

      Sure, I have no problem with people publicly making themselves look like asshats. They are free to do so.

      But I wonder which tragedy, exactly, is being "politicized"? I mean, he's got HUNDREDS to choose from this year alone. There were three or four just yesterday. Once again I'm just befuddled as to the damage in right wing brains that make them immune to remembering anything that happened before yesterday.

      There's pretty much a shooting every day now, so speaking out on gun violence on any day ending in "y" is going to "politicize" something.

      I wonder if all those fine "patriots" protested Bush for "politicizing" 9-11?

      Haha, no I don't.

    3. Boscoe, clapping.... and kudos

  5. Anonymous3:33 AM

    People like Ritzheimer are simply phobic personalities. They're always afraid. They're always scared. They're attracted to fundamentalist religion, which advertises and promises protection from an all-powerful being. What people like him don't realize is that they haven't chosen fundamentalist Christianity on its merits, it has chosen them. Were Ritzheimer born in the Middle East or other parts of the world with majority Muslim populations, he would today be a fundamentalist Muslim denouncing Christianity.

  6. Anonymous4:21 AM

    They would be right at home in Nazi Germany.

  7. Anonymous6:39 AM

    They wrap themselves in the flag and the Constitution, and the very Constitution that they adore, prescribes how government is to be formed and governed. They are out trying to create anarchy and undo the Constitution. The law allows Muslem U.S. citizens to practice their faith freely.

    They'll have to re-write the law and black out 'freedom of religion' to 'freedom of Christianist religion'. In fact, G., serious Christians are now being targeted as betrayers when they try to reason with these people. This kind can't be reasoned with and the passive Christians will be in the same persecuted crowd as gays/lesbians and those they(christianists) hate.

    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

      So the right to bear arms stands! No rewrite by Obama and the gun control nuts!

  8. Frosty7:51 AM

    Religions (any of 'em, all of 'em) will eventually be the downfall of humanity.

  9. Ritzheimer is probably a felon, like that idiot who organized the protests in Roseburg against President Obama's short visit there to talk to and comfort the families of the UCC shooting victims.

    How is THAT guy even allowed to have guns?

  10. wonder how that ass would react if I wore a T-Shirt saying FUCK Christians? Rhetorical, I know.

    Walk a mile in the shoes of another....


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