Monday, October 12, 2015

Apparently Walter Palmer, the dentist who shot and killed Cecil the Lion, will not be charged in Zimbabwe.

Courtesy of the Guardian:  

Zimbabwe will not charge American dentist Walter Palmer for killing a prized lion in July because he had obtained legal authority to conduct the hunt, a cabinet minister has said. 

“We approached the police and then the prosecutor general, and it turned out that Palmer came to Zimbabwe because all the papers were in order,” the environment minister, Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, told reporters, adding that the American could not be charged. 

Palmer, from Minnesota, has always maintained that he believes he acted legally. Last month he told the Associated Press and the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he was stunned to find out his hunting party had killed one of Zimbabwe’s treasured animals.

Yeah, I guess the negative publicity really ruined the thrill of killing an animal that he lured off of a game preserve with an elephant carcass. My heart bleeds.

What's more they only wounded this magnificent animal and let it suffer for several hours before tracking it and killing it.

But hey if Zimbabwe doesn't think they have enough reason to charge this guy then what can you do?


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    They had reason to charge and convict him. What they realized is that if they did,... they would lose a huge source of revenue,...Big Game Hunters. The threats and bribes paid off,... for the Hunters.

    1. Anonymous1:11 PM

      I feel you're right 12:19. All the worse for "trophy" animals, I'm afraid.

      Holding up the head of an animal he killed to better photograph that beautiful dead face is barbaric, too.


    2. Mildred:

      It's no better than that "researcher" from the American Natural History Museum who caught the elusive "ghost bird", a Mustached Kingfisher, posed with it on Twitter, then "collected" it.

      Collected is the word researchers use like Palmer used the words "take". Palmer "took" Cecil and Dr. Filardi "collected" the bird.

      He killed it.

      He thinks because it's "science" that it's OK.

      You can find him grinning with hubris, holding the soon to be dead bird, all over the internet.

      Poor thing. Has no idea this human is going to kill him. He's just sitting there on his hand, all calm and posing for the camera.

      Dead now.

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I hope he loses his dental practice.

    1. Anonymous1:44 PM

      Oh, come the hell on! Lose his license for what?!

    2. Anonymous1:48 PM

      What does this have to do with his ability to practice as a dentist? If anything maybe lose his hunting license.

    3. Anonymous2:08 PM

      I think he already lost 90% of his clients so I don't think he'll be in the dentist business much longer. I don't see much future for him, either in the industry or for life in general. Someone will "Cecil" him and I will applaud them. I just hope that they aren't caught :-)

    4. Anon 1:44, the OP 12:53 did not say 'lose his license', s/he said lose his practice. I took that to mean people would choose to use another dentist now that they know what this guy does and that maybe so many people would go to other dentists in the area, that don't shoot and kill animals for sport, that he would not financially be able to maintain his practice.

      Choices have consequences. For Dr. Scott to have thought that he could shoot that lion, even if legal, without consequences, is just gobsmacking.

    5. LOL.

      He probably thinks now that Zimbabwe has let him off the hook everything is find and dandy and life will return to normal.

      But his patients won't come back

      He isn't going to replace them with new patients.

      His name is infamous as a lion murderer.

      "Poacher Palmer" with the teenie Zizi.

      He should have sold it when he had the chance. His practice is worthless now.

      Just take an early retirement, go home and salt snails or tear the wings off flies.

      The impotent putz.

  3. Anonymous1:18 PM

    He paid them off, of course.

  4. Anonymous1:22 PM

    I wonder how much that cost him. I wonder how much cash it took. How many got paid to make this go away? ALWAYS about the money. Not laws, not right or wrong, just the money.

    So they have no laws about baiting? About killing a collared animal? About trying to hide/destroy the collar?

    His papers were in order? Zimbabwe? You can kiss my ass.

    1. Move along now, nothing to see here....

    2. Anonymous1:45 PM

      It would be interesting to know if the guide was charged with anything.

    3. The guide is the fall guy. He is being charged last I heard.

    4. Anonymous3:24 PM

      But..but...but his papers were in order. No laws broken. If no laws were broken, how can anyone be charged?

    5. He paid DOUBLE the going rate for a lion hunt.

      No one can convince me that wasn't the cost of the risk of bagging the famous black maned lion.

      And yes, I believe Mrs. Palmer had to contribute generously to a Zimbabwe "conservation" program in the government to get her poor Teenie Zizi off the hook.

      Zimbabwe poachers just poisoned 14 elephants with cyanide last week.

      They have killed 75% of their elephants in the last 15 years. And not just elephants. They put cyanide in the watering holes and salt licks so they kill EVERYTHING. Even the rare white backed vultures that come to eat the carcasses.

      Cyanide is not a controlled substance as it is in other countries so anyone can buy as much of it as they want.

      Robert Mugabe owns Zimbabwe so it's not hard to believe how corrupt the country is and that bribery will get you anything.

      I am so sure money bought Palmer his freedom.

      Bronkhorst is supposed to be in court now. If Mrs. Palmer was smart she'd buy his freedom too as there is no telling where his finger will point if he has to testify. I'm sure the $500 fine is no big deal but he won't like the 1 year in a Zimbabwean prison. It wouldn't be his first conviction so they won't be lenient.

  5. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Who does this? NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE deserves to be questioned on things like this. People need serious therapy. Even if a politician's kid like Chelsea pursues things in the spotlight, she doesn't deserve this shit. She has a fair share of haters herself, but damn dude... People need lives.

    I will never understand how anyone can be so hateful. You can respectfully disagree without providing slanderous accusations. hint hint Gryphen. Anytime one resorts to attacks or slander because they disagree with someone, they take away any credibility they think they have. There is a reason bloggers are mocked and derided. There's a reason comment sections across the internet are filled with the same sort of hateful assholes. Could you imagine how much better the world would be if people took that mean energy and SUPPORTED their victims? Victims of comment section hate are strong people. Sandra Bullock "Never google yourself." It's true. Can you how Malia or Sasha would feel if they saw the video where people "prove" Michelle is a tranny? Or the sites where people talk about Barack's secret gay life. All famous people have slanderers. All slanderers are jealous deep down.

    People like Bristol don't understand it either. She's said herself to people, "don't you have families, jobs, or hobbies." 5 years ago when liberals were ruining Mercede's life, Bristol SAID she, Levi and Keith thought Sadie needed a good hobby and job that would fill her empty life. And look how right that was given how Levi and wife now admits it too.

    The media is a cause of this immorality, yes. And that is sad. Haters on the internet need to learn that their ignorant opinions aren't changing their victims' truths. Gryphen knows this deep down. He just needs clicks.

    1. Anonymous 1:34 PM: Who does this? NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE deserves to be questioned on things like this.

      What does this have to do with Cecil the LION?

    2. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Woah! Crazy person on wrong thread, thanks but no thanks 1:34pm, you just need to take the meds in the little cup and have a drink of water and wander back into your padded cell. Wow, what's it like to wake up with that level of crazy in your brain each day?

    3. Anonymous2:46 PM

      Ted get out of here!

      Who left Ted's cage open?

    4. Anonymous2:52 PM

      WTF? Time to take off your tin hat!

    5. Anonymous2:56 PM

      OMG!!!! Slanderella is back. I saw you use that slander word just a day or two ago at another site. I laughed, so did everybody else there.

      Pointy/Dopey, you are so easy. Too easy. Just exactly what the hell does any of your lying babbling bullshit fantasies have to do with Cecil?

      You stalk the palins daily and broadcast their private lives all over the net. Why?

      You JUST said coming here was worthless. Why are you here making shit up? Nobody believes anything you type. I have seen your comments all over the last couple of days. Everybody laughs at you.

      Dopey, you can not control what one single person says on the internet. Not one! Does that piss you off? How can you be so warped to think that you are the only one that gets to have an opinion?

      If you can't handle it, shut your computer down. It's that simple. But then you couldn't stalk could you? And spread your sicko lies. You even stalk kids. You ain't all there, are you?

      You are the fly shit on shit. Go back to tmz.

    6. Anonymous3:02 PM

      1:34 Hello PaulKlee, fight spill over from c4p? Go home.

    7. Anonymous3:24 PM

      MJUdall PaulKlee_71 • 19 minutes ago
      Comments about her pregnancy, like the ones we've seen here, belong at the Immoral Minority and not here.

  6. Anonymous1:34 PM

  7. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Im sorry. legal or not sport or not whatever. Unless it is for self defense or starvation? I don't understand it..

  8. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Don't let the name, Walter Scott, Dentist, who shoots
    animals in an enclosed area ,ever fade away.
    When there is an episode of cruelty newly reported,
    bring up this guy's name , job and what he did, in
    Thank you Gryphen for helping keep Sarah Palin in the
    bottom of the barrel all these years ,where she belongs!

  9. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Musta cost him some big bucks to get it dropped. One can only hope that he can never get his dental practice going again. And the next time he goes to hunt, that he becomes the prey.

    May Cecil haunt him all the days of his life.

    1. One can only hope that wherever he goes, there are eyes on him documenting his every move.

      Even if he tries to hunt again, he'll never be able to poach again.

      He'll have to pay quadruple rates to cover the risk of his notoriety.

  10. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Poor Cecil. That beautiful animal, he did not deserse that. His cubs are now in danger since Cecil is not around to protect them from other males adult lions, who will kill them the first chance they get.

    1. August 9 the first of Cecil's cubs was killed.

      September 5 a second cub was killed.

      Two down. Four to go. Cecil had eight cubs and three lionesses.

      There were eight, then seven, then six, then five.

      Jericho has abandoned Cecil's pride for one of his own.

      The park continues to tell everyone Cecil's pride is doing just fine.

      Now there are four left.

      Cecil's cubs only have their Mothers for protection and a gang of young male lions has entered the park and a large male named Bubesi is looking to expand his territory.

      It's only a matter of time.


  11. So he didn't notice the ELEPHANT carcass they were dragging behind them? Did they cross into the Park borders with that ELEPHANT carcass before dragging it away?

    Where did they get that ELEPHANT carcass anyway? I can't imagine they'd want to haul it for more than a few miles (murder on the gas mileage).

    A fitting punishment would be to injure him as Cecil was injured, then wrap him inside an elephant carcass (an old decomposing elephant carcass), so he drowns in the stench of blood and death and decay. Even after he frees himself, the pain and death will haunt him.

    Size of ELEPHANT | size of Land Rover... how could he not notice... unless he is used to baited hunts?

    1. Palmer had a tag for a lion and an elephant.

      The guide stated they didn't kill an elephant because they couldn't find one big enough to please Palmer.

      Yet another LIE.

      BTW they didn't drag the entire carcass. Just a piece of it. One has to wonder why they had to kill an elephant t bait a tiger. They couldn't have used some smaller, more plentiful game?

      But no. Everything comes back to that lying POS Palmer, the poacher with the teenie Zizi.

  12. They let it suffer for almost 2 days. 44 hours.

    As to the luring, let's examine that since it's obvious there will be no investigation now.

    First. Walter Palmer is a convicted poacher. It isn't hard to believe he may have targeted Cecil or his brother as trophies due to their famous black manes.

    Second. Walter Palmer had already bagged a lion. He didn't need another. And as such he knows what the going rate for a lion hunt is. It's $26,000.

    Third. Walter Palmer paid $55,000 for this hunt. That is almost TWICE the going rate. Why? Could it be to cover the risk of luring a famous lion off of a protected reserve?

    Fourth. No, all the papers weren't in order. If they had been the government would not have arrested both the guide and the landowner for failure to have the proper paperwork to kill a lion on their land.

    Five. Do we really need to cover the tracking collar? The collar they tried to destroy, then took all the way back to the original bait site? Do we really?

    This latest development has BRIBES written all over it. I don't know what the wealthy Mrs. Palmer paid to make this all go away but Zimbabwe is corrupt so I am sure she made a healthy contribution to some government "conservation" program to make this all go away.

    That doesn't make Walter innocent. It just puts him in the same league as O.J. Simpson in that he was simply found not guilty. Or in Palmer's case charges were simply dropped or not filed.

    Does anyone think the dentist who LIED when he was caught poaching a bear is completely innocent here?

    I only hope the heat continues on Palmer's practice and he continues to run in the red until he simply has to close up shop and "retire" because he can't afford to keep his practice open with very few patients.

    BTW, 14 elephants were poisoned by poachers in Zimbabwe a week ago.

    They've poisoned more than 300 elephants and other game IN HWANGE. They lace water holes and salt licks with cyanide so they don't just kill the elephants, they kill EVERYTHING.

    Zimbabwe is corrupt. Other countries control the acquisition and use of cyanide. Not Zimbabwe.

    The U.S. should cut off all aid to Zimbabwe and put in place boycotts and sanctions just like we do with Iraq.


    Because this slaughter is used by militias to fund war and genocide. The money pays for bribes, weapons and other sundries.

    As long as we continue to allow this sort of poaching, we are basically turning a blind eye to genocide.

  13. Anonymous11:29 PM

    It is only a matter of time before the only "wild " animals left would be in zoos and game hunting preserves.....Man is the cruelest of all species and will destroy the planet.

    1. You won't even have them in Zoos.

      PETA will see to that.


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