Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Guess which is the only state targeting anti-abortion pregnancy centers? Did you guess California? Of course it's California.

Courtesy of Mother Jones:  

California on Friday became the only state to target anti-abortion pregnancy centers with a law cracking down on deceptive practices some have used to prevent or dissuade women from having an abortion. 

The new law, which forces some crisis pregnancy centers to offer information about public assistance for reproductive services and others to notify patients that there are no medical professionals on staff, passed the California state assembly with a large majority in late May. Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed the bill on Friday night. 

It is the first time reproductive rights groups have succeeded in pushing regulations on crisis pregnancy centers across an entire state; only a handful of cities or counties have passed similar laws. Shortly before the act became law, Amy Everitt, the director of NARAL Pro-Choice California, a reproductive rights group that helped draft the bill, said in an interview, "There is more to come."

Okay I am REALLY loving California right now. 

It was just on Sunday that I was touting the fact that California had passed automatic voter registration, and laws restricting conceal carry on college campuses.

And now this?

It's like the Liberal version of Nirvana.

Too bad it costs an arm and a leg to live there, and keeps bursting into flames.


  1. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Add this to your list: Jerry Brown also passed the "right to die" order. Our governor has really been on a roll now.

  2. Anonymous6:39 AM

    There is a good article today in the Editorial Section of the Modesto Bee highlighting what California has accomplished lately. A good read - and encouraging.

    Pat Padrnos

  3. I love me some Jerry Brown. I was a huge supporter in his 1992 bid for the nomination and my best friend was chosen as a delegate (NJ) for the convention. I actually quit a job over him because the repub boss reneged on an approved vacation day I had request off when he found out I was going to Philly to attend a Jerry Brown speech.

    Ultimately, I happily voted for Clinton in the election, but Jerry was my first choice.

  4. Anonymous7:17 AM

    I trust Mike Huckabee with my tax dollars the way I'd trust Michelle Duggar with a birth control prescription.

  5. Anonymous7:26 AM

    That is GREAT news!

    After the whole Cecile Richards debacle, I've been a little disheartened. Plus, I've been concerned that the younger generation of women don't comprehend how difficult it was to get the reproductive rights we have now, and they seem apathetic to losing them.

    So this is a huge win.

    Thanks for the post, Gryphen.

  6. Anonymous7:37 AM

    So proud of Gov. Brown for this. Great news, as was Hillary's defense of PP last night.

  7. Anonymous8:06 AM

    California is the place to be dude! I'll save you a space on the beach when I move there.

  8. Anonymous8:18 AM


  9. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Oh Oh, sad news. Verizon cancelling sportsman channel, out with nugent and palin because of low viewership.

  10. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Gawker Headline: Naked Woman, Allegedly High on Spice, Lays Waste to an Alaska Subway.

    After seeing this, Sarah frantically made several calls:

    "Bristol, did you do this?"
    "Willow, I told you to lay off spice"
    "Piper, where were you last night?"

  11. Califfornia's actions are often a harbinger of what's to come (eventually) for the rest of the country. The right wing nuts are having a collective heart attack about now. And I love Jerry Brown!

  12. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Jerry Brown!! I love my governor.

  13. Anonymous10:03 AM

    I love it here but I honestly got to say if we don't get some major rain and snow for the snow pack soon we are in some serious trouble. I may have to move away for that reason only...although the entire country is dealing with some kind of climate change problem. Maybe I will just climb on a sailboat and live the rest of my days visiting our amazing neighbors to the south.

    1. We need to change our thinking and attitudes and start adopting the same water conservations as Australia during their drought. That means the lawns have to go. Especially around those business parks, government buildings, schools, etc. We need to collect and use our gray water for irrigation. We need to collect rain just as we need solar on our roofs to generate power.

      Wouldn't hurt to adopt the Aussie's gun control practices too.

  14. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Yeah, but the CA taxes are suffocating, especially to one who is poor and trying to out of poverty.

    1. Anonymous11:00 AM

      And the home prices. Omg. 300k and up for a two br one bath.

  15. Anonymous11:05 AM

    California doesn't have open carry, which is a blessing.

    1. And the concealed carry loophole has been tightened.

  16. Anonymous11:14 AM


  17. Anonymous1:38 PM

    California. There are varied environments - desert, beaches, mountains, farmland, snow (OK, when it snows), lake country, city, and more. You can experience it all. There's right wing, left wing and in between.

    There *are* some affordable homes here. Just not in the SF Bay Area or ritzy areas of L.A. And if you think $300K is a lot, well, the neighborhood I grew up in - 1000 sf home in Santa Clara, CA - is in the high $900s and $1M because Apple is building their campus about 1 1/2 miles away.

    On my bucket list is to visit Alaska and do some salmon fishing. Got to see more of beautiful America.

    1. The farther you get from the beach, the more affordable they are.

      Homes are expensive near the beach, with a view and in temperate areas. Move inland and the price drops.

      While you'll get a bigger bang for your buck in Minnesota, it's... Minnesota.

      Even a $250,000 house in California with 2 bedrooms, no attic or basement and a small lot is still a shorter drive to the beach.

  18. Anonymous2:54 PM

    "costs an arm and a leg to live there'
    It depends on where you live.

  19. Anonymous5:30 PM

    While on an airplane, I found myself seated next to Bernice Brown, Jerry's mom back in 1976.

    We were on a plane which included part of the California Delegation to the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden in NYC.

    I was an alternate delegate for Jerry Brown.

    I ended up seated next to his parents and spent the entire trip chatting w/ Jerry's mom, Bernice. We talked education as she had been a teacher and I had just completed my 3rd year teaching middle school.

    Meanwhile, her husband, Pat Brown, a former CA governor and dad to Jerry schmoozed with his friends who were on the flight and only sat w/ us on take-off and landing. Always the politician, I

    Jerry is rarely on TV (he did appear to deal w/ the water shortage) and is so low key that these new bills he is signing into law only come on my radar when I see information on the net.

    We have been very lucky to have him as our governor over the years.

  20. Anonymous5:56 PM

    California definitely takes a backseat to Alaska in one respect: earthquakes. Ours are piddly wee things by comparison.
    We're also a little short on water these days.

  21. I believe we were also the first to have a law forbidding the "pray the gay away" phony treatment centers.

  22. Anonymous7:39 PM

    The CA law that got rid of vaccine exemptions is a wonderful, huge big deal! yay, CA, yay science!


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