Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Revisiting the best line from the Democratic Debate.

This is the line that is getting all of the buzz today, and well it should.

Many have interpreted that Bernie was too nice to Hillary by essentially dismissing the email "controversy" as a distraction.

However doing so was also great for Bernie because not only does it continue to reinforce his image as a policy driven candidate who does not stoop to smear tactics, but his campaign also managed to raise 1.3 million dollars off of a fundraising email containing that clip.

The guy is no dummy.

However I still think that the overall winner was Hillary.

Unsurprisingly her husband feels the same way.


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I thought Hillary and Bernie did an outstanding job during their first debate! Hillary will have my vote for POTUS, but I've always felt that way.

    What I find most interesting was watching the Morning Joe show (MSNBC) today and seeing Joe state that Bernie 'misspoke' regarding Hillary's emails! Joe's statement was pathetic! He was nothing more than pissed that Hillary was declared the winner of the debate.

    1. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Did you also hear Mika tell Jennifer Granholm (former governor of Michigan) that this info was according to Sanders' campaign . Mika = liar

    2. Anonymous7:35 PM

      Gryphen, this line may be getting all the buzz today, but all the conversation today has been about Hilary Clinton!

      Personally, I didn't hear any buzz today about this line from the debate but I did her everyone talking about Clinton's outstanding performance and how she's definitely the best candidate to be our next President of the United States!

      Raising 1.3 million dollars is great but it's a hell of a lot more important in the long run to be the main topic of conversation the day after the first debate. It's a shame Bernie Sanders PR team couldn't rave about his debate performance, since it was only mediocre, and they were stuck publicizing his campaign contributions, that was definitely not a good move on their part! Bernie isn't supposed to be the guy that cares about raising campaign money!

  2. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Sarah Palin, being so relevant and up to date will have plenty to write about this Democratic debate and Hillary. Be sure to keep abreast on her Facebook. Bristol must be all the buzz now that she is taking on a political life of her own. She is incredibly busy keeping up with so many important topics on her blog. An amazing fete, considering that she is pregnant. Most women like that would be decorating a pink nursery. Not Bristol, she is out there standing up for her causes.

    1. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Bwahahahahaha nice sarcasm.

    2. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Jesus H Christ! Who the hell gives a shit what either Sarah or Bristol Palin have to say about the debate? Go post on their blogs 9:19 AM. No room for your Palin crap here!

    3. Anonymous10:04 AM

      How right you are!!!

      I'm checking Sarah's Facebook and Bristol's blog every hour on the hour in anticipation of their well-informed, insight-filled commentary!!!

    4. Anonymous10:08 AM


    5. Anonymous10:28 AM

      Bristol Palin standing up for her causes? Don't you mean Bristol Palin on her back for her causes?

    6. Anonymous10:34 AM

      What a jokester you are, 10:04 AM! Both Sarah and Bristol would have to look up what the words well informed and insight filled mean!

      I suggest neither of the Palins fall in that category of being well informed and insight filled! Just back track through their commentary throughout the years past....especially that of the elder Palin!

    7. Anonymous10:57 AM

      10:34: I'm shocked!!! Shocked I say!!! I mean Sarah is a Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate as well as being Alaskan Mother of the Decade -- not to mention she's in demand as a speaker!!! And Bristol . . . well, what can I say??

    8. Anonymous12:28 PM

      Old Redneck, sweetie pie - I have to say that you are SO ill informed!

      Yes, Sarah was the 'quitter' governor of Alaska as well as a proven poor candidate for national VP!

      Did you not notice they lost (she w/McCain in the top spot) by a substantial margin against President Obama and VP Biden, who are nearing the finish of their second terms?

      Plus, Palin was proven to be unethical while quitter qov!

      Think you might just be joking around 10:57 AM!! Haha!!

    9. Anonymous12:39 PM

      The pink nursery involved a lot of shopping- the getting and displaying of 'stuff'- so naturally it has already been done. Bristol is emotionally comforted by material objects but she won't show the nursery to you in case you don't get jealous...

  3. Anonymous9:27 AM

  4. SallyinMI9:27 AM

    Bernie's comment was best, but I still loved Hillary's "No," when asked if she wanted to respond to O'Malley.
    And yeah, she was the winner.

    1. Balzafiar10:43 AM

      That "No" was so decisive and pertinent. Still, it's early, and I have to watch both her and Bernie closely to make a choice.

  5. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Idiot Republican candidate Huckabee tweeted that he would trust his tax dollars with Bernie Sanders as much as he would trust his Labrador with a North Korean Chef. How stupid is he? Did he forget that his son tortured and killed a dog?

    1. Anonymous10:04 AM

      Ahhhh....another reason to hate a hypocritical Christian.

    2. Balzafiar10:45 AM

      One must consider the source. Huckabee is a classless nobody. Who gives a flying fuck what he thinks?

    3. Anonymous10:49 AM

      NO He used it as a "rabid dog that he IS"is FUCK THE HUCK.

    4. Sounds like Huckleberry had a list of zingers ready to go and was just waiting for an opportunity. And they were all pretty mean spirited too.

      Such a "Christian".

  6. The Clinton's have a relationship and marriage that I think many of us would find difficult, if not impossible, in our own lives.

    However, over all the years and their very public ups and downs, they seem to me to have settled into a relationship of genuine affection and respect, if not conventional marital bliss.

    They have nothing to hide from each other and since all their warts and imperfections have been on public view. they can accept each other as is, each driven and ambitious.

    I thought both Clinton and Sanders did well in the debate.

    1. Anonymous10:41 AM

      Nefer...thank you for your always thoughtful comments. The Clinton's marriage works for them and for that I give them credit.

    2. Don't believe the nor I have no idea what their marriage is about, and anything you read is just speculation

    3. Texasace00, of course I am only speculating; you are correct that only the Clintons can know what their marriage really is.

      But my comment was not based on "hype." It is only my opinion (which may be entirely incorrect) based on my observations of the Clintons' interactions with each other over the years.

    4. Anonymous11:44 AM

      Whatever their marriage is, it seems to work for them.

      The important thing to remember is that neither Bill nor Hillary every claimed to be "family values" politicians.

    5. Anonymous12:22 PM

      6 Reasons Sanders Actually Won the Debate Despite What Pundits Claim

      Bernie Sanders crushed the debates by every measurable indicator except one: pundits’ opinion.

    6. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Bernie won all the internet polls the same way Sarah Palin used to win all the internet polls.

      You can be sure he'll win every debate LOL

    7. Some photos are just destined to become iconic, and whatever way the election goes, this is surely one.

  7. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Can't wait to watch Sarah debate Hillary O'Clinton

    1. Anonymous10:26 AM

      You will be waiting and waiting and waiting. Sarah Palin could not debate a 9th grader and hold her own, fool.

    2. Anonymous10:30 AM

      Isn't that the biggest joke we'd ever see! Hillary Clinton would clobber her even all the while being politically correct!

      Sarah Palin doesn't have the experience or knowledge to even be in the same room as Hillary Clinton!

    3. Anonymous11:31 AM

      I can hardly wait for the next Republican debate. They will certainly be covering the yuge news that gives the GOP all their credibility.

      What won't a Palin pad?

  8. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Hillary voted for that stupid Iraq war because it was politically convenient at the time to do so. Her corporate donors are betting on her win so they can get their payback. There's no way I could vote for her.

    1. Right, because you vote democrat.

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM

      Clinton could not have voted to go to war because the United States Congress hasn't officially declared war on any country since 1942. Her vote was on the "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002", which many other "war as last resort" Democrats like John Kerry, Harry Reid and Tom Harkin also voted for.

    3. Anonymous11:46 AM

      I'm curious whom you will vote for if she's the candidate. Will you pull the lever for a republican candidate or will you not vote at all and basically give up your right and responsibility.

      If Hillary is the candidate and doesn't win, you'll get corporate interest along with all the anti-choice, racist, anti-intellectual stuff that comes from any of the GOP potential candidates.

    4. Anonymous12:48 PM

      Now, now, Bristol, you know you're way too lazy to vote anyway. You're so lazy that you didn't even vote for your own mother. Hillary won't miss non-votes from lazy lying tramps.

  9. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Being alarmed at the shallowness of the Republican bench and so as not to repeat history, let's be everwatchful of some nutjob ex-con with a manifesto as a battle plan grabbing control of a downward-spiraling political party that's disintegrating into disarray.

    Do you know what i am saying?

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      No, 10:34, I don't know what you are saying. Care to try again, in American? Oh, and may I please have the word salad on the side?

    2. Anonymous11:23 AM

      Are you saying that some right winger is going to try to assassinate one of the democratic hopefuls? I guess I'm confused about what you're trying to say.

    3. Anonymous11:33 AM

      Dear 10:45 ~

      Your country wants you to do some light reading about one of the darkest events in world history. If you can't comprehend what you read, there are plenty of documentaries for your viewing enlightenment. You only need a little bit of insight regarding the way it started to help keep it from happening again.

      Haha your sophomoric insults were funny and i'd guess you can get it as well as you can give it :)

      Best regards,

    4. Anonymous12:01 PM

      Y'all ~ 10:34 here... the paranoid person.

      I am alarmed that the Republican party is a mess. It's weakened, bleeding and limping. For crissake, Trump is the front-runner.

      All they need is a fire.

      This was the recipe for Adolf Hitler springboarding himself to his black mark on history. Imagining Trump in power is as hard for some people as it was for Germans to imagine the criminal Hitler as the crazed leader of the ruling regime. It did happen and it wasn't good.

      If it isn't Trump, it could be some other dunderhead (Carson) turning the USA into something unrecognizable. The political parties need strong, sane leaders lest we find ourselves surrounded by more oligarchic dystopia than we're currently experiencing.

      See, i AM paranoid. It is possible to over-ponder history?

    5. 10:34, your passage still could have used an edit. The trick I was told to use was to read the sentence out loud. The sheer need to catch a breath should dictate where the punctuation should go. You can't go wrong with that rule generally.

    6. Balzafiar12:16 PM

      @10:34 AM

      Plain as day to me. You are right on target.

    7. Anonymous12:59 PM

      @Aragon64: Ergo, the taunting last sentence :)
      That being said, your point is well-made and well-received.

      @Balzafiar: Thank you, thank you! :)
      And, your country thanks you...

      Best regards to both of you,

    8. Anonymous2:39 PM

      I, too, knew exactly what you meant, 10:34 AM.

      The ex-con with a manifesto appealed to German nationalism and created an 'enemy' - the Jews - to engender the darkest chapter of modern history. A day in the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC will send chills down your spine if you read the events of Germany in the 20's and 30's while thinking about the US today.

    9. Anonymous4:23 PM

      Suuuure..... we are going to turn into nazi Germany....



    10. Anonymous4:44 PM

      Thank you, 2:39! You and i share spiney chills.

      The thing about Hitler serving prison time prior to his regime is to point out how insidiously and effectively his hate-speech machine infected his country ~ even though the populace KNEW he was rotten.

      The irony is that it was whilst in prison Hitler experienced the epiphany of the power of propaganda.

    11. Anonymous5:07 PM

      @Godwin ~

      It's not necessary to eradicate all the Catholics and homeless people (an analogy to killing the Jews and physically challenged people) for someone like Trump to kill the good times in the USA.

      Fox News/Entertainment has done so much damage because corporations are running the Republican Party. It becomes an oligarchy if those empires run the entire country. That is scary as fuck.

      We can learn from and remember the lesson of Nazi Germany without experiencing the total devastation; as a matter if fact, i prefer it.

    12. Anonymous7:10 PM

      Hey 5:07, Godwin isn't my name.

      You might want to look up Godwins law though and be a little less dumb for it.

      Nazi lessons lol. Idiots.

    13. Anonymous8:06 AM

      @Godwin (that's you, now, because of the way you signed your post) ~

      HAHAHAHAHA you got me good and OF COURSE the history buff in me is going all Dunning-Kruger and the human side of me is going all concerned because an ass-hat like Donald Trump is peering at us like a giant face in the sky.

      Thank the gods for your far superior savvy because we will be trusting you as the watchdog for human rights in the USA. If YOU say all is well then by gods it is all well. It feels so right to trust you.

      Also thank you thank you for putting the rest of us in our place and for your sacrifice as i believe you leave a tiny part of your brain matter behind as you keep the rest of us in check with your artful and original memes. Could you possibly clone yourself so we could have an army of watchdogs instead of just the Republicans?

      In the battle of our naive wits, Godwin, i prostrate myself at your feet as homage to your prowess.

      The Unnecessarily Paranoid Person

  10. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Hillary Clinton Debate Performance Chills Biden Movement

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s sure-footed performance in the first Democratic presidential debate did not just lift the spirits of her supporters and reassure nervous party officials about her candidacy, it also swiftly cooled talk about the need for Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to enter the campaign and offer Democrats an alternative.

    With crisp answers to nearly every question, an aggressiveness her rivals did not seem ready for and a level of confidence that has often been obscured over months of questions about her use of a private email as secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton sent an unmistakable message to Mr. Biden and to her party. It was the work of a pitcher who, eyeing an anxious manager on the dugout steps and a reliever warming up in the bullpen, hurls strike after strike to get out of a jam.

    Wednesday morning, Democrats were describing the closing, if not the slamming shut, of a door.

    1. Anonymous12:54 PM

      I see the New York Times is still bashing Hillary Clinton. This is the same rag that censored a disabled woman to save Sarah Palin's feefees, so it should be no surprise.

  11. The Wingnutz are in a frenzy today, awesome! They are trying so very, very hard to reconcile last nights debate with their own...only served to point out the differences between the Democrats and the GOP reality show...this is so much fun to watch the wingnutz squirm

  12. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Just got scrubbed from c4p...again.

    1. Balzafiar12:14 PM

      Wear it with pride -- another notch in your gun.

    2. Anonymous12:49 PM

      Yeah, but now I have to go scrub my skin raw....

  13. Caroll Thompson12:14 PM

    I thought the debate was great. The candidates actually talked about policy and not personalities. I think that will go a long way into convincing the American voter that perhaps it is time to vote all D, including for members of Congress and State representatives.

  14. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Love the pic of Mr Clinton watching Mrs Clinton. He has always been immensely proud of her. He knows that she's the smart one in the family.

  15. Anonymous12:47 PM

    The panelists on Morning Joe asserted that Bernie Sanders was actually insulting Clinton with that comment. Mika actually told Jennifer Granholm that according to Sanders' campaign that was so, which is a total lie. Granholm replied, "it sure didn't sound like it".

  16. Randall1:47 PM

    The more they (Republicans, Conservatives, Fox News) wring their hands over Hillary's emails, Benghazi, etc.
    the more they reveal their lack of substantive positions on policies that really matter.

    Benghazi = strawman
    Hillary's email server = strawman
    HIllary's health = strawman

    They are frightened to death of getting up on stage and debating Hillary Clinton - every last one of them - because she's been at this a long - a very, very long - time.
    And she's good at it.

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Is the FBI investigation of Clinton's server a republican 'strawman'?

  17. At this point, I think we have two solid, capable candidates neck to neck.

    Either one could head the ticket and they would be a fool not to pick the other as a running mate.

    The GOP has nothing to defeat a ticket that contains both Bernie and Hillary. And I think despite their differences they would work well together.


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