Tuesday, October 20, 2015

In the final news of the day, Canada has a new liberal Prime Minister!

Justin Trudeau, the new Prime Minister of Canada.
Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Canada's Liberal leader Justin Trudeau rode a late campaign surge to a stunning election victory on Monday, toppling Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives with a promise of change and returning a touch of glamor, youth and charisma to Ottawa. 

Canada's major television networks projected a majority for the Liberals, a turn in political fortunes that smashed the record for the number of seats gained from one election to the next. The Liberals had been a distant third place party in Parliament before this election. 

The projected win ends the Conservatives' nine-year run in power and reflected a political shift away from Harper's brand of fiscal and cultural conservatism. 

Trudeau, 43, the photogenic son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, pledged to run a C$10 billion annual budget deficit for three years to invest in infrastructure and help stimulate Canada's anemic economic growth.

Look at that ladies! Not only is this Trudeau guy too pretty for politics, but he is actually going to invest money in infrastructure and reinvigorate his country's economy.

I think I might have a straight guy crush on him.

Now much of the reason that I chose to post about Canada's election, was so that I could also share this video of John Oliver breaking a Canadian law to beg Canadians to kick Stephen Harper out of office.

Not only is it hysterical but it also features the great Mike Meyers.

P.S. By the way I've been to "Who Gives a Shit" Alaska and I would tell you all about it, but seriously, who gives a shit?


  1. Justin is nice eye candy, and even did a striptease for charity.

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    OK, that's IT! I'm moving to Canada!
    And not for any of my previous reasons. :)


  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Whose party is in bed with China and defends the regime.

    1. Bullshit! Under Harper we've had the 4th and first biggest foreign purchases of Canadian soil ever.
      Know what TFWs are? I'm guessing not so what's the use? Go and fuck your hat.

    2. abbafan6:44 PM

      nottobedisplayed - absolutely right! A lot of Canada's energy and mineral sector is foreign-owned, thanks to Conservative policy! I'm with you in telling 4:50 to kiss our collective asses!

    3. Anonymous9:04 PM

      "In bed with China"? Elucidate, please. And asking as an American--why is that such a bad thing?

  4. Anonymous5:02 PM

    after 10 long yrs, Canada will now return to our rightful place in the world...the voice of reason and goodwill...

  5. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Yowza...I'm headed to Canada if we get a Repub in 2016 - and especially George W. Bush Lite.

    1. I actually looked into it in 2004. There's a point system.

      But I don't speak French and was 10 years away from retirement.

      I still don't speak French, but I'm retired now. I should check to see how many points I have now.

    2. Anonymous11:00 AM

      Right behind you :)

  6. ManxMamma5:11 PM

    God forbid Justin's mother should be named.

    1. Yes. Many of us have had hard childhoods. It's all part of life's rich pattern and part of what made Justin tough.

      BTW his dad had his share as well. Unless you're speaking of her mental illness, in which case I'd ask you not to.

    2. ManxMamma6:42 PM

      No, I'm not speaking of her problems. I just find it annoying for his mother not to be mentioned epeciallyas she is an advocate for many social issues including bipolar disease.

    3. Sorry, now I understand.
      Maybe now that the election is over her name might not be a bad word anymore.

  7. I was floored to read about just what a total puke the current Prime Minister is!

    Steven Harper had the portraits of all the PM's before him taken down from the main hall of Parliament in Ottawa, and replaced with just HIS portraits. (Sounds like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies)

    One of the people who will be in Trudeau's inner circle, said that the new government will no longer SILENCE the scientists of Canada, but instead seek out their advice.

    (Hearing that has been the case, caused a mental movie to run in my mind, of the Dark Ages, when Galileo was put to death for being too truthful.)

    I'd heard people joking that Harper was George Bush Lite...but the more I hear, the more he sounds like Ted Cruz on steroids!

    1. He should put them all back except for Harper.

      It would be nice if he could stop the XL pipeline from his end.

  8. physicsmom5:27 PM

    ManxMamma - what???

    I'm so happy for the Canadians. They have suffered almost as much as we have during this great recession. Because their saftey net is stronger, it's taken longer to accumulate all the evidence of Harper's conspiracy to destroy the middle class. The American Right Wing is freaking out about this outcome, saying it will be the end of Keystone XL. That is not, however, a foregone conclusion. Trudeau is actually on record as supporting Keystone, but the majority of his party is not. We are hoping he can be persuaded to back off through internal politicking, and from outside pressure, perhaps from the new version of Pres. Obama who vetoed the most recent plan.

    All-in-all it's been a good year for Progressive values, with Holland elected in France, Turnbull in Australia, now Trudeau in Canada. If only the US goes the same direction with a true Liberal - Bernie Sanders - or at least all of this global improvement will shake Hillary Clinton out of her Beltway Bubble.

    1. Canada's real estate bubble never pricked in 08. We have a very high percentage of home ownership and Harper's plan was to try and increase it to 72%, might sound nice but that's a dangerous club to join. The IMF among others have brought up Canada's high real estate values and therefore household debt levels.
      Check our ever increasing part time jobs numbers. Those are not kids, they are grown people trying to get a week's work by working multiple shitty jobs.

      One thinks if the emperor were to have no clothes, better he Justin than Harper.

  9. Thanks Gryphen. Wanna see something cool?
    Faux news north (Sun news) had sole coverage of the Trudeau vs Brazeau charity boxing match and boy did they call it wrong! Brazeau had a job for life in our Senate but his "bad luck" was just starting.


    If Canada needed me I'd throw it in Justin, for the cause.

  10. Kennedy Justin5:39 PM

    One more reason for me to move to Canada if the Republicans manage to capture the White House next year, God forbid.

  11. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Yahooooooooooooooooooo! Harper is out!!!!!! I luved Justin's dad. Hope he will be as good.

  12. abbafan6:39 PM

    Hi Gryphen! It is great that us Canadians spoke with a resounding voice, and sent a message that we are tired of Republican-style neo-conservatism! Prime Minister-Designate Trudeau exudes the same youthful charisma as his late father did when he stormed on the political scene in 1968. Perhaps he will loosen up the marijuana laws here in Canada; that was one of his campaign promises. It would most certainly fry Uncle Sam's ass!

  13. Anonymous6:48 PM

    Harper is gone. Good riddance to rubbish!

    I've been smiling all day :-)

    Is anyone else wondering if CBC might get back on this story?

    CBC raises questions about Trig Palin's birth

  14. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Justin Trudeau victory in Canada is bad news for U.S. conservatives


  15. Frosty7:13 PM

    Isn't "Who gives a shit, Alaska" where the ex half term GINO claims to live? Been there, done that, left.

    As for Canada, let's hope Justin can accomplish his plans. AND lets hope this shakes the US out of the teabagging stupor we've been in.

  16. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Meet Justin Trudeau: Canada's Liberal, Boxing, Strip-Teasing New PM


    Justin Trudeau

    Meet Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, Justin Trudeau's wife


  17. Not surprised he won. *I'd* vote for him. Brains and looks? Can't beat that combination.

    And I saw that piece by John Oliver. It was funny. All he did was recommend that no one vote for Harker. Not sure whether that was the reason Harker lost but it couldn't hurt.

    Of course, John Oliver may not be able to travel to Canada ever again. But maybe Trudeau will grant him a pardon or something.

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      Seriously? You think, in any way, we needed John Oliver to tell us who to vote for? Or that he had an impact? What an insult to people who stood at metro stations, and personally passed out infiormstion to their friends, their hairdressers, their grocers etc etc

    2. That stupid law was part of Harper's "fair" elections act. Much like the rivers and lakes protection act (or whatever) does quite the opposite of it's name. J.T. will be shooting most of those ducks down in the next year.

      5:56 by "Metro Station" you mean the subway
      and "their grocers" you mean the grocery store, right? The snark is in there too, are you from Montreal?

    3. people who stood at metro stationsyou mean the subway

      Or SkyTrain station, or …. Depends on where you live.

  18. Anonymous11:17 PM

    As a Canadian, I've never been prouder. Even my own Liberal candidate in central Calgary won. Joy was unbounded!

  19. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Ooh lala, eye candy. Hope he is effective.

  20. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Harper = Bush = Cheney

    Finally, Canada, once again, is a civilized nation!

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      Yes, we threw off the shackles of the U.S. influence. And he did it while running the most positive campaign ever. Never resorted to mudslinging.


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